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A Summers Day part 2

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Fantasy comes true...
Tucker couldn’t believe that he had just witnessed. Tess, screaming his name as she came. Hearing that made him hard again. His dream, masturbating, thinking of him. Tucker looked at her now, still sprawled on the table, hand still buried in her pussy, smiling at him. “Fuck, “ he thought, “I’m gonna, I just have to.” Tucker opened the screen door and went in. Tess’ eyes locked with his, then traveled down to his still open jeans. Tuckers cock twitched in his hand as he walked towards her. Her tongue flicked out and glided over her lips. A tiny moan escaped Tuckers mouth, “Oh Tess.”

Tess’ breath quickened as Tucker opened the door. She felt her nipples tighten as their gazes locked. Her eyes traveled down and focused on his cock. “Oh God,“ she thought, “he is sooo much more than I imagined.“ Her pussy pulsed around her fingers at the thought of him. Her mouth went dry and she licked her lips. She gasped when she heard Tucker moan her name.

“Oh fuck,” Tucker whispered as he came to stop in front of her, spread before him, waiting. He reached out his hands and touched her ankles. Her skin felt like silk, soft and smooth. Tucker stepped closer, his cock touched the edge of the table, just out of reach of her glistening pussy. His hands slowly slide up Tess’ legs. He looks into her brown eyes as his hands move to the insides of her thighs and eased them further apart. She started to remove her fingers, but Tucker stops her, “No Tess. Leave them there baby.” Tess stilled her hand and whimpered.

Tess’ breath caught as he moved between her legs. She felt her pussy tighten, with anticipation, around her fingers. Tuckers hands on her legs, feeling them slide up and inside her thighs sent shivers over her skin. His eyes locked with hers had her gasping. She began to ease her hand from her soaking pussy. She knew what was about to happen, but Tucker stopped her.

Tucker leaned forward and licked the juice that covered Tess’ hand. He slid his tongue in, out and around her fingers and lightly traced her swollen lips. Tucker moved his hands to her hips, gripped them and pulled her closer. He nudged her hand away and slid his tongue deep. Tess screamed, “Oh God Tucker!” Her hips arched off the table and pushed her further up into his mouth. Tess’ taste exploded on his tongue, he groaned, pulled her hips off the table and gathered her to his mouth, leaving only her shoulders on the table.

Tuckers eyes gazed into Tess’ as his tongue was buried deep. The pure ecstasy in her eyes fueled his drive. He thrust deeper into her pussy, his nose nudged her clit. “Tucker, of fuck yes,” Tess moaned, “I’m gonna cum…ahhhhhhhh.” Her honey flooded his mouth. Tucker growled as he lapped it all up. “Oh Tess, oh fuck Tess,” Tucker moaned, “Bedroom, where’s the bedroom?” Tess motioned down the hall. Tucker lowered her legs to around his waist and scooped her up. She squealed and wrapped tight around him. Their lips locked in a purely carnal kiss. Tess moaned and rubbed herself along the thick cock that was wedged against her pussy. Tucker gripped her hips to still her. “Not yet Tess. Oh hell,” he growled. Tess giggled and wiggled her ass, grinding her wet pussy against him. 

Tucker entered the bedroom and pulled Tess from around him, She stood on quivering legs as Tucker devoured her with his eyes, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Tess’ breath caught as their eyes met. Pure raw lust was pooled in his depths. Tucker grasped her hips and turned her around, his torso pressed along her back. Tucker pressed his cock along the crease of her perfect ass. He slipped a hand inside the bodice of her dress, cupped her breast and rolled the nipple between his fingers. All the while, Tucker moved them closer to the wall, until Tess was pressed against it.

Tess turned her head to the side and their lips met. She reached a hand up behind her and threaded it into Tuckers hair, grasping and pulling his kiss deeper. Tucker reached for her hands and placed them above her on the wall. He trailed bites and kisses down the side of her face and lightly bit her earlobe, “I’m gonna fuck you my sweet Tess. Keep your hands right there. DO NOT move them from the wall,” he whispered.

Tuckers hands traveled from her hands, down her arms and settled on her hips. He pulled Tess’ hips away from the wall, until she was bent at the waist. He gathered her dress around her waist and feasted his eyes on her creamy ass. Tess whimpered as he traced a finger along the crease of that ass and into her waiting pussy. Tess moaned and brought a hand down to grasp his hip. “I said keep your hands on the wall,“ Tucker said as his hand slapped her ass with a loud crack. Tess yelped and quickly replaced her hand onto the wall. Tucker felt her juice gush into his hand and her pussy tighten around his finger. “Oh hell,” he thought, “she is gonna be the death of me.”

Tucker knelt to his knees and pressed a kiss on the still warm handprint the had left on her ass. He widened Tess’ stance and kissed the small of her back. He glanced up into her face. Tess’ eyes were closed and her lower lips was caught between her teeth. Tucker pressed his fingers deeper into her pussy and smiled at the tremble of her body and the fact that her hands clawed at the wall, but never left it.

He slid his tongue along the crease of her ass and found her tightly closed bud. He pushed his tongue deep and was rewarded with a moan. “Oh fuck me Tucker,” Tess cried out. She pressed down onto his finger and back into his mouth.

Tucker stood and placed his hands on Tess’ hips and the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. In one swift, powerful thrust, he slid into her velvety tightness. Tess screamed out as his thickness filled her, his balls smacked her clit and sent her over the edge. Tucker gripped her hips tight, holding her still as he felt her pussy spasm around him. Sweat streamed down his body as he fought the urge to shoot his load then.

“Fuck me Tucker, please,” Tess pleaded. Tucker slowly withdrew, feeling her slick pussy glide along his cock. He leaned forward, his torso pressed against Tess’ back, wrapped his arms around her and began to fuck her. He thrust his hips, going deeper and deeper, until Tess’ toes barely touched the floor. Tucker felt Tess’ pussy tighten around him, he knew she was close. It took all of Tuckers willpower not to slam into her, but he stopped and pulled his cock free. Tess moaned in frustration and Tucker grinned as he placed his cock at her tight lil bud. He held there and felt Tess press back against him, the head of his cock popped in. Tess sighed and Tucker moaned. He pressed forward as she pressed back. Buried deep in Tess’ass, Tucker reached around and gripped her breasts and pinched her nipples
Hands still pressed against the wall, Tess lowered her head and bowed her back. Tucker slid deeper. “Ughhh, don’t hold back Tucker,” Tess whimpered. That’s all Tucker needed to hear. He left her breasts and gripped one hand on her hip and the other entwined into Tess’ hair. Tucker pulled her head back and began slamming into Tess over and over. He felt his balls tighten. “Tess, baby, I’m gonna cum,” Tucker hoarsely let out. “In my pussy baby,” Tess whispered. Tucker pulled out of Tess’ ass and into her pussy in one heartbeat.

One thrust, Tucker gripped her hips…
Two thrusts, Tess’ pussy gripped his cock…
Three thrusts, they screamed in unison as Tucker emptied his cum deep into Tess’ depths and Tess came in a haze of stars. Trembling and gasping for air, they both lowered to the floor, still joined together and Tess’ hands still on the wall…
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