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A shared couple got more than they desired

A husband shares his wife with a young lover again and again.
Ed and Susan were your average middle age couple. Ed 45 had a good sales job while Susan 42 worked for a large conglomerate. They were a very happy couple and had been married 17 years.

Ed had been wanting Susan to sleep with another man for the past year or so. Susan was somewhat on the conservative side and didn’t want anything to do with the idea. She was extremely happy with her life. Ed never gave up as he tried everything possible to see Susan with another man.

Then by luck one day Ed met a young gentlemen named Adam. Adam was a 23 year old who was going for his masters in college. He had worked part time for a firm that was one of Ed’s sales accounts.

The more and more Ed had dealt with Adam the thought of him sleeping with his wife had crossed his mind. Adam was a perfect fit. He was very good looking and had a really nice physique. He also was very personable and extremely polite. All Ed had to do now was somehow get Susan to meet him.

The following week Ed invited Adam to come to their house for dinner one evening. He really wanted him to meet his wife Susan and see what he thought of her. Susan was an extremely attractive woman as her 5’5 and 130 pound body could still get men’s attention. Adam said he would loved to meet her so Ed set it up for a few nights later.

That night at dinner Susan and Adam hit it off very quickly. Susan was impressed by how polite and thoughtful Adam was. Adam had spent 4 hours that night at Ed’s house as they sat around and chatted about different things.

The next week Ed asked Adam. “What did you think of Susan?”

“She is a very gorgeous lady and a great cook!” Adam responded back.

“How would you like to sleep with her?” Ed shot back at Adam.

A stunned Adam said, “What man wouldn’t want to sleep with her!”

Ed went on to talk about how he had wanted Susan to sleep with another man while he had watched. He said to Adam, “I think Susan really likes you and you would be a perfect fit for our fantasy.”

Ed went home that night and sat and talked with Susan about Adam. Ed said to her, “What did you think of Adam?”

“He is a very nice young man,” she replied.

“Do you think he is good looking?” Ed asked.

“I would say he is pretty hot!” Susan said.

“He thinks you are very hot! Could you see yourself fucking him?” Ed asked.

Susan began to laugh as she said, “I know were you going with this!”

“What do you think?” Ed immediately shot back.

“You aren’t going to let this go are you?” Susan said.

“No I am not! He is perfect! I am asking you with all of my heart to do this one time for me. I will never bring it up ever again!“ Ed said to his wife.

“Never again! Hmmm, well I can’t believe I am agreeing to this, but just to get you to shut up about it I will just do this one time only!” she said to her husband.

Ed now had the green light to bring Adam back to their house one night. He knew Adam would keep this a secret between just him and the both of them. The next day on his sales route he ran into Adam.

“Adam, I need to talk to you. I talked it over with my wife and she agreed to let you sleep with her. This needs to be kept a complete secret between just the three of us and you can’t tell anyone!”

“I would never say anything to anyone! It is between just the three of us!” Adam said.

“I know I can trust you!” Ed said.

Ed had set everything up with Adam for the next night. Adam would come over for dinner and then let things happen from there. The next night Adam arrived over for dinner. He had brought Susan a bouquet of flowers as he impressed her even more.

That night after dinner and with the kids at grandma’s house they all sat on the couch and chatted. They had chatted about thirty minutes when Ed began to break the ice between all of them. Adam, he said, “What do think of what Susan is wearing? Do you think it makes her sexy looking?”

“Yes, very sexy looking! She is a very gorgeous looking woman!” Adam said back.

“Why don’t we go into the bedroom!” Ed said then.

The three of them headed off into the master bedroom. Once inside Ed stood off to the side as Susan slowly began to remove some of her clothes. Adam also started to strip down to just his briefs. A few seconds later Susan stood there with her bra and panties on as Adam got his first look as Susan’s very nice body.

Adam walked over towards Susan and began to kiss her gently on the neck and ear. Goose bumps began to appear up and down Susan’s body as she felt a surge of electricity soar through her body.

