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A not so dull conference

what was supposed to be a dull 2 day confrence, turned out to be a pleasure....
Dressed smartly in my uniform and suit jacket, I made my way out the house and into the hire car. I had a long drive ahead of me, and it was only 5am. I turned the ignition, and sat for a few minutes checking myself over whilst waiting for the car to warm up. I hated these early morning drives and all day meetings, but if I wanted to succeed and get anywhere, then it was just something I would have to put up with. Hair fixed, make up done, and car warm, I reversed out of the parking space, onto the road, and headed my way towards our regional conference in Cardiff.
 It was an overnight stay, and I had come prepared with my overnight bag packed full to the brim with cosmetics, clothes, bits of paper needed to fill my role and look the part, and also a few added extras. My morning was going well until I got a little carried away with the music, and spilled my coffee all over myself. Damn! Next service station would be a quick pit stop and change.

 As I reached the public toilets in the services I took my bag into the cubical and searched for another pair of trousers. Double Damn! I hadn't packed them. Instead, I had my skirt which wasn't ideal, but I had very limited choice. I pulled the skirt up over my ample thighs and hips, and around my size 12 waist. I had always been a curvy girl, but I especially disliked this area of myself, from my waist down. I then removed my stockings from my bag, ran them up each leg, and slipped my stiletto shoes back on. Not ideal, but it would do. I suppose I rocked the secretary look quite well.

 Back in the car it was now a race against time. The meeting was due to convene at 9.30am. I put my foot to the metal, and eventually pulled up outside the hotel. I handed the keys to the valet guy, grabbed my things, and rushed to the meeting. In my hurry along the corridor, I failed to see the figure coming towards me until it was too late, and all my paperwork was scattered over he floor. Scurrying the floor to pick up the loose bits of paper, I heard this masculine yet smooth voice apologizing profusely to me. I was about to let the' and so you should be rant' come out, when I felt a gentle touch on my arm, and I looked up to see what most girls would describe as their idea of heaven.

 A guy around the 30s, dark hair with a slight curl to it. Deep eyes, good strong jaw line, designer stubble look, and all trim and suited and booted. It kind of startled me for a moment before I realized this guy had proceeded to gather my work together, and was holding it for me. 

 "You work for a good company I see," he said nodding to our company logo which was plastered on all my papers. 

 "Um, yeah I guess," I said, slightly embarrassed that I had been swooning for so long. 

 "Hi, I'm James," he said holding a hand out to be shaken.

 "I'm a new starter for the same company as you. Here, let me help you to the meeting," he said, and lead the way. Inside the meeting I found my seat, thanked James, and watched him go the back of the room before the lights dimmed, ready for the first of many presentations.
 Throughout the day we had many break out sessions and lunch breaks, but I never caught sight of James again. It wasn't until the evening when we reconvened for dinner in the restaurant that I spotted him. He was sat up at the bar talking to my line manager. I'm not sure if he felt me staring at him or not, but I must have caught his eye, as he nodded, waved, said what I guess was a parting comment to my boss and made his way over to our table.

 "Hi Hannah," he said. "Can I join your table for tea?"

