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A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 02

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Next up is Brianna, with some help.

At this point, the other three girls slowly and quietly backed out of the room, closing the door behind them. Fortunately, Rochelle was still too lost in pulling the rest of the cum out of my cock that she didn’t notice the click of the latch. I pulled her back up to me and kissed her, and then sat up with her.

“You may want to go clean up, the other girls are back.”

“Oh? How do you know?”

“They, um…” I paused, and watched the color drain from her face.

“What did they see?” She asked quietly.

“Well, they opened the door, and saw me, and then saw you, with your ass up in the air as you took my cock out of your mouth and took my load on your face.”

At this, she put her head in her hands. “It’s alright, they backed out of the room and I don’t know what they are doing now, although I haven’t heard the front door open, so I think they are still here.” I gave her tit a playful squeeze. “Just relax, Rock, they saw me too so we are both in hot water.” With that, I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and handed it to her, and then found some robes, and gave her one, as her shirt was too cum-stained to wear. I put the other one on, and, seeing that she had cleaned up, we walked back out into the living room to face the fire from her friends.

I walked out first, and saw all three girls look at me with needy expressions on their face, and immediately conversation stopped. We walked out, both wearing our robes, and sat down together. Rochelle curled up with me, and buried her face in my shoulder. I looked at the other girls, and said, quite simply, “Hi.”

They all broke out laughing, and Rochelle and I just looked at each other. Eventually they stopped and Lana, looking at Rochelle, said, “I thought the plan was to tease him tonight, and let him take us one by one over the next few days?”

“Well, yeah… but after you guys left, he just started making me feel good and relaxed, and then one thing led to another and… yeah,” she said, blushing.

“And you,” Brianna said, looking at me. “How did you even get that monster inside her?”

I looked down sheepishly. “We went slow, and I let her go at her speed… Well, except for when she told me to go full steam ahead,” I said, looking at Rochelle and we both quietly laughed.

After a moment, Rochelle looked at the other girls, and then turned to me. “Can we have a moment? To discuss what our next move is?”

I looked at Rochelle, and then the other girls, and nodded. “Sure,” I said. “I’m gonna get a bite to eat,” I said, grabbing the bowl and the bag of weed and heading for the kitchen. I let them talk amongst themselves while I took a few more hits, and then made myself a sandwich. I stood in the kitchen eating, when Brianna came to find me.

“Well,” she said, looking at me. “I hope you are in for a long night, big guy, cause we are all staying over.”

I nodded, smiling at her. “I like that idea. But, what happens now?”

“Well, the other girls are going to sit out in the living room and talk, maybe watch a movie. You and I are going to go back to the bedroom, and have the same fun that you and Rochelle had.”

“I like that idea more. But, can I talk to Rochelle first?”

“Um, sure, okay.” With that, she went out to the living room and sent Rochelle to me.

“Hey,” I said, smiling at her.

“Hey,” she smiled back.

“So, look… before I let this get out of hand, I want to make sure that you are okay with everything that is potentially about to happen. You are the first one to get to me since my break up, and to be honest, at this point I would be perfectly happy ending the night. However, if you are okay with me being with the other three girls, I certainly won’t say no.”

She looked at me oddly for a moment, and then came up and hugged me. “Jason, we all care about you, and we want you to enjoy being with us. Are you and I going to become exclusive? I don’t know. Maybe. That cock of yours is damn near irresistible. But, I think you should go, be with Brianna, and just have fun tonight. The other girls all want you, especially after seeing you and after hearing what we did. Brianna was sold on the thought of you spanking her, so go have fun, and then later we might all join in.”

I smiled, and kissed her again, and then walked her back to the living room. I set the bowl and bag down, and told the other three girls to have at it, and then took Brianna by the hand, and led her back to my bedroom. As soon as the door was shut, she all but jumped on me, pulling me back to the bed while kissing me, throwing my robe off and sliding her hand down, wrapping it around my semi-hard shaft.

At this point, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Already I had taken one of the most beautiful women I knew, and now I was getting another one, not even half an hour later. I couldn’t believe my luck.

In the midst of my thinking, however, Brianna had fell to her knees, and I was brought back to reality by the wet feel of Brianna’s mouth, licking and finally sucking on my cock. I let her go, playing with her hair as she sucked on me. At this point, I felt obliged to tell her that she was not likely to get as lucky as Rochelle with two blasts from me, and I did. She looked up at me and smiled, and then took her mouth off and starting stroking me with her hand… “Oh I think I will,” she said. “But just be warned, I don’t like to wear it. I like it inside me.”

