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A teasing blindfolded fantasy part 2

Time to reverse the roles!
Since we had acted out my husband's fantasy of me being tied up by him, we had waited for the perfect time to act out the reverse. We had a free Friday night coming up and I decided that would be the right time for our next naughty adventure. I sent my husband off to work with the promise that tonight I would be tieing him up to our bed.

I had the day off work so I knew that I would have plenty of time to prepare. I began in the afternoon by taking a leisurely bath. I shaved my legs, my pussy, washed my hair and scrubbed myself with fruity wash. Once clean, I smothered my skin in moisturizer leaving it silky soft. Time then to head to the bedroom to set up the bed. I drew the curtains, and pulled back the covers. I got two silk belts from my tops and tied them to the end of the bed ready for using on his feet. I then tied our dressing gown belts to the head of the bed, to use for tying up his arms. I piled up some pillows for his head and laid the black silk blindfold on there. I was satisfied with the set up and could feel my pussy tingling with excitement at what fun lay ahead.

With an hour to go until my husband would be home from work I decided on my outfit for the evening. I put on some dark purple lace knickers, a silk dark purple and black corset, which I knew my husband loves as he says it makes my boobs look huge, and then to finish off I put on my knee high lace-up black leather boots.

I did my hair and make-up, making sure I put on lots of mascara to make the most of my long eyelashes. Satisfied with my sexy look, I wrapped my silk dressing gown round me and headed downstairs to wait for him. I closed the curtains, to avoid the neighbours seeing me and I decided to log into Lush to check my messages and read a few stories to get me really in the mood.

I sent my husband a text, 'Hey my sexy husband, all ready for our dirty fun here, hope your cock is horny for me.'

The response flashed up straight away, 'Yes my sex bomb, my cock will be ready for you when I get home. Just leaving now so your wet pussy does not have to wait long.'

I knew I had half hour until he was home, so started reading some Lush stories. Halfway through the first story the doorbell rang, I wasn't going to answer looking like this and my cheeks flush with excitement so I ignored it and carried on my reading. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I read on and I couldn't wait for my husband to walk in. I was finding it hard to resist sliding my fingers into my wet hole and fingering myself to a quick orgasm.

I decided to turn the laptop off and went to get a drink. I heard his key in the lock and I grinned. I went through to greet him, as he saw me his eyes scanned over my body, taking in my sexy outfit and his large smile made me know he was pleased.

I told him to drop his work stuff, grabbed him and pulled him close and kissed him hard. He responded eagerly, running his hands up and down my silky outfit and squeezing my bum. I slid my hand between us and down to the bulge developing in his jeans. I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs.

We kissed deeply for a few moments and then I slid my hands under his jumper and up his chest pulling off his top. I told him to strip off and get onto the bed. I didn't want to touch his cock yet and knew if I took his jeans and boxers off I wouldn't be able to resist grabbing onto his rock hard dick. My pussy twitched with excitement as his cock was exposed, red and swollen and ready for action.

I ordered him to lie down and spread his arms and legs, he did so and put the blindfold on. As he lay there with his cock sticking up, I tied his arms and legs to the belts I had arranged. 'This feels very naughty,' he groaned.

The sight of him now tied up with his cock pointing to attention was also really turning me on.

He jumped as I kissed him hard and my hand went down to rub on his balls. I ran my fingers around them, slid my hands up and down the inside of his thighs and around his arse, he squirmed and groaned as it both tickled and teased him.

I started to then lick and suck on his balls, still ignoring his hard shaft, I wanted to tease it until he was desperate for some warm wetness around it.

I sat up, it was time for me to get some pleasure. I slowly unclipped my corset from the front, freeing my large breasts, my husband grinned at the sound. I then unzipped and untied my leather boots and slipped them off. I shoved my breast in my husbands face, 'Suck it,' I demanded and he eagerly began sucking on my large hard nipple.

I pulled my lace knickers down and my fingers reached into my very wet cunt. I told him how wet I was and gathering some of my juices in my fingers I rubbed them into his tied hand and ball bag so he could feel my wetness.

'Can you hear me fingering myself,' I moaned as I frigged my clit back and forth. He nodded and I saw his cock twitching in front of me.

