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a simple day of tanning

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The Forbidden Fruit of the Boy Next Door

It was a hot and humid summer day, the type of day that the air feels sticky and your just don’t want to move. Although due to the intense heat that meant a busy day for the guys working at the local marina. There had to be hundreds of summer cottagers out on the lake enjoying the water.

Paige woke up that morning and decided that it was far too hot and sticky to even bother getting dressed for the day. As she climbed out of bed, she decided she would just throw on her bikini and her new way too short skirt. She had only bought the skirt because it was on sale. She hadn’t realized how short it was. She grabbed a towel and headed down to the public dock nearby for a tan… what else do you do when it’s too hot to move might as well get some color while melting in the heat.

She stopped by the small store owned by the marina on her way to the dock to get a drink and catch of the latest gossip. As she was talking to Sarah who works in the store she learned the usual gossip and made fun of the tourists. Paige’s ears perked up when Sarah said she would be leaving early for the day and Damon would have to come down from the shop and relive her from the store. She had a family dinner to attend that night.

This new information mixed with the suffocating heat gave Paige a few naughty thoughts she knew she shouldn’t be having about Damon… You see Damon’s family runs the marina, which Paige’s father works for. The way gossip goes around the small lake if they so much as looked at each other the whole lake would be talking about their getting married and getting divorced and, well, who knows what all, but it wouldn’t be good. Plus Damon was her ex’s friend and a couple years younger not to mention a cocky little shit, that in a way she couldn’t stand… But he was also an attractive single male in a small town full of fat old rednecks that didn’t exactly spark Paige’s interest.

Paige said her good-byes to Sarah and headed out on the dock to tan.

About an hour had past and Paige was half asleep in the sun when she heard a pick-up pull up to the store. She faintly heard Sarah and Damon talking followed by the sounds of Sarah’s little car pulling away. After Sarah was gone Damon yelled down: "Hey Tits, you awake?" (Damon was always staring and commenting on Paige’s amazing 34E tits knowing he would never actually get to enjoy them). This woke Paige out of her half asleep daze. She slowly stood up and stretched out her back making sure to stick her tits out as far as she could… It’s always fun to give a little tease because, nothing would ever happen between them. She then proceeded to walk over to the edge of the dock. She dropped the tiny skirt and dove into the lake to cool off. She climbed out she collected her stuff and walked up to the store.

She walked in behind the counter into the back room asking Damon to warn her if anyone was coming up to the store. He agreed but didn’t get it right away, that is until Paige proceeded to stand just inside the open doorway with her back towards Damon and wiggle into her skirt. She then slowly started to pull her bottoms off from underneath, slowly bending right over to step out of them, exposing her beautiful pussy and ass to the on looking Damon.

Damon wasn’t sure what to do, he assumed he wasn’t meant to see this but couldn’t stop looking. When Paige was done her little show she walked out and squatted down in front of Damon yet again exposing her pussy. With her face only inches from the quickly growing bulge in his shorts Damon asked her, “What are you doing?”

She looked him squarely in the eye with an innocent smile and said: “My bottoms are all wet I need a bag.”

She rummaged around until she found a bag to throw her wet bottoms in and casually brushed the bulge as she stood up. Then, like nothing was different from any other day she grabbed a pop from the fridge and hopped up on the counter facing him. With her legs just a couple inches apart, Damon could still see her forbidden fruit.

Paige sat there with him talking and showing herself off casually. Customers came and went on the outside of the counter totally clueless to what Damon was viewing from his side. The day ended and Damon closed up the store. Before Damon could lock the door Paige said 1sec I want grab a Popsicle for the road. She brushed past him in the narrow space and headed back to the other room. She opened the freezer and bent right in reaching to the bottom making sure she was fully exposed with her ass in the air.

All this harmless teasing was getting her so hot she didn’t care how bad of an idea this was anymore. So when Damon came up behind her and started grabbing her ass and slowly caressing her shinny wet slit she just had to go with it and see what happened.

Damon was soon making her scream out with his hands and she was Loving it. He couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t get to have all the fun he was going to need some release after the show all afternoon.

Damon finally unzipped his pants and Paige reached back to find much more cock then she figured he had. She grabbed on and started pulling him towards her hole but he wouldn’t enter so she used her hand on him and he continued to finger her until she was begging for him to just fuck her already!

Finally Damon said: “Paige if you shut up I’ll think about giving you what you want.”

“I’m trying to be quite… Just please..pplleeaassee!” Paige begged.

With that Damon reached around and put his hand over her mouth in an attempt to keep her moaning down as he ssslloowwllyy entered her. He teased her with this painfully slow sex entering inch by inch and back out the same way until she couldn’t take it anymore and started pounding back into him still bent over the open cooler.

The heat of the day was finally starting to slowly die off and with the cool air wafting up from the freezer it was keeping it just cool enough for them to continue without collapsing from heat exhaustion.

Damon kept pounding at her until she had cum countless times and he just kept going eventually surprising her with something she had never had before…

Gently and slowly he started touching her ass hole. Now she has always thought that sounded like a total turn off and wanted nothing to do with it but at this point she was so into everything that she didn’t really notice until he started pressing his finger in. That’s when it hit her that he was really going there. This kid… Well he’s only two years younger but still she never thought he would have the cock or the talent that he had and well never in a million years thought she’d be finding out 1st hand… But this was too much why would he go there?

Damon noticed Paige start to tense up and assured her it was ok and he wouldn’t hurt her. He convinced her to relax and kept going. She was starting to be ok with the feeling when all of a sudden she just exploded with the biggest orgasm of her life. Damon had to yet again grab her mouth in his hand to quiet her as she screamed… Damon came with her, filling her with his hot sticky load that had been building all day.

Paige could feel his hot load dripping down her leg. She had just whipped it up with her fingers as they heard a car door shut outside the store. Sarah walked up just in time to see Paige licking the stickiness off her fingers.

Apparently Sarah had forgotten her cell phone behind and had left the dinner early to come get it…

Fuck! was all Paige and Damon could think. We’re busted and now the whole lake will know.
That’s when Sarah looked at their faces and smiled a naughty smile Damon and Paige looked at each other slightly confused and terrified knowing they were busted!

That’s when Sarah finally said “well since I’m getting married in a few months and that’s pretty much the end of the road when it comes to experimenting for me; there is one thing I always wanted to try…” as she winked at Paige.

Paige looked at Sarah in shock, never had she thought Sarah would even be curious about being with another girl. Paige had a little experiance, but not much. It'd been a few years since she had experimented in high school; But Paige agreed.

 Damon said: “No way am I leaving now!”

So the 3 of them all went inside and gave Sarah her one last taste of freedom… they didn’t mind. Even if they had what choice did they have? Sarah had them wrapped around her finger with this information and she knew it. They would do what she wanted or she could make sure the whole lake would know there dirty little secret.

That was the only time Sarah knows about, but every couple of months Damon and Paige find a new place for a little fun.

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