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A Reunion With a College Friend

Enjoying a sexy reunion with an old college friend.
I had been exchanging emails and staying in touch with Jan for sometime via a social networking site and it so happened that I was meeting with a potential client in Orlando, FL, where she lived. Jan is 45 years old and had gone through a bitter divorce with her husband of 25 years who dumped her for 20-something. She’s a mother of one who is married with a child of her own but the pictures she shared with me didn’t show any signs of aging. In fact, she looked very hot for being a grandmother.

I sent her an email with my phone number telling her to call me because I was coming to Orlando and I would love see her if she wasn’t busy. She called me back with excitement in her voice letting me know she would love to see me and catch up on things since our old college days. We talked a couple of times over the next week before my arrival. I gave her my itinerary and we made late lunch plans for the Saturday I arrived.

Our relationship in college was more of a friendly one as opposed to a romantic one. She was very good looking and in great shape back then being an ex-high school cheerleader. We met our freshman year at a junior college in Texas where we shared the same Biology class. We really didn’t date but had many of the same friends and we would hang out together with our friends and alone at times which led to a few friendly fucks. Sex with her was pretty ordinary and I could tell she wasn’t really into it that much because she was mostly a bookworm. She left college after our freshman year and didn’t return. Her high school sweetheart swept her off her feet that summer and they ended up getting married.

I myself have never been married and really enjoyed playing the field so to speak over the years. I have a 53-year old lover that is fantastic in bed but we don’t date or fuck exclusively, however, we do spend a lot of time together and enjoy each other’s company. We’re both professionals and focus on our careers and play on weekends and during the week when time permits.

I arrived in Orlando on a bright sunny early Saturday afternoon. I grabbed a rental car at the airport and went straight to my hotel where I checked into my suite. I travelled very casual since it was a Saturday and before I took a shower I called Jan to let her know I’d be ready to meet her around 3:00. She told me she was on her way so I had to do my thing in a quick manner because it was 2:00 and I knew she lived pretty close to where I was staying.

Just as I had finished getting dressed in a polo shirt and khaki shorts when there was a knock at the door. I peeked through the peep hole and there stood a beautiful blond woman that I had recognized from the pictures I had seen. I opened the door and there she stood, Jan whom I hadn’t seen in 25 years, looking much better in person than the pictures. We hugged in the threshold of the doorway and I invited her inside.

We looked at each other for a couple of minutes trying to take it all in. I finally broke the silence by telling her she aged well and that she was a beautiful woman. She laughed thinking was joking. I did my best to convince her that I was serious but she thought I was being courteous to an old friend. I knew her divorce had taken a mental toll on her but I was serious with my compliment.

She really did look good. She had natural golden blond hair that was shoulder length and, yes, I had confirmed she was a natural blond back in college, with sexy blue eyes. She wore a loose fitting blue blouse with matching shorts and open toed sandals that showed off her perfectly pedicure toes. She stood 5’8” with a skinny frame but had nice full breasts and a tight ass. She had taken good care of herself through the years.

I made sure I had my wallet and cell phone before I took her hand and led her out the door because I was hungry. I told her we’d catch up over lunch and she’d be my guide to find a place to eat. She laughed as I dragged out the door.

We walked downtown since it was close by and we found a Mexican cantina where we could sit outside and enjoy the unseasonably cool summer day. We sat down next to each other and we ordered our drinks of choice, mine a whiskey and coke and hers a glass of wine. Once we ordered our meal the conversation turned to her life story after she left college her freshman year and broken marriage. It wasn’t a “poor me” conversation but more of factual statements of where she had been. Of course the drinks flowed before our lunch plates arrived.

After lunch it was sort of quiet and awkward so I asked her about her daughter and granddaughter. She bragged so much about them and showed me pictures. I could tell they were the happiness in her life. We had nowhere to be so we stayed there catching up and drinking. I told her about my career and then talked about hers. She completed her accounting degree after moving to Orlando and found a decent position working for a prominent CPA.

Her divorce, as ugly as it was, helped her realize that she was a woman who could stand on her own and didn’t need to be tied to a man. She hadn’t dated since the divorce that was finalized 6 months ago. She kept herself busy with work and her granddaughter.

I asked her if she was destined to stay in Orlando or was she considering a change in lifestyle. She hesitated before she answered that she would be open to a change but wasn’t necessarily looking.

All through lunch and the drinks after, I would get lost in her eyes as I listened to her talk. She was a very smart woman and it showed in as she spoke. But she was a woman that had mesmerizing sexy looks and carried herself very well.

