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A Surprise Encounter and A Long Night Of Fun

Two college sweethearts meet up and have an incredible night of fun reminiscing.
It was a cold, snowy Wednesday. My wife was off from work this week and was visiting friends with our Son for a few days. I had the house to myself and all I had to do was go to work, and kick back at home. I loved the freedom of the week. I had an extra spring in my step at the gym each day and had been going out after work for a few drinks each night. Today was no different. I woke up, shoveled the snow off the driveway and walkways and left for work. My coffee seemed to taste that much better when I wasn't stressed with getting my kid out the door.

The day was going great. Work was easy today and I was planning on heading to the gym at noon. My cell phone vibrated with a text. I opened it up and found a number I didn't recognize. It was a text from my college ex. She was in town and was seeing what I was doing. She'd only be around for 2 days and wanted to catch up and grab a drink. Wow. My heart started to pound. I hadn't talked to her in years. We'd kept in touch slightly since college but really went our separate ways. Why then was I excited at the thought of her being in town? Why was I intrigued with her wanting to catch up?

I texted her back and told her that I was free all week since my wife was out of town and would love to meet up. I knew it was borderline wrong, but I wanted her to know that my wife wasn't around. If for no other reason than to just tease/temp her. She got back to me that she'd stop by my office around 6:30 and also included "Wife's not around huh?" Upon reading that, I immediately got a little chubby downstairs. What the heck's going on?

Okay, I need to clear my head. I'm going to the gym a little early. Once I got there, I was like an animal. All I wanted to do was work out harder and harder. I wanted to be as cut as possible for my ex. The thought of her being here tonight drove me nuts. I wanted to look as good as possible. We had separated on some interesting terms. She was young and wanted to "experience" college more once I was gone. I swallowed my pride, let her go, and immediately moved on. Maybe I was still scared from that. Who knows? But all I wanted to do was make her want me tonight.

The rest of the day crept by. I kept looking at my clock waiting for 6:30. Everyone was wrapping up their work and leaving. I pretended that I had a lot to do and would stick around for a while. I didn't want people to be suspicious of what I was doing or who I was seeing. Finally, everyone had left. It was 6:15. Almost time.

I saw her pull up. She was in a newer silver BMW, tinted windows, and nice rims. The car was pretty hot. I was her step out. She had a nice, professional looking suit on. Her skirt was above the knees and showed a little extra leg and the suit top made both her waist look slim and her chest look perky. Even after all these years, kids, etc., she could still make my heart face and my pants bulge!

She called from her cell and I told her to come and how to get to my office. Before I knew it, she was standing in front of me. My heart was in my freaking' throat now. We hugged. Not a long hug, but not an informal one either. I could sense that we both wanted to hug more, squeeze more, etc. but that we were holding back. We sat down on the couch in my office and start some small talk. She filled me in on why she was in town, who she worked for, etc. I gave her the same peripheral details. As we talked, we kind of scooted towards each other on the couch. Nothing too noticeable. But after talking for a 10 minutes, we were now side by side, legs touching, and laughing about different memories. At one point, I felt her move her leg up and down against mine. What? Did she really just do that? I wasn't sure. But I think she did. So, I did the same back to her. She didn't flinch. She actually pushed her leg a little more into me, a definite sign that she liked it. This also opened up her skirt a little bit more. I could see her inner thigh now and noticed that she had on black thigh highs. Ugh!!! She KNEW I loved thigh highs. Why was she wearing them now? I felt myself getting more and more aroused. As I listened to her voice, her laugh, and watched her legs move and her thigh open up.

She must have caught me looking at her thigh. She stopped talking and when I looked up, she had a smirk on her face. "Excuse me" she said. Ugh, my heart sank. I felt horrible. I started to apologize to her when she stopped me, put her hand on my thigh, leaned in, and said "Stop. Do you like what you see?", as she lifted her skirt up a little bit more. Immediately, I was ROCK HARD! I hadn't been with her in 10 years, hadn't been with another woman in 7 years, but she absolutely drove me crazy.

