A Night Of Summer Pleasure

By GarryJames55

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A couple celebrating their wedding anniversary are caught in a storm and find a welcome shelter.
The evening had gone very well indeed; they’d enjoyed their meal on the terrace of the restaurant. Something you could only do in weather like this.

The sun had shone all day and it had been warm that evening. Now Dave and Julie were in the car on the way back home after their romantic evening out. Clouds had started to gather in the distance and it looked like a storm was heading in. The sky started to darken even more, no longer the diffused light of a summer evening, but the threatening, heavy atmosphere that accompanied thunderstorms.
They had about fifty miles to go and driving down the country lanes made the situation slightly less enjoyable than the drive out. 

The sky was turning grey and green, with purples and oranges on the horizon where the sun had just gone down. The first raindrops fell on the windscreen, small at first but within seconds they became very large, exploding against the glass.

Dave put the windscreen wipers on full but could only just see the road ahead so he slowed down. The wind had started to pick up and together with the rain it lashed the car, blowing leaves and twigs against it and covering the road with debris. 

Dave slowed the MG down even more, squinting to see through the waterfall of water running down the windscreen. The lashing rain and spray was too much for the sports car and the engine died. The car rolled to a stop. "Shit, shit, shit, that’s done it, water in the system."

"What are we going to do now?" Julie asked calmly.

"Well, we could sit it out in the car, but this looks like a big storm and I’m not happy about waiting here until a tree falls on us. On the other hand what other options are there?" Dave said.

They both peered out of the windows into the almost black countryside.

Dave tried his mobile phone but the storm was probably affecting it because he had no signal.

"Come on, let's go for that barn over there," said Julie. "It's about a hundred meters, grab the blanket behind you and we’ll make a dash for it."

"Sounds like it’s worth trying," said Dave, "Okay let’s go for it."

Dave removed the keys, grabbed the blanket and they both opened their door. After closing his door Dave ran round to Julie and they ran towards the barn. It took them about thirty seconds to reach the door. Dave pulled it open and they ran inside. They were soaked .They turned and looked around for a light switch and found one on the doorpost.

Dave flicked the switch and two dim lights came on, one just above them and another at the other end of the barn.

Dave and Julie stood there looking at each other, their clothes were stuck to their skin. Dave’s shirt had turned from light blue to almost purple and Julie’s summer dress was clinging to her body, her nipples showing through the cloth.

Their eyes started to adjust to the light and they continued their search for a suitable place to sit out the storm that was still raging outside. Luckily, as often is the case with summer storms it wasn’t all that cold, in fact the temperature had not dropped that much at all. 

As they walked through the barn they noticed a stairway leading up, "Shall we see what’s up there?" Dave pointed up the stairs and took Julie by the hand and led her up the stairs. At the top they entered a hayloft, also dimly lit with one large lamp hanging from the rafters. On one side of the loft were bales of hay stacked neatly one on top of the other, while on the other side was a mountain of loose hay.

"Looks quite comfortable actually, shouldn’t be too much trouble to stay here for a few hours."

Dave unfolded the blanket and laid it out on the soft hay "So, that should do it," he said. He turned round to see where Julie was and saw her sitting on a bale of hay, about to start unbuttoning her dress. "Shall I do that for you?" Dave said, smiling.

He walked over and knelt down in front of her, she watched as his hands came up and slowly undid the buttons that ran down the full length of her dress. She put her hands on his shoulders as he reached the last button and then she began to undo his shirt, first pulling it out of the waistband of his trousers. Julie pushed the shirt over Dave’s shoulders and let it fall.

All this time Dave had been looking at her body. The now open dress, her breasts hiding in her lace bra and her lace thong panties disappearing between her legs. Dave helped her out of her dress and unhooked her bra at the front freeing her ample and beautiful breasts. Removing it slowly he gazed at her erect nipples and began to fondle her breasts tenderly, gently squeezing them at the same time.

