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A Shower with My Secretdesire

Tags: desire, want, need, lust
when time is of the essence but desire needs to be satisfied.
A Shower with my Secret Desire

I check my watch, I know I am late, bloody trains, then the traffic. I know you’re going to be getting ready, and I wanted to see your transformation with my own eyes. From tracksuit to queen, ready to walk confidently on my arm. I get to the door and I know where you keep your spare key, so I simply get it and open the door. Once inside I can hear the shower running and your music playing.

“Bugger!” I think. With that I hear you walking around. “Oh I’m not to late she hasn’t gotten into the shower yet.” My heart rate quickens. As I take the stairs two at a time I undo my tie, leaving my rucksack and suit jacket hung on the banister post. You are wrapped in a big fluffy towel covering your gorgeous breasts and most of your milk chocolate skin.

“Oh, hello, Tiger,” you say with a startled tone, you stop in your tracks and I take you in my arms. Kissing you firmly on your lips, my hands moving up and down your back. You pull me close to you so you can smell my manly musk from a days work; my hand grabs your succulent ass as we kiss harder with passion and lust.

“Easy Tiger, you have to get ready to you know, we are expected.” You tease me as your hand feels the growing bulge in my trousers and gives it a little squeeze.

I pat your ass not too hard just enough to take your breath away, I smile at you and say, “I’ll be there in a second.” You carry on into the bathroom, leaving me wanton on the landing and I strip right there. I throw my clothes into the spare room. I come in behind you naked, my eagerness obvious and I close in behind you like a predator closes on it game.

The shower has made the room a bit steamy and very hot, as I close on your skin I can feel your warmth, I smell your skin before I kiss it gently. You go to undo your towel, but stop when you feel my touch and nuzzle back into me. Letting out a long, slow moan as I kiss up your neck and reach round to remove your towel. We are, after all, running late. You step into the shower, with your hand holding onto your my hard throbbing cock and leading me in with you.

As we wash each other slowly we both spend time on areas of erotic interest. I love the contrast between the soapy bubbles and your skin. Spending time washing your back slowly, watching your skin repel the bubbles. You teasingly give your little ranger some extra attention to ensure he is properly clean to perform his duties later.

As you turn to press your soapy tits against my hard defined chest you reach around to feel my ass cheeks. Knowing I know you will wash my hole and what it will do to me. Your index finger brushes past my tight ass hole and you feel my cock twitch and you look up into my eyes with lust and giggle. “You’re such a naughty, bad man.”

As my hand brushes past your tight asshole I go slightly further round to find your warm moist lips. I don’t know if it’s the water or you but you are very wet, which again makes my cock twitch against your warm tummy. I kiss you hard and deep, our tongues and our hands all over each other. Our lust builds to fevered levels.

“STOP IT!” you say as we need to get ready and with reluctance I allow you to turn off the shower. Stepping out to get your towel, your skin a wet rich chocolate colour with my name all over it and your ass moving to the rhythm of the music as you pat your skin down. Not wanting to dry it off roughly as you have to oil.

I step out, my hard cock bouncing as I walk. With no towel I have to go naked into the bedroom and you wolf whistle as my firm sculpted ass cheeks move. I grab my towel and start to dry off; you sit at the edge of the bed and ask me to hand you your oil.

“Would you like me to help you with that, love?” I ask with a hint of pleading.

Your come back is, “Yes, please, baby, but you will have to do a good job.”

I wrap my towel around my waist, if for no other reason to pretend I have no ulterior motive. I start with your shoulders, my strong fingers and rough palms gliding over your skin. Applying a little pressure with my thumbs to your muscles. Your head drops forward as you resign yourself to the pleasure of my nimble strong fingers and the sheer pleasure they cause you.

As I move down your front, I gently caress and rub oil into your tits, slowly brushing my hands down your cleavage and round under your warm globes of tenderness. You take a sharp breath as my hands enclose your full tits and I feel your nipples hardening against my hand. I draw my hands from your sides to your nipples in a long, slow drag and you push your tits out that wee bit farther. It’s just enough to ensure you get maximum skin contact. When I reach your nipples standing hard and inviting I move my mouth to them and lick, kiss and gently suck each one. Making your breath intake sharply again, but the low moan tells me you liked it.

I push you back onto the bed, so you can straighten your legs out to allow me to oil them. I sit to the side of your legs and take hold of one as I sit up on my knees to allow me full range of movement to ensure I do a good job for you.

You move your legs apart so I can cover the inside of your warm thighs, with your oil, with my hands getting close to your warmth. You let out a long moan as my hand follows the natural crease of your leg going very close to your shaved pussy. My cock twitches against your calf as I feel you wriggle to my touch. Which results in causing you to move more and opening your leg a little more. I stand up, to shift my position, you clearly see I am still rock hard and reach over to my towel; you pull it off letting it hit the floor and reach for my throbbing cock.