They each ran their hands across each other’s body as Susan had become extremely aroused. A few seconds later Adam removed Susan’s bra. Her beautiful tits popped out right in front of his face as he began to suck gingerly on each of her nipples. Then Adam slid his hand down into Susan’s panties. Her body jolted up off the floor as Adam’s finger touched her swollen clit. Susan was now on fire as her hand began to grope at Adam’s cock inside his briefs.

It was a minute or so later when Susan pulled Adam’s briefs down over his cock. Adam’s cock was very hard as it was a good 8 plus inches and very thick in size. Susan’s hand immediately went for his cock as she began to stoke on it. Adam now felt a powerful surge go through his body. He pulled Susan’s panties down off her body as they both made their way over to the bed. Susan crashed down on the bed as Adam had fallen on top of her.

Adam slowly worked his head down in between Susan’s legs. He parted the lips of her swollen pussy as his tongue began to lick on her clit. Susan’s body practically jumped up off the bed as she felt Adam’s tongue work over her pussy.

A few minutes later Susan’s arched her body up off the bed. She cried out loudly as she began to cum all over Adam’s face. She had a very powerful orgasm as Adam now began to make his way back up over the top of her body. He started to kiss her on the lips as Susan tasted her own juices. This went on for several minutes until Susan whispered out to him, “I need you to fuck me!”

Adam positioned his big hard cock right up against Susan’s swollen pussy. He gently inserted it into Susan as she let out a loud cry. He fucked Susan very slowly at first as he gave her nice long strokes with his cock.

A few minutes later Susan’s body began to tremble. She was now on the verge of cumming all over Adam’s cock. Adam continued to fuck her with long strokes until Susan couldn’t take anymore. She let out a loud scream as she started to cum extremely hard all over Adam’s cock. Ed who now sat off in the corner of the room had his hard cock out of his pants and was slowly stroking on it. He was loving every moment of it.

Adam rolled over onto his back as Susan now was on top. She worked his cock back into her as she felt another surge of electricity shoot through her body. She rode hard on top of his cock as yet another orgasm began to build inside her.

It was a few minutes later and Susan was now moving herself very hard back and forth on Adam’s cock. She cried out, “Oh’ god ! I am going to cum again!”

A few seconds later Ed heard his wife scream out as she had another huge orgasm. She then slid off his cock as Adam wanted to fuck her from behind.

Susan climbed up on all fours as Adam mounted himself back behind her beautiful round ass. He slowly pushed his big thick cock into her from behind as Susan let out another loud cry. Adam fucked Susan slowly at first from behind as he waited for another orgasm to build inside her.

It was several minutes later as Susan began to cry out, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Her orgasm was just about there when she felt Adam slam his cock harder into her. He fucked her good and hard for several minutes as Susan cried out into the most wonderful orgasm of her life. This went on for a good few minutes as Adam was now about to cum.

He slid his big thick cock out of Susan’s pussy as her body collapsed down onto the bed. A few seconds later Adam stroked very hard on his cock as he let out a loud moan. He started to cum all over Susan’s back and round ass. He had cum for a good thirty seconds as he deposited several shots of cum all over her. Ed stood their watching his beautiful wife get cum on while he stroked off his own cock.

The night was now over as Ed got what he had waited a long time to see. Adam kissed Susan and told her how great she really was. He had told her, “I had never fucked a woman like that ever before! You are the best one I had ever been with!”

Adam left a short time later as Susan had fallen asleep on the bed. The next morning Ed and Susan talked about the night before. They both made the pact that it was a one night thing not to ever happen again.

The following week Ed ran into Adam. Adam asked, “Is there anyway I can see Susan again!”

Ed said to him, “No I am sorry Adam, we made a pact that it was a one time thing! She really loved the way you fuck her, but it just not going to happen again!”

Ed hadn’t seen Adam for the next three weeks when he received an email alert from him. It said, “Ed I really want to fuck your wife again! Here check out these pics of her I shot that night.”

Ed opened up the pics to see his wife Susan in several compromising positions with Adam. The pics were taken by Adam’s cell phone while he fucked Susan that night. Neither Susan or Ed had noticed that Adam had snapped these photos. One of the photos showed Adam’s big cock inside her pussy while another one showed his cum all over her ass. He had several other photos along with those.

