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A Surprise for my Man

All work requires some play!
After a busy morning together, you left me home while you ran some errands. I potter around the house for a while, a bit bored with the sudden lack of attention, but then I remember that you had swimming practice tonight. A thought popping into my head, with a smile I pack my bag and grab my phone before heading out of the door.

It's already dark outside due to the English winter we are in the middle of. As I walk down the street I notice there is not much activity around the swimming complex. I enter through the doors, shutting them carefully behind me, and walk into the large open area that the main pool is in.

Straight away, my eyes always drawn to you, I see you swimming laps, strong, concentrating on your strokes in the barely lit water. You are the only one around. I watch you for a few minutes before quietly climbing in at the opposite end, to which you are swimming away from.

I try to sneak up behind you, which I know won't be too hard as you are in concentration mode, and I'm close behind you when you reach the end and come up for a breather. As you adjust your goggles, you feel a warm breath on your back, but before you can turn around, you feel a pair of arms snake around your body, holding you tight and close.

You laugh, managing to turn around, and you look down at me, my hair dripping water down over my face, a smile on my face as I whisper, "surprise," in the Australian accent you love so much.

"Hey gorgeous," you say to me with a smile, before pulling me close for a quick hello kiss.

As your eyes adjust to the light above water however, you realise that my body is quite warm. You hold me close, realising that your bare chest is pressed up against skin, and you can feel the mounds of my bare breasts pressed up against you. At the realisation that I am naked, I see your eyes glaze into warm liquid, and they drift to meet my eyes, sighting the huge grin on my face.

"Surprise baby," I say, before pushing away from you and swimming away as quick as I can.

I know that I stand no chance against you. and you quickly catch me, grabbing my leg and pulling me back towards you. You pull me until I'm right next to you. My body is starting to shiver, my skin cool to the touch, as the water against my naked skin is cooling me down dramatically, even with it heated.

You wrap me close, and brush my fringe back from my face. Water is dripping down my cheeks, and you squat in the water so you are my height, before simply stepping forward until our lips meet. Soft, quick kisses at first, but my lips soon move slower, melting to your touch. We kiss slowly, softly, before my tongue flicks across your lips. I use my tongue to part your lips, and slowly lick the inside of your mouth with my tongue, before fastening your lips to mine.

You match the kiss, deepening it, your tongue finding mine and I suck it in to my mouth, trying to explore all of your mouth with my tongue. My hand reaches down and feels you swell beneath your trunks, and I rub you gently under water, before moving my other hand down to free you. As I push down, you step out of the bottoms, and close any distance between us. My breasts sit hard against your chest, and I can feel you swell in between my legs, making me wet instantly.

I reach my hands up behind your neck and pull you even closer, before walking towards the edge of the pool, trapping you against the side of the pool. I jump with my arms around your neck, and you catch me, your hands gripping my ass and holding me in place.

I'm still kissing you desperately, feeling like I can never get enough. You hold yourself upright, and lower me on to your hard cock. Your hands squeeze my ass as I balance myself, clasping my arms around your neck. I start to push myself into you, riding your cock as it stands upright in my soft wet cunt.

My lips leave yours, and I start to brush them across your jaw line, planting soft kisses along the way. I reach the side of your face, and I suck your ear into my mouth, gently biting on it before my lips suck on the skin around your hair line, and then back to suck your lobe into my mouth. I kiss back down the opposite way, across your jaw, and repeat the same on the opposite side. I suck the other lobe into my mouth before biting on it, and then I kiss behind your ear.

My lips finally lower back down across your mouth, flicking my tongue along yours, before lowering my head to your collar bone, kissing along your shoulder. I can feel your hands, gripping my ass tight and pushing me on and off your cock, making me ride you hard. I can feel your grunts as you control the speed of my pussy milking your cock. I feel your breath close to me, and I look up into your eyes, giving you a quick cute smile before meshing my lips to yours again.

My arms are locked behind your neck, keeping you close to me, and I kiss your nose before holding my head level with yours. I concentrate on milking my pussy muscles, to tighten them against your shaft so you can feel all of me as I ride you. I smile at you again as I feel your thrusts change, adapting to my tightened walls, and the lust reflected in your eyes just wants me to make you cum, to forget everything about your day except this moment.

I lean my lips close to your ear, and I whisper to you, starting to talk dirty, to throw you over the edge.

"I want you to cum in me baby, you've worked so hard today and I'm proud of you."

I lick your earlobe as my lips keep uttering soft, sexy words.

"I need you to cum hard for me. Come on sexy, concentrate on how tight I am, on how good I feel all around your hard cock. I want you so bad Dave, you make me so wet for you gorgeous, please cum for me!"

I hear you groaning as you start to feel the release. Your muscles start to relax after all of your hard work in the pool, and I can feel your cock swelling against my pussy walls as you start to cum.

My words, uttered in a low, sexy voice, send you over the edge.

"Please sexy, please reward me with your cum. I need to feel you deep inside my cunt, I am begging you to fill me!"

I am rewarded as you moan before sighing my name as you explode deep inside me. I can feel your cock throbbing inside me as it unleashes rope after rope of sticky cum inside my cunt. My muscles push against you as your orgasm subsides, and you lean your forehead against mine before kissing me softly.

As your lips leave mine, I see the smile spread across your face. I return this before climbing out of the pool, feeling you gently smack my ass. You follow me out of the pool, and we dry and dress ourselves before walking home together.

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