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A Night With Gillian

A true story that happened in 2003.
Gillian and I were lovers years ago, albeit briefly. Because of a variety of situations, we were never able to fully consumate our lust for each other, that is until last May 10, 2003. In the meantime, we did, however, remain friends. I wrote this in 2003, shortly after this happened.

As I sit here and write this, Gillian has now left my life. I look at the pictures over my desk, and one in particular stands out. In the edge of the frame, there is still the residue of a white powder, a reminder of a night we shared last May.

Earlier this year, Gill hooked up with a guy. The same type of guy she always finds. A loser. A drunk. An unmotivated slug. He moved in with her Valentine's Day. As usual, I was amazed that such a wonderful, fun loving woman, so full of life, would choose a man with no goals, other than getting off work and stuffing a bottle of Captain Morgan into his liver.

My birthday was at the end of March. I ended up at "their" house for a post-birthday drink. Turns out that John's old girlfriend, Corrine, had a birthday a few days after mine. John had invited her over for a drink as well.

Corrine and I met and it was like rubbing two balloons on a St. Bernard. There was some type of chemistry there. I sure as hell couldn't figure it out, since Corrine definitely wasn't my type, physically speaking. Personality-wise, she was a pisser.

The night flowed, as did the alcohol. As midnight approached, it was obvious that Corrine and I could not repsonsibly drive. We spent the night in the spare room. The next morning, I made breakfasts for Corrine and our hosts. As we walked to our cars to say goodbye, Gill followed us. Rather than the usual hug, Gill kissed me. Something that's happened only a few times.

The following week, I was at home on a Sunday afternoon getting readyfor the week. The phone rang. It was Gillian.

"What would you do if you walked into the room and your girlfriend had a dildo up her pussy and a vibrator in her ass?"

"I'd join in!"

"That's what I thought. John wouldn't."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm lying here fucking myself with two dildos and he just looked at me and told me to hurry up, he wants to watch a movie with me." Gill was close to tears. "Is there something wrong with me???"

"Not at all. He's obviously a fucking idiot! I'd do you! Hell, I'll come over now and do you!!!"

Gill lightened. She groaned a little. "What are you doing?" I asked, hoping for the answer I got.

"I'm fucking myself. God, it feels so good! I've got my big dildo in my pussy and my big metal bullet in my ass."

I had an instant visual, and hard on. I had seen Gill run this scene before, although it had been a few years. Still, it was a scene I had replayed and had wanted to re-live a million times over. I couldn't convince her to come over, nor could I convince her to throw him out. Or leave her bedroom window open so I could climb in.

"He doesn't even get a hard on any more. He hasn't fucked me for weeks. He hasn't made love to me forever."

"Damn. You don't deserve that. You know I would do anything to change that for you."

"I know. We need to celebrate our birthdays (ohhhh). You know what I want for mine (umph)?"


"I want to fuck a guy with a really big cock. More than 8 inches. Will you help me to arrange it?"

"What's in it for me?"

"You get to be there. You get to fuck me too (ugg). And if you find a woman to join us, you get to watch me and herrrrrr."

"Are you serious?"

"(ugh) Yes."

"Have you been drinking?"

"Yes, but I'm serious. You don't believe me, call me tomorrow."

"I will. You know it. I'll also pick you up in front of your house in 10 minutes if you want."

"No, I can't" (another grunt and groan).

The call ended.

The following day, I called Gill. "Yes, I remember", she said. "Yes, I meant what I said."

That was all the encouragement I needed. I hit a few match making sites and put out an add looking for a well hung guy, preferably a black man (that was one of her fantasies). After a few days, I had a few hits, including one guy in Southern Arizona who said he not only fit the bill, but also had a couple of women who would be willing to join in. The arrangements went forward, including phone calls with the "mystery man". Some things seemed fishy and flakey - he couldn't arrange to have the women there whenever we called.

The day (May 10) came. No word from the "stud". Gill came over. I had stocked the fridge with our favorite beer and other alcohol. Gill showed up with something I hadn't done in ages - a 1/4 gram of coke.