Ed was now in a real dilemma. He knew he had to do whatever Adam had wanted because he couldn’t take a chance that Adam would spread those pictures all around the office.

He sent him back an email and said, “Fine! I will talk to my wife about it!”

“Great! I think we are all going to get along so well together!” Adam sent back.

“How long do you plan on keeping this up?” Ed asked.

“Until I get tired of her!” Adam said.

Ed now had to go home and talk to Susan about fucking Adam again. Ed sat down and said to Susan, “I got an email from Adam today. He wants to fuck you again!”

“We already discussed it! It wasn’t going to happen anymore!” Susan said.

“I know but he really wants to!” Ed said.

“Why?” Susan asked.

“Take a look at this!” Ed replied.

Susan look at the pics Adam had sent to Ed. She look like she had seen a ghost as her face had turned white. “How did he take these?” Susan asked.

“He took them while he fucked you and neither one of us was paying attention. We had no reason not to trust him, but we were wrong. It really doesn’t matter anymore because if you don’t fuck him I am worried he will show other people in his office those pics. He works for my biggest account and I can’t afford to lose it! By the way he is coming over tomorrow night!” Ed said to his wife.

The next night Adam arrived right on time. He immediately ordered Susan into the bedroom. There inside the bedroom Adam said, “Strip off those clothes!”

Susan began to remove her clothes as Ed sat in the back of the room. He watched as his wife knelt down in front of Adam and began to remove his briefs. His big thick cock popped out in front of her as he immediately pushed it into her mouth.

Adam was no longer that polite young man that both of them knew. He grabbed the back of Susan’s head and began to fuck her mouth hard with his cock. He moaned out, "Suck it baby! Suck it hard!”

Susan now began to gag on Adam’s thick cock as she had several inches of it stuffed down her throat. A few minutes later Adam removed his cock from Susan’s mouth. He said to her, “Get on that bed! I am going to fuck you hard tonight!”

Adam climbed on top of a very aroused Susan as he pushed his thick cock into her swollen pussy. She cried out loudly as Adam began to fuck her hard with his cock. His attitude had changed totally as he said to her, “You like my big cock inside you baby!”

Susan didn’t say anything at first back to him, but a few hard thrust of Adam’s cock deep into her change that. She cried out, “Yes! I love your big cock!”

A few minutes later Susan screamed out into a very powerful orgasm as Adam continued to thrust his cock deep into her. He now had her change positions as he had her get on all fours. He then grabbed her hips and rammed his cock back into her. She immediately began to moan out as another large orgasm began to build inside her.

Adam then said, “Come on baby! Tell me to fuck you! Say it!”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Susan cried out.

Adam fucked her very hard over the next minute when Susan screamed out again. “Oh’ god! You are going to make me cum!“ She again began to orgasm as she felt Adam’s big thick cock deep inside her pussy. Adam didn’t let up as he continued to trust his cock into her. A few minutes later Adam began to moan out, “Oh’ god baby! I am going to cum!”

He then yanked his cock out of Susan and flipped her over onto her back. He moved up over top of her beautiful tits and started to stroke on his cock. A minute later Adam moaned out as he began to cum all over Susan’s tits as she laid worn out on the bed.

He then got dressed and said, “I can’t wait to fuck you again!” as he left.

It had been a month later when Susan had contact with Adam again. He came by the house late one night when Ed was already asleep. Susan was dressed in a long t-shirt as she was about to go to bed when Adam knocked on the door. She said, “Adam! What do you want!”

“I want to fuck you right now!” he responded.

“Ed is upstairs sleeping! We can’t do this right now!”

Adam walked into the house and went up to Susan and said. “I bet your pussy is wet right now wanting my big cock! Isn’t it!”

“No! No Adam!” Susan said.

Adam reached his hand underneath Susan’s t-shirt and touched Susan’s panties. He was right Susan’s panties were wet and getting wetter by the second. Susan then grabbed Adam’s hand and said, “Follow me!“ as she led him down into the basement.

“Perfect baby! I am going to fuck you like you never been fucked before!” Adam said to her.

