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A night with my teacher before the exam

I didn’t spread my legs in front my teacher to get good grades. I did it because I liked him.
I’m not a slut or whore, I’m the top student of my class, but I also have fantasies. My fantasy man was my thirty-seven year old physics teacher, Mr. Denning. He was tall, had short hair, most of the time dressed in white shirt and black pants with polished leather shoes. He was the hottest man in the world for me. I thought about getting fucked by him, but I never tried to seduce him, because I knew that not all the fantasies come true.

But a day before my physics exams, I couldn’t concentrate on what Mr. Denning was teaching us in the class. A month ago I had to go to see my aunt; she was sick and because of this I missed some important lectures. Now I was worried about tomorrow’s test. As the bell rang, every body started leaving the class. I also closed my books, put them in the bag, and walked to the door adjusting my short skirt.

“Lily, wait,” Mr. Denning said.

“Yes, Mr. Denning?” I asked looking at him, but didn’t felt good hearing his voice because so many other things were going on in my mind.

“Sit down,” he asked, and I sat down in the desk while he stood in front of me taking the support of the table behind him.

“Your mind was not in the class today, is everything okay?” he asked, “You didn’t raise your hand to answer any questions that I asked,” he complained.

“Sorry Mr. Denning, it’s just because tomorrow is the exam,” I said.

“Yes and this time I have made a tough question paper,” he said scaring me more.

“Yah, but you know I missed some of your lectures, and I haven’t covered them up,” I told him my problem.

“What? I thought you covered all those chapters with the help of your friends,” Mr. Denning said.

“No, I couldn’t get my friends to help me,” I replied not mentioning that they were all so busy in partying.

“Look, Lily you are a bright student, but I can’t give you the question paper,” Mr. Denning joked and it made me laugh for a minute.

“No, I don’t want question paper, but some notes would be very helpful,” I asked.

“Well you know I don’t keep notes, but…” Mr. Denning said, “But I think I can cover up some important topics at my house after the college.”

“Great, Thank you so much Mr. Denning,” I said feeling so relaxed and happy.

“Okay, then I will meet you outside the college after my last lecture,” Mr. Denning said.

“Yes, sure,” I replied.


I met Mr. Denning outside the college campus, and sat next to him in his car. We headed to his house; I was feeling a little embarrassed showing my thighs in my short skirt. I noticed Mr. Denning checking out my legs a couple of times, and he also seemed feeling a little uncomfortable, so I put my bag in my lap to cover my legs.

We reached his house, and he welcomed me in the house. He had a nice big house, but as the whole class knew that his wife died two years ago, so there was no one to take care of the house. Living room was totally messed up, with couches filled with newspapers, magazines and pillows.

“Sorry, you know living alone is so hard,” Mr. Denning apologized.

“Come,” he said, and I followed him holding my bag.

We entered in a room, which seemed less messy. It was his bedroom. It had a big bed, a couch and a table in front of the couch.

“Take a seat, I will bring a glass of water for you,” Mr. Denning said and left.

He gave me the glass of water, and I felt good when the cold water flowed down my dried throat.

“That’s your wife’s picture?” I asked looking at a photo on the night stand.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Beautiful,” I said, and picked out the books from my bag.

Mr. Denning loosed his tie, and grabbed a pen. He started teaching me. A thought of him asking me to take off my clothes, and bend me over the bed had came in my mind when he told me in the class room that, he can teach me some important topics at his home. Mr. Denning was a gentleman, and he didn’t ask me to pull out my boobs for him.

“And this topic is very important and very easy. Just remember this equation…” Mr. Denning was teaching me, and I started loosing my concentration.

I was looking at him; the way his hand was moving, the way he was talking, a little sweat on his forehead. He looked tired but still hot.

“Lily?” he called me.

“Yes,” I replied.

“You got it?” he asked looking at some equation in the book.

I was again starring at him. We were alone in the house, his wife died two years ago, so he must be feeling lonely, and I could help him to get away with his loneliness.

“Lily, where is your mind?” Mr. Denning asked looking straight into my eyes.

Forgetting everything, and crossing all the lines, I leaned over Mr. Denning and kissed him.

“What are you doing, Lily? Look I’m not that kind of teacher who gives good grades in exchange of…” Mr. Denning said, “And you are a brilliant student, you don’t need to act like this.”

“I don’t want anything in return,” I said, “I like you,” and I again leaned over him to kiss him.

