A Touch of Honey

By DarkSide

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Lizzie treats Steve to some highly erotic honey. True story, names changed.
A Touch of Honey

Lizzie got up from bed with her husband still half asleep. She thought about waking him and making him get the breakfast, but in all honesty it was her turn. So she did the decent thing and got out of bed. She went downstairs and made the coffee and toast for both of them. Marmalade on her toast and honey for Steve.

A smile crept over her face and she gathered an important item from the kitchen before she started back upstairs. Lizzie was hoping that Steve would have a bit of a hard-on by now, after all, it was morning.

When she re-appeared, Steve was still half asleep. She looked at him, dismayed, not fully understanding how he managed to sleep for so long. She woke him up with some urgency to take the coffee off the tray and help her out.

Steve managed to lift himself up the bed and re-distribute the items from the tray on both bedside cabinets. Lizzie got back in bed and they started to eat their breakfast. While drinking the last of her tea, Lizzie lifted the sheets…sighed….and said, “Hmmm where is it then?”.

Steve smiled, knowing what she was hinting at….”Well, