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A Rose in the Garden

The sweetest Rose was in Philadelphia
This story is completely fictional but hell, who could blame me? After five minutes of looking at Rose’s pictures, a gay monk would grab a quill and begin penning fantasies.

Her name is Rose and as the saying goes, by any other name she’d smell as sweet. She’s from my hometown of Philadelphia and when we met, she was only 19 and I, 47.

In Philadelphia back then there was a public ice skating rink at 16 th and Market Streets and people would bundle up and eat their lunches while watching skaters, good and not so good, practice. It happened that I saw Rose sitting in the same place every day and we noticed each other. There’s a local company called Tasty Baking that is known for its cupcakes and other products, all made without preservatives. Their products are called “Tastykakes.” A blind man would have noticed Rose with her trim form and generous bustline and I observed that quite often she’d finish her lunch with a package of Tastykake chocolate cupcakes.

After noticing each other for about a week and sharing a smile and a nod, just for the heck of it, I brought with me a package Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets. On a whim, I offered them to her and said, “Ready for a change?” I certainly was as my wife and I had separated some months before. What I couldn’t know is that Rose recently had broken up with her boyfriend of two years.

“Yes, yes I think I AM ready for a change,” Rose said, accepting my small gift, “But only if you share them with me.” Don’t ask me what I was thinking because this beautiful young woman could have been my daughter. Still though, her eyes sparkled and she made no sign that our age difference bothered her one bit. I introduced myself as did Rose. She was in her first job since high school, a clerical position for an insurance company. We shared the Krimpets and got to know each other a little better before returning to our jobs. Over the next two weeks, we met each day and shared lunch and bright conversation. A physical person, Rose often placed her hand on my thigh to emphasize a point and I began returning the warm gesture, barely concealing a prodigious and strategic bulge. At one point in our conversation, Rose mentioned liking flowers and I decided to go for the gold. “It’s close to Christmas and the exhibits at Longwood Gardens are breathtaking.” If you don’t mind being seen with an old man, I’d love to take you there this Saturday.”

“I’m seen with you every day and I’m fine with it,” Rose said with a wink. “In fact my coworkers have begun calling you my new boyfriend.” So, we made a date for Saturday afternoon and we exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Longwood Gardens is a huge botanical facility about an hour from downtown Philly. Their Christmas displays and choral groups are the stuff of local legends. Friday afternoon and Saturday morning literally dragged until it was time to pick up Rose at her apartment. She was dressed in a very pretty red and white top, a short blue jean skirt, black tights and red medium heel shoes. A white scarf clung to her slender neck, and something about women in scarves or chokers drives me wild.

“After a quick hug and kisses on each other’s cheeks, Rose said, “I’m looking forward to this,” and grabbed her coat. I took the coat and held it for her and she beamed. “This is why I’m good around older men, “Rose smiled, and “They know how to treat women.” At my car, I held her door for her and Rose took her seat. Watching her skirt ride up her thighs, I tried not to be obvious about looking straight into the crotch of her tights. Instead, we exchanges smiles and I took my place for the drive. The hour trip seemed as only ten minutes for our conversation was light, easy and continuous. The car radio was on low and we struck up a bargain that we’d listen to my music from an oldies station on the way there and hers on the way back. I suppose she was more comfortable with my oldies on the way there than I was with Metallica and Duran Duran on the way back but honestly, we enjoyed each other’s company such that music never was an issue. Longwood Gardens did not disappoint! The indoor gardens were exquisite and the outdoor lights and displays were breathtaking. Rose took my arm and I was bat-shit crazy proud to have this beauty on my arm! We toured the many paths and nooks taking in the lighted Christmas trees and the lighted fountains and waterfall with its soft canned music piped in from unseen speakers. The sun was setting and Rose pulled on red knit gloves and somehow looked even more alluring! As we walked, we looked west towards the sunset as night fell and the sun seemed to fall into the trees. There’s a nice restaurant right there on the grounds and we arrived right on time for our reservation. As beautiful as Rose had looked in the glow of the display lighting, the oil candle on our table literally framed her face in a fire-glow that was breathtaking. “Candles become you Rose, you are beautiful but this light makes you irresistible.”

“Thank you,” she said, blushing. I wondered if she thought it was a line but I was in awe and speaking the god’s honest truth. The glow softly illuminated her skin, her cheeks were pink from the cold outside and I literally could see reflections of the flame in her soft eyes. We ordered wine, clinked glasses, “Here’s to Tastykakes!” I said.

“Here’s to us and to today,” Rose replied. “Amen” said I.

Over diner we talked a blue streak about our lives, jobs, our relationship break-ups. Nothing seemed hard or uncomfortable to talk about. We shared a Cheesecake and took our sweet time over coffee. Then, noticing the time, I paid the check and we left arriving in the grand hall just in time for the choral singers. This choir was amazing! They were thirty voices strong but in the acoustics of the hall they sounded even richer. I never felt closer to someone in my life and I took Rose’s hand as we listened to the choir. Somewhere in the middle of “Oh Holy Night,” I felt so moved that I turned to kiss Rose’s cheek. She turned too so that our lips connected softly. Her softness struck me like a lightning bolt and my knees went a little weak. There had been times when I moved to kiss a woman’s lips and she turned her cheek but never the other way around! Rose looked up into my face, a happy smile on hers and we turned to bathe ourselves in the music. I put my arm around rose and she leaned softly into me. We stood like that for the rest of the performance oblivious to anything but each other and the music.

