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A Night with Jose Quervo

Can Jade plan the perfect night for her beloved Chase?
I have spent most of the day getting the back yard ready for my little surprise. Since it will be dark when you arrive home to me, I strung up some lights all around the gazebo that surrounds the back porch and hot tub. I purchased some tiki torch lights; I positioned them so they are just surrounding the hot tub. The sky is clear and the stars are shining brightly. The moon is lighting up the night sky and the water in the pool is just shimmering. I have laid out towels by the pool side and at the hot tub. I fill the ice bucket at the bar and it’s been freshly stocked with a nice bottle of Jose Quervo Black, salt and of course limes.

My timer goes off in the kitchen and I hurry into pull out the fresh tray of buffalo wing appetizers I made to cool off. I reach into the refrigerator and grab the platter of fresh fruit and whip up some fresh whipped cream. Getting everything out to the table, plenty of napkins, and OH I forgot the candles. Back to the house I go gathering up our special candle sticks for the table and grabbing a lighter stick. Lighting all the torches and watching the flames sparkle off the water that surrounds us with pool and hot tub is making for a very romantic setting. I hope you love this as much I already do. should be pulling in any minute. I need to run back and change into my suit. Grabbing the bag off the bed with my newly purchased suit and wrap thought I bought with you in mind baby. Sliding out of my clothes and putting my suit on, it’s a purple and green one piece that has an oval cutout shape just below my breasts, with a silk white and purple wrap. I apply some lotion to my arms and legs and then I tie the wrap around my waist completing the look. You love when my skin when it is silky and soft. I run a comb through my hair and strategically place some perfume on various parts of my body, parts I know will drive you both wild. The scent of my jasmine fills the room. I lay your suit out on the bed and head back out to the kitchen.

I hear your car pulling into the driveway. I take one last look around to make sure all is just so for your arrival. I dim the lights in the house and as I hear the door open I make my way to greet you with open arms. Planting a nice long wet kiss on your lips as my arms wrap around your neck, my chest pressing against yours; you drop whatever is in your hands and your arms pull me closer, a tight embrace as our lips lock and our tongues slide in and out of each other’s mouths.

We break from our kiss and I whisper in your ear, "Welcome home baby, I missed you so much."

I grab you by the hand and lead down the hallway just in front of the bedroom. I turn to you and kiss you once more, "There’s something on the bed for you to put on and then meet me out on the back porch."

You look at me with that mischievous little grin you have, wink at me and walk into the room to change. As soon as you enter the bedroom you can smell something very sweet, something very familiar as the scent of my perfume still lingers. Your nostrils flair as you inhale deeply, it brings back such memories of me with each deep inhale.

I am waiting outside at the bar for you. Well not exactly at the bar, but more like laying on top of the bar. 2 shots of tequila and a small bowl of limes along with the salt are lying beside me; the radio playing in the background of some soft country music. You walk outside and find me laying on top the bar with one leg slightly bent and just waiting for my man to return to me.

You walk on over to me and with no words spoken you bend down and kiss the exposed area just under my breasts and that kiss leads to you licking my skin making it glisten. You take and sprinkle some salt just under my left breast and then grab a slice of lime in one hand and a shot of tequila in the other.

You start by dribbling some of the tequila down onto my body, looking deeply into my eyes, "Mmmm you look mighty delicious baby," in a whisper as you bend and slowly licking the salt from my skin.

The feeling of your warm tongue on my skin sends chills down my spine and makes me tingle all over. You lick the tequila from my skin and down the rest of the shot and suck the lime. You remove the wrap from my lower half exposing my skin under the moonlight running your hand up and down my legs. My hand reaching for your other hand.....hand in hand yours squeezes mine.

You climb on to the bar with me; laying your body on mine burying your head between my breasts. I put both my hands on the back of your head pulling you closer to me as my legs wrap firmly around you. I love how you feel close to me. I can never get enough of you.......this man that means more than anything in the world to me. How did I get so lucky that you picked me? ME?

Your lips kiss up my neck and to my mouth, biting my lower lip before giving me the most passionate kiss ever. I can taste the salt and tequila on your tongue and inside your mouth.

It’s hard to not blurt out, "Take me NOW baby, right NOW."

My heart starts beating faster and the wetness between my legs is growing more evident by the second. You untie my suit from behind my neck lowering it exposing my breasts, my nipples hard and perky, you kiss your way back down paying close attention to my nipples. Your mouth so warm and wet as your tongue swirls around each nipple sucking each one in harder than the next. You leave a wet trail over the rest of my suit as you inch yourself back off the bar. You pull me to the end of the bar grabbing my hand and sitting me up on the end of it.