Adam pulled the shirt off Susan’s body and led her over toward the pool table. He said to her, “Bend over the table!”

He then grabbed Susan’s panties and slid them down her legs and got in behind her. He yanked his pants down and immediately rammed his cock into Susan’s wet pussy. Susan let out a loud muffled cry as Adam’s cock had felt so good inside her pussy.

Adam fucked Susan hard on the pool table for several minutes until Susan cried out into a powerful orgasm. He then flipped her over onto her back as her ass sat on the pool rails. He again thrust his cock into her and gave it to her good and hard. This went on for several more minutes as another orgasm began to build inside Susan. She cried out “Fuck me! Fuck me Adam!”

A minute or so later Adam moaned out, “Oh’ fuck baby! I am going to cum!”

This pushed Susan over the edge as she started to orgasm very hard again on Adam’s cock. Adam then slid his cock out of her pussy and had Susan get down on her knees in front of him. He grabbed the back of Susan’s head and pushed his big cock into her mouth. He said, “Come on baby! Suck it!”

Susan sucked hard on Adam’s cock as his balls began to swell up. Adam cried out, “I am going to cum inside you mouth!”

A few seconds later Susan pulled her head off Adam’s cock in a nick of time as Adam began to cum all over Susan’s face. He then immediately got dressed and left before Ed heard anything upstairs.

The next day Susan didn’t say a word to her husband about the night before. Susan knew she was his slut until he had gotten tired of her and she had no idea how long that would be.

They all had another encounter a few weeks later. This time was a little different as Adam ordered Susan to wear something extremely sexy. Susan was forced to buy an outfit for the next occasion. She found an outfit that was more than just sexy. It covered very little of her body and she knew Adam would be extremely turned on by it.

That night Adam waited patiently for Susan to come out of the bathroom with her new outfit. Her husband hadn’t even seen it on her so he also was also in for a treat. Susan slowly made her way out of the bathroom. Her tits hung halfway out of it while the bottoms ran up her butt crack. Adam’s cock got instantly hard as he couldn’t wait to fuck her.

He first had her get on the bed and pose in several different positions. He grabbed his phone and began to snap pic after pic as she moved her body into several arousing positions. He then had her remove the outfit as he wanted some nude pics of her body. He had her show off her naked ass and tits as he got several good pics of them.

Susan now was extremely aroused as Adam had her pose in several very erotic positions. He now wanted a good shot of her pussy as he had her lay on the bed and pull her legs up over top of her head. Her pussy was wide opened as Adam got several close ups of her moist pussy.

Adam was now done with his pics as he quickly got naked. He immediately got on top of Susan and gave her the fucking of her life. He pounded his cock into her as Susan cried out into a powerful orgasm a short time later.

He then turned her over onto her stomach. He pulled her ass up in the air as he again pounded his big cock back into her. Susan couldn’t take much more of it as she yet again screamed out into a very intense orgasm. Adam had total control over her as he again spun her back onto her back.

He got on top of her and immediately pushed his big cock back into her again. He fucked her for several more minutes as another powerful orgasm began to build inside Susan. He fucked her good and hard when he moaned out, “Oh’ god baby! I am going to cum inside you!’

Susan cried out, “Please don’t! I am not on the pill!”

Adam didn’t care one bit as he held Susan tightly onto the bed. A few seconds later he moaned out, “Here it comes baby! I want you to cum with me!”

Susan was on the verge of a powerful orgasm as Adam moaned out, “Oh’ fuck!”

He began to cum deep inside Susan’s pussy. This push Susan over the edge as she felt Adam’s cum hitting deep inside her. She screamed out, “Oh’ god I am cumming!”

She had another powerful orgasm as Adam left his cock in her for several minutes. Adam then got up and got dressed and left with the pics he had taken earlier.

It now had been almost two months later and Susan and Ed hadn’t heard a word form Adam. Ed had hoped that maybe Adam had grown tired of his wife and he was through with her. Well, then lo and behold Ed gets a message from Adam. Adam offered this to be the last time he fucked Susan, but there was one thing Adam wanted. He wanted Susan to spend the night at his place. It would be just her and no one else.