Julie’s hands were now busy undoing Dave’s belt and zip and soon she had his trousers round his knees. She felt that he was becoming aroused, there was quite a bulge, and so she hooked her fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pushed them down over his thighs. His cock sprang back up and slapped his stomach with a "tick".

Dave was now kissing her breasts and sucking on her hard nipples, gently biting on them and making her head roll back and forth with pleasure. His nails were running up and down her back and across her stomach, adding fuel to the fire slowly building inside her.

Dave put his hands under her arms and motioned her to stand. He stood up as well and she watched as he removed his shoes, socks and crumpled trousers and pants. He stood now naked before her in the dim light of the loft and she liked what she saw.

Dave was probably two or three kilos on the heavy side but that contributed more to his strong stature than anything else. There was still a dividing line between the two sides of his chest and stomach so no he wasn’t overweight by any means.

Looking down she saw his pulsating penis, still growing, and the thought of where it was going to end up made her hold her breath for a moment. Dave was gazing at Julie as well; he noticed her still hard nipples atop her ample breasts, the left breast pulsing with every heartbeat and both rising with every breath. Her flat stomach moved as well with her breathing. His gaze ended at the top of her panties he moved in and sank to one knee. Placing his hands on the waistband of the thong, he rolled it down over her hips and legs to her ankles.

Julie stepped daintily out of them and Dave helped her out of her shoes. Looking up he came face to face with her pussy just above the folds of her lips was a line of pubic hair about five centimetres long. The rest of her pussy was shaven, just the way he liked it. He noticed that her lips had started to swell and he could see the glistening of juices starting to seep along her pussy lips.

He kissed her stomach while his hands went up once more to massage and play with her breasts. He felt the muscles under him jump every time he pinched her nipples softly. He started to smell her odour coming up from between her legs, sweet and inviting.

Julie was standing with her legs slightly parted with her hands on his shoulders for support and she could feel the muscles in her thighs contracting together with her stomach. She wished the feeling could last forever but at the same time hoping he would move down and start on her pussy. As if he’d been reading her mind Dave’s attention started to shift to her nether regions he continued to massage her breasts but moved one hand down between her legs, massaging her soft, moist flesh with the palm of his hand.

Julie’s heart skipped a beat or two as she felt his hand moving across her swelling clitoris and along the inside of her lips she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. Her juices lubricated her flesh and Dave’s hand like oil, slippery and soft to the touch.

Dave moved his head down and his hand away, and started to massage her lips with his tongue while keeping them parted with his thumb and forefinger. He ran his tongue down one side up the other and back down again in slow excruciatingly pleasurable circles taking care not to touch her clitoris just yet.

Julie’s breathing was getting faster, and every now and again she gasped and moved her hips, gyrating and pushing on his tongue, trying to get Dave’s tongue to roll over her craving clit, but Dave wasn’t ready to go there just yet.

He felt her pussy and realised the muscles had relaxed a little and gently pushed a finger in and started to make circular movements, curling his finger to massage the inside of her pussy at the root of her clitoris. Julie’s genital area was aflame, her stomach tightening more and more every second. Her juices were making sloshing sounds as Dave’s finger moved round and round, faster and faster.

Finally Dave went where she’d been wanting him to go for so long. His tongue met her clit and flicked from side to side, rubbing her bud. Her hips were grinding and pushing on his tongue and her breathing turned into furious panting. She pressed down on his shoulders, needing the support to stop her falling.

The fire between her legs reached a climax and exploded. While she shuddered on his tongue Dave stayed on her clit, giving it a few last licks to squeeze every possible ounce of pleasure out of Julie’s soaking pussy. Julie’s knees finally gave way and she sat down hard on her clothes that lay on the bale behind her. She was still panting, and was very much aware of the heat and wetness in her pussy.

She took a minute to compose herself and looked at Dave who was also somewhat out of breath. Breathing deeply she stood up and took his hand, leading him over to the pile of hay were the blanket was spread. Inviting them to continue their actions, an invitation neither of them was about to refuse.

