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A rendevous with my EX

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My ex-wife has improved with age and I am glad to discover it
Generally speaking, Meg always went with me when I returned to my home town. However, since I was traveling down for a friend’s birthday, she decided to stay behind to visit Justin and his family. Since Kevin and Randy and their wives had recently had babies, I opted to stay in a hotel for the weekend.

I went down on Friday and after checking in, I took a ride to Randy’s house. Upon arriving, I saw Kevin and his family and it appeared the boys’ mother Brianne and her husband Barry were there. When I entered the house, my sons and their families welcomed me and I saw Brianne but no Barry. I found out over dinner that Barry had to be in Florida for a property transaction.

After a couple drinks and a nice dinner, we relaxed and chatted before I told everyone I had better get back to my hotel while I could still drive. As I said good night to everyone, Brianne asked where I was staying. I told her and she asked if I minded her following me so she could see if they had any additional rooms. She knew the way, but since we had been drinking, she felt it better she follow me. She explained she didn’t want to drive down to her beach home only to have to drive back in the morning for a meeting at work. I agreed and we left.

When we reached the hotel, Brianne was happy to discover there were vacancies and we went to our respective rooms. Her room was a floor below mine. I turned on the television and went in to brush my teeth. When I came out I sat on the bed for a few seconds before I decided to go to the bar located in front of the hotel for a night cap. I was surprised to see Brianne at the bar when I arrived. I walked to the bar and sat next to her stating, “You’re not ready for bed either?” She replied, “No, let me buy you a drink.” I ordered a bourbon and water and sat next to her.

After a couple of drinks and some small talk and in the middle of my taking a drink from my glass, Brianne piped up and said, “So, Debbie tells me you’re still great at sex despite your age!”

I couldn’t believe my ears and practically gagged on my drink. I swear some of it came out my nose. I smiled, looked at Brianne and asked, “Debbie who?”

She grinned and replied, “Debbie Shaffer, how many Debbie’s are you having extramarital sex with?”

“How the hell do you know about that?”

She surprised me by informing me that Debbie and she had been communicating for years and she has known about our affair for years.

“WOW!” was the only response I could give. Once the conversation got to this point, sex and our marriages became the topic of our conversation. After ordering a night cap, Brianne suggested we take our drinks to one of our rooms and I said, “Sure, why not?”

Since Brianne’s room was on the ground floor, we went there. I sat in the desk chair and Brianne went into the bathroom. She was in there a while and heard I water running in the sink. I assumed she was brushing her teeth and freshening up. When she finally came out, she was wearing a light robe. She asked, “I hope you don’t mind, I needed to get out of that pant suit?”

“Not at all.”

She walked over to the dresser and picked up her scotch. As she sipped from her glass, she strolled over in front of me. She stopped just my right close enough that I could smell her drink and her perfume. She leaned forward with her hips pressing her crotch to my shoulder and asked, “Well, am I going to get to verify what Debbie has told me?”

I looked up at her, took a drink from my glass and asked, “How do I know you won’t tell your friend and put an end to my fun?”

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Why would I do that? If you’re as good as I remember and the best Debbie says she has had, I might want to hook up with you when you are in town without Megan. And besides, why else did you come to my room, to watch TV?”

So, here I am alone in a hotel room with my ex-wife of ten years, whom I’ve been divorced from for over twenty years, mellow from numerous drinks wanting to stand and throw her on the bed. I slowly set my drink down, stood, took Brianne’s drink from her hand before I pulled her into me and kissed her sensually on her mouth. After taking turns sucking each other’s tongue for a while, I broke away and through a smile said to her, “As I recall, you weren’t always game for doing some of the things I like to do.

” She said, “Dan that was twenty years, two husbands and a few lovers ago. Now, are we going to talk or are we going to have a wild fuck like Debbie said you like?”

I tore open her robe to find she had nothing on but black sexy panties. I put my arms inside her robe and pulled her nakedness to me as I kissed her deeply. I led her to the edge of the bed and sat her down. I dropped to my knees and started to suck her breast into my hungry mouth one at a time. I laid her back and kissed my way down her body as I slid her panties off of her. I slowly kissed my way up and down her legs before placing my arms under her legs and lifting her to enable me to have access to her waiting pussy lips.

I licked her pussy lips and sucked on her swollen clit as she rubbed the back of my head. She must have been horny as hell because in no time at all she was moaning like hell, pulling my face into her wet pussy, and grinding her cunt into my face like she wanted my whole head up her cunt. I couldn’t recall Brianne being a talker; so it surprised me when she started yelling she was cumming, and instructed me to suck her clit harder.

I aimed to please so I sucked her clit as hard as I could between my teeth and nibble gently on it. She asked me to stop but I continued. I planned to take full advantage of having my ex-wife in bed. I continued to suck and lick her pussy, her ass hole and her clit until her second orgasm arose. Again, she pushed her soaked cunt into my face and moaned aloud, “For Christ sake, I’m cumming again – eat me Dan – eat me!”

When she settled down a bit, I started to move up her body, kissing my way to her tits. Her nipples were rock hard as I alternated sucking each of them into my mouth. She grabbed my head and told me she needed my cock. I asked, “Where do you need it?”

“Any where you want it.”

I got on my knees and moved up to stuff my rock hard cock into her wanting mouth. She grabbed it at the base and started sucking me like a possessed woman, something she never used to do. I fucked her face as I reached back and rubbed her wet pussy and stroked her clit. She pulled her mouth away and told me not to cum before I fucked her good. I assured her that the booze and her hotness would keep me going for a while.

I slid down and grabbed a pillow. I instructed her to lift her ass off of the bed and when she did, I placed the pillow under her ass. I got on my knees between her legs and started to rub my hard cock head against her protruding clit.

“Will you stick it in for gosh sakes – pleaseeee?" She plead.

I immediately rammed my manhood into her and she gasped. It didn’t take two minutes of pumping into her before she lifted up and wrapped her legs tightly around me and moaned aloud, “Oh my gosh! Again! Oh, harder! Fuck me harder, Dan!” Her pussy grabbed my cock as she had yet another orgasm.

I could feel her wetness surrounding my member and when I grabbed her ass to drive into her harder I felt her juices all over her ass cheeks. I continued to pound her cunt until she asked me to cum. I slowed and asked her where she wanted my load.

She smiled and asked, “How about all over my face baby?”

I pulled out and moved to her head as I stroked my cock coated with her juices. As my orgasm neared, I stuck my cock in her mouth and jerked it. When I shot my load, I pulled out of her mouth and sprayed her beautiful face with the biggest load of cum I had released in some time. She tried to catch some in her mouth, but most of it sprayed all over her face.

When I was finished, she grabbed my cock and used it to scoop as much of my cum into her mouth as she could. What she didn’t get into her mouth, she used her fingers to feed herself all of my sperm. I collapsed next to her as she continued to eat my sperm off of her fingers. She finished and got up on her side facing me and kissed me hard on the mouth.

She looked at me and said, “Debbie wasn’t kidding. That was fantastic. Do you think you can recover enough to do my ass?”

I smiled at her and said, “I’ll sure try. You know? You’ve gotten better with age, too!”

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