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A Night Out - First Encounter

We'd talked many times, but this was our first time meeting face to face.
From the countless hours we'd spent talking, we knew each other well. We had shared stories and pics, frustrations and laughs, but had never met, so when you found I was traveling nearby, you jumped at the chance to meet up. The place you picked was easy to find; an out of the way diner on a two lane black top, very fitting for an old country boy like me. You walked in wearing brown cowboy boots and a long sun dress, the sun behind you shining through the fabric and outlining your every curve. The mere sight took away my breath.

We ate, and were considering hitting the town for a night of drinks and dancing, but first we needed to go change and freshen up. It was still early so we went for a scenic country drive. The sun was just starting to set on the horizon as we arrived at a nice overlook. We pulled over and I grabbed a blanket from the car, then we walked to a little clearing to watch the sun set.

As we sat I began to lightly brush my fingertips all over your body. I kissed your lips deeply. I slowly ran my hand up your leg, starting at the ankle and slowly, sensually, working my way up under your skirt to another set of lips I had not yet tasted. Your thin panties were damp with desire. You wanted to pull me on top of you but I eased you back.

"Slow," I said.

I kissed your neck. Sliding your skirt up, I continued to trace the curves of your legs. Working my way down your ample breasts and across your stomach, I continued to kiss and nibble. I removed your panties, almost dripping now. As I slid them off, I took your leg in my arm, kissing it. Starting just above your knee, I worked my way down, down to your soft wet lips. I paused there, allowing my hot breath to wash over your moist pussy. You began to squirm. I flicked my tongue ever so lightly against you, but the sensation was like an explosion.

You gasped sharply, grabbing my hair with both hands. You wanted it. Bad. I continued to lick, slowly and sensually. Your orgasm was building quickly. I sucked on your clit, and you began bucking and thrusting your hips. Wave after wave of powerful orgasms washed over you like waves on the beach in a hurricane, threatening to drown you in the intense pleasure. The gushing of your own waves spilled out over my tongue and chin.

You wanted me now, you wanted my cock to possess you. But I told you that you must wait.

The sun had set, we gathered our things and headed back town.


We've returned from our night out dancing. You look lovely and our earlier tryst has us both horny. The drinks we consumed and our bodies grinding against each other has only added to our desire. I move in close, kissing your neck, drinking in your essence. Your heart beats rapidly.

I unzip your dress and let it slink to the floor. You're striking in your delicate bra, lacy garters, thigh high stockings and heels. I control my urge to take you, to throw you down on the bed, rip off what remains and ravage your body. But only barely. You tear open my shirt, the buttons hit the floor. You look at me, shocked.

We laugh as I peel off the shirt. You undo my pants and push them to floor. I have nothing on beneath them. I step out of them and you begin to undo your bra. I stop you, easing your hands to my waist. I unhook your bra and ease it off your shoulders; it joins your dress. I lift you up and place you on the bed.

"Lay back and close your eyes," I coo as I stroke my hand softly down your face.

You obey. I unhook your garter and slowly roll your hose off your legs, allowing my fingers to lightly brush the entire length of your legs. First the left, then the right. I follow with your panties, leaving the garter in place. I place my tongue on your navel and slowly trace your body, all the way to your neck.

I take your hands and lift them over your head. I have your hose and proceed to tie you to the headboard. You purr in anticipation. You can easily slide your hands in and out but choose not to. Instead you hold the loops tightly, not knowing what's to come next.

I run my fingers all over your body, ever so lightly. It tickles in this heightened state of horny sensitivity, but in a pleasurable way. Your body squirms, I continue this as I kiss your body as well, pausing in just the right locations to nibble playfully. Your body responds by climaxing without your pussy ever being touched.

Your juices are flowing and you long for me to enter you. I lean down and kiss you. Moving between your legs, I allow my hard cock to brush against you. I position my head just over your clit, flexing up and down, rubbing against your full hard node.

Another climax takes over your body and you move against me hard and fast. I ease your hips down. Slowly I begin my penetration, allowing you to fully enjoy every inch as I enter you. Fully engulfed by your warmth I begin stroking in and out.

Your hands clench on the thin nylon as you pull taut. The orgasms are coming quick and strong in your aroused state; your juices flow over me as you gush an intense orgasm. You thrust up at me, not wanting the sensation to stop.

I pull your legs up and rest them on my shoulders. I thrust forward achieving full penetration; you cry out in pleasure as I touch parts inside you never stimulated before. I continue to stroke, every thrust touching bottom, threatening to impale you on my rigid cock.

You wrap your legs around me, pulling me into you harder with every stroke, your orgasm building as the last one continues. You use the ties around your hands as leverage to pull into me. Your pussy clamps down on my shaft as your orgasm begins. The sensation spurs my own climax as my shaft thickens, my balls tighten, and my head throbs as I release my hot cum into you. You're not just moaning, you're screaming in pure primal ecstasy.

When the orgasm subsides you look at me as I smile down at you.

"Sorry, pet. You tore your hose."

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