"You're a tease! I'm married!" I responded, as I grabbed her hand and immediately removed it from my thigh. Her face went white. She was mortified. But just as she started to pull her hand out of my grip, I slid it on top of my cock and started rubbing my unit with her. Just then, I noticed her tongue gentle lick her lips. Not the kind when you want someone to see it. But the kind that you do to yourself when you're turned on. My other hand slipped up her skirt and started to rub her thigh just below her crotch. I grabbed a hand full of thigh and squeezed it causing her to moan a little and thrust her pelvis forward. My fingers immediately moved up to her pussy and started rubbing it through her panties. She was soaking wet already and I was loving every minute of it. The more I rubbed, the more she moaned. She started to reach into my pants to grab my cock, but I moved in front of her. I wanted to drive her nuts and pleasure her like I used to and have always wanted to.

I got on my knees directly in front of her and spread her legs. She hiked up her skirt all the way so she could spread her legs wide and exposed 2 beautifully tanned, toned, long, soft legs. I paused, looking at them, caressing them, appreciating them. GOD WAS SHE HOT!!! And GOD did I want to fuck her!!!!! I lifted both legs up over my shoulders and plunged my face between her legs. I first started by sucking on her pussy lips. I sucked and nibbled everywhere. Each time I felt her convulse and moan, I slowed down to tease her. Her juices where dripping out of her and she tasted amazing. As I sucked and nibbled, I started rubbing her clit with my fingers. I rubbed up and down, left and right. I pinched it and massaged it. She was going crazy. I noticed she had unbuttoned her suit top as well as her white button down exposing her beautiful breasts in a black lace push up bra. She was rubbing her tits, eyes closed, head back. She was in ecstasy. Just like she used to be when we were together. I LOVED PLEASING her. It was such a turn on. I started to finger her. First slowly and I felt her hips sink down into my hand. She actually at one point started to fuck my hand. I just kept it in place. 2 fingers in her pussy, 1 finger on her clit and she was fucking my hand. Up and Down. Up and Down. I stood up and grabbed her behind the neck with my other hand. She opened her eyes and I leaned in. She grabbed my head with both hands, pulled me right in, and started to embrace me like I've never embraced before. The passion, lust, and love were pouring out of us as we kissed harder and harder. I kept fingering her during this entire time and felt her start to come. Right then, I stopped kissing, leaned over to her ear. I started whispering. "Uhhhh, you feel so good. The way you smell, the way you walk, the way your hips grind into me, the way you arch back. Grind into me. More. Really grind your hips. Rub your chest. Grab you tits and squeeze them together" I was driving her crazy. She was coming. Hard and fast. The more I talked, the more I fingered, the more she ground into me and came more and more.

I jammed my fingers in as hard as I could, held her pussy with the palm of my hand, pulled her by her hair so her head went back and her neck was exposed. I leaned it and sucked her neck. Each time I sucked it, I pulled her hair ever so slightly more, fingered her just a little harder and deeper, and ground the palm on my hand against her clit. "More!" She said. "Harder!" So I did. Each time I did, she wanted it more and harder. She came again. And then again. It had been about 15 minutes now of us being like this and she had cum 5-6 times. I pulled her hair one more time, nibbled her neck, and whispered "I will always know how to make you cum. ALWAYS!"

We paused. She was panting. Out of breath. Out of energy. Exhausted. "Let's grab a drink." I told her. "Okay" she said "Let's go my hotel bar. It's supposed to be a new trendy place and it's nearby" I got up and watched her get herself together. She bent over to fix herself just enough so I could see her black thong panties from behind. She then turned towards me, and buttoned up her top, never taking her eyes off me, and I never took my eyes off her breasts. "You like 'em huh?" "Um, love them" I said as my cock got harder.

I followed her out and into our cars. She led me to her hotel which was about 10 minutes away. On the way, I got a text from her. It was her cleavage. GOD was it beautiful. The note said, "Your turn is next!" When we got to her hotel, she pulled in the "run over parking" lot, the lot used when the first lot is full and they need more parking. It was deserted. She got out of her car and come over to mine and climbed in the passenger seat. Without saying anything, she put one finger on my lips meaning not to say anything. The other hand went right down to my crotch and started rubbing. I immediately went hard. She liked to watch me as I got excited. She liked to watch me try to control myself when it was uncontrollable. She stroked it and watched me squirm. She then unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. More stroking. Up and down. Up and down. Her other hand was on my nut sack gently messaging them. She started to go down on me. First slow. Suckling the tip while stroking the shaft. Then a little more. Deeper into her mouth. She took the base of my cock, squeezed it and sucked as hard as she could. She became a tiger. Going harder and harder. Her hair was flopping around while she moaned and sucked. I could hear her saliva in her mouth as she gasped for air not wanting to stop. She wanted my juices SO bad. I shot my load and filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed and kept sucking. I came more and she sucked more. When she was done, she stoked it every so softly, kissed and licked the tip, kissing, sucked, and licked my nuts, then whispered: "I've never enjoyed sucking dick as much as I've enjoyed sucking yours. The way you quiver, squirm, and show your emotions drive me nuts." We sat there for a few minutes. Her hand slowly stroking my cock as it started to go soft. Kissing.

