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A spin on my cycle leads to more

A quick spin on my motorcycle leads me astray
I had been married seven years at the time of this incident. I was 100% faithful to my wife all that time.

I grew up girl shy, never had a girlfriend or dated much in high school. After I was discharged from the army I met my wife to be. We married and had three children over the next seven years. Our group of family and friends would take turns throwing a party about once every month and a half.

My brother in law (wife's brother) married during this time. His mother in law, Deloris, was a single attractive woman about eight or ten years older than me. She would come to the parties and was a welcome addition to the group. Fun loving and outgoing. On several occasions when she had been drinking and we found ourselves alone she would get all giggly and touchy with me. Nothing inappropriate though.

On this occasion the party was at our house. We lived in an older subdivision, all dirt roads built around the end of a long narrow lake. The party was the usual, drinking, dancing, talking, just having a good time.

I had a small motorcycle, a 100c road bike at the time. It was not licensed for the road so I would just ride it around the subdivision and in the woods beyond. I had just enough to drink to think it would be fun to take a spin around the subdivision. It was night and just a little chilly so I put a sweater on. After a quick trip around I asked if anyone would like to take a spin with me. Several of the ladies said okay, and I gave them rides.

Deloris then said she would like a ride. We cruised a couple streets and she asked if we could go down by the lake. I went to the end of the subdivision and on the trail into the woods. We stopped at a small bluff overlooking the lake. She was getting giggly and huggy at this point.

There wasn't much of a moon but we could see the lake okay. We sat for a moment and she said she wanted to get in front. She hopped off and I slid to the back of the seat. She climbed back on facing me. She put her arms around me and started kissing me. Of course I kissed her back.

After a moment she reached down and unzipped my pants. She continued kissing me as she slipped her hand in and found the fly of my jockeys. She slid her hand in and took hold of my cock. She worked it out with a little difficulty as it was rapidly getting hard. She didn't stroke it or anything, just held it firmly in her hot hand and kissed me deeply.

I unbuckled and unzipped her slacks. I pulled her blouse out and rubbed across her belly. I turned my fingers south and slid my hand down under her panties. I felt the soft pubic hair and let my hand follow the curve of her body. I didn't penetrate her, just let my middle finger slide deep between her lips as I stroked her. She took my free hand and placed it on her breast.

She said lets get off and pulled away and dismounted the cycle. I fumbled around getting the kick stand down and got off with my hard cock standing out in the night air. I turned to her and she quickly undid my belt and pants and jerked them down to my knees. She kissed me again and with the flat of her hand pressed my cock against my belly as she stroked from balls to tip.

She once again gripped it and said lets go over here. She led me by my cock to the edge of the bluff. I was a man on a mission at this point. I knelt in front of her. I slid her slacks and panties over her ass and down her legs. I slipped just one shoe off and freed that leg from her clothes.

I took off my sweater and spread it on the ground. She sat on the sweater and lay back and spread he legs. As I crawled up I felt her hand slide along my belly and grasp my cock. She guided me to her and rubbed my cock up and down through the soft curls and into her a few inches, She pulled her hand free and I slowly sank into her. There I got a surprise. I must have penetrated her cervix as there was a tight spot that just gripped the head of my cock. It felt so wonderful, I had never felt this with my wife. She was also not near as tight as Deloris.

I held deep in her for a moment, then started slow stroking, each time at the bottom giving a sideways wiggle and feeling that wonderful tight spot. I cupped my hand on one cheek of her ass and nibbled her ear. I kept this up for several minutes never wanting it to end

I had not yet started to build to a climax when she gave a quick wiggle of her hips as I was buried deep in her. This triggered me instantly to orgasm! I held deep in her spraying cum like a fire hose! It was the best orgasm I had ever had! We lay there holding each other a few moments. We realized how long we had been gone and quickly dressed. I made up a story that we ran out of gas and pushed the bike half way back before I remembered the reserve gas valve.

We got back but from the look on their faces could see the others didn't believe our story. The conversation slowly resumed. A little later there was a lull in the conversation where you could hear a pin drop. At that point Deloris reached to the back of her head and patted her hair. There was a loud crackling sound that I swear echoed through the room. She pulled a dead leaf from her hair. All eyes went from her to me. I quickly asked her if she was all right and explained that we encountered a low branch, I ducked and she didn't. The disbelief in everyones eyes was once again obvious.

A week or so later my wife told me she had talked to Deloris and she had a real bad infection "down there". I shrugged it off thinking she was just trying to get a reaction from me. Nothing more was ever said. Some time later my BIL divorced his wife and I never saw Deloris again.
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