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A stunned husband caught his wife cheating on him

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A husband is stunned as he caught his wife cheating on him, but is shocked at what happened.
Mike and Lori had been married just under two years. Mike 30 had met Lori shortly after graduating from college. He had fallen hard for her as she was a very beautiful looking girl. She had the most beautiful smile and a outstanding body to go along with it. He was on top of the world so he had thought the day he had married her.

Their marriage after two years seemed to be even stronger than the day they had gotten married. They did everything together including running, biking and going to the gym. They looked like a very happy couple together.

Mike decided one afternoon to surprise his wife as he took the afternoon off from work. He headed home when he had come upon their house. A car sat on the driveway that Mike didn’t know. He wonder as he parked out into the street who’s car that it could had been.

He got out of his car and made his way up the walkway. He walked past their living room window when he saw something very unusual. His wife stood their with no top on. Her beautiful tits were in plain view of the window as she was chatting with someone inside the house.

Mike immediately thought the worst. How could his lovely wife do something like this to him. He wonder who the guy was inside his house. Was it someone he had known or was it one of the trainers from the gym.

He originally had the idea of storming into the house and catch them both red handed, but he needed to know first who the guy was. He snuck up to the living room window as the window was slightly open and peaked in. He saw his wife as she still stood their showing off her beautiful tits. She still had on her workout shorts as her top laid in the middle of the living room floor.

He heard Lori laughing out as she talked to this unknown intruder. A few minutes later the individual who Lori had chatted with began to enter the living room. Mike’s blood pressure rose as his adrenalin ran rampant through his body. His heart sunk as he got his first glance of the other individual in the house with his wife.

Mike was stunned, as the other individual who he had thought was a guy was actually a female. Her name was Megan and Mike had recognized her from the gym. She was a stunning 20 year old who he had talked to a few times while he work out. She now stood in his living room still dressed in her gym attire. Her body was extremely beautiful as her top showed off her nice size tits and her bottoms were extremely tight against her nearly perfect shape ass.

Mike watched as his wife went right up to Megan. She began to kiss Megan on the lips as she pushed her tits hard up against Megan’s chest. It was a few minutes later when Lori knelt down behind Megan. She slowly peeled her workout bottoms down over the cheeks of her ass. Her ass was so gorgeous as Lori began to delicately lick on it. She had sucked and licked on it for several minutes until her mouth had reached Megan’s pussy. Lori now pushed her mouth in between Megan’s legs as her tongue now touched Megan’s pussy.

Megan braced her arms against a chair as she bent her ass out toward Lori’s mouth. Lori now had better access to Megan’s pussy as Megan began to moan out, “Ohhhhh!”

It was a few minutes later that Megan grabbed Lori and pushed her down onto her back in the center of the living room. Megan then straddled her pussy over top of Lori’s face as she grabbed the back of Lori’s head. She pushed Lori’s mouth hard up against her wet pussy as Lori began to lick and suck feverishly on Megan’s pussy.

It was only a few minutes later when Megan cried out, “Suck it! Suck my pussy!”

Megan had cum shortly after that as her body shook uncontrollable as she still sat on top of Lori’s face. She then got up off Lori and said, “Lets go into the bedroom! I got a big surprise for you!”

Mike was stunned by what he had just saw. His wife Lori never ever gave him any ideas that she was bi. If anything Lori used to say how disgusting it was and how uninterested she was in it.

Megan and Lori retreated upstairs to the bedroom. A dazed Mike in the mean time decided to slip into the house and follow them upstairs. He was in luck as the door to the bedroom was still wide opened. He peeked in to watch what was about to happen next.

Lori now was fully naked as was Megan. Megan had Lori on her back on the bed as she sat on her stomach with her back facing Lori’s face. She grabbed a big vibrator and turned it on to the lowest setting. Lori’s body jerked hard as Megan held it tightly to the bed. She teased Lori’s pussy for a few minutes with the vibrator. Lori was now extremely aroused as moisture dripped from her swollen pussy. Megan wouldn’t let her cum as she continued to tease her with the vibrator.

She now turned up the vibrator another notch as Lori cried out loudly. Megan said to Lori, “Keep those legs apart! I will stop if you try to close them!”