He again tried to push me away, but I grabbed onto his shirt very tightly. I was kissing him on his lips, and soon I felt him loosing his control and kissing me back. He made me sit down, but kept kissing me. As his hands moved to my breast, I grabbed his hand. He must have thought that I was going to push his hand away from my body, and I did so. I did pushed away his hand away from my body, but just to take off my shirt.

After undoing all the buttons of my shirt, I undid all the buttons of Mr. Denning’s shirt. I took off his shirt, and then took off my shirt totally. I again moved to kiss him, and he leaned over me. He made me lie down in the couch, and moved to kiss all over my neck.

I was smiling to have the hottest man all over my body. His hand was slowly feeling my boobs through my bra, and my hand was moving all over his bare back. Mr. Denning grabbed me in his arms, and lifted me. He took me to his bed, and made me sit down. While he was standing in front of me, I reached for the hook off my bra on my back and I unhooked it. I took off my bra, and now I was sitting topless in front of him. I couldn’t look into his eyes because I was feeling shy in showing my boobs to my teacher. I looked down.

Mr. Denning came closer to me, and with his finger under my chin, he tilted my head making me look up at him. He kissed me. Brushing my hands on his abs I moved down to his crotch. Mr. Denning stopped kissing me, and stood still in front of me.

Not looking at him and feeling very shy, I undid his pants and then pulled it down to his knees. His hard cock was trying to come out of his underwear. I grabbed his underwear, and pulled it down too. I smiled secretly looking down at his big hard cock. Mr. Denning took off his clothes totally.

“You are a very beautiful girl,” Mr. Denning said.

I looked at him, and tried to grab his cock, but he pushed me on my back and came over me. I felt so good as my boobs pressed on his bare chest, and he kissed me all over my neck again. He was gently biting on my neck and I was so enjoying it. His hand moved up to my boobs, and rubbed my nipples. With just this foreplay he made me come closer to my orgasm. My pussy got so wet.

After a while, Mr. Denning rolled down on his back, and I came over his body. I started kissing over his chest, and now not feeling shy anymore I was smiling looking at him. I went down on his cock, and grabbed it.

So many times I had wondered about Mr. Denning’s cock, and him masturbating thinking about his wife. Now I was here holding his hard cock, and I was determined to please him better than his dead wife.

I took his cock in my mouth, and sucked it softly. I licked his hard shaft and swirled my tongue around his round cock head. I slowly stroked his cock as I smiled at him.

“You have beautiful eyes,” Mr. Denning said.

“Thanks,” I replied and again took his cock in my mouth.

“Ah,” he groaned.

Mr. Denning got up, and he made me lie down on my back again, he grabbed my skirt and took it off along with my panties. If I would have planned about all this then I wouldn’t be wearing those panties, but I never thought that something like this could ever happen.

Mr. Denning made me spread my legs, and touched my pussy. I closed my eyes feeling a little shy again. I felt his finger going inside my pussy, and I started moaning as he started fingering me.

“Hmmm…” I moaned as he inserted one more finger in my pussy.

He was playing with my pussy really good, his other hand was rubbing my clit, and I cum all over his fingers.

“Ah, hmm…” I was breathing heavy controlling my moans not to be too loud.

My legs squeezed, as I had my orgasm, and Mr. Denning came over to kiss me again. I wrapped my hands around him to feel him with me. After a minute I again spread my legs, and he came between my legs. His hard cock was touching my wet pussy, and he inserted his cock head in my pussy.

I prepared myself to have it all inside me. Mr. Denning was gentle with me, he slowly pushed his cock all the way deep inside my pussy, and I enjoyed it a lot. Though his cock was big and fat, but he didn’t hurt me at all.

He slowly started fucking me, and with my one leg wrapped around his waist, I was pulling him deeper inside my pussy. His hands were on my boobs, and he was squeezing my boobs harder. I was so fucking aroused and ready for another orgasm.

“I’m going to cum again,” I couldn’t stop myself from telling him how good he was in fucking my pussy.

He started fucking me harder, and my whole body was shaking as he was pushing his cock deep inside me.

“Yes, yes. Fuck me,” I moaned out loud, and I cum again.

Mr. Denning pulled out his cock, and lay down on the bed. I got up and grabbed his cock taking it in my mouth again.

“Lily, I’m going to cum,” Mr. Denning moaned and warned me.

