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A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

A grieving man comes across a woman on the side of the road

He is driving down the road, for the first time in the past year, trying to clear his mind and find the courage to see the house at the end, he sees her standing there in the sunlight. He thinks she is a mirage. The sun is shining through the trees like a halo around her. Her long hair cascading over her shoulders. This road is a dead-end only leading to the house he is building. He has not been even on this road in a year, not since that fateful day he lost her. He promised he would finish and move in but has yet found the way to make himself do so.

This house was supposed to be the beginning of their new life together. They were going to have those youngins she kept talking about. When she miscarried and the tests came up she was sick, the doctors told them they would have a year at least but she succumbed so fast, within six months his Becky was gone. Taking off his sunglasses making sure she is still there, he pulls the car off to the side and shuts the ignition off.

“Are you lost, ma'am?” he says out his window

Coming to the side of his car and leaning into the window she tells him, “Hiya, my name is Annie and I’ve been walking forever. I thought I could find a place to rest down this road.”

“Well, nothing down this road except for an empty house and some woods. There is a small stream but this road is private. Can I take you someplace or do you need to use my cell?”

Taking off her sunglasses, she looks into his gray eyes seeing a sadness in them and so much grief. This man has given up on life, there is pain etched on his face. She wants nothing more than to see him smile.

“Oh, I was hoping to find an inn and maybe a waitressing job. Everything I own is in this suitcase.”

She is beautiful with a thick southern drawl, she looks just like Becky, he finds himself staring. He has a sense of deja vu but Becky has been gone for a year today. She, his first and only love, the only person to ever understand him is gone. When she died a piece of him had as well.

Finding his voice again, “Forgive me for staring, you remind me of someone. I’m Todd and there isn’t an inn until the next town over.” What came out of his mouth next even surprised him. “ I am in need of some help, a housekeeper I guess, to help me get things together and cleaned up. I have let everything go to shit this past year and a half since my wife got sick. I can pay you minimally, but there is a room and if you can cook, then the kitchen is yours.”

Annie is surprised asking, “Your wife, does she want to be included in this decision? Will she be alright with you bringing a stranger into her home while she is sick?”

As they do every time he thinks about Becky, his eyes fill with tears as he tells her, “My wife passed away a year ago. Today is the anniversary of her death. Her sickness took her from me very quickly. If she was here, she would kill me if I left you out here to fend for yourself. She is the kindest most generous person you could have ever met. Her heart was truly made of gold. If you are interested, please get in and I will show you the mess. If it’s too much then I will take you to the next town and drop you at the inn.”

Annie’s eyes lit up at the thought, grabbing her suitcase she climbs into the car. Todd’s eyes follow her long lean legs up to the little denim shorts she has on, wondering what she is wearing underneath, then continuing over her body to her sparkling blue eyes. He can not believe the resemblance to Becky. Apparently other parts of his body that have been dormant for the past year agreed.

They chat on their way to his home. Todd is amazed at this young woman’s travels and how she speaks so kindly about everyone she has met. Although she never says anything personal about herself he feels like he has known her forever. When they pull onto the parking pad of his home, she looks around surprised.

“Isn’t what you expected?” Todd questions her.

“I was expecting something bigger, maybe a two story farm house with plenty of space and a garage.  Some horses, maybe a couple cows, a dog to greet you and a beautiful garden with a place to have a picnic in the middle.” She is stating this all with a twinkle in her eye as she describes the home he is building for Becky. “You look like a person who should have a big houseful of youngins running around.”

Todd has to look away, she sounds just like Becky. Toddy, she’d say, we are gonna run us a farm and anyone who needs a place to stay and a good meal will always have a place with us. We are gonna have a whole passel of youngins, too. She always laughed making her drawl so thick and country, sounding like the last foster mom she lived with before we ran away together. But, unfortunately, this never happened.

“This way is the kitchen, Annie.” Todd leads the way through the house, bringing himself back to the present, “There is also two bedrooms down that hall, a lounge room, and a bathroom. Sorry, everything is in such dishevel. Please don’t even look at the flower beds. I have not done a thing, for, well a long time .”

She knows what he was about to say, turning to him and coming up behind him she whispers in his ear, “Oh Toddy, I am so sorry.”

Without giving him a chance to register what she said she leads him to his armchair and pushes him down, crawling into his lap she begins kissing him softly. It is the way they dealt with everything in the early years. They have always had each other since they were sixteen. When things would overcome them she would curl up in his lap and they would discuss whatever was the concern of the moment.  

It has been so long since he held a woman, Todd picks her up carrying her to the bedroom, their mouths never parting. Gently laying her on the bed he leans down and slowly peels off her white blouse and shorts. Looking at her perfect body in the palest blue bra holding up her voluptuous breasts and a matching thong with a little bow in the center. It was the last thing he bought for Becky and was never able to give it to her. Blue was his favorite color it matches her beautiful eyes.

She lays back her long hair fanning out around her head, the sun shining through the blinds around her like wings. Looking into her eyes before leaning down and taking her lips in a soft kiss. He truly doesn’t understand what is happening, he just knows this woman is his Becky.

