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A surprising weekend

A surprising night at my friend's house

I have been friends with John and Sara for many years, and often stay for long weekends with them and their family. Little did I know what this weekend had to offer!

I have watched their daughter grow up and I felt very privileged to be invited to her family’s celebrations of her 18 th birthday. The drink flowed freely, and as the party wound down, we were all a little drunk. Eventually there was only John, Sara, Michelle and myself remaining, and a bomb-site masquerading as a living room. “Let’s tidy up tomorrow, I’m whacked”, and with that Sara made her way upstairs to bed, closely followed by the rest of us.

I undressed, and, as usual, got in to bed nude. In a very short time I was asleep.

I awoke sometime later, but through the fog of sleep was unsure why. It sounded like there was someone in the room trying to be silent. Attempting to wake-up just enough to find a comfortable spot in the bed I became aware that the lower part of my legs were uncovered. It was then I felt a soft breath on my toes. Then a mouth closed around the big toe of my right foot and began to suck. I was waking up very quickly now! “Just what is….” I started to say but there was a loud “shhhhhh, we don’t want to wake everyone else up, and I have been wanting to do this for years”. “Gosh, it’s Sara” I thought, and I whispered “me too”. Sara’s hands stroked my calf, and slowly worked their way up. By the time they had reached my thighs I was very erect. Sara’s hands reached my balls, and then pulled away. “You don’t mind do you” Sara softly whispered. “No, why should I?” I replied, “if you are OK with this, I am”. “OK, but tell me if I hurt you”.

The hands fondled my balls as I felt the weight of Sara’s body on my legs. I felt the pressure of here erect nipples, and Sara deliberately made sue she rubbed them on my legs. Then slowly she licked my balls, and deliberately worked her way up my pulsing shaft. When she reached the top her tongue slowly liked around my pee hole. As the tongue started to work its way down I felt her moist lips enclose my member. Leisurely, he tongue and lips worked down, on reaching the bottom, were worked back up.

“This is nice, but I am a bit passive here” I pointed out. With that Sara discontinued her work my cock and moved her body to lie beside me. She positioned her cunt so it lay next to my cock, and I could feel her warmth. As her mouth was now in range I started a long, deep, passionate kiss. With my free left hand I found her right tit and slowly massaged it.   Then I moved my hand down her body and between my cock and her cunt. Finding her clit I rubbed this gently whilst still maintain the kissing. Then I started to rub her slit before inserting a couple of fingers. Sara was very hot and very wet, so I gently I moved my tongue down Sara’s neck and cleavage and found the other tit. Unhurriedly I gently sucked the tit and used my tongue to lick the areola whist keeping my fingers moving in and out of her slit. Sara let out a long whispered moan, she was obviously trying to keep as quiet as possible.

“Please fuck me now”, Sara quietly demanded. I rolled Sara on to her back, and positioned my cock by her entrance. I gradually inserted myself, and was pleasantly surprised at her tightness, but she was so wet I had no trouble entering her. As there was no need to rush, and as we had to keep the noise down, I pumped slowly. I rested my body on my right arm, so I could continue to massage her breasts with my left hand. However, eventually we began to pant. Sara picked up one of my pillows, and as her body began to twitch, let out a muffled scream in to it. A few seconds after I became tingly and there was the blessed release as I came too.

“Thank you, you were everything I dreamed off” I managed as I settled to lay beside her. “You too” Sara replied. But, I was still drunk, and just had a tremendous fuck. Very soon I was back asleep again.

Later I woke to find Sara still in bed with me. Daylight was coming through the curtained windows, so I knew I had to wake Sara so that she wouldn’t get in to trouble with John. Just then, there was I knock on the door. “I have made you an early morning tea” Sara, Michelle’s mother, said as she entered the room and discovered the scene.

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