You grab the other shot and hand it to me, I lick the top part of my hand and you sprinkle it with salt. I lick that clean and down the shot, it goes down smoothly and you watch as I suck all the juice from the lime. You immediately kiss me, tasting everything I just drank. It’s more intoxicating then the liquor itself, our kisses are so passionate and so sensual. You gently lay me back on the bar and slide my bottom towards the edge, my feet on your shoulders as you work your way up the inner side of my legs kissing your way up slowly pouring little lines of tequila as you lick it clean.

The cool feeling from the liquid and the warmth of your tongue makes my pussy ache with anticipation of things to come. You find the entrance to my love cave still covered with my suit your tongue licking up and down thru the material. You place the bottle spout at the top and watch it dribble down a stream onto my suit bottom, your tongue at the base waiting to receive what’s coming.

Not wanting to take the time to remove my suit you rip the bottom out exposing my already wet pussy before you.

"Baby that was my new suit you just ruined," giggling at you.

"I don’t care I want your pussy and I want it NOW my love," you whispered back.

Placing my feet on the bar you spread my legs as far apart as they can get without them falling off. Taking the bottle of tequila with the pour spout on still on it and you follow the line of my slick slit from bottom to top watching my face for reaction. Soft moans escape my lips as the coolness of the bottle touches my skin. You pour from the top of my freshly trimmed mound and as it trickles down my slit and into your waiting mouth your tongue licks up my slit drinking all that awaits you.

You take a slice of lime and tease my clit with it sliding it up and down my slit, slowly sliding it into my wet wanting pussy. Pushing it in and out and back up to my clit as your tongue follows its path. Lapping up all the moisture your tongue finds along the way. The sensations from your warm wet mouth to the coolness of the lime and tequila make every nerve ending in my body feel something different. My moans begin to get louder with each lick with each trickle of tequila as it hits my body.

"Mmm that feels so good baby, I love what you do to me, don’t stop please," was all I could muster to say.

Feeling your cock strain against your swim trunks as you continue to enjoy your appetizer, not the one I made for you however, but the one you seem to be enjoying the most. You slip the lime wedge into my pussy and leave it there as you continue to bite and suck on my clit. I lift my hips from the bar as the waves of ecstasy build deep from within, my hand gripping the side of the bar as I grind into your face.

"Mm I need to cum baby, please let me cum," faint moans are all I can utter as I feel my body tense up, and you know what’s coming as you lick faster and more feverishly.

Placing your thumb on my clit your mouth sucks the lime from my pussy with such force at the exact moment my juices start to flow and you lap up every drop with your tongue as you are still stroking my clit so hard it’s almost like a tiny cock and you know how to manipulate it to make me have orgasm after orgasm. My body shakes and shudders as the first wave starts to subside.

It doesn't take long before your finger replaces your tongue in my pussy, sliding in and out. Your mouth suction cups itself to my clit as your finger fucking my sweet hot tight pussy. Your other hand slides up my stomach and starts rubbing my breast, pinching my nipples tugging and pulling on them. You know I love that hard when you have me as turned on as you do.

"OMG it’s going to be a hard one baby," screaming now, thinking to myself the neighbors will hear me, but I don’t care!!!

Your fingers are going in and out of me hitting my g-spot as your mouth sucks my clit. My hips gyrating into you as I fuck your hand wanting that powerful orgasm that’s going to erupt any moment. Taking your other hand in mine I lift my ass up off the bar once again, like waves crashing off the rocks your hand is instantly soaked as I squirt all over; you slide your mouth down not wanting to miss a drop of my warm juices flowing from my pink pussy. You can feel as my muscles squeeze your fingers as my body is overtaken by the most powerful earth shattering orgasm yet. My legs no longer have the power to remain upright on their own as my body shakes through the orgasm. Your arms come under my legs for support as your face is still buried in my pussy kissing and licking me gently. You know it takes a few minutes for my body to subside from cumming that hard.

"Baby you did so good cumming for your man like that, I LOVE when I can make you squirt" as you look up at me from between my legs.

You sit me up still supporting me and take me into your arms, kissing me. I can taste myself all over your lips, your tongue your mouth, your cheeks......everywhere.

I attempt to hop down from the bar with your assistance, my legs still shaky like a newborn deer attempting to walk for the first time. We stand there embraced, kissing while I get my composure back. Feeling your hardness pressing against me makes the ache in my pussy grow more urgent. We walk hand and hand into pool, the cool water against our skin as the night breeze lightly blows around us. We sit in the shallow end in each other’s arms looking up into the sky at the stars. There’s no place either of us would rather be then right here, in this very moment with each other.