I paid the bill and she showed me around the downtown area for a couple of hours before we headed back my hotel. I talked her into hanging out the motel bar with me. It kind of brought back some memories when all of our friends would meet at a local bar and drink before going out on the town. But this time it was after going out on the town and it was 25 years later.

The bar was half full of tourists staying at the hotel enjoying their drinks and listening to a band playing jazz. We found a table towards the back and ordered a round of drinks. I could tell she was comfortable being out and was starting show some attraction to me. My intention was not get her into bed but if the opportunity presented itself, I was not going pass it up.

As we drank and listened to the music. Out of the blue, she asked me about my love life. I told her about Gina, my 53-year old lover, and that we had an “open” relationship that was not serious. I continued by telling her that we see each other when we can but we were free to see other people and do anything we pleased without repercussion. She found that interesting and had heard of relationships like that. Of course she brought up the fact that she had not been with a man since her husband left almost a year ago and she herself wasn’t interested in a relationship.

As we talked, she moved close to me and by the time the band took a break she had moved her chair right next to mine. It was fairly dark in the back where we sat with light being provided by lighted candles on the tables.

I was lost in her beauty as we started another round drinks and she put her hand on my thigh which I covered with mine. Those old feelings came back and she put her head on my shoulder. She was quiet for a bit when I leaned down to kiss her on the forehead. Her hand slip further up my thigh just short of my crotch when she whispered that was ready to leave. I thought she meant she was ready to go home but she told she wanted to hang out with me a while longer before heading home. We took our drinks and when up to the suite that had a fully stocked bar.

We held hands on the way to my suite but once we got there I could tell she had had too much drink and she was not going to drive home anytime soon. Once in the room we I offered to let her stay the night, I would sleep on the couch and let her sleep on the bed.

With no warning, Jan pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me straddling me as she leaned down to kiss me full on the lips slipping her tongue inside to find mine. We kissed for what seemed like hours but it was only a few minutes before she broke it off to stare deeply into my brown eyes with a look of lust that reminded me of our college days. But this look was more serious than it had ever been because she rarely was the aggressor back in the day and was older with more experience sexually.

Jan leaned down to resume kissing me and I wrapped my arms around her back bring her closer to me. I knew she could feel my hardening cock pressing against her clothed crotch because she started rotating her hips teasing me. She knew the effect she was having on me and she was loving it.

I’m normally the aggressor in bed but I let Jan take the reins since it had been a while for her. Her breathing became deeper as we kissed and I knew she turned on she grounded her breasts into my chest. I waited patiently enjoying our tongues dancing together.

Once again Jan broke off the kiss and lightly kissed my cheek down to the nape of my neck where she nestled in to nibble and suck me. My hands lightly roamed her back before I slid them down to her grab her ass and push her hips down on me. She moaned and took my queue to push down harder against me. I kneaded her ass cheeks with my fingers when she moved her lips to my ear and whispered, “I want this!” I whispered back, “Me too!”

Jan raised up and slid herself down my legs. She moved her hands to the crotch of my shorts feeling and stroking the hardness that awaits her inside while she stared at me. She undid the belt and button to my shorts before unzipping them. She reached inside pulling down the waistband of my underwear and pulled my long cock out stroking it as she moved her eyes down to watch her hands.

Jan had soft hands and I was enjoying the touch of her stroking. She squeezed out some pre-cum onto her finger and tasted it. She let out a moan and moved her face to my crotch where she licked the length my cock. She looked at me as her lips closed around me and sucked me inside about half way before sliding her lips up to the crown. She tongued the slit before taking me deeper inside her mouth. She wrapped a hand around the base as she pumped her lips up and down giving me much pleasure. I was moaning letting her know that I was grateful for her oral assault.

Sliding her lips from me, Jan pulled at my shorts and underwear sliding them down my legs. I was exposed from the waist down and she resumed her oral attack by licking my shaved balls and while stroking my wet saliva covered cock. She’d lick and suckle them while I moaned. I spread my legs giving her better access to me and she took advantage of it massaging underneath my cum filled balls as she sucked me deeper into her experienced mouth.

It felt so good that I was moaning and began to pump my hips. Jan started sucking me harder and continued fondling my balls. I knew I would be cumming soon if I didn’t break its momentum. So I wrapped my hands around her head and guided her soft lips from me. I told her I wanted to taste her.