Ed had to think about Adam’s request. He also had to talk it over with his wife Susan. They sat that night and went over all the different possibilities. In the end Susan said, “Ed, I think we both know what we need to do here!”

Ed knew he had no other choice, but to let Susan spend the night at Adam’s place. A few nights later Ed dropped Susan off at Adam’s. He was to pick her up the next morning. It would be a very restless night for Ed as he headed home to ponder what Adam had planned for his wife.

As soon as Susan walked in Adam was all over her. He stripped her of all of her clothes and pushed her over the side of a chair in the living room. He ripped open his pants and pulled his big cock out. He said, “I am going to fuck you good and hard tonight you slut! You are my slut all night!”

Susan was already extremely aroused as she laid bent over the arm of the chair. She felt Adam in behind her as he pushed his big cock into her. He fucked her very hard from behind as Susan screamed out. It only took a few minute and Susan already started to cum. She had a very powerful orgasm as Adam rammed his cock deep into her.

Adam now laid Susan down on the living room floor. He grabbed her legs and pulled them wide apart. He rammed his big cock back into her as she laid their on the living room floor crying out. Susan felt enormous pleasure as Adam pounded his cock into her. She screamed out a few minutes later as she started to cum again. Her body trembled like never before as Adam continued to pound his cock into her.

It was several minutes later when Adam began to grunt out loudly. He pulled his cock out of Susan’s pussy and began to immediately stroke on his hard cock. A minute later he exploded as he sent several streams of cum all over Susan’s lovely body.

A few hours later Adam had Susan get on his bed. He had her masturbate in front of him as he stroked on his big cock. Susan had her legs pulled wide apart as she slowly began to touch her swollen pussy with her hand. She started off slowly, but quickly had gotten into it as her moans grew by the second. Adam stood at the end of the bed as he stroke on his extremely hard cock.

It was a few minutes later and Susan now had her eyes closed. She had one hand groping each of her tits while the other hand rubbed feverishly across her pussy. Her moans grew louder as she was about to cum. Then a few seconds later Susan screamed out into one of the most fulfilling orgasms of her life. Her body shook uncontrollably on the bed as moisture ran from her pussy.

Adam was extremely excited as he hopped up on top of her. He immediately drove his big cock into her as he began to fuck her very hard on the bed. Susan screamed out just a few minutes later as a powerful orgasm had engulfed her.

A few minutes later Adam had Susan get on all fours on the bed. He began to fucked her from behind as Susan cried out in total pleasure. Adam gave all he had as Susan felt his cock hitting the back walls of her uterus. She again began to cum as she cried out into a screaming orgasm.

Adam then yanked his cock out of her worn out pussy. He immediately pushed it up against Susan’s tender ass.

“Relax!” Adam said to Susan as he began to push the head of his cock into her ass.

Susan cried out, “Oh’ god it is so big!”

Adam fucked Susan’s ass very slowly at first as Susan hadn’t been fucked in the ass in years. It took a few minutes, but Susan now felt a wave of pleasure begin to consume her body. Adam now began to fuck Susan’s ass a little harder as Susan let out one continuous cry.

It was several minutes later that Susan cried out into a powerful orgasm. Adam was now close to cumming himself. He had Susan reach back behind her as she held her ass wide apart. He then yanked his cock out of her ass and began to squirt his cum all over Susan’s tender asshole.

They then both had fallen asleep until the next morning. Susan and Adam then got into the shower together. They ran their soapy hands all over each other’s bodies. Adam’s cock was now at full attention as Susan got down on her knees in the shower. She gave Adam the best blowjob of his life. She sucked hard on Adam’s cock for a good twenty minutes until Adam could take no more.

Adam grabbed the back of Susan’s head and held her mouth tightly on his cock. He grunted out loudly as water cascaded down on both of their bodies. He moaned out as he started to cum inside Susan’s mouth. She sucked down all of his cum as it shot down her throat.

There adventure was now over as Susan’s husband picked her up. They never heard from Adam again. He quit his job and moved away after that. Ed and Susan were relieved that he was gone, but they will never forget Adam.

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