A stranger in the night

By jasmino

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One night Candi was laying in her sleeping with nothing but her bra and undies on with a light sheet covering her as it was a hot night. Candi suddenly woke up to see her boyfriend Jamie standing there next to her bed.

She then sat up to kiss her boyfriend as he realised she was only wearing a bra and no shirt. He then told her to lay back down, he then hoped on top of her and started kissing her passionately. He then started to move he's hand down her body till he reached her undies and slipped he's hand inside and started to rub her clit nice and slowly. Candi then started to slowly moan as he did this, Jamie then whispered in Candi's ear, "I want to make you really wet so I can enter you."

He then lent down and removed her undies and started to lick her clit slowly.He then moved he's tongue down further and entered it inside her vagina moving it around slowly to arouse Candi. He started to play with her boobs as he continued to lick out her vagina.

Candi then said softly, bring me your dick so I can pleasure you like you have pleasured me. He then got up and put he's now nice and hard dick in her mouth making her gag. Candi then started to suck Jamie's dick slowly as he whispered how much he was enjoying it.

Candi then started playing with Jamie's balls while she sucked he's dick. Jamie then took he's dick out and shoved it straight in Candi. he then stared to pound her nice and slowly making her moan he's name.

Candi then tried to take control but Jamie whispered, "I came to pleasure you tonight Candi so let me take control."

Candi then leaned back and let Jamie please her, she moaned and groaned as he slid he's dick in and out her now very wet vagina.

Jamie then fully removed Candi's bra whilst still fucking her now softly, then he started to play with Candi's nice c cup boobs paying particular attention to her nipples as he knows this is a particular pleasure spot for Candi. Candi started to get more excited as he done this and started to rub he's body sending a tingling feeling across Jamie's body making him happy.

Candi started to shake as she was getting close to reaching climax, he then decided to take he's dick out and rub it against her clit to pleasure her even more then before. Candi was getting very aroused and excited by this and whispered in Jamie's ear how much she was enjoying Jamie's dick rubbing up against her.

Jamie then decided to re enter Candi and started to slowly slide he's dick in and out of Candi again and again. Candi was so turned on by this point in time and was ready to orgasm and cum all over Jamie's nice hard and long dick.

Jamie then started to fuck her harder making her moan louder and louder till all of a sudden she screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed. he then asked if he could blow he's load in side her, she nodded yes. She then felt he's nice warm cum shoot inside her, he pulled out then came to kiss Candi one last time and said, "Good night my beautiful princess, sleep well'."

He then left her room leaving her to sleep feeling very pleased with her night. She then fell asleep feeling very happy