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A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 03

Lana and Kaitlin's turn, the end of the night.
I looked at Lana… “How about you next?” She smiled, and began taking off the rest of her clothes.

“You said you had taken it in the ass before, Lana… did you enjoy it? If so, did you want to do it again?”

She looked up at me as she released her bra, freeing those gigantic orbs on her chest. I reached for them and took them in my hands as she thought. “I enjoyed it, but the guy was smaller than you. If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not.”

I looked up at her as she responded, and placed one hand gently on her face. “No worries.” I laid down on the bed beside Bri and brought her to me, and then brought Rochelle to my other side. I looked at Lana… “If you don’t mind, Lana, I’ve just spent the last 45 minutes pounding Bri here, so I hope you don’t mind if I ask you to ride me so I can gather my strength again.”

She looked down at me, looking from me to my cock, and smiled. “No worries,” she repeated back at me. I smiled, and urged her to do what she wanted. I turned to each side and kissed each girl I had already fucked when I was surprised to feel not one but two tongues sliding up either side of my shaft. I looked down to find that Lana and Kaitlin were both at my shaft, licking it and getting me going. I groaned as I watched them both, when Lana started sucking me hardcore, finally taking me deep into her throat.

I watched Kaitlin as she eyeballed Lana’s mouth wrapped around my dick, her head moving up and down slowly as she savored the taste of my cock, wrapping her tongue around me and stroking my shaft as she blew me. I was in heaven.

After a few minutes, I adjusted Rochelle and Bri on my sides, having them sit up beside me so I could play with their pussies. Seeing Kaitlin left out, I looked at her and smiled.

“You look lonely, Kaitlin,” I said, suppressing a groan. I looked between the other three girls before looking back at her.

“A little,” she said. “I feel left out.”

“Well, don’t feel left out. I am perfectly capable of pleasing you, too,” I said. “Come, get on top of me and straddle my face, I’ll make sure you don’t feel left out,” I said, smiling. And that, she did. She had to pause to take her skirt off, but she slowly made her way on top of me, finally lowering her pussy just over my lips. I raised my head and licked around the outside of her pussy, teasing her as I continued playing with Rochelle and Bri, Lana still going to town on my cock.

I let this continue for a few minutes, licking and eating Kaitlin while I played with Rochelle and Bri’s pussies, while Lana continued to suck me off. Finally, the reality of what was happening got to be too much for me, and I reached down and grabbed Lana’s shoulder to let her know I was about to cum and to get out of the way.

I was surprised however – Lana just kept on going, and finally I blew my load, filling her mouth with my cum. I let out a long, loud moan into Kaitlin’s pussy as I filled Lana’s mouth, before finally needing a break. The next thing I felt, however, was Lana getting in position, trying to fuck me.

“Whoa, whoa whoa, wait a minute,” I said into Kaitlin’s snatch before I was able to move my head out from under her. I gently indicated to Rochelle and Bri that I needed room, and they nodded and got up. I stopped Lana from mounting me, and instead, pulled her up beside me as Kaitlin got down off the bed. I looked at Lana, and kissed her before speaking.

“I actually have a little different plan for you,” I said quietly. “But first, I want to go out to the living room – I’m thirsty, and I want to talk to all of you.” At that, I stood up and helped Lana up, and watched as all four girls, wearing nothing but their heels, walked out into my living room. I indicated for them to sit down, and got drinks for us all before returning and sitting down.

I sat quietly for a minute, and then looked at all of them. “You four are the probably the most beautiful women I have ever been with, and I am honored that you all have been here for this, willing and enjoying every minute of it. Rochelle,” I said, looking at her. “Although small in stature, you have an insatiable appetite for my cum, and I love the look of you in it. Bri, you take me to a different side of my personality, one that I enjoy going to on occasion. Lana – you are just plain hot, and I can’t wait to feel my cock inside you here in a minute. Kaitlin – I know we haven’t had much of a chance to be together yet, but I promise you that you are not forgotten.”

I looked around at them, and noticed the smiles on their faces. At this point, I needed to talk to a few of the girls privately, but to be honest, I was too lazy to pull them aside individually, so I grabbed my phone and started texting. Here is what was said.

Me, to Kaitlin: Do U have a problem being with women?

Kaitlin: No, but Ive never done it b4

Me, to Kaitlin: Okay, not a problem. Go on back to the bedroom, you will be joined shortly.

At that, Kaitlin got up, smiled and kissed me, and went back to the bedroom.

Me, to Bri: Go back and spend time with Kaitlin. I want you to eat her pussy until she tells you to stop, is that understood?

Bri: yes sir

And with that, Bri went back to join Kaitlin.