Your hand gently takes my cock and starts to slowly stroke it, I look at you with a smile as you say, “Don’t you have work to be doing?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” is all I can say. Due to you stroking my cock I find it hard to reach your lower right leg, so I suggest we move up the bed. You move your towel which is the only thing covering your warm wet pussy then we are both left so naked. As I lay on my side to rub the oil into your leg I ask you if you can lay on your side, you of course agree and promptly roll over. As I lift your leg I can see your freshly shaved pussy in all its warm tasty glory. My cock twitches in your hand and you grip a little harder, the oil on your hands making it very smooth across my veiny shaft.

I move so I can get to your thigh, this of course put both of us in a very interesting position. As my hand moves past your knee sliding up your inner and outer thigh the feel of your still moist skin and the oil is so good. It’s such a pleasure for me to rub your oil on your gorgeous skin and I love how it glistens in different shades of your warm chocolate colour.

As my hand reaches your natural crease in your right leg, I can feel how warm your pussy is from here. I take a chance and move my hand down to cover your pussy completely, holding it there waiting for you to remind me about the time limits. You don’t, so I slowly slide my fingers over your warm so very wet lips, finding the opening to you with great ease. I pause and slowly follow the natural shape of your wet hole, you moan as you slightly grind your hips up to move with my finger.

I can’t help myself, I grab your hip and pull you over onto me and your legs automatically fall either side of my head. You instinctively re-adjust yourself so you can feel my mouth with your lips. Your stroking of my cock has gotten firmer and quicker and your moans are now more frequent. You know you love me eating your cunt and grind yourself down onto my mouth to hurry the feeling of my warm tongue on your lips.

“Oh, Secret Desire, I love it when you know what you want,” I say as I start to run my tongue over your cunt lips. Oh, fuck, you taste divine, as I lap up and down your warm moist cunt. I feel your hot quick breath on the very sensitive head of my cock, you squeeze it harder on the up stroke and I ooze precum, your tongue shoots out to slowly lick it off. “Oh, Secret Desire, daddy likes that.”

I get a warm satisfied giggle vibrating around my cock as you suck me slowly and very deliberately. My hands come around over the top of your ass and I firmly grab your ass cheeks and bury my face into your dripping wet cunt savoring every sensation. The taste, the texture and the smell and my tongue going deep into your warm wet hole.

Your mouth is taking my cock deep, long slow sucks, your tongue playing with my shaft and around my head as you feel it moving over you. Your hand is playing with my shaved balls with your little finger applying pressure behind my cock, feel its hardness deep inside my body.

As I lick suck and kiss your cunt, I can feel my finger, which is touching your ass as it twitches and we both enjoy each other in a slow unhurried way. My hands move over your body, up your back in long slow strokes, I say, “Fuck, love, I haven’t oiled your back, let me out a minute; I'll do it now.”

In a state of arousal you sort of whimper, “Yes, ok, we have to finish getting ready.”

You lay on your front after I have wriggled out from underneath you, I move up to your head and kiss you hard on the mouth. I can taste my cock on your tongue and you can taste your own juices on my mouth, you give a horny and happy groan and a little wriggle and I pat you on your ass.

I move to straddle your legs and get some more oil on my hands and slowly start to cover your back in the warm slippery liquid. You give out a lot of low moans and I know you are enjoying it as your moans are happy, contented ones not lustful or annoyed just very appreciative ones.

As I reach the top of your shoulders I am basically laying on top of you. My hard cock pressing against the cleavage of your ass, and pushing a little against your warm lips with some pressure on your tight ass hole.

I feel you raise your hips and push back against my hard cock, I kiss your neck and whisper into your ear with a very naughty teasing tone. “Secret Desire, my love, are you sure we have the time?”

You wriggle some and push me off your ass, with one swift movement, getting up on your knees. With your ass in the air, you turn to me and say in a deep husky lust filled voice, “Take me NOW … HARD AND FAST!”

I get myself behind you, grab hold of your hips, pushing my throbbing more than ready cock between your ass cheeks and stop at your ass.

“Not there,” you say in a hurry up and fuck me tone.

My head finds your warm, moist hole, we both stop, for a second and then you do it. You push yourself back onto me. Your cunt lips fold around my cock sucking it deep inside you in one single movement. The noises we both make as we become one are only heard in nature.

I take hold of your hips and start to pound you hard and fast. You are taking my cock all the way inside you as my balls bang off your clit and I can feel your cunt walls contracting onto my cock and I say to you. “Where do you want Daddy’s cum, my kitten?”

Through staggered breath you say, “Your baby … girl, wants daddy’s … cum …oh fucking hell… yes baby… I’m close… cum in me daddy please!!!! But do it fucking quickly I'm going to CUMMMMMMMMM!”

I feel your cunt grip my cock as I swell as your telling me where you want it. I feel you start to convulse around my cock, the pressure is too much. I release pump after pump of warm hot sticky cum, deep inside you, five, six pumps with your ass pushing back onto me to get me inside you as deep as you can get me.

As I pull my cock out of you, you sort of spin round and take it into your mouth and suck it quickly clean, it’s very sensitive and it makes me giggle, you smile up at me and say, “Oh, dear, we are so going to be late.”

I bend down and kiss you deep on the mouth and tell you, "It’ s not a problem. I called them earlier and told them to move it by 30 minutes, I knew I was going to need the extra time."
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