Dave sat down on the blanket his cock was still firm, about seventy-five percent erect, and Julie saw there was a stream of seminal fluid running underneath it to his clean shaven balls. She came down on her knees in front of him and started to massage his balls with one hand while running her finger over the top of his hot, wet helmet.

Dave lay down on his back and let Julie (and himself) enjoy the moment of relaxation and recuperation this gentle caressing afforded. After about five minutes of gentle touching, their breathing had returned to normal and they were ready for the next adventure.

Julie lifted her leg and straddled Dave in such a way that her pussy was just above his face she bent over his cock and lovingly began to lick and caress it. She gently enveloped the head of his hot cock with her mouth and ran her tongue around the head while holding and twisting it with one hand and supporting herself with the other.

Dave was now looking up at the most beautiful sight he could imagine. Because of her stance, straddled across his chest, her labia were parted and he saw her warm and moist flesh, pink and swollen, just above his face. He started to gently lick her, long loving licks she was already wide open. He had his hands free and moved them down to her breasts and cupped them.

He let her hard nipples fall between his fingers and massaged her tits, squeezing her nipples at the same time he felt her reaction on his cock she stopped sucking for a moment, then resumed. He felt her rising up and down on his cock, stroking and sucking it as she went. He started to run his fingers round her breasts in circles while licking her out.

The circles getting bigger he then ran them over her stomach and back, down over her perfectly shaped arse and along the inside of her thighs. Julie started to move her hips to the pleasure growing inside her, and her sucking and licking became more intense.

Dave was rubbing his tongue against her clit now, making her pussy bob up and down against it, and he could taste her, smell her aroma, feel her moisture on his chin. He moved his head back a little and started to flick the point of his tongue into her pussy feeling how wet and warm she was, licking her lips and massaging her clitoris again.

Dave could feel the muscles in her thighs trembling and new she wasn’t far off coming. He felt a tightening of his own stomach and knew he’d be climaxing soon also. Dave grasped Julie’s breasts again and gently squeezed them, while applying more pressure on her clit then, when he felt her uncontrollable spasms, he pulled and squeezed her nipples.

She shot off his cock, arching her back and writhing rubbing her exploding clitoris against Dave’s tongue. Dave was now busy holding back his own climax while Julie came, and came, until she flopped over him again.

This time she didn’t wait very long before she turned round, straddling him again. She put her hand between her legs and felt herself, inserting a finger into her pussy to check her wetness, then guided Dave’s hard cock towards her opening. She slowly lowered herself onto him, eyes closed, mouth wide open, until his whole rod was deep within her.

Now she waited a moment flexing her pussy, while she positioned one hand next to Dave’s head and put the other near her pussy. Dave started to suck her nipples as Julie began to rise and fall slowly on his cock. Mouth still open her hand was massaging her pussy as well and her breathing began to get hard and deep.

Julie sped up her movements, moving faster up and down, riding Dave’s cock, squeezing with her pussy and rubbing her clitoris with her free hand. She started to moan and wriggle and Dave’s stomach was tightening up again; this time he wasn’t going to hold back.

Julie was now almost bouncing, hard and fast. Dave saw her hand rubbing herself and the grimace of pure pleasure on her face as she approached her climax. He relaxed his muscles and, at the same time that Julie began to make panting and grunting sounds, he exploded inside her.

Julie screamed with delight, flexing her pussy again, shaking her head. Dave pulled on her nipples and arched his back, forcing his cock as deep inside her as he could and fired again. Julie was now almost having spasms as Dave’s cock went deep, she forced herself down against it, grinding down and still rubbing her clit.

The two of them came again for the last time. The intensity slowly ebbing Julie lay down on Dave’s chest and asked him to leave his cock inside.

Then they kissed, long and passionate kisses before falling asleep, naked, entwined and satisfied.