Gliding over her soft curves, reveling in the feel of her full breasts under his hands. Todd cups them and slowly runs the pad of his thumb under the lace reaching Annie’s nipples. Changing their kiss, harder, more passionate, their tongues dancing, he moves up kissing her eyes and cheeks. Nibbling her ear and down her neck. Leaving a trail of soft kisses across her body to her breasts opening the front clasp of her bra.

Her perfectly rounded breasts, a full D cup, that he has adored on many occasions, he knows sucking her nipple into his mouth he could reach down and find her panties moist. Becky’s tits were always very sensitive. Pushing them together, suckling each nipple, feasting on them before he reluctantly starts moving down her body.

Todd wants this moment to last as long as possible and the treasures that await him are making his mouth water. His year-long celibacy is making him feel like a teenager again. Pushing her legs apart, he leans down smelling the sweet aroma coming from her heat. Todd looks into Annie’s eyes as he peels the scrap of lace panties down her legs and off while she slips her sandles off. 

Looking into his eyes, she knows they only have tonight. She is here to make him open his caring heart back up. To show him that he can still love and be loved. This past year broke him.

He begins  kissing up her inner legs to get to his prize, Annie pulls him up to her, lifting his shirt over his head revealing his broad chest. Leaner now than last year but still very strong. Kissing him softly, raking her nails over his back, she bites his lip sucking it into her mouth. She reaches down, feeling him grow inside his jeans, she unbuckles his belt, popping the button on his jeans and pushes them down his legs. He toes off his shoes and socks leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor.

She turns them around pushing Todd onto his back across the bed. She looks into his eyes smiling as she straddles his head with her dripping pussy directly above his mouth. Leaning forward she takes his long, hard shaft in her hand and licks around the mushroom head. She licks down one side along the vein that sticks out to his sac. Knowing this won't take long she takes his balls into her mouth one at a time then presses her tongue along the perineum

She is sending him to orbit, while he is devouring her juicy pussy. Licking along the outer lips, then opening her up licking up her sweet nectar along the inside. She tastes just as he remembers, they have always enjoyed oral sex, tasting and teasing each other. They were virgins when they got together and enjoyed learning how to pleasure each other and the most sensitive parts of their bodies.  Annie starts to moan as she takes him into her warm mouth and Todd licks her from her clit to rose.  He wants her to cum with him, licking her bud and wetting his finger he pushes it against her, sucking her clit into his mouth it enters her tight hole. At the same moment, she swallows him down her throat.

She grinds her cunt into his mouth and is sucking him harder. Soon she is squirming dripping all over his mouth and face, he starts shooting rope after rope of cum down her throat. Todd holds her still with his free hand, working his finger in and out of her ass as she is cumming hard. Soon they are both spent, laying beside each other panting. Leaning together they kiss tasting the other on their mouths and tongue.

Once they regain their strength, Annie leads Todd into the shower. They wash each other, continuously touching, kissing and teasing until he is hard again. Todd lifts Annie out of the shower carrying her soaking wet to the closest bedroom. He again kisses her hard, sliding his full seven inches into her tight pussy. Annie wraps her legs around him he starts thrusting into her. He continues pulling almost all the way out, then alternating between slowly pushing in making her feel him inch by inch, to taking her in one hard thrust, almost pushing her across the bed. She tightens around him, cumming hard quickly. 

While her body is shaking he turns her onto her knees, knowing how his Becky likes it, he slicks his cock in her juices. Rubbing it between her lips and around her sensitive clit. Annie lowers her head to the mattress reaching back spreading her cheeks as he lubes up her hole with her juices by inserting two fingers into her dripping pussy then pushing them inside her rosebud. Todd positions the head of his cock at her hole and begins slowly pushing it in. When the head is just inside her tight hole he stops, giving her time to adjust, before pushing in further. She begins moaning as he starts sliding in and out. Reaching under her he pinches her nipples cupping her breasts and starts moving faster.

“Oh god, I am close. Baby, I am going to cum in your ass,” Todd yells.

Becky reaches down rubbing her clit faster as she pushes against him, “Yes! Cum in my ass. You know I love it when you cum in my ass. Fuck, yes!! I am cumming.”

He feels her tighten around him and its his undoing. Todd shoots his cum deep in her ass. Together their bodies convulse as they have the biggest orgasm either has ever experienced. They both collapse on the bed falling in a deep sleep.

Todd is sleeping a dreamless sleep for the first time in a year, Becky watches him, wishing for more time. She looks around the house and snaps her fingers. One of the things she will not do is leave him as he is with this mess. The sun will be up soon and she must return. Being an angel she can turn this around. She goes about putting his house back in order and even fixes the flower beds. The violets are in full bloom now as well as the daisies, wisteria, and morning glory.  The one flower taking a special place in his garden is one special rare bush of ice blue and white roses. 

Rebecca Ann kisses Todd’s cheek and places her locket in his hand. It is the only thing she has from her birth mom, left with her before she died. Inside is a picture of Becky and Todd on their wedding day on one side and a favorite picture of them at seventeen, right after they left the foster home in the middle of a patch of bluebonnets. As the sun begins to rise she fades away whispering. “I love you, Toddy, live now darling. Remember the good times and grieve no more."







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