Lori did everything humanly possible to keep her legs wide apart. She wanted to cum extremely badly as she had to do whatever Megan had wanted. Megan now had the vibrator on the top setting as moisture ran out of Lori’s pussy. Lori was practically crying as she said, “Please let me cum! I need to cum!”

A few seconds later Megan hit Lori’s pussy with the vibrator again. Megan held it tightly against Lori’s very swollen pussy as Lori had one of the most powerful orgasms of her life as her body shook like never before. Her scream could be heard outside as Megan took control over her.

Megan then climbed off Lori and grabbed a strap on cock that she brought along with her. She immediately put it on and climbed again on top of Lori. She had Lori sucked on it as pushed all nine inches of it as far down Lori’s throat.

A few minutes later Megan pushed the fake cock up against Lori’s pussy. Lori cried out as she felt it slip deep inside her pussy. Megan fucked Lori good and hard with the strap on as Lori again screamed out into another powerful orgasm a short time later.

Megan was really getting into this now as she had Lori turn around and get on all fours. Megan moved in behind Lori as she slammed the strap on cock into Loris’ pussy again. Lori had never felt anything like this before as yet another orgasm began to build up inside her. Megan then moaned out, “You like the way I am fucking you bitch!”

“Yes! Yesssss!” Lori cried out.

Lori again had another powerful orgasm as Megan pushed most of the nine inches of the strap on cock deep inside her. Megan now removed the cock from Loris’ pussy and without warning now pushed it up against her ass. Lori cried out as Megan said, “Shut up! You are going to take it in the ass!”

Megan then slid the strap on cock into Lori’s ass. Lori had never been fucked in the ass before so this was a first for her. Megan slowly fucked her ass at first, but then picked up the pace. She had Lori grabbed the vibrator and pushed it up against her swollen pussy while she fucked her ass from behind. It didn’t take very long as Lori’s pain had now turned into pure pleasure. She had the vibrator on high as Megan fucked her ass hard with the strap on. A few seconds later Lori screamed out as she had yet another very powerful orgasm. Her body had weaken so much from cumming that it had fallen flat onto the bed. Lori then cried out, “I can’t take it anymore!”

Megan now rolled Lori back onto her back as she again straddle her pussy over Lori’s face. She had Lori suck on her pussy again as Megan was extremely aroused. It only took just a few minutes when Megan cried out as she started to cum again all over Lori’s mouth and face. Megan then climbed off the bed and got dressed. She said to Lori as she left, “I am bringing my boyfriend with me next week! I hope you can handle two of us!”

Mike quickly then slipped back out the front door. He drove away wondering what he should do. He was very aroused by what he had saw, but also very jealous. He decided he wouldn’t say anything to Lori and see what would happen the following week.

The following week he again took off the afternoon from work and waited for Lori to leave the gym. He sat their for almost thirty minutes when Lori emerged form the gym. She was followed by Megan and her boyfriend. He was a big guy and very well built as they followed Lori back to her house.

Mike followed a ways behind as he parked his car several houses down from his own. He watched as Lori and her two friends walked into the house. Mike then got out of the car and slowly snuck up to his house. He peeked into the window, but he didn’t anyone. He decided then to go on in and see what was happening. He quietly trudged his way up the stairs as he heard laughter coming from his bedroom. The door was wide opened as he saw his wife Lori and Megan embracing one another.

A few minutes later Megan’s boyfriend began to remove his clothes as did Lori and Megan. All three of them were naked in no time as Lori began to worship Megan’s body. She sucked on each of her tits and then knelt down and began to worship Megan’s gorgeous ass with her tongue. Megan began to kiss her boyfriend while Lori licked and sucked every inch of Megan’s ass.

Megan said to Lori, “I want you to suck on my boyfriends big cock!”

Lori was a little shocked as Megan’s boyfriend pushed his cock in front of her face. Megan then grabbed the back of Lori’s head and pushed her mouth onto her boyfriends big cock. He began to ram his cock in and out of Lori’s mouth as she tasted another man‘s cock for the first time in her life. Lori had sucked on his big cock for several minutes as she gagged a number of times.

