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A Slightly Different Picnic

I’m standing in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, applying my make-up. It’s a beautiful day and we decided to have a picnic in the park. I’m wearing jeans, a shirt that accents my curves and high heeled sandals.

You come into the bathroom wearing loose fitting pants and a T-Shirt. “ Are you ready to go, baby?“ you ask, as you step up behind me. Finding your eyes in the mirror I smile at you, as you kiss the top of my head.

“ Yes, I’m ready. How can I not be? Spending the entire day with you is what I have looked forward to all week“.

You wrap your arms around me and pull me closer to you as I put the finishing touches on my face. Watching me intensely in the mirror you softly stroke over my belly, doing so because you know how I’ll react. I instantly respond with moving against your hand. Loving the feel of your caress I close my eyes. My head resting on your shoulder.

Your left hand continues to stroke my belly while your right hand moves over my hip onto my butt. Your hand moves over my ass, down my thigh, slowly back up and between my legs. You slowly start to move your hand back and forth not giving me another choice than to spread my legs apart and give you better access.

Your move your hand back and forth. Soft and slow. Ever so soft. Putting presure to my clit once in a while, you keep this up for some time.

I’m moving against both your hands. The one on my tummy and the one between my legs. “Mmmmm, if you don’t stop we’ll both know were we’ll end up“, I say as a moan leaves my throat. “Yes, baby. I know. You want me to stop? All you have to do is say so..... Stop?“

“No. Please.“

I put an arm around your neck in effort to hold onto you. You use this movement to pick me up into your arms and carry me out of the bathroom. You lay me down onto the bed, in the adjoining bedroom. Kissing me deeply as your hands move over my body.

Starting on my shoulders you move down my arms, slowly. Back up again even slower. Over my chest, squeezing first my left breast then the right. Your palm moves flatly over my hardening nipples, while your other hand strokes over my cheek and mouth. Moving your fingertips further down my body, over my tummy one fingertip dipping into my belly button through my shirt. I’m inhaling a deep breath on this exquisite feeling and push myself closer into your hand. Your second hand comes down onto my belly and from there you move them over my hips. Down each leg. Slowly, teasing. You reach my right foot and you push up my jeans a little to get to my shoe. Unbuckling it you slowly take it off. Then you repeat this on my left foot. Putting the shoes aside your hands return to my legs and they start their way back up. Your left hand comes to a stop between my legs. Starting to slowly move between them as your right hand starts to open the button on my jeans and then slowly lowering the zipper.

I’m sitting up so I can take my shirt of and you realize for the first time that I’m not wearing a bra. You look at my movements and I can see the building hunger in your eyes, as I hear a deep inhalation. “Lift your hips, so I can take those jeans of you, sweetheart“.

I do as you say and with agonizing slowness you take of my jeans and panties. Leaving me completely naked on the bed. Not knowing what to do with my hands I move them over my belly while you take a step back to look at me. “God, your so fucking beautiful baby“, you say as your eyes move over every inch of my body. I love the feel of your eyes on me and my hands start to move in bigger circles over my tummy. “That’s it, show me how you touch yourself. Touch these pretty tits and your little pussy. Let me see how you make yourself cum“.

Just listening to you makes me wetter and so I do as you instruct. My hand moves down over my mound. Tenderly brushing over my clit and between my soft folds. I moan softly as my fingers find the evidence of my arousal that’s hiding between my freshly shaven lips. My finger slowly starts moving between them. Circling my clit, pinching it while my other hand starts to play with my breasts. Oh, it feels so nice. My fingers become slowly faster by the minute and I can smell my arousal. Feeling my clit getting harder I push first one finger inside my cunt before a second one joins it. I finger fuck myself slowly. Slowly pushing in and out. In and out. My thumb teases my clit while my fingers stretch and stroke my inner walls. Creaming even more I push myself higher and higher to the point of climaxing.

My breathing gets faster my moans louder as I watch you watching me. “That is so amazing to watch“, you say. “Close your eyes, hon“. Feeling the awesome pleasure continue to build I’m happy to do just that. I can hear you get on your knees in front of the bed and only seconds later do I feel your hot breath against my clit. I want to remove my fingers to give you better access but you tell me to leave them were they are. I continue to fuck myself as you start to lick over my lips, slowly up to my clit and circling it with your tongue. You can feel how very close I am and that you only need to wait another minute or so before you push me over the edge. You start to suck my clit into your mouth. Sucking, pulling, nibbling on it as you lay one of your hands over the one that’s fucking my cunt. I feel a sensation of burning heat wash through me and my orgasm building. You realize it as well and as soon as you can feel my climax moving through my body on it’s way to my pussy one of your long fingers is joining mine inside me. The second I feel your finger pushing inside me, I start to cum. Sucking your and my fingers inside me, tightening and squeezing around them as I convulse and moan out my climax.

“Mmmm, that was good. Now it’s your turn“, I say to you after a couple of minutes in which I regained my breath. Starting to sit up I push you away from the bed. That’s when I realize that you already got rid of your pants. You stand before me in your T-Shirt and boxers. Coming to my knees in front of you my hand moves over the impressive length of your cock which is still perfectly covered.

My hands move to the waistband and I slowly start to pull the boxers down. Your cock springs free as soon as your briefs are low enough and I let them fall down to the floor.

My left hand reaches for it and I start to slowly move my hand over it. My tongue comes out and licks softly over the tip and around your head before I’ll take your cock in my mouth and slowly start sucking on it. My head moves on and off while my hand continues to stroke the lower part of your erection that my mouth hasn’t taken in yet.