Gill looked like death warmed over. I knew the look. Total stress. "I can't go through with it" she said. "I've been sick all day."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Me too. I was puking this morning."

We sat on the porch and had a beer. We chit-chatted. "I'm sorry. I know you wanted to do this."

"Gill, I wanted to be with you. For the last few weeks, I've been doing nothing but fantasizing about you. If you can't go through with it, fine. Let's just hang out."

"I can't fuck a stranger. But I'm here and we're still going to have fun."

Instant hard on.

"We'll even do the pictures you've wanted to do."

We hung out, talked, drank and did a few lines. Finally, Gill said "lets get the party started." She took my hand and we went inside. "Let's take some pictures."

We decided on a few shots, she posed, I clicked. We uploaded the pics to an amateur site. We went outside for another beer. We came in and read the response. And took more pics. And posted them. Then back outside to wait.

Coming back in, we read the responses. And did a couple of more lines. Now Gill was ready. We went into the room and she emptied her bag of toys. I had told her that I wanted her to reinact the phone call. I wanted to see what she had done and was doing. She didn't disappoint

Gill stripped. I took a few pics. She took her "pocket rocket" and began rubbing it around her pussy lips, then inside the lips and over her clit. I watched as her lips swelled and turned dark pink, then bright red. Her lips opened and I could see the wetness gathering in the opening of her pussy.

Next she took the "bullet". It was about 4" long and maybe 1/2" think. She turned it on and let it buzz against her clit. Then she moved it into her pussy. She gasped, and I swear I saw her nipples grow and swell. She fucked herself for a minute or so, then smiled at me. "Now for the fun part."

She pulled the gold bullet from her hot snatch (which I could now smell, even from a foot or two away as I took pictures) and placed it at the entrance of her ass. Smiling into my eyes, she pushed until about the first inch had disappeared. Closing her eyes, she pushed more and I saw her asshole widen as the bullet penetrated her flesh. I had to losen my pants to give my hard, sore cock room to breath.

Next she took her dildo. Actually, its a double dildo about 16" long and about 1 1/2" thick. "Put some lube on it for me." Who was I to disagree?

She slid the thick rubber cock into her pussy. I looked at her ass and saw the black wire from the buried bullet. She worked the dildo in and out of her pussy. I took pictures. "Do it for me." I looked at her. Her eyes were pleading. I set the camera down and grabbed the big rubber cock. I began to work it in and out of her pussy. The bullet was buzzing so hard, I could feel the vibrations coming through the wall of her ass and cascading down the rubber cock I held.

I continued to fuck her and grabbed the bullet's wire and pulled it out just enough so that I could grasp it with the fingers of my other hand. I began to work it in and out as well. In the meantime, Gill had grabbed the "rocket" and was applying it to her clit. With her free hand, she took turns pulling and twisting her nipples. Her face was contorted, a mixture between pleasurable pain and sheer ecstasy.

This went on for several minutes. Gill's mouth lay open, gasps and groans escaping. Finally, she shuddered into her first orgasm. Her nipples looked so hard I thought they would burst. I bent over and took turns sucking them.

Gill's orgasm subsided. She took the rocket away. She pushed my hand away and I withdrew the dildo. The bullet continued to vibrate, and aided by her contractions, it was soon laying on the bed, buzzing in its lonliness.

We took a break. Another drink. A few lines. "Part two" Gill
announced. "You're going to have to get naked for this one."

Shit. Who was I to complain???? We ended up in bed and I once again started feasting on the best nipples God ever created. Perfect shape, perfect thickness. And responsive. Damn, I swore that she was going to cum just from my sucking, licking, biting and pulling. My hand
traveled south. My fingers moved through the hair above her shaved pussy lips. I found her lips and slid a finger over the top. She was wet. Damn. I wanted to taste her. It had been a few years since I had that privilege with her.

