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A Night to Remember

My young son's sexy girlfriend makes it a night I'll never forget.
It was almost 2am, just into Saturday. I was necking a beer, my third, and watching some comedy show re-runs on late-night TV.

I don’t recall what the shows were. I have never needed more than four or five hours of sleep and while in my younger years that meant I could be out partying most of the night, now at the age of 52 the evenings tend to drag, especially when my wife is away. So I was sitting, half awake, scanning the airwaves for something I recognised, even though I was really not taking anything in.

I sensed movement outside the house and thought I caught a glimpse of some headlights swing across the garden. A couple of minutes later I heard a key in the door as my youngest son arrived back home accompanied by his girlfriend.

Nathan is 19 years old. He is in his first year at University studying for a degree in Sports Studies. The course he most wanted to do just happened to be run at a university local to us, so he is still living at home.

Nathan is a fine athlete, regularly competing in football, tennis, running and swimming. But like many kids of his age, he is also something of a binge drinker and tonight he looked anything but an athlete as his girlfriend had to half support and half drag him through the door and into the hallway.

Kristen is a bright and breezy 18 year old who has been going out with Nathan for about a year. She was in the year below Nathan at school, so she was still studying for her final exams. She too loves her sports, but wanted to study to be a doctor. She is tall and strong, but I saw she was struggling with Nathan’s almost dead weight so I rushed over to help her.

Together we got Nathan into his bedroom and lowered him onto the bed. Already incapable through alcohol, he immediately fell sound asleep. Kristen went out of the room while I removed his shoes and covered him as best I could with a duvet. There was no doubt that he was out for the count.

As I pulled the door shut behind me on leaving his room I could hear Kristen sobbing. I saw that she was sitting on the floor with her back to the front door. She had her arms wrapped around her long, lithe legs, which were pulled up towards her and her chin was resting on her knees.

A track of tears ran down her cheek from each eye as she quietly sobbed.

I squatted down in front of her so that we were almost on the same level and putting a hand either side of her head, I gently wiped her tears away with my thumbs.

I had never really been this close to Kristen. I had, of course, noticed that she has a stunning pair of breasts since she always dressed to make the most of them with close fitting tops accentuating their size and shape or low cut tops displaying plenty of smooth skin and a deep cleavage.

Now, for the first time I noticed what a pretty face she has. She was wearing little or no make-up and her skin looked soft and clear. She has large brown eyes, which were still welling with tears, well-defined dark eyebrows and long dark lashes. High and quite prominent cheekbones frame a very cute and perfectly symmetrical, if somewhat narrow nose sitting above a pair of full and very sensuous looking lips.

Tonight Kristen was wearing a pink button-up silk shirt and had fastened one less button than would be needed to keep her decent. The full valley of her boobs was on display along with a fair proportion of the white bra she had selected for the evening out.

Her black shirt was short when she was standing and in the position she was in now, it was failing to cover much at all. I took her hands and pulled her with me as I stood. As we both rose from our position I had a great view of a small white triangle of cotton material covering the small mound between her thighs. My eyes were fixed there until it disappeared from view as she stood.

I led Kristen by the hand into the lounge and sat her down beside me on the sofa. I could tell that she too had drunk a little more than she should have done that evening. I assumed that was what was making her somewhat emotional.

With Kristen sitting beside me, I put my left arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. She rested her head against my shoulder and closed her eyes. We stayed like that for some time. I finished drinking my beer and turned the TV off with the remote.

I was about to try to wake Kristen but when I glanced down into her face I saw her eyes were still closed and she appeared to be fast asleep. I could also see partly down into her shirt and the deep crevice between her breasts. Without any thought for the possible consequences, I reached my free hand across and with my thumb and forefinger I undid the remaining buttons on her shirt one by one. Now it was hanging loose, I was able to move the pink silk material away to reveal her magnificent bosom, her pretty white bra and the smooth skin of her breasts slowly rising and falling as she breathed slowly and deeply

Mesmerised by the sight of those glorious, bra-encased boobs, I couldn't resist and cupped one in my right hand. The material of the bra was soft and thin. It did not need to provide any padding or support to the breast which was large but oh-so firm in my hand. With the breast resting in the palm of my hand, I allowed my thumb to seek out and gently massage the nipple area through the material.

I immediately felt her nipple stiffen at my touch, so I continued to caress and gently squeeze the magnificent orb that was in my hand. It wasn’t long before I noticed that the bra Kristen was wearing fastened at the front. There was a single large hook holding the front together. It took me some time to build up the courage, but eventually I positioned myself so that I could get both hands on the clip and unhooked it. As I pulled the two cups away I was rewarded with the sight of Kristen's amazing tits in all their glory. Large, but fully self-supporting, they stood proud. The gentle slopes from her neck led to full and nicely rounded globes, each topped with a bright pink nipple that pointed skyward.

With my heart in my mouth, I returned my hand to Kristen’s chest and began softly running my fingers over the silky smooth skin, stopping every so often to gently roll a nipple between my fingers. Before long, both nipples were swollen and puffy and I noticed that Kristen’s breathing had become a little faster.