 Taken aback I could only manage to nod my head. So he pulled up a chair next to me, and started to introduce himself to the others on the table simply just as James. The evening was progressing well and the bubbles from the champagne were flowing well. James was, as it turned out, a really nice guy. He had a great sense of humour, was confident (without being cocky) and really had the gift of the gab. He also had the added bonus of being drop dead gorgeous. As the evening went on I could fell myself being drawn to him, and unable to stop myself from flirting with him, and accidentally touching him or brushing skin with him. It reached midnight and I knew I had probably had enough to drink, and with an early start tomorrow morning I made my excuses and decided to retire to bed. As I did so, James also excused himself, and accompanied me to the lift.
 Now, I'm not sure if I made the first move, or James, but in that lift with just the two of us, our bodies couldn't resist and we ended up in a steamy embrace. The lift tinged, and the doors opened. It was my floor. I pulled away, and rather embarrassed, I stepped out of the lift. The doors started to close when all of a sudden a hand appeared forcing the doors back open, and James stepped out to pull me into him, passionately kissing me. We managed to stumble our way to my hotel room and let ourselves in.
 What was I doing mixing business with pleasure, and seriously contemplating fucking a guy I had only just met that morning? This wasn't me. But as hard as I tried to resist, the more we fumbled and tugged, the more I wanted him. The more I wanted his cock.
 We made it to the bed before James laid me down. My skirt had already been pulled down to drape over my black stiletto shoes, revealing my black stockings and suspenders. My shirt, ripped open in the passion, revealed my lacy black corset and the curves of my tits and cleavage. God, I wanted him. Right there, and hard. He stood in front of me, unbuckled his trousers, dropping them to the floor. His shirt, already half off, fell to the floor as well, revealing an extremely toned body.
 I told him I wanted to please him in my mouth, but he replied something along the lines of 'ladies first' as he proceeded to drop to his knees and move his mouth towards my dripping wet twat. The warmth of his breath, and soft touch of his lips as he kissed the inside of my ample thighs sent shivers of pleasure through me, and made me buckle to move closer to him. I wanted him in me. Either his cock, hands, or mouth I didn't care, but my pussy was yearning to be seen to so bad. After some serious teasing, he finally moved his tongue and traced the outside of my cunt, and nibbled at my clit. It was feeling like heaven. He fucked it hard with his tongue, and sucked at my clit with his mouth, whilst feeling around the entrance to my ass I guess sussing out what my reaction would be to letting him do the 'back entrance' so to speak.
 As I caressed my breast and writhed around on the bed I could feel myself getting close to climaxing. I sat up and pulled James up from his knees. Getting the small bottle of champagne out of the bedside mini bar, I opened it and poured some over his torso and very large cock. I started to wank him, slowly at first making sure I payed attention to his balls as well, then faster and firmer until I could see he too was getting close to the edge. I decided that I didn't want him to cum yet, so I laid back and started to pleasure myself, for him to see, but not touch. I got a real kick out of masturbating, and knowing that I had James at my will, and had a cock ready to pump me as soon as I said the words.
 I again sat up, got on all fours and slowly crawled seductively towards where James was stood. I poured some champagne in my mouth, and carefully took his cock and wrapped my lips around it, making sure no champagne escaped. I took the whole shaft in my mouth, and swilled the bubbles of the champagne around inside. This made James moan and take a harder grip of my head. He pumped my head up and down, putting all of his large cock to the back of my mouth almost making me gag. Strangely enough, this only excited me more and made my senses increase tenfold.

 From the corner of my eye I spotted my overnight bag, which had my added extras. I told James to carry on wanking, and I got my little 'extra' out of my bag. It was my trusted travel companion, my vibrator. I got onto all fours, handed James the vibrator and lowered myself in front of him, doggy style. He looked at me with a cheeky devilish grin, and I gave him the nod as he entered my tight ass with his hard prick, and then my tight wet vagina with the vibrator going strong. He fucked me hard, and I screamed his name in ecstasy as we both reached the brink. I came, and James shot his load up my ass. It was the best ass fuck I had ever had. We carried on into the early hours, until eventually I think we physically had reached the limit. We fell asleep with James' prick left to go soft inside my red throbbing wet cunt.

 The next thing I was aware, was it was morning, and I heard my alarm bleeping on my phone. I moved to turn it off, rolled over, and found James was nowhere to be seen. No trace of him at all. No number or message scrawled anywhere. Just a one night stand I thought to myself. Just a very very good one night stand, I kept on thinking to myself as I showered, dressed and got myself downstairs for the meeting. It was a different style meeting today, and it started with our CEO talking about restructuring within the company.

 "Without further ado," he said, "I am pleased to introduce officially to you all, your new regional manager..... James Fischer."
Wow..... It was my very very good one night stand.....

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