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A Stranger in the Shop

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My aunt leaves her shop in my care for the day...
It was the day my aunt asked me to watch the shop for her, she was out for the day and needed someone to come in to cover for her. She runs a tiny antique shop in Camden Market, selling bits and bobs; nothing anyone in their right mind would actually want. Anyway, I agreed.

It was a hot day, surprisingly so for May, and I had slipped on a red summer dress that morning. It was fairly short, but I knew I would be behind a counter all day, so my first priority was comfort. All day, people had been in and out, browsing, deliberating, buying. A lampshade here, a first edition there.

He was my last customer of the day, and even as he entered I thought I might have to usher him gently out so I could lock up. He browsed the shelves for a while before approaching the counter and presenting me with an engraved, silver cigarette case. It was only then that I noticed his eyes. They were emerald green, and piercing; I felt like I might never move again, holding his gaze like that.

Eventually he did, and said, “How much would you like for this, miss?”

I was startled at his politeness, and equally startled at the blush creeping over my cheeks. I told him and he held out a note, our fingers touched and my eyes flicked back up to lock with his. I prayed he too could feel the electricity running up my arm from the place where our skin touched. Flustered, I took the money, and the spell was broken. I really ought to be closing up now; it’s getting late.

A mad thought flashed through my mind and I looked across the counter at this gorgeous man, he must have only been about twenty-four, but his eyes looked older. Wiser. His torso was clad in a grey shirt, the sleeves of which were rolled up, revealing the rippling muscles of his forearms. My heart sped a little as I took in the black jeans, clinging to his thighs.

“I need to lock up the shop, could you…would you…help me?”

I meant it to be much smoother, and in my head it was. Something about him seemed to inhibit my ability to think straight.

“Sure, no problem.”

I was shocked he had even agreed and was still in a sort of daze as we went over to the front windows and closed the blinds. I turned the sign on the door around and when I turned back, he was right behind me. His arms snaked around my waist as he drew closer. My hands softly caressed his neck as he lowered his lips to mine and placed a light kiss on them. My inhibitions melted and I parted my lips, allowing his tongue to entwine with mine.

Without breaking the kiss I steered him backwards, to the counter, so he was leaning against it. He pulled me into him, tight against his chest, as his tongue danced with mine.His hand rans down my side, over my hip, and slipped under my dress to my bare thigh, where it rested for a moment. My hands became a little bolder, unbuttoning his shirt. We disengaged while I ripped it off him, returning my hands to his powerful back.

His hand on my leg grew restless and started to move inwards, brushing my inner thigh. I raked my nails over his back and kissed him passionately as his fingers brushed the gusset of my thong. I exhaled sharply and he clearly took this as permission to press his hand against me, lingering there, rocking slowly.

With each movement I felt hot desire build in my clit, a need for him. I let out a tiny whimper into his mouth as he slipped his hand into my underwear and pressed a finger into me, curling it up into my g spot. He started to build a rhythm and my lips left his, moving down to his neck where I gently grazed his skin with my teeth, becoming more and more restless as he inserted another finger, pushing deep inside me. I felt his mouth creeping up my neck, nibbling gently at my earlobe, I knew I was nearing climax, but I must not. Not yet.

I drew away and looked into his eyes, bringing my hands down to his jeans to undo them; without help they fell to his knees. His hand retreated from my underwear and my fingers trailed up his thigh and over his already stiff cock. A small moan escaped his lips and I pressed a little firmer, stroking his cock through his underwear. I was pleasantly encouraged by his apparent lust for me as I felt him growing even harder beneath my hands.

I maintained eye contact for a moment as I fell to my knees in front of him, a wicked smile playing on my parted lips. I pulled down his underwear and kissed over his hip, to his inner thigh. I felt him shudder as I gripped the backs of his thighs and ran my tongue up his cock, to the very tip. There, I flicked out my tongue and waited for his reaction, I was not disappointed. His hands fell to my shoulders and gripped tightly. Slowly, I encircled his thick cock with my mouth, taking more and more of him in, sucking hard. His hands were everywhere, pulling through my hair, gripping the back of my neck, forcing me into a rhythm. I bobbed up and down his cock, tongue swirling, until I felt that familiar throb.

I pulled away and stood before him. In one movement I whipped off my dress and watched him freeze in awe at the sight, the best flattery in the world. I watched him regain his senses and he smiled back at me as he removed the rest of his superfluous clothes. Without a word, I took his hand and led him through to the back room, a small room with a single smallish sofa and a horribly rough carpet. He pulled me back into his naked body and kissed me deeply, I felt like I would collapse, and was grateful for his strong arms encasing me. The kiss ended and his lips traveled up to my ear.

“There’s not much space for us to lie down, sweetheart.”

I just smiled at him and told him not to worry about that. His nimble fingers unclipped my bra and as it fell off me, I stepped out of my thong. Before he knew what I was doing I was bent over, with my forearms on the chair of the sofa. Then he knew. I heard him let out a sexy guttural moan as the prospect. He was right behind me, running his hands over my back and through my dark hair that tumbled over my shoulders.

Gripping my hips, he pressed his throbbing cock into my waiting, dripping pussy. I moaned loudly as he pressed deep inside me, filling me up. He began to thrust, in and out, starting to pound me harder and harder. Deeper and faster. With each thrust I moaned in pleasure, as the head of his thick cock slammed into my g spot. I felt myself getting close to climax, but without warning, he pulled out and went to sit on the sofa, inviting me onto him.

I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto his waiting cock, grinding my hips into his. His grip around my waist tighten as I bounced up and down on his, looking into his shocking bright eyes as I become to cum. I tightened around him as wave after wave wracked through my body, causing me to cry out in sheer pleasure. He moaned as he too came, filling me with his thick, hot cum. When we had ridden every crest, I collapsed forward onto him, his lips found my ear.

“What’s your name?” he asked.
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