I can’t help but want to feel you; I kneel over you as the water suspends me just above your cock. I look up at you and wink as my hands start to slide you out of your trunks. You stand slightly so I can remove them the rest of the way. Your beautiful cock springs to life as its set free from its confinement. I push you gently back onto the side of the pool which keeps your cock just above the water. You brace yourself with your arms behind you as I take my position between your legs.

Looking up into your dark brown eyes as the stars and moonlight make them sparkle even more. "Baby, I want to taste you, I am going to please you in so many ways".

My mouth licks up your leg and to the head of your cock teasing it with my tongue as I slide it down your shaft leaving a trail of wetness behind. You love watching as my breasts float in the water below. My warm wet mouth finds your balls, each so full already wanting release, but not quite yet. Sucking each one onto my mouth you spread your legs even further apart. Moaning with your balls in my mouth you tell me how good it feels when I do that. I love hearing when you’re pleased with something I’m doing to you; it turns me on so much.

My hand running up and down your chest as my mouth caresses your balls. Your cock twitches against your stomach in anticipation of the warmth of my mouth. My hand takes your very erect cock and begins stroking it as my mouth is still paying attention to each ball. Using my other hand I lift your balls up slightly and lick from your balls down to as close as I can get to your asshole and back.

Feeling you grow harder and harder in my hand I kneel right up to your chest and my mouth finds the head of your cock, sucking it in gently at first, tongue swirling around it, teasing the small slit on the top trying to get inside. You flinch at the feeling as my mouth sucks harder taking your entire shaft into my mouth. Deep throating you, your hand placed on the back of my head as you guide yourself in and out of my mouth.

You love fucking my mouth almost as much as my pussy. I look up at you with the question in my eyes, you knew I wanted to know if you wanted to cum in my mouth or wait and shoot your load deep inside my hot wet pussy. You chose the latter. You continue to fuck my mouth until you feel yourself so close that you pull me off your cock, bringing my mouth to yours you slide back down into the water.

I take my place wrapping my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck as our tongues explore every erotic spot on our faces and in our mouths. You pick me up and we float out to the deeper water. Feeling your cock tease my pussy as we are suspended in the water, wanting to feel you plunge deep inside me is overwhelming. Wanting to move as one, be one.....souls merge as one......I want you NOW.

I start rubbing my clit up against your cock begging without words for you to take me. Your desire is burning as much as mine. You thrust your hard throbbing cock into my pussy feeling the rush of the cold water and the heat from your manhood as it enters me, it is an indescribable feeling. When hot meets cold and it just smolders together, that is you and I making love in the pool. Lifting me up and slamming me back down onto your cock with such force it feels so fucking good to have you deep inside me.

My pussy gripping your cock like a vice, I lean back so the water suspends me, floating as your cock resides where it belongs. You place my feet on your shoulders as you push me back and forth onto you the water sloshing all around us. My arms out straight to help keep me in place, your hand between my legs rubbing my clit as you fuck me in our back yard under the nighttime sky. I can’t control my moans and I scream out your name as you continue to pound me. You flip me over onto my stomach and pull me back onto your cock. Floating on my stomach this is as close to doggy style as u can get suspended in the water your hand gently smacks my ass as it’s shining under the moonlight.

"Does this feel good baby?" you ask.

"Yes OMG baby fuck me harder, take what’s yours NOW BABY NOW" moaning as the water splashes into my mouth.

Pushing me so you can lead us back to the shallower end of the pool; staying deep inside me as we reach the stairs. My hands walking up them as my upper body is out of the water you continue to walk till I’m completely out and on all fours.

You begin to fuck me like never before from behind, grabbing my hips and pushing with all your force into my soaking wet pussy. I arch my back needing to get you deeper inside me. The feeling is so hot and so passionate between us it won’t be long now as you feel my body shaking. Your balls are so full and aching to release your load deep within my walls. My pussy is milking you with each thrust, grinding back into you.

"Cum for me baby, CUM NOW on my cock," you loudly moan.

That’s it and you knew the words I needed to hear to make me cum instantly. As you smack my ass first cheek then the next hammering hard into me, my body shudders and you feel me cum all over your cock as it drips down your balls onto your legs. Pushing harder and faster into me, you grunt and push a few more times as you release your seed deep into my pussy, NO your pussy, yours and only yours. Pumping and pushing grabbing my hips hard as you continue to shoot your love inside me. Our bodies meld as one at that exact moment, our souls mate, forever intertwined.

Both exhausted and hot we slip back down into the pool letting the water wash over us as you take me in your arms and kiss me so tenderly. Both of our hearts beating fast as we relax on the bottom step in each other’s arms looking up into the sky admiring all of Mother Nature's beauty.

“Are you finally ready for some snacks?” I inquire with a smile.

You just kiss me and give me a little wink, “I just had my snack baby and it was amazing.”

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