Walking arm in arm towards my car, I stopped on a whim at the fountain and reached into my pocket for change. I handed three quarters to Rose and kept three myself. In Philadelphia slang, quarters are pronounced ‘quardders’ by the way. Feeling silly but romantic, I threw my three quarters into the fountain and Rose did the same. I simply could have done another thing in that moment but to kiss her. If the Russian’s nuked us in that moment it would have been OK with me so long as nothing broke our kiss. I have no idea how long we remained connected in that way but I wasn’t sure if it was my heart beating that fast or if somehow I felt hers. I remember as we broke the kiss, a tiny strand of saliva held us connected for a time and then broke. In the car, Rose sat close to me and her metal music played softly in the night. “I might even get to like this stuff,” I thought.

I parked the car at a curb near her apartment and took her arm as we walked to her door. “I want to see you again,” I said.

“I’d like that too,” she replied. I kissed her and said this day was perfect.

“Almost.” She said. “Would you like a coffee or a glass of wine?” Like a condemned prisoner looking to stretch his time on this planet I jumped at the chance to spend more time with Rose.

“I’ll drink anything you’re pouring,” I said through a warm smile.

Over a glass of white Zinfandel, we sat close on a couch and talked and I really can’t remember what we discussed. They say that you might not remember what people said or what they did but you’ll never forget how they made you feel. What I felt was close, like a heavy coat of loneliness had been lifted from me and warm like sitting in front of a fire. Rose turned to me and we kissed. We kissed some more and some more after that. I remembered being a kid and ‘necking’ in a lover’s lane in Northeast Philly that the kids called, “Little City.” Birth control was iffy then and when all you can do is kiss and touch for several hours you get pretty good at it. Rose and I exchanged kisses, soft words and soft touches for a good forty five minutes before things heated up to where clothes started coming off.

When I unsnapped her bra, I let out an audible gasp as Rose’s breasts fell into view. They were stunning. Immediately I began touching them, rolling her nipples lovingly between my thumb and index finger. “”Suck them” Rose whispered and I was on her breasts like a hungry man. And Rose moaned, driving me wild with desire for her. Over the next ten or fifteen minutes I touched all of her body and peeled her soaked panties from her. “Let’s move to my room,” Rose said and I picked her up from the couch and our lips connected as I carried her to her room and placed her on the bed.

“Rose, I never dreamed that we’d make love tonight and I have no protection; suppose I just go down on you?”

Rose smiled and opened a nightstand drawer. She tossed me a three-pack of condoms with one missing and said, “I doubt if my ex-boyfriend will come back for these and so we might as well enjoy them.” OK if the day wasn’t already perfect it was certainly becoming more and more so. I pulled on a condom and got into bed with this beautiful nineteen year old and we began kissing and touching in serious heat. I suckled her fine nipples like an infant and my hands stroked her body. I used my fingers to trace the words of love notes in long, loopy cursive words, somehow grateful for the years of Palmer method handwriting beaten into us by Irish nuns. Oh if my eighth grade nun could see me now she’d shit and I’d always thought that woman NEEDED a good shit! Soon Rose began kissing her way to my groin and she began licking my cock. Heaven has no reward like a beautiful woman sucking your cock and her sweet lips and tongue nearly sent me over the edge. Holding myself back form cumming, I worked my way down her body to return the favor. Her pussy was as sweet as they come and I lavished much love and attention on her lips and her clitoris. I could tell that Rose was holding herself back too. My suspicions were confirmed when Rose said, “Dan I need you inside of me.”

.I lay on my back and Rose positioned herself above me. As I entered her, Rose let out a small whimper and my heart leapt! Her warm wetness enveloped me and I began pumping her with long strong strokes. Rose ride with me, meeting me stroke for stroke and every now and again leaning way forward to kiss me. I want to say we fucked for several minutes but fuck isn’t a word that really describes out lovemaking. Soon though the pace was picking up and Rose was pumping me as hard as I was hammering her and she began chanting, “Fuck me, Dan, Fuck me, fuck me, I want you to come inside me!”

“Oh yes, I’m fucking you right now, you beautiful and sexy woman, feel me inside you.” Feel me so close to you. Feel my balls tensing to shoot inside you>” Our pace was frantic now and our words were unintelligible streams of syllables, moans and grunts until I saw Rose’s eyes roll back in her head and she slammed down onto me. In that moment I felt a chill run up my back and I too stiffened in orgasm and I felt long ropy strands of ejaculate filling the condom. As the waves passed over us we lay catching our breath and Rose rolled into the crook of my elbow. We kissed softly and kissed again. I was about to get up to leave when I heard Rose, softly snoring. I stayed spooned with her thinking she’d wake up and send me on my way and the next thing I knew, the first glimmers of morning peeked in through her window. We were no longer spooned and I had to pee so I quietly got up and padded to her bathroom. While there I found some toothpaste and mouthwash and cleaned my teeth with a bit of paste on my finger. It had been a long time since I’d done that. Then I took a quick shower and found a fresh towel in a closet and wrapped it about my waist.

Returning to her room, Rose was just stirring and I bent to kiss her. “She kissed me back and said, “I wasn’t really planning for you to stay but I’m glad you did.” “It was nice having your strong arms around me as I slept.”

I had to agree that I sure enjoyed waking up next to Rose and that I’d slept better than in recent memory. “Have you plans for today?” I asked.

“Nothing special, a load of laundry maybe but that could wait a day if there’s something you’d like to do.”

“OK how about this,” I began, “we head down the shore. There’s a concert at the Trump Casino in Atlantic City and along the way there’s a terrific brunch at the Renault Winery in Hammonton a little more than half way there. “ You’d like the winery, they have a great brunch buffet and women are seated on huge wicker peacock chairs and served blueberry champagne. If you still have time after the concert, we can take a walk on the beach and grab a slice of pizza on the boardwalk and then be back here in just over an hour.”

“I’m in” Rose said with some enthusiasm and then she grabbed at my towel and pulled it from my waist throwing it onto the floor. “But first,” she said, “We still have one of Jonathon’s condoms to use up…”

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