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A Pleasurable Wake Up Call

A Pleasurable Wake Up Call

My boyfriend Ian gets a sexy wake up call.
This morning, I wake up late. Being a Sunday, it’s a sleep in day for me and my boyfriend. I roll over to find him still asleep beside me. Knowing it's probably time to start thinking about getting up, I lean over and snuggle up behind him. Ian stirs as I rub a hand up and down his bare side.

The two of us always sleep naked, and last night was no exception, so it’s easy to reach around his slim body and rub my fingers against his cock. Already a little hard from sleeping, I play with it gently, slowly waking him up. I lean down and take his earlobe in my mouth, gently sucking and nibbling on it, making his member grow firmer in my hand as I continue to tease it.

A soft moan as he rolls onto his back lets me know he is enjoying his wakeup call. I continue to rub his cock for a while, feeling it grow more in my hand as Ian’s eyes flutter open.

“Good morning beautiful,” he says to me in his groggy state. I smile down at him and continue to play with his now full blown erection.

“Good morning,” I respond before leaning my head down to suck gently on one of his nipples. That gets another moan for me so I continue to suck on his nipple as I run my hand up and down his hard length.

“Teila …” He moans to me. “You’re going to turn me on if you keep doing that.”

“Isn’t that the point?” I ask him with a cheeky smile before straddling him and taking his other nipple in my mouth as I let my pussy grind against the base of his cock.

Ian smiles at me and reaching up, starts to play with my nipples. I moan and his grin gets wider.

“Is someone turned on?” he asks me.

I grin down at him.

“I can’t help it when and incredibly sexy male sleeps next to me in my bed naked.”

“I always sleep naked,” he grins back, still teasing my nipples.

“Which is why I’m always horny,” I reply.

I push his hands away and start to leave a trail of kisses down his chest towards his erection. I tease him by kissing the insides of his thighs and on his stomach around his cock, being careful not to touch it. He gasps as I gently lick the under part of his thighs.

“No, that tickles!” he says as I do it again on the other side.

“Oh really? Does this?”

I lick him again on the first side again.


“How about this?” I ask as I gently drag my tongue from base to tip of his cock.

“Mmmm, no,” he moans. “That just feels good.”

I grin and lick him again, then I take the tip of his cock into my mouth, letting my tongue rub over his tip, over and over. I am rewarded by moans and squirms of pleasure.

I suck on only his cock head, dipping my tongue into the tip and swirling it around, bringing more pleasure to my boyfriend.

After a while of this, I push his cock all the way into my mouth, just once, before pulling my mouth away and snuggling into his side.

Ian rolls over to face me, a look of desire written all over his face.

“Okay, you got me,” he grins. “I’m turned on now.”

“Yeah?” I ask. “What you gonna do?”

In response to my question, Ian moves down the bed and spreads my legs. He runs a finger through my wet pussy lips and teases my entrance without actually entering me. I moan and squirm beneath him. After a while, he parts my lips further. Finding my clit, he leans forward and presses his tongue into the little grove.

I moan loudly as he teases my clit by pressing his tongue into it then swirling it around. Desire floods through my body. My breath hitches and the intense feeling grips me. I gasp as he takes my clit into his mouth and sucks on it, the intense feeling enveloping me more.

I moan loudly and squirm beneath him as he alternates driving his tongue against my clit and sucking on it until finally he stops and lays next to me.

“How much do you want me?” he asks me seductively.

“So much,” I respond immediately. “I want you inside me!”

Ian grins and grabs my leg wrapping it around his waist, he then worms his way closer to me. With his cock at my wet pussy entrance, he slides into me.

I moan and grab him closer, clinging to him as he fills me. He begins to thrust into me, both of our bodies moving up and down the bed.

Our breathing accelerates and Ian pulls out, dragging me on top of him.

“I want you to ride me,” he growls.

I push down onto him and begin to ride his cock, our moans mixing as he moves in and out of me. I can feel my breathing become more ragged as each thrust takes my energy, each moan leaving me breathless.

Ian grabs my shoulders and sits up, my legs automatically wrapping around his waist as he bobs me up and down on his cock, hugging me close.

I lean into him, kissing his neck.

“I want you to take me from behind,” I whisper breathlessly, desire exploding through my body.

Instantly he moves me off of him.

“All fours,” he orders.

I move into position and feel a sting across my right butt cheek as he slaps me playfully on my ass. I moan as it sends a spark of arousal through me. I feel him line up his cock with my pussy, then without warning he shoves it deep into me.

Moaning hard, I feel him start to fuck me hard from behind, our bodies moving back and forth, my boobs swinging wildly below me. I feel him slam into me over and over. My cheeks flush as the sensation grips me and my entire body tingles in desire.

Ian lets out a low moan of pleasure. I feel his body tense and his hands grip my waist harder. He pushes us down so that I am flat on my stomach, my legs squeezed together, his cock still inside of me.

We both moan as he lets go and finds his release inside of me. I moan again as he collapses onto me breathing hard.

Laying there for a bit, we both slowly feel our breathing return to normal. Ian eventually pulls out of me and we curl up together, both of us feeling completely satisfied.


Since I had so many people asking me if my stories were built on real life experiences or imagination and my answer was always “both”, I decided I would do a quick real life experience of mine. It’s only short and brief, but a real experience from my past. (Not gonna tell you how long ago or how recent but hope you enjoy all the same). Hope you enjoyed.

- Xxx Teila

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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