I keep this up for a couple of minutes but, always switching between licking over and around your cock and taking it in deeper. Then my other hand comes on your shaft and I start stroking you with both of them while still sucking you. Mmmmm it’s so nice. I look up at you as I push your cock against your tummy and lowering my head I start to lick on your balls. Sucking one into my mouth while I stroke the other with my hand. Licking from one to the other. Taking them in and sucking on them. My tongue licks from your balls all the way up to the tip of the head. Up and down. Up and down. Slowly at first then becoming faster while I continue to take your balls in my mouth once in a while. Up and down..... up and down.

Your breath becomes faster your moans louder. I just love to hear how much you get turned on by my ministrations. Your hand moves into my hair. Pulling on it. Yes, loving the little pain it brings me. My hands drop from your cock, as you start to take control. Setting a pace that suits you. Teasing me with pulling completely out and then slowly moving in again. My head pops up and down while your grip in my hair switches from cares to pull. “I love your mouth. So hot and wet and giving me so much pleasure. I need to have you now“, you say as you pull me up from the floor. You turn me around so I face the bed and I crawl onto it getting on all four.

I place my legs apart which gives you a very nice view of my pussy and ass. One of your hands moves onto my pussy, starting to stroke over and around it, before your thumb pushes inside me and you start to slowly fuck me again for a few minutes. Then you take your cock into your hand and slowly rub it between my pussy lips and ass cheeks. Feeling your hardness makes me start creaming again and you use this to lubricate your rod before pushing into me with one hard thrust. I inhale sharply and you hold still for a second, so we both can enjoy this awesome feeling. Then you slowly start moving back and re-entering me. Slow and easy strokes and thrusts. Penetrating deep as I move back against you. Circling my hips. Moving away from you then pushing back. Off and on. You go in and out as you speed up your strokes. My walls tighten around you not wanting to let you pull back. “I love you in me. You make me feel so good. Filling me so much“, I moan as you take your cock completely out off me before you push it back in. Teasing me you continue this little game for a while. Pulling out, rubbing up and down between my cheeks. Circling my clit and moving over my lips before entering me again.

“Hold your ass cheeks for me, baby. I want to see how I fill you up while my cock fucks this pretty little cunt“, you say and I can hear the lust and hunger in your voice.

“Fuck, I wish you could see this. It’s such a turn on, so pretty“. You continue to fuck me faster and faster. My moans getting louder. My breath quickens and you know that I’m close to cumming again. You move one of my hands around your neck and pull me close to you. Kissing my exposed neck. Licking over my shoulder.

Carefully biting down on it as your right hand moves over my tummy between my legs. Your fingers find my hard clit and you stroke over and around it. Getting me higher and higher while you still fuck me with tormenting slow stokes.

I feel the rise in my womb. Moving through me, into my pussy. Your fingers stroking my clit faster and faster. Softly pinching it, pulling on it and that’s the last caress, that I need to get off. A ear bursting scream leaves my mouth as I heavily convulse around your cock.

We are still connected as you kiss my shoulder and you move us onto the bed. Lying on our sides you spoon me. Your left arm lies under me holding onto my left breast while your right hand lifts my right leg into the air. Penetrating me deep you start to slowly fuck me again. My right hand moves to my mound and I start to play with my clit. Rubbing around it in fast movements. Your hand tightens on my breast as your thrusts become harder and faster. In and out. Harder..... Faster..... bringing me so close to the edge. Ramming inside my tight hole. You fuck me so hard and fast that your cock slips out of me. “Put it back in, please babe. Put it back in. I need your cock so badly. Don’t stop“, I beg and you do just that. Continuing to fuck me I start to circle my hips back against you. Matching your strokes. You hold completley still, as you feel the first contraction around your cock.

You lick over my shoulder, my neck then softly bite my ear. You start to kiss a trail from there along my jaw line. I’m turning my head and our lips meet. Kissing each other ever so softly. I moan and you take this moment to push your tongue inside my hot mouth. Our tongues fighting in an endless war over control and you know you will win this battle because I’m already to far gone.

Staying inside me you’ll move me onto my stomach. You place your legs outside mine keeping me in place. This position moves you even deeper and tighter inside me. I feel like cumming, just of laying with you like this.

Sitting up, you remove the last remaining cloths your wearing, the T-Shirt, and throw it to the side. You come back down and supporting your body with your arms you kiss between my shoulder blades. Licking over my tattoo there you begin to pump inside of me. “God, baby. You’re so tight. I want to stay inside of you forever. Such a pretty pussy“. Your words turn me on so much. You keep pushing inside me as you lift my head with your hand and start to kiss me deeply. Your tongue fucking my mouth as I start to convulse around you again and again.

“That’s it baby, come for me. Let loose. Let the pleasure take over. Enjoy the ride as it washes over you“, you say. Your words pushing me higher and higher starting one of the hardest climax’s I ever experienced in my live. Making me cum with one hard thrust I scream out your name. “Aaaahhhhhh, Damn.... Yes.......“

As the last convulsion of my pussy wall is calming down you pull out of me. Kissing my head as you turn me onto my back. I look up at you through sleepy eyes and say “I want you to cum all over me. My face, my breasts. I want your cum everywhere“.

You hold your dick in your hand and jerk it off quickly. Hard strokes up, down and around your steel hard rod. It’s only a matter of seconds before you tell me that you ready.

Not able to take my eyes of you I’ll wait in anticipation.

And then it comes. In heavy loads it comes shooting out. Landing on my face, inside my open mouth and onto my neck and breasts. Your growls getting lower, faster. This is all so intense. Squeezing the last drops out you move your head lower and kiss the cum off my lips. Tasting yourself in my mouth before I take the yummy seed down.

Spent, you drop next to me on the bed and pull me closer Moving willingly I snuggle up close and hold onto you.

Your arms tighten around me and you kiss my head before we both doze off.

We never made it out off bed that day just as I predicated. But we had a nice picnic in bed to regain our strength.

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