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A Night Out part 2

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This is a sequel story to A Night Out. However reading part one is not necessary for the enjoyment of this story. Comments and criticism is welcomed as I am still new to writing and story development.

A Night Out part 2

Tammi turned around to see two of the beer wenches from the Saucer standing there laughing at Ed's early occurrence. They told Tammi and Ed to get dressed.

Ed was devastated. As Tammi and Ed were getting dressed there was utter silence. Ed had so much running through his mind that he was just in a daze as he got dressed. Ed was the first to get dressed and assisted Tammi.

Ed and Tammi decided to go back with their tables and their friends and reconvene later.

Ed returned to the table where Larry and Robin were seated. As he got to the table there was something missing.

"Were is Larry?"

"Um, uh," and Robin was just mumbling incoherently.


Robin was quite petite. She was only about 5'2" about 95lbs soaking wet. She had legs that were toned from playing so many years soccer and doing dance competitions. She has long brown hair that ends just above her A cups.

Larry is 5'7" with an extremely athletic body from years as a champion scholastic wrestler and profession as a firefighter.

As Ed left to use the restroom Tammi came over to the table.

"Why is Ed so timid? I have made many passes and innuendos and they seem to fall on deaf ears."

Robin said, "Well he is still a virgin."

Larry poked her in the side with his elbow and gave Robin the most god awful look.

"Well I think he is cute enough that I might have to go and rectify that situation," Tammi told them. Tammi winked and smiled at them both and left towards the bathroom.

As she walked away Robin turned to Larry and asked, "What the hell was that poke and look for."

"Well don't you think that it's kind of rude to tell someone that you don't know that my best friend is still a virgin? Damn, woman. What were you thinking?"

"Pffst, I'm drunk and I don't care. However it seemed to help out his situation, and it improved mine."

As she said this she slowly ran her hand from her side over to Larry knee and up his inner thigh. She reached her destination and noticed that Larry was sporting a semi.

"Now did I cause this, or is this a direct result of you looking down Tammi's blouse at her amazing tits, cause I'm not gonna lie. I was looking myself and I have to say even in impressed with them."

The whole time she has backed Larry into a corner she is rubbing the crotch of his jeans, paying special attention to the underside of them to make sure she was not leaving his sack out of the stimulation sensation.

"Well her tits did have some part to play, but actually I just saw the door to the servers break room open up and caught a glimpse of our beer wench being bent over a couch and being fucked from behind."

"What, I have to see this."

"Sorry, she is obviously finished with her boy toy because here she comes."

As Robin turned to look around the room for their beer wench she felt a bump of the table. She turned to look and Larry was nowhere to be seen. Then she felt his hands making their way up her legs. He caressed her calves and the pit of her knee. She gasped quite loudly which in turn earned her a pinch from Larry on her inner thigh.

Larry slowly eased the hem of Robin's skirt up towards her hips. Larry had thought she was wearing pantyhose but was delighted to find instead she was wearing a pair of black thigh high stocking with lace at the top being held up by a garter belt.

Robin was doing her best not to show her bewilderment/excitement on her face for others to see.

Their beer wench approached asking, "Where have your friends gone too?"

Robin was struggling to get her words out, "Um, well, uh. One wasn't feeling well so he went to the restroom and my boyfriend I think went to check on him."

"Oh, well maybe I'll get some of our staff to look in on them if they aren't back soon. You need another Woodchuck Pear Cider while you wait?"

"Um, yeah sure that will be fine."

All the while when the wench and Robin was talking Larry was slowly tracing along the edge of Robin's panties, which where a pair of black lace thongs to match her career belt. With his other hand Larry was pulling on the straps of the garter belt so that they were snapping against Robin's skin.

Robin whispered under her breath as the wench walked away, "Baby stop it. Your gonna get us in trouble, or worse. Thrown out."

"Hey, you started it. This is just my response, and my father always told me to finish what I started."

"But please, you know how I get. Please stop."

"Hey baby, if you play with fire you might just get burned."