Megan now had Lori lay up on the bed. She straddled herself over the top of her face as Lori began to lick and suck on her pussy. Megan began to suck on her boyfriends cock as he stood up on the bed. A few minutes later Megan had become extremely aroused. She had wrapped her legs tightly around Lori’s head as she continued to suck her boyfriends cock.

A few seconds later Megan was very close to cumming as she no longer could suck on her boyfriends cock. She now held tightly onto his big cock with her hand as she slowly stroked on it. She started to moan out, “Omg!” as Megan had a very powerful orgasm as she moved her pussy very quickly back n forth across Lori’s face.

Megan now wanted her boyfriend to fuck her. She got down on all fours and said to him, “Fuck me hard! I need your cock inside me!”

Her boyfriend didn’t waste a minute as he got in behind Megan and rammed his big cock deep into her. Megan cried out as Lori slid her face underneath Megan’s pussy. She started to lick Megan’s clit as her boyfriend slammed his cock into her. A few seconds later Megan cried out as she started to cum all over her boyfriends big cock. Her juices dribbled down onto Lori’s face as she laid directly underneath Megan’s pussy.

Megan now slid off his cock and pulled out the vibrator. She teased Lori with it as she ran it across her swollen clit several different times. Lori was now on fire as she begged Megan to let her cum. Megan just continued to tease Lori as her pussy was so hot, that moisture began to appear.

It was a few minutes later and Lori wanted to cum very badly. Megan then said to her boyfriend, “Fuck her! I want you to fuck her good and hard! Make her cum on your big cock!”

He quickly climbed on top of Lori as Mike watched on in horror from the door way. It only took a few seconds and the young stud pushed his big manhood into Lori. Lori instantly screamed out loudly as she felt the most wonderful sensation of her life.

Megan grabbed the vibrator and hit Lori’s clit with it as her boyfriend fucked Lori. This pushed Lori over the edge as she had the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her body shook and trembled like never before as she let out an extremely loud scream. Her orgasm went on for a good two minutes as Megan’s boyfriend continued to fuck her with his big cock.

Megan’s boyfriend now had Lori roll over on top of his cock. Lori did her best as she rode on top of his big cock. A few minutes later Lori started to ram herself up and down on his big cock. She was very close to cumming when she felt Megan back behind her. She felt a very sharp at first as Megan with the strap on cock on rammed it into Lori’s ass. Lori was now being fucked by both Megan and her boyfriend.

Lori cried out as she no longer could stop from cumming. She had one powerful orgasm after another. She finally cried out, “I can’t take anymore! Please!”

Megan’s boyfriend now said, “I want to fuck her in the ass!”

Megan said, “Sure!”

He got in behind Lori’s ass and pushed his big manhood into her ass. Lori cried out as she felt enormous pain, but it quickly turned into pleasure a few minutes later. He fucked Lori in the ass for several minutes as Lori let out a continuous cry.

A few minutes later Megan’s boyfriend couldn’t hold on any longer as he wanted to cum. He yanked his cock out of Lori’s ass as Megan immediately grabbed on to it. Megan said to Lori, “Roll over! I want him to cum all over your beautiful face!”

Lori quickly rolled over as Megan had her boyfriends cock only inches from her face. Megan then said to Lori, “Open up your mouth!”

Lori’s mouth opened up slowly as Megan stroke hard on her boyfriends cock. It was only a minute later that Mike heard a loud grunt come out of Megan’s boyfriend. He started to cum as Megan shouted out, “That’s it baby cum inside her mouth!”

Several shots of cum landed inside Lori’s mouth as Megan milked his cock dry. Lori now laid on the bed exhausted as cum dribbled back out the sides of her mouth. Megan caressed her boyfriend as they both crashed down onto the bed next to a worn out Lori.

It was about a half an hour later when Megan and her boyfriend got dressed and left. Mike quickly hid as they walked right past him out of the house. Mike was torn about what to do as he was very aroused, but also very jealous. He couldn’t believe his wife of two years not only had sex with another woman, but now she fucked another guy on top of that. Mike had several decisions to make.

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