I climbed over him and between his legs, I rubbed round his crotch and knew I couldn't wait much longer to gobble down on his cock. I licked at his swollen balls and then ran my tongue up and down the length of his delicious shaft. He groaned loudly in appreciation.

I licked it like this for a few moments, flicking my tongue over the tip and lapping at the base. I decided he had been teased enough and I wanted to taste his cock so as I slid my tongue up, I opened wide and quickly slid his cock deep into my throat and gave it some long, hard, deep sucks.

He moaned loudly and raised his hips to meet my hungry mouth as I gobbled his cock up, sucking it and licking it like I couldn't get enough of it.

I was loving it but I was desperate to feel him inside me. I climbed up and straddled over him, grabbed his cock and guided it into my hot, begging hole.

He bucked in pleasure underneath me as I slid myself back and forth on his cock, I moaned at his dick stretching and pounding into me. My nipples were grazing against his chest as I leaned forward and I enjoyed the feeling of my breasts bouncing forward and back as I pleasured myself on his hardness. I sat upright and bounced up and down on his dick. It felt so good, me slamming down onto him, his cock pushing deep inside me. 'Fuck my cock,' he moaned loudly as I worked up and down.

I knew he wouldn't last long like this and as he bucked his hips forward I jumped off his cock knowing his orgasm was building and I wasn't yet ready for him to shoot his load.

I kissed him, giving his cock a few moments to calm down and then made him jump as I leaned down to suck his cock clean. I could taste my juices on his shaft and as I licked him clean, I kissed him again so he could taste my excitement.

My clit was begging to be rubbed so I lay down next to my husband and began to finger myself. My husband turned his head and tongued me fiercely as my fingers went to work. My clit was large and swollen and my fingers were quickly soaked in my juices. My husband was reaching his hands out trying to feel me as I pleasured myself, eager to join in. I lifted my breast to meet his tied hand and he squeezed hard on the nipple. I stared down at his shinning, slimy cock as my fingers plunged in and out of my wet hole and ran over my super sensitive clit. I could feel my pussy starting to swell with pleasure and my orgasm begin but I wanted more cock. I jumped up and straddled my husband once more, I rubbed his shaft up and down my wet slit. It felt so good rubbing his hard dick over my swollen clit and again I could feel how close I was. I pushed his cock back and inside my warm cunt. I bounced up and down, enjoying the feel of his hard shaft rubbing all along my pussy walls and hitting the spot.

'You are not allowed to cum yet,' I groaned out as my husband was grinding up against me and screwing his face up in pleasure. I bounced on his cock more, my moans getting louder and my breathing quickening.

I knew I was on the edge so rolled onto the bed next to him and rubbed myself again. I held the base of his twitching cock in one hand as the other rubbed hard up and down my slit and circled my pulsing button.

I felt my orgasm build, my body stiffened as the pleasure reached its climax and then the sweet release. 'Oh god, oh god, yes, yes,' I shouted, writhing around by his side, still pumping my fingers in and out of my wet hole, cumming hard.

I turned and kissed him hard as my twitching pussy finally relaxed and I climbed between his legs. I lay my large breasts either side of his hard dick and slid them back and forth. As I tit wanked him, my breasts bouncing against his balls and sides of his shaft, I leaned down and licked the tip, glistening with my juices, spit and pre-cum.

I then started to deep throat him as my breasts rubbed against his balls and from his sharp intake of breath I knew he was close. I slowly slid my wet mouth and tongue up his shaft and then as I slowly sucked down hard he shot his salty cum deep into the back of my throat.

Normally by now my husband would have his hands in my hair and be holding my head still as he shot his cum in me but as he was restricted I could do as I pleased and continued slowly sucking up and down as he shot again and again, shaking and shuddering with each explosion. 'Stop, stop,' He begged and I licked up his cock and released him.

We were both exhausted, I kissed him and pulled up the blindfold. 'Very good,' he remarked. We pulled up the covers and cuddle before clearing up and heading down for dinner.

My husband said he really enjoyed it but found it hard not being able to join in when I was fingering myself. It is definitely something we will do again, I enjoyed being able to use his cock however and whenever I wanted and the thrill of power and control I had gave me a great orgasm.

Now we have to decide what fantasy to try out next.....

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