I nodded… “Actually, the first load she took from me was when she was deep throating me. I pulled out, and tried to cum into a towel,” I said, pointing at it, “but she grabbed me and made me cum on her instead.”

“Huh,” she said, swallowing me again. She sucked on my cock for probably another ten minutes, before giving up, and standing up. She walked over to the bed, and started looking at all of the bottles of lotion I had on my headboard. Standing there watching her, still hard as a rock, I remembered what Rochelle had said about the spanking. Smiling, I walked up behind Brianna and grabbed the hem of her skirt, sliding it up. I was immediately rewarded by the sight of a bare, naked ass. Apparently, she was commando underneath the skirt. I smiled, and began rubbing her ass. I continued for a moment, and then whispered in her ear. “Rochelle told me you wanted me next as soon as you found out I had spanked her.”

She gulped, and nodded. “I am a little wilder… a little filthier than Rochelle is. I am also a little submissive,” she said. That was music to my ears.

“Well, then,” I said. “Did you want me to take control of you for tonight? And what all were you wanting of me?”

She turned and looked at me, her dark, tanned leg wrapping around mine. “Yes, and I want you to fuck me senseless, both here,” she said, taking my hand and making me touch her pussy, “and here,” she said, moving my hand around to her ass.

The last statement caught me off guard – usually I have had to beg for anal. I certainly wasn’t going to try it with Rochelle, who could barely stand me in her pussy. But to have a sexy, submissive, beautiful woman almost begging me to fuck her ass, I was in shock. But then, I gained my senses and backed away from her.

“Strip,” I said, “my pets are not allowed to wear anything except heels and robes. Robes are allowed to be worn only when given by me, is that understood?”

She nodded, and immediately got to work undressing. She was wearing a lacey black bra underneath her tank top, and I was pleased to see that she was already following my instructions without hesitation. Once nude, she looked at me.

“Kneel, pet. Unless I tell you otherwise, you are always to be on your knees.” Again, she immediately followed the command, and nodded to the rule.

“Good. Now, pet, crawl over to the bed, and then put your arms through the holes on the footboard.” I watched as she obeyed, and then got a pair of handcuffs out of a drawer, latching them around her wrists. I ordered her to stand, and then fastened an ankle spreader between her legs, and then nodded. “Good pets love to be restrained, don’t they?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you like being restrained and spanked, pet?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Have you ever been restrained in a fashion similar to this and then fucked like I will do to you tonight?”

“No, sir, I have not been restrained and fucked at the same time.”

“Oh, well, then, you are going to have fun tonight,” I said. “Now, I do believe you wanted spanked, is that right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well, then. Unfortunately, I only spank my pets as a punishment, which means you may not immediately enjoy the spanking. That does not concern me – what concerns me is that I cannot think of anything to punish you for. How about you, pet? Can you think of something I should punish you for?”

I smiled, watching her trying to rub her legs together as she thought, “um, maybe, sir…”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“Um, sir… I was, ah, the one who suggested to the others that we tease you tonight, and then fuck you in the coming days.”

“Ah, so it was your idea to try and tease me. I guess that didn’t work out as planned, huh?”

“No, sir.”

I smiled. “So what do you think your punishment should be? I spanked Rochelle for nearly twenty minutes, but that was just a playful spanking. Yours will be a harder more brutal spanking. Perhaps only 10 minutes of spanking?”

She nodded, and with that I looked at the clock. I noted the time, and then went to a drawer, pulling out a slender, pink vibrator. I took advantage of Bri’s exposed position, and slid it inside her, turning it on low and pulling her thighs together as close as they could to prevent it falling out. She moaned as it turned on, at which point I smacked her right ass cheek sharply, followed by her left. I paused a moment, to watch my handprint turn red on her ass before beginning to lay down the law on Bri’s ass, eventually getting her to the point where she was all but screaming after only about 4 minutes.

I stopped, and grabbed a ball gag from my drawer, and walked around to her. I pushed it against her lips, and commanded her to open. She took the gag, and I buckled it in place, and then resumed my assault on her ass, stopping only when the agreed upon 10 minutes had passed. I reached over and uncuffed one of her wrists, allowing her to pull it free.

I pulled the cuffed wrist down, and brought the chain of the cuffs underneath the spreader bar. I brought her other wrist down, and locked it around her wrist again, cuffing her around the spreader bar, forcing her to bend over with her hands locked around the bar between her ankles. She groaned as I forced her body into position – or maybe it was the vibrator that was still on low in her pussy. Either way, I took a step back to admire my handiwork, and then reached down to pull the vibrator out, placing my cock against the entrance to her pussy.