I kissed my way from her tits towards her belly. I lingered there a few moments, licking and sucking on her belly ring. Damn. For a woman of 40 with two kids, she has got to have the sexiest stomach I've ever experienced up close and personal.

I continued downward. Now I had reached her pubic hair, trimmed, but not removed. I inhaled and could smell the scent of her pussy. I kept going. I wanted to have my tongue in that hot snatch so badly! Finally, I got to a point where I could swipe my tongue across her clit, then quickly down across the lips to where they stopped and her asshole started. Then back up, quickly down and back and forth. I wanted to dip into her and taste her. REALLY taster her. But I fought the urge to jump in. I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I knew I would.

I licked, flicked, sucked and washed her pussy all over with my hot, wet tongue. I played "alphabet soup" on her clit. I fucked her with my tongue while I sucked, trying to draw every drop of excitement from her. Then I stuck a finger in, curled it upward, and found the rough little lima bean that guarded her G-spot. I rubbed. She moaned. I licked. She cried. I sucked, she shook. I kept at it. She came. I savored her juices and felt them wet my face. Her hands were tight on the back of my head, holding me tight. I glanced up and was surprised that her nipples had not blown off her chest. Her face and neck were so red she looked radioactive. She mouth was contorted and her breathing ragged. She pushed me away.

"Kiss me" she begged.

I crawled up her and she pulled my head deep into her mouth, licking and savoring her juices from my mouth and face. I slipped my hard cock into her syrupy pussy and pushed it in all the way. She sucked hard and bit my bottom lip.

I'd had it. I fucked her hard. Pulling almost all the way out and driving in deep, hard, until I felt myself bottoming out. She groaned with such force that I could feel the sound come from her mouth and into mine, and force itself down into my lungs. She broke our kiss and her head rolled back as I continued to forcefully fuck her. She panted and groaned and moaned as she tried to catch her breath.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, or the coke, or the combination of the two. Or perhaps it was the years of pent up lust and desire. But I kept at it. Sweat poured from the two of us. Our breath was ragged, but our hearts beat so hard and fast. I could tell that another orgasm was building for her. She didn't want it. Not yet.

"Turn me over and fuck my ass. Drive me to Tucson!"

Damn. Another fantasy come true. I pulled out and grabbed a hip, forcing her onto her stomach. I reached with both hands and pulled her hips up so that her shoulders were down and her ass up. I put my hands between her legs and spread her. There before me lay the wettest, hottest and most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Above it, lay the most equally impressive rosebud, winking at me. I wanted so much to bend over and lick it. Unfortunately, I didn't know how she would react to that, so I took the bottle of lube and squirted the cold jell onto her tight hole. I grabbed a little for myself and worked it down the length of my cock. Lining myself up, I stuffed the head into her beautiful butt. I waited a bit for her to relax, then worked another inch or so in. Finally, the words I had waited so long to hear - "Fuck my ass, stick it in me, fuck me hard!!"

I slid all the way in and her scream was more of ecstasy than pain. She was so hot and tight I could hardly keep from cumming. I began a slow rythym, then went faster. Then the unthinkable happened. The coke kicked in and I lost it. Not my load. Worse. My hard on. I could not have had a worse reaction had you soaked my cock in ice water for 2 hours.


"It's ok. It happens."

I had fantasized about that moment for years. When it happened, look what happened. I pulled out and frantically tugged at my limp dick. Excitement overcame me and for the first time in my 44 years, I came without a hard on. And it was a big cum. It flew all over her ass, into her crack, across the cheeks, into her begging hole. It seemed like it would never stop flowing from me. I fell back, exhausted, dejected and embarrassed. She was great. She turned and kissed me.

"It's ok honey, we got it out of the way. We'll take a rest and we'll do it again."

She got up, cum running down her backside. She scooped some up and turning to me, stuck her wet, slimy fingers into her mouth. "Who know's babe, maybe I'll drink it from the source tonight!". She turned and went into the bathroom to clean up. "Fix me a drink, and a line, will you?"

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