Now my eyes dropped down to her long, slim legs. Her short skirt had ridden up on the sofa and was barely covering her panties now. I allowed my hand to drift down from her boobs and ran my fingers very lightly down the top of her thigh to her knee and then up the inside of her thigh to the start of her skirt. As I did so, Kristen’s legs involuntarily parted just a fraction.

Encouraged by this I took her skirt and lifted it a little to expose the crotch of her white cotton panties. Gently running my hand up and down her thighs, I allowed my fingers to brush softly against the tight material covering her pubic mound. After several touches, Kristen parted her legs a little more and I was able to run my fingers lower, down between her legs and across her pussy itself.

Scared of her waking, my touches had been feather-light. But I was beginning to lose my nerve. I withdrew my hand and repositioned her shirt over her chest. I was about to extricate myself and slip away when I felt a warm breath on my ear and heard a low whisper of “Don’t stop now!”

I didn’t need a second invitation. My hand went straight back between Kristen’s legs and I began to massage her pussy through the thin cotton panties more firmly than before. Within seconds a small damp patch appeared on the material. It expanded gradually as I continued to rub against her pussy lips.

Kristen twisted sideways and raised her legs up onto the sofa. Moving her head from my shoulder, she lay back with her head in my lap. Her eyes were now open and looking up into my face. She smiled at me as she now parted her thighs wide. The crotch of her panties was now quite wet. I pulled it to one side and slid my fingers underneath. Her bare pussy lips were slippery and I easily slid my middle finger deep inside her. Her hole was hot and wet. Kristen sighed as I moved my finger slowly in and out, pushing it in as deep as I could and stroking the front wall of her pussy.

Kristen stated to moan a little now and bringing her own hands up to her naked breasts, she started to grab and squeeze them hard, while starting some small gyrating movements with her hips.

I now added my ring finger to the middle finger deep inside her and cupped my hand so that the palm was pressing up against her pussy lips. Then I started to rock my hand back and forth so that the two fingers were moving in and out, fucking her, while the pad between my thumb and wrist was massaging her clitoral area. Kristen started to move her hips more and more as I went faster and faster. Pretty soon she was bucking like mad and letting out small cries as her climax approached. Then with a squeal, her legs clamped together, trapping and squeezing my hand tight as her orgasm flooded her body.

It was some time before her spasms subsided and her body relaxed enough to withdraw my hand, my fingers soaked with her juices.

My dick was by now erect and trying to break-out of my trousers, creating an obvious bulge. Rolling onto her side, Kristen undid the button on my trousers and unzipped my fly. Pulling the band of my underpants down a little, she managed to release my cock which sprang to attention in celebration of its freedom.

Taking it in one hand, she pulled the skin down to reveal the purple head, which was now shiny from globules of pre-cum and directed it straight into her mouth. Those plump, luscious lips of hers closed around my cock as Kristen started to suck on it.

She managed to create an enormous vacuum that I could feel drawing more blood into my manhood, pumping it up to a stiffness I had not experienced in many years. Then her tongue started to swirl around the tip creating an amazing sensation. I thought I was going to come immediately, but after a couple of minutes Kristen stopped and raised her head.

She stood up, pulling my trousers and underpants down my legs and off. She stepped out of her skirt and slipped off her sodden panties. Then, climbing back onto the sofa, she straddled my lap and with one hand guided the head of my now aching cock to the entrance of her hot love tunnel. As soon as the head was in position she lowered her body, impaling herself on my steel-hard rod. As she began to bump up and down, riding me as if she was in the saddle of a trotting pony, I pulled her shirt and bra off her upper body and threw them on the floor.

Kristen was accelerating her movement and soon she was pumping up and down on my cock like a piston in an engine at full throttle. I looked at the beautiful, taut, young and now naked body bouncing in front of me and wondered if this was a dream.

I was a 52 year old man used to a very ordinary and honestly quite boring sex life, suddenly enjoying incredible sex with a stunning 18 year old girl. But my balls were telling me that if I was dreaming, it was going to come to a sticky end soon.

Just as I thought I was going to explode, Kristen pulled herself off me. She stood and turned so her back was towards me and with her legs apart, lowered her gorgeous ass towards my lap. Reaching back she took my rampant cock and guided it to the entrance of her puckered little ass-hole. Both my cock and her ass were soaked with her vaginal juices and as she sat herself down, I slowly slipped inch by inch, deep into her back passage.

Her ass felt so hot and tight around my shaft that, as soon as I was fully embedded, I could not hold out any longer. I grunted and my cock pulsed six or seven times, sending out spurts of thick cum into the depths of her anus.

I was spent, but Kristen was by no means finished. Reaching out to the table alongside the sofa, she grabbed hold of my empty beer bottle. Leaning back against me, she thrust the neck into her young pussy and began to fuck herself hard and fast with the bottle. While I was massaging her wonderful tits from behind, I could feel the lip of the bottle bumping and scraping against the underside of my still hard dick through the thin back wall of her pussy.

Her almost frantic masturbation continued for a long while until she reached her own orgasm, which made her whole body tremble and shake for a full minute.

The orgasm seemed to drain her of any remaining energy, so she rolled her limp body off of me and curled up on the sofa. I got a spare throw and draped it over her before making my way to my bedroom to get a couple of hours of sleep before the morning came.

As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if tonight had been a one-off experience that I would remember forever or if it was the start of something exciting to savour in the future.

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