“You wanted me to fuck you senseless, pet, and that’s what I will do. I am going to fuck you until I cum in both of your holes, and then you will suck me to show your appreciation for the fucking I just gave you. Is that understood?”

She nodded, and with that, I slammed my cock home, hearing a loud squeal coming from behind the gag. For about 20 minutes, I just let loose on her pussy, fucking her hard and fast for a while, and then taking long, hard deep strokes inside her pussy while I rubbed her clit. The sound of her screams muffled through the gag was music to my ears, but eventually I decided I wanted the other girls to hear them too, so I stopped, unbuckled the gag, and heard a long gasp and a moan as she got her jaw working again.

Resuming a slow, but hard pace in fucking her pussy, I began to speak. “I have an idea, pet. What about letting the other girls come in, and watch me fuck the living shit out of you?”

“Oh, god, no, the other girls don’t know I’m this submissive, please…”

“Well, perhaps its time they found out.” And with that, I pulled out, leaving her cuffed and bent over, and opened the door. “Hey girls, Bri has something she wants you all to see.”

A moment later, the other girls filed in, and gasped as they saw the position Bri was in. I pointed them to the bed, and had them sit. I grabbed Bri by the hips and got behind her again, rubbing my cock on her pussy. “Bri wants you all to watch as I fuck her, she said it makes her even hotter to be watched.”

The other girls looked at her, and then me, and then I heard Lana say, “You know, she did tell me once that she had a fantasy about being watched.” My suspicions were confirmed, and with that, I stuffed my cock back inside her pussy, fucking her as hard and as fast as I could.

After a few minutes of listening to Bri scream as I fucked her, I handed Lana the gag. “If she gets too loud for you three, gag her.” I watched as Lana waited a minute, and then it apparently got too much, as she reached forward and put the gag back in Bri’s mouth. I was surprised to see that Rochelle had shed her robe, and Kaitlin had shed her skirt and both were playing with themselves while watching Bri take my cock. After gagging Bri, Lana joined in and I was rewarded with a sight of three beautiful women playing with their pussies while I fucked a fourth.

Finally, after fucking this gorgeous brunette who was bound to do nothing except accept my cock, I finally sensed my impending release. Like Rochelle, I knew all of the girls were on the pill so I wasn’t worried about pregnancy, and finally, I let out a long groan as I exploded inside Bri’s pussy. As I let my orgasm subside, I asked the girls to hand me a tube from my nightstand, and began lubricating Bri’s ass.

“Bri is also a fan of taking it in the ass… In fact, she was nearly begging me to agree to it. Isn’t that right, Bri?” I watched as she nodded, her head hanging down. I dropped some lube onto Bri’s ass, and pushed my fingers inside, letting her enjoy the feel of my cock resting in her snatch. After a minute of working her ass with my fingers, I finally pulled out and pressed my cock against her asshole, putting my weight into it as I held her hips firmly, finally feeling my cock push inside her ass. I slowly drove the rest of it in, and began pounding away at her ass the same way that I had pounded her pussy.

A minute later, I saw Lana get up and come towards us. She looked at me… “Jason, I have been where Bri is now… at least, with taking it in the ass… may I play with her pussy, so that she cums too?”

I considered that for a moment. I was initially against the idea, simply because it is not my place to care about whether she cums or not, although I knew she had already. I decided however, to let her do it, simply because I did not have any control over Lana. “Be my guest,” I finally said, and watched as she kneeled down beside Bri and reached up, playing with her pussy as I started fucking Bri even harder. I handed Lana down the pink vibrator as a suggestion, and she took it. The next thing I felt was incredible as Lana slid the vibrator deep into Bri’s pussy. I heard Bri howl through the gag, and felt another orgasm rock her body as the vibrator combined with my ass fucking.

And so we went, for probably about 10 minutes before I finally lost my control, and showered the inside of Bri’s ass with my cum. I waited until I had gotten it all out before withdrawing and going to the bathroom to clean my cock. I returned, and noticed that Lana was now underneath Bri, licking her pussy. I smiled, and went around to Bri’s face, unbuckling the gag and presenting her with my now-clean cock, which she immediately began sucking.

I smiled as Bri brought my cock back to life, and eventually pulled out. I knelt down and kissed Bri, and heard a soft thank you escape her lips as a final orgasm rocketed through her body from Lana’s tongue and the vibrator in her pussy. I smiled, and looked at Lana, indicating for her to finish. After she moved, I uncuffed Bri and took off the spreader, helping her to stand up and move over the bed, upon which she immediately lay down, facing the rest of us.

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