Me, to Rochelle: Would you rather be with me and Lana, or with Bri and Kaitlin as Bri eats her out?

Rochelle: either or.

Me, to Rochelle: its your choice, if you go back to the bedroom tell Bri that she is to pleasure both of you. Or, I can pay you back for blowing me earlier.

At this point, I started hearing Kaitlin moan from the bedroom, so I knew Bri was already working on her. I watched Rochelle as she looked at me, and then looked at the bedroom before she picked up her phone again.

Rochelle: With you and Lana

I nodded and put my phone down. “So, that’s settled then. I felt bad for Kaitlin having to wait so long, so I sent Bri back to pleasure her for a while. Which leaves the three of us.” I looked at Lana – “It is your turn Lana, but I also owe Rochelle for giving me such a beautiful sight earlier.” I offered Lana my hand, and pulled her next to me. “Now, Lana, I did ask you to be willing to fuck yourself on my dick, and that is still what I want. But,” I said, as she started to get up. “here’s how I want you to do it.” I took Lana and turned her away from me, keeping her thighs touching and pulled her down, until finally my cock was pressing against her pussy. I spread my legs wide, accommodating her legs between mine as I felt her settle down onto my cock.

“Good,” I said, feeling her pussy compressed by the closeness of her thighs. “Now, ride me,” I said, sighing contentedly as I felt her pussy start sliding up and down my shaft. I looked over at Rochelle, and encouraged her to come close. “Now, this is going to require you to trust me a little, can you do that?”

She nodded and looked at me, and I continued. “Okay, you can either climb up on my shoulders and wrap your legs around my head, or you can drape them over the back of the couch. Either is fine, because I will be supporting your weight with my arms.”

She looked at me hesitantly, watching Lana ride me. “Don’t worry I said, Lana is in her own little world fucking herself. I’m going to focus on you, and even if you do fall, you’ll be falling into my lap, which you’ve already proven is far from the worst place to end up,” I said, smiling.

She smiled, and said “Okay,” as she got up and stood over my stomach. I reached up and put my hands underneath her ass, encouraging her to sit. Like I said before, this girl is petite and not very heavy, so I did not have a problem holding her weight in my hands. She sat down on my hands, and put her legs up over my shoulders, wrapping them around my head. I slid my hands up her back so that her weight was resting on my shoulders, and began licking her pussy, slowly from bottom to top as Lana began speeding up on my cock. I could hear her moaning mix with Kaitlin’s, and started working on Rochelle as best I could, avoiding her clit for the time being but licking all around her pussy, teasing her pussy lips until I started feeling her press her pussy into my face, whimpering and calling me a tease.

I smiled, and immediately found her clit with my tongue, pushing down on it while I sucked on her hood, rubbing my chin against the bottom of her pussy as she grabbed my head and moaned deeply. I continued to suck on her hood for a few minutes, letting Lana fuck herself silly on my cock before moving my tongue down and pushing it inside her pussy, licking around the inside of her snatch and feeling her hips rocking gently on my shoulders. I reached up and squeezed her tits, playing with her nipples as I began swirling my tongue around the inside of her pussy, sucking her juice out of her cunt and drinking it as I tongued her wet snatch.

I have to admit – at this point, I felt like the master of the universe – eating one hot girl, having another fuck herself on my dick, with two more girls in my bedroom, one of whom is under strict commands to do nothing but eat pussy until told to stop.

I don’t know how long the three of us kept this up – I know after a while I saw Kaitlin and Brianna return from the bedroom, Kaitlin smiling, and Brianna unsure of herself. I motioned to Brianna, let her know it was ok that she was done and now watching. I looked over a little while later, and found those two kissing and playing with each other. I was floored.

I felt Lana lose herself all over my cock, and slump down to the floor, exhausted. At this point, I moved with Rochelle, laying her down fully on the sofa while I kept my face between her legs, licking and sucking and tonguing and just doing anything I could think of to keep her going. Finally, I felt her grab the hair on the back of my head and squeeze my head tight as she came into my mouth. I tenderly continued to lick around her pussy as she rode out her orgasm, finally moving to her thighs as she relaxed, kissing her legs as I backed away, and helped her sit up.