We weren't done. We went in to get a drink. The bar was crowded. We ordered and sat down at the bar. More small talk. More memories. We were half way done with our drinks, and I grabbed her knee under the bar. She didn't even hesitate. "Check please". She said and we were out the door within minutes. Going by the concierges' desk, she picked up the phone and ordered room service. "Yes, 1 bottle champagne, 1 order vanilla ice cream, 1 side of strawberries, and can you do some chocolate syrup on the side? Thanks. Room 712." We got in the elevator like we didn't know each other. I stood to the back against the wall. She got in after me and pressed floor 7. There were other people in the elevator. Not crowded, but we were close. I could feel her ass back up into me very gently so I reciprocated and leaned slightly into her and breathed just enough so she could hear/feel it in her ear.

We got off at the 7th floor, and went to her room. There, I sat on the bed while she went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start. She came back out, in only a robe and asked if I could join her. "Sure" I said as non-chelantly as I could. We got it and at first started to wash. She washed her hair as did I. Then, she soaped herself up. Every single inch of her body was covered in soap as she looked up at me. She took my hand and placed it on her tits pushing it against them so I'd start rubbing. She grabbed my other hand and placed it in her crotch. I started to finger her again as she opened her legs wider and wider. She grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off. We went at it just like this. Me finger banging her while she jerked me. We were loving it. She jerked me so hard and so fast that I shot my load all the way up to her tits. We would have laughed at this, but just at the site of me cuming made her cum. She shook and pulsated as her juices covered my hands. We were exhausted. My heart was pounding.

We got out, dried each other off, and started to embrace right there in the bathroom again. We kissed slowly and passionately. Like we were 18 again. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other. Then a knock on the door. Room Service. I stayed in the bathroom while she went in her robe to get it. They came in, dropped it off, and away they went. We set everything up in the bedroom and poured our champagne. We made a toast "To what could have been, and to our never dying love" We took a drink, then got in bed; naked. We started with the strawberries. Feeding them to each other. Eating them off each other. Playing with them for each other. Then, the ice cream. I drizzled it all over her and started to lick every single inch of her. Every few minutes, I'd come up and kiss her mouth. Slow and sensual. Then, I'd keep licking. I licked all the way down to her pussy, and then continued on in. Her knees lifted so I could get in closer. I couldn't believe it, but we started going at it again.

This time, we didn't want to just please each other. We wanted to fuck. So she stopped me and stood up. She walked over to the wall, put her hands against it, leaned over so her ass stuck out, and started to wiggle. This was a sign for me to get my ass over there. I got up, went over behind her, and started rubbing my cock in her ass crack. At the same time, I reached around her and started to rub her clit. Her hands were clawing at the walls as she wanted more. Her ass backed up into me and I slid my cock into her pussy. First it was slow and sensual. We built up little by little. She backed up into me hard and harder and I could hear her moan each time. I started to go harder and harder. Jamming it in further and further each time. She was groaning more and more. Scratching and clawing at the wall like she was trying to get away from me. I grabbed each ass cheek and pulled her into me each time I fucked her. She yelled "More!" I went harder. She yelled "FUCK ME". I went harder. She yelled "MORE!" And I jammed my cock into harder and deeper than ever. She yelled and I felt her juice squirt all over my cock. I immediately came, shooting my load into her pussy.

She felt this and sat back as far as she could onto my cock and started to flex her pussy over and over again to get all the juice into her. I sat back onto the bed, cock still in her, and she sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and she leaned her head back on my shoulder. We stayed like this for 10 minutes. We knew that once we got up, it was "over". We wished it was NEVER "over".
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