Jan moved off the bed to undress. I watched as she removed her blouse and matching lacy bra. She closed her eyes moving her hands to her breasts and groped herself while I watched. What a sight this was to see a sexy woman touching her full breasts taking herself to a higher level ecstasy. She released them a few minutes later to slide her shorts down her long legs and stepped out of them. She turned around while bent over showing me her lacy thong strap between her tight cheeks. She wiggled her ass at me before lowering her thong exposing her womanly treats. She spread her legs and I could see she had slipped a finger into her honey pot teasing me and herself.

When Jan climbed back up on the bed she put her juice covered finger on my lips where I tasted her for the first time. She leaned down to kiss me deeply before turning around and straddling my chest. I grabbed her ass cheek with one hand and a hip with the other as she resumed sucking me. I took in the erotic sight before me. I could see her love juice seeping from her swollen nether lips. She was shaved with neatly trimmed blond pubic hair. I could smell her sweet womanly aroma as I my eyes roamed from her swollen clit to her tightly puckered asshole.

I finally started licking the inside of Jan’s thigh before licking around her puffy lips. She was moaning around my cock as a licked her. More of her juice was flowing as I licked and sucked her. I loved the taste of her and I buried my tongue inside and sucking in as much juice as I could but she was freely flowing.

Jan didn’t stop sucking me but my focus had been redirected to pleasing her as opposed to enjoying her oral pleasures she had released on me. I slid my tongue up and down her pussy. I snuck in a couple of licks to her asshole before I lip locked her clit and started to gently suck it. I put one of my hands were on her ass cheek and I slipped my middle finger to her puckered hole teasing its ring as she continuously squeezed and released her anus muscles as I sucked her. I knew she was getting close to cumming and I was relentless wanting to taste her release. Her breathing and moaning around my cock clued me just how close she was. Her breathing was broken but deep and her moaning was loud as she released her thick juice and I fought hard to take it all inside my mouth but what I missed ended up all around my mouth.

Once Jan passed through her climax, she removed her mouth from me taking deep breaths as if she had run a marathon. I lightly kissed her pussy lips and thighs as she came down from her climactic high. She finally collapsed with her head landing on my thigh as she gasped for air. I couldn’t take my eyes of the view in front of me as her wet pussy dripped of her tasty juice.

When Jan recovered, she raised up and turned around so she could snuggle up to me. She laid on top of me and buried her face at the nape of my neck again. I wrapped my arms around her lovingly stroking her back. She told me she hadn’t cum like that in years. She admitted she had forgotten how good sex could feel because masturbation and toys didn’t satisfy the animalistic instinct of sexual needs. I didn’t say anything in response I just held her as she drifted off to sleep. I didn’t move and fell asleep with her in my arms.

I was awaken by Jan stroking the hair on my chest. I wasn’t sure how long we had slept but I didn’t care as she teasingly slid her hand down to my stiffening cock. When she stroked me to hardness, she rolled me over on top of her and spread her legs while holding my hard cock with her soft hand.

Jan guided me to the wet opening of her pussy and I pushed the hard crown inside. She was very tight so I slowly worked my hips back and forth and side to side as slid in deeper a small bit at a time. Once I was completely inside of her I ground my hips to hers allowing her feeling of being filled again. I began to slowly pump in and out with long strokes as she moaned and groaned in a sexual bliss. She was very wet and her juices were flowing again. I raised her legs up to my shoulders and I started ravishing her pussy with my long cock. Her moans turned into whimpers and screams as I fucked her long and hard. At times I would slow down to enjoy tightness of her velvet muscles enveloped around me.

I knew that I would soon be ready to cum especially after the fantastic blowjob she gave me earlier. I looked at the pleasure on her face and watched her breathing become deeper and hearing her whimpers getting louder allowing me to gauge how close she was to another climax. She grabbed her full breast with each hand as I pounded her.

Jan screamed out and I felt her juices gush out covering both of our sexes. I continued to pound her and she squeezed her muscles around me. That was it for me, I moaned out loud and my cock felt as if it was going to explode inside her. I released my man juice deep inside her for what seemed like an eternity. I released her long legs and she wrapped them around me without pulling out. I leaned down to kiss her deeply as our juices intermingled and leaked from her loving hole. My balls and inner thighs were soaked as I broke our kiss. She rolled me over and to my surprise she went down on me. She licked and sucked our juices from my softening cock. She laid back down beside me and we both drifted off to sleep.

Needless to say, my stay in Orlando was very successful both professionally and personally. I picked up a new client early that week and, of course, a new lustful lover! Jan made her sexual self available every trip I made to Orlando and she made a few trips to visit me in Texas. In fact, I offered her a job because I was expanding my services to include accounting and she’s considering the offer…

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