Larry could see the effect this was having on Robin by moisture he felt on her panties and how restless she had become. He decided to keep this little game up by slowly caressing her pussy from the bottom to the top, but stopping just short of causing stimulation directly on her clit. He extended his index finger and did her favorite thing, turning his palm up and moving his finger in the come here motion from the bottom to the top, again coming just short of her clit. Wanting to have both hands free to play, Larry unclasped one the the straps from Robin's garter belt and eased a finger underneath her panties and slipped the strap under them and used it to pull them to the side by reattaching it to her stockings.

The feel of the cool air against her drenched pussy caused Robin to slouch a little in her chair and open her legs wider. Realizing the invitation she was giving him, he decided to torture and tease her a bit more. He started slowly kissing the from the inside of her left knee towards her pussy.

As he got close to her pussy Robin moaned under her breath, "Shit that feels good."

Just then the beer wench showed back up with her beer and noticed something amiss.

"Your friend and boyfriend still aren't back yet. Im gonna go have a couple of our girls go check on them. Anything else you need?"

"Uh, no I think that will, uh do. Oh my god."

"Are you alright ma'am?"

"Oh yeah. I mean, yeah I'm fine, thank you so much."

Larry heard the wench's heels come up to the table and began to lightly blow on Robin's pussy. He kept blowing on her pussy till the wench left causing Robin to start to making a puddle on the seat of her chair. Larry then repeated the process by going to Robin's right knee and working his way to her pussy again.

Larry decided he had tortured her long enough. He extended his middle finger and slowly inserted it into her pussy as he heard a chair at the table move.

He heard Ed ask, "Were is Larry?"

"Um, uh."

Ed sat down and his foot hit Larry on the knee. He immediately knew what was going on and started to laugh.

"Nevermind Robin, I found him. Anything I can do to help ya'll out?"

"Uh, Jesus that's good. Um, no, uh, yeah. Just start kicking him so he'll finish."

At this point Larry decided he had had enough fun and again started to do his come hither trick with his finger while in Robin's pussy quickly finding her g-spot. Robin was going crazy trying to keep quiet.

"Psst, psst. Ed, do me a favor and video her face for me while I finish the job."

"Roger dodger."

Ed pulled out his smart phone and hit the video record button and discreetly began to video Robin.

As Robin writhed in ecstasy, Larry set the her along her final path. Larry leaned forward and extended his tongue to flick her clit. He was rewarded with a shiver and another muffled moan. Larry inserted his index finger to join his middle finger in her pussy. His fingers began to work in unison stroking her g-spot. Using the tip of his tongue he started tracing the letters G, O, Q, and Z over the top of her clit. The amount of moisture emminating from Robin made Larry decide to try and inset his ring finger.

Robin gasped as she felt Larry start to insert a third finger into her pussy. The feeling of a three separate fingers rubbing her g-spot and the cliteral assault Larry was performing had Robin about to explode. Larry stopped licking her clit and encircled it and started to suck for all he was worth. Robin immediately exploded in a massive orgasm that covered him in her pussy juice and he was enjoying every minute of it.

"Ed, is the coast clear? Will anyone see me come up right now?"

"Nah, bro. Your good."

Larry came out from underneath the table and took his seat right before their beer wench arrived at the table.

"Oh, there you are sir. You girlfriend said you went to the bathroom, however the girls only found Ed here and his lady friend. Sir, you got a little something on your face."

"Oh well darlin' this firefighter needed to have his fire put out so I needed to get some juices to do that for me."

The wench was bewildered until she saw the state and facial expression of Robin in her post orgasmic bliss. "Well then this next round for all of you is one me then."

"Damn or wench is a freak."

"Way to state the obvious Ed."

Their wench was quickly back to their table with the next round. As they picked up their pints of lager to toast, they noticed something written on the new coasters.

It read, "My real name is Candice and here is my number. I'm always lookin' for a few more freaks like me to play with."

"Well this just might turn out to be one of the most productive nights of my life," Ed stated.
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