I looked over at Kaitlin, and saw her bent over between Brianna’s legs, doing to Brianna what I had just done to Rochelle. I smiled and, after checking on Lana and Rochelle, went over to Kaitlin, and started rubbing my cock on her pussy lips. She stopped and turned to look at me, and nodded. I smiled, and took hold of her hips and slid my cock inside her, still trying to come again. I immediately started drilling Kaitlin from behind, rubbing her back as I pumped her pussy and watched her eat the beautiful pussy in front of of her. I looked over and saw Lana and Rochelle, sitting together and watching us as we went at it. I saw Brianna hit her orgasm, and slide out from underneath Kaitlin, and join the others as they watched. I think all three of them were about exhausted, as all they could do is sit and watch as I tore Kaitlin’s pussy apart. I was groaning and moaning as I fucked her, and I felt her cum once, and then again around my cock, but still I was unable to get off.

Finally, Kaitlin asked me to stop, and I did, respectfully. I groaned as I withdrew, and looked around at the girls. I watched as Kaitlin and Lana got their clothes, saying they needed to get home. I looked at the clock, and realized it was late – almost 1 am. I nodded, and kissed both as they left, turning back to find Rochelle and Brianna kneeling in the middle of the entryway, looking at my hard prick.

I groaned, my cock having been abused tonight in a way it had not been in a long time, but knowing I needed to cum – between fucking Lana and Kaitlin, and not cumming while fucking either, I needed it.

After deciding, I looked at them, and came over to them, reaching each hand towards one of them. “Thank you, ladies, for staying. And thank you, for being willing to help. But I don’t think I can do anymore, and I don’t want to overwhelm either of you, either.”

I tried to walk past them to sit down on the couch, and was stopped as I felt Rochelle’s hand on my leg. I stopped and looked down at her, and she smiled.

“Let me,” she said quietly. “And this one is on me.” I nodded, as my cock ached furiously after hearing her, suppressing any resistance I had. I turned to her and pointed my cock at her mouth, moaning as I felt her tongue and lips make contact, sliding over my head and onto the shaft. I extended my hand toward Brianna, and she took it. I pulled her close, wrapping my arm around her waist as we both looked down at Rochelle, watching her suck my cock.

I groaned as I felt her tongue wiggle underneath my shaft, sliding up and down the bottom of my shaft as she slid her lips back and forth on as she bobbed her head.

After a few minutes, I knew I wanted her to deep throat me again. I began putting a little pressure into my back, pushing my cock into her mouth further and further. She reached up and started stroking my arm, which I took as encouragement. Since she wasn’t trying to stop me, I grabbed hold of her hair, and felt my cock slide into her throat. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard or so long before, as I could swear at this point I was getting close to nine inches. I felt it slide down her throat, and didn’t even feel her gag or choke as I finally pushed it all the way in. I wanted to see so while Rochelle kept massaging my cock with her throat, I looked at Bri and told her, “kneel, and find out where my cock is in her throat.”

She did, and started rubbing Rochelle’s throat, trying to find where my cock ended. She finally put her finger on a spot on her neck about an inch above her collarbone, and looked at me with her eyes wide.

I knew what I needed to cum, and with my cock in Rochelle’s throat and me holding her hair, preventing her from pulling off, I knew I was going to get it. I looked down at Rochelle, and couldn’t believe the sight of her lips, pushed against the root of my cock.

At this point, I began talking dirty to Rochelle. I won’t bore you with the inanity of it, but I did make several references to the fact that liked to deepthroat, and that she was quite good at it. Of course by the time this started she was starting to fight back against me, trying to catch her breath. I kept hold of her hair, and smiled down at her, “Almost.” She smacked my leg at that, and kept trying to remove my cock, to no avail. Finally, I felt her choke as her need to breathe overwhelmed, her throat seizing on my cock. I groaned as I felt it, and pulled out, knowing I was very close to a big orgasm. I took my cock and gave it to Brianna as I pulled Rochelle up, and kissed her deeply, moaning into her mouth as Brianna went down my cock, licking and sucking for all she was worth.

I broke the kiss with Rochelle and moaned even louder, looking at Rochelle and gently pushing her down. She understood, and kneeled beside Brianna, looking my cock in her mouth before I pulled out, stroking my cock a few times before I pushed Bri’s head cheek-to-cheek with Rochelle, and moaned one more time before I felt my cock burst. I sighed and groaned, feeling my cock throb with each blast it sent out. I watched as one blast hit them where their cheeks were pushed together, and saw another splash across Bri’s face, covering her eyes and nose, and another fall across Rochelle’s nose and cheek, and then another into her wide open mouth. I came a few more times, spraying them both.

I looked down at the two of them, and grabbed my phone, quickly taking a picture of the two, and then, knowing that none of us had to work the next day, I pulled them both to their feet, and escorted them to the bathroom so they could clean up. I laid down in bed, remembering all of what had happened, and smiled as I heard the girls coming out of the bathroom. I invited them into my bed, and smiled as they curled up to me on either side. I was in heaven, and then I was asleep.

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