A Night to Remember

By showoff

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A memorable one night stand.

It was a nice fall day and I had just finished a job assignment out of town. I was scheduled to fly out the next morning so I had time to look around a little. I thought I would stop for a drink in the hotel bar before going to my room to freshin up. When I got there the bar was pritty full so I sat at a table with my back to the wall.

I had a rust colored skirt that buttoned up the front and a white blouse on. I really liked the skirt because it complemented my flowing red hair. When I sat down I opened the bottom button on the skirt to give me some leg room and I opened the top button on my blouse to give the guys something to look at or look down depending on where you are standing. After about 30 minutes a good looking guy asked if he could buy me a dring and come join me. I told him sure and I would like the company. After we sat there talking for about 45 minutes he asked if I would join him for diner.

We went out to get in his car and he being a gentelman opened my door for me. It was a small expensive sports car imposable to get in like a lady so as he helped me in he was able to see that I really was a redhead. We had a nice diner and as we were walking back to the car he asked if I would like to go to his place for a night cap before he took me back to the hotel.

He had a beautifull house overlooking the city. The house was well decorated and neet as a pin. While he was fixing us a drink I sat on the sectional where I could look out the sliding glass door at the city below. He walked up behind me and handed me my drink and I asked if he were going to come sit with me. He said he would but he was just admiring the view. Then I realized just what he was looking at. Because I had undone the bottom button on my skirt he could see half way up my upper leg and with the top button of my blouse undone he could see all the way down my bra. It made me feel good that he was taking such notice.

I put my drink down and stood up walking to the door I asked him what diferent things I could see were. As he told me he put his hands on my hips. I took both of his hands in mine and pulled him up against me then placd his hands on my boobs. Then I pushed my but up against him so I could feel him get hard. He didn't disapoint me.

He walked me to the bedroom so he could show me the view from there and it was just as impressive. I could feel an itch comming on that there was only one way to scratch. He faced me and started to unbutton my blouse and I unbuttoned his shirt exposing his chest and I started playing with his hard nipples. While I was playing with and kissing his nipples he unhooked my bra and my boobs fell lose. I was starting to get excited now and quickly undid my skirt letting it fall to the floor. There I was naked and it felt good. I undid his pants and pulled his briefs down.

He wasn't very big but, it was one of the nicest looking dicks I had ever seen, perfect in every way. Then I noticed his balls were huge and hard as steel to the touch. I sat on the side of the bed and took him in my mouth. He moaned and sighed as I gently sucked. I wanted to taste him bad. Again he didn't disapoint me and filled my mouth with his sweet but slightly salty cream. Then it was his turn he laied me back on the bed and started kissing me working his way to my boobs and sucking my nipples then working his way between my legs sending me into an unbelevable state of bliss mixed with excitement my juices were flowing and he was inhailing them.

After resting for a brief moment he rolled over on me and filled me with that perfect penis and pumped his juices deep inside my wanting body. When we finally went to sleep I rested hard and in the morning we pleasured each other again.

It was a rush but we made it to the air port in time for me to catch my flight home. This was a trip to remember.