I was ready to take his cum deep in my throat, so I kept sucking his cock. With my lips wrapped around his round cock head, I was stroking his hard shaft faster. He filled my mouth with his cum, and I swallowed it all.

As soon as we were done the awkward situation came again. I was sitting not looking at him, and he was still lying down next to me.

“You okay?” Mr. Denning asked.

“Yah, Where is bathroom?” I asked.

He showed me the door to the bathroom, and I went in.

How can I do this? This is not right. How am I going to face Mr. Denning in the class again? There were so many questions I was asking standing in front of the mirror.

As I came out of the bathroom after cleaning the cum from my face, Mr. Denning hugged me.

“Lily, you made me really happy. After the death of my wife I couldn’t think about being with another woman, but today…” Mr. Denning said. “First I thought you were playing some trick on me to get through this exam, but I know you are not that kind of girl and you really like me.”

I listened to him, and just wrapped my arms around him. I was feeling comfortable in his arms, not shy or awkward any more after hearing what he had just said to me.

He went in the bathroom, and I picked up his white shirt and put it on with no bra or panties. I sat down on the couch, and pretended to be studying grabbing my book.

“I’ll get some thing to drink for us, and then we can continue...” Mr. Denning said putting on his pants.

He left the room, and after a minute came back with some drinks. He sat down next to me, and now I could concentrate on what he was teaching me. Suddenly my phone rang, and I picked it up.

“Yes, Mom,” I said.

“No, I’m at a friend’s house studying,” I said looking at Mr. Denning, “yes, the exam is tomorrow, and I think couldn’t be able to come home tonight. I’ll have to study all night, so tomorrow I will go to the college straight from here and then I will see you in the evening,” I told Mom.

Mr. Denning looked at me when I said about staying over night at friend’s house because I meant fucking all night with Mr. Denning in his house.

“And what is this symbol?” I asked again concentrating on what he was teaching me.

I kept studying for few hours right there sitting on the couch wearing just a white shirt with no panties and bra, and my hot handsome teacher was sitting next to me shirtless.

“I think we should take a break,” Mr. Denning said, “I’m going to see what I have for dinner.”

As Mr. Denning left, I started checking things in the room to kill time. I went through some pictures of him with his wife which I found in a drawer, in other drawer there were some naked pictures of his wife too. He must be using those pictures to masturbate sometimes.

After thirty minutes Mr. Denning came in with some thing to eat in two plates. We sat down in the bed facing each other and had dinner. I wasn’t wearing any panties so my pussy was flashing as I was sitting in front of him, but I didn’t bother to hide it from him.

We finished our dinner, and Mr. Denning put down the plates on the floor. We were again looking into each other’s eyes, and next second I was all over Mr. Denning. I pushed him on his back, came over him and, we started kissing.

Mr. Denning was so fucking horny too, he pinned me down on the bed, ripped off his shirt which I was wearing, and spread my legs. I waited for him to take off his pants, and then his cock was all inside me again.

“Mr. Denning, I love your cock,” I didn’t feel ashamed telling him that, “feels so good.”

Mr. Denning fucked me hard in the missionary position hard till I told him to fuck me from behind. He pulled out his cock, and I bent over.

“You have a beautiful ass, Lily,” Mr. Denning said.

“You want to fuck me in the ass, Mr. Denning,” I asked.

“I always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass, but my wife never let me…” Mr. Denning said.

“Fuck me in the ass, Mr. Denning,” I said, as I wanted to make him happy.

Mr. Denning spit on my ass, and then pushed his cock in my ass. I had done anal with the guy I dated for about eight months, so I knew how to take it in the ass. Giving his cock all inside my ass then grabbing me by my waist, he fucked me hard.

He made me scream by fucking me hard in my ass, and I played with my pussy and rubbed my clit.

“You are a very bright student, and you need a reward for that,” Mr. Denning said getting dirty with me.

“Give me my reward Mr. Denning,” I said with a smile and pushing my ass back on his cock.

Mr. Denning fucked me for a couple of more minutes, and then he asked me to get on my knees and open my mouth. He was stroking his big cock, and I had my mouth opened for him.

“Ah fuck,” Mr. Denning groaned as he dropped his huge load of cum in my mouth.

“Yummy reward,” I said feeling not ashamed of swallowing my teacher’s cum.

After that he taught me physics all night. Before heading to the college next morning I sucked him in the shower. I gave my exam, and got an A+.

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