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A night with the Lover

He walked into the house and saw me sitting there reading my book.

“Morning beautiful.”

I darted my head around and smiled at him “Morning.” We run over and hug he rubs the back of my head as he kisses me gently. We break our kiss and I yawn covering my mouth.

“You still tired? It’s almost noon,” I yawn again.

“Yeah Chris wouldn’t get off me last night. I mean the sex is great but he can’t leave me alone.”

“That’s the reason you’re tired?” he asks running his hands through my hair.


“Ill wake you up,” You say rubbing my lower back kissing my neck. 

I smile, “No I have had enough sex for one day. Even though Chris’s Mr. Happy isn’t.”

“Ok by that you mean his cock right?” He says smiling.

“Yes,” I said smiling

“Fair enough.” He pulls me in and kisses me softly but then pulls away licking his lips then he stares back at me holding my hips an arm’s length away.

“What’s wrong?”

“You have something on your lips.”

I lick me lips and think for a sec but I don’t taste anything so I ask, “What does it taste like?”

“Not sure I’ve never tasted it before.” He raises an eyebrow, “You know what it is don’t you?”

“No I don’t.”

“OK.” He licks his thumb and runs it over my lips then pops it into my mouth, “Can you taste it?”


“Well,” he says as he flops down on the couch.

“What? Tell me.”

“Well. It kind of tastes like cum.”

“I haven’t sucked anyone off!”

I rub my lips with my finger and sniff it. “I know what it is!”

He grabs my hand sniffing it, “What is it?”

“Well I had a paper cut and I put some anti bacterial stuff on it. But then I licked it off.”

“Oh ok,” He says with a smile. “I wonder what they put in that stuff?”

“I’m beat!” I said flopping down on the couch and snuggling into him.

“Want me to give you a massage?”

“No I’m too tired. Chris is fucking me ragged.”

“Well I didn’t say where I’d give you the massage.” He rubs my shoulders and smiles coyly.

“No thanks,” I say leaning back onto his chest.

“Ok. Do you want me to go?”

“Why? Do you want to go?”

“You said you were ragged.”

“But I can’t sleep. Don’t go.”

He smiles and pulls me onto my feet. “Well then take this!” he says as he begins to tickle me.

I begin to laugh so hard. “Stop it! We have to be quiet or Chris will hear us!”

He grabs my wrists and kisses me deep, “You are so beautiful.”

I pull away and flop down on the bed. He lies next to me and pulls me close to him.

“So what do you want to do?” I ask smiling.

He kisses me deeply, “Anything you want.”

I pull myself closer to him and whisper in his ear, “Tell me what you want?”

He smiles and begins to unbutton my blouse. He smiles, “Figured out what I want yet?”

I smile at him as I begin to undo his pants, “Major Tom ground control is reading you Loud and clear.”

He smiles as he slips off his shirt and drops his pants showing me his erect member.

I slide off the bed removing my shirt revealing my perfect B’s. “You like them?”

“Oh yes,” He says pulling me to him as he sucks my breasts. Moans escape my lips.

I remove my pants and underwear and lay on my back on the bed. “Come here baby.”

He climbs on top of me his member sitting at my entrance, “You ready baby?”

“I’ve been wet for hours, fuck me.”

He smiles and rubs the head of his member up and down my slit before slamming into me. “Oh yes!”

He slides his member in and out of me fast “Oh so good yes, yes!” I wrap my hands around his neck and my legs around his waist pulling him deeper into me.

Holding my waist he pumps into me harder and faster. His moans and mine join into his as he kisses his way up my neck.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me. Fuck me harder!”

He smiles and rolls us over so I’m impaled on his throbbing cock. I circle my hips as I move up and down.

“Oh yeah! Ride me baby!” He moans as I move up and down on his cock.

He reach’s up and starts to massage my tits, “O feels so good!”

He grabs my waist and flips us over again. His cock drilling into me. “O baby you’re so tight.”

“O feels so good baby!” I scream, “Fuck me harder! Harder!”

“O babygirl cum for me!”

“O my god! O my god! I’m Cumming! Cumming!”

He stabs his member into my deepest cavern and releases his hot load into me. We stay there for a little your growing soft member still inside me. He falls off lying beside me.

We lay there then you roll over and look at me, “Was it good for you?”

I look over and kiss you, “You know it was.”

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