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A Steamy Morning Shower

Max’s eyes opened with the bright sun streaking through the thin curtains. He blinked repeatedly to adjust his eyes. Emily looked up from her book and set it down on the table, placing a bookmark between the pages. Max smiled and, with a kiss on her cheek groggily said “Why didn’t you wake me?” Emily giggled and said “don’t be silly it’s Sunday why would I wake you? and you know that you wouldn’t wake up if I smacked you over the head with a chair.” Max leaned closer and whispered in her ear “there is one sure fire way to wake me up you know” Emily’s body reacted automatically to him whispering and she bit her lip. “So what would that be exactly?...” Max whispered again “you know what I mean Em, I know you love to wrap those perfect pink lips around my hard dick…” Giggling slightly Emily felt the pulsing throb of sexual desire through her dampening pussy. They were still naked from the night before so Max had no trouble in reaching over slightly, and sliding his strong hand up her warm inner thigh.

Emily bit her lip again and felt excitement wetting her aching pussy. Max’s fingers reached up and began to rub her clit, soothing that ache. A tiny moan escaped from her lips before she could stop it. Max rolled over towards her as he felt her pussy getting wetter and it lit the flames of desire smouldering within him. The flames ran throughout his heavy heartbeat and down through into his enlarging manhood. He knew that Emily could feel this against her leg with his body pressing close to hers. He rolled slightly more closing the inches of distance between them and whispered right against her ear, “Do you want to take a shower baby?” Emily moaned quietly and nodded, trying to hold back her bursting enthusiasm.

Max’s arms pulled her up and pulled her mouth against his softly pulling her bottom lip into his and tugging it with his teeth. Emily giggled and pushed him playfully away from her into the en-suite. Max pulled back the shower cover and stepped backwards into it followed by Emily’s slender frame. She looked up at him when they were both in the shower and leaned up kissing him with a passion that left them both breathless. Breathing hard, Emily moaned with the ache in her pussy that longed to be touched, to be fucked and Max was willing to help her.

Max turned the shower on and turned around again his mouth descending on Emily’s. His entirely enlarged and hardened dick stood at a right angle to his body and pressed up against Emily’s leg. Her arm slid down his torso and felt the hard tool in her slender hand. Her blond hair dangled across her naked back sticking to it with the pounding of the hot water that could never compare to the heat burning within her legs. Her blue eyes burned like a lit gas fire with the constant flames of desire. Emily smiled up at him as her hand started to stroke his manhood, Max’s breathing increased as her hand bought pleasure to him. His hearbeat increased along with his breathing. Emily released his hardness and ran her hand to her wet aching pussy. Pleasing herself, she moaned a tiny bit and slid her fingers inside herself. Max, overcome with the desirable image moved forward, closer to her body. He took her large breasts in his hands and massaged them, her hard nipples exciting him further he took the right one into his mouth, licking the tip of it while he sucked it. He moved on to the left one and Emily’s moans filled their bathroom.

“Baby” She gasped loudly and Max’s eyes opened and looked up at her not removing his mouth from her nipple. “Baby, I need you to fuck me…please baby…I need you in me.” Her voice was thick with desire and her breath came rapidly. More than happy to help, Max stepped back and surveyed her body, to him it was perfection. Large breasts, Toned stomach and legs, perfectly waxed pussy. It was enough to make men like Max drool. Max stepped forward and pressed her against the tiles. He kissed her hard, his tongue forcefully pushing into her mouth and making love to hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she freed one hand and ran it through his hair.

Max’s purple head began to enter Emily’s tight pussy, stretching it slightly, preparing it for what was to come. Emily moaned, the sound reverberating around the tiled walls. His tool disappeared into her, inch by inch, stretching her tight inner parts. Her heart throbbed with the pleasure of having Max inside her. The condensation from the heat of the shower ran down the tiles making it slippery against Emily’s back so as Max slid in and out of her pushing and pulling her hips, she slid easily up and down the tiled wall. Her moans filling the bathroom she pulled on Max’s hair. Pleasure was filling her, pushing her to the edge. Giving her all of the thrill she needed to light up every part of her body, to make all of her body tingle with excitement. She knew she was close and moaned it to Max loudly. His body responded with equal excitement, he hammered in and out of her faster. Forcing her body over the edge, Emily came apart. She moaned his name loudly, her body shaking with the force that she came.

Max told her what was inevitable and she slid down the wall on shaking legs kneeling before him. She took him in his mouth, all of him. Max moaned her name as the tightness of her throat caused his cum to shoot out into her throat. Emily swallowed, looking up at his thrown back head, releasing his dick and grinning at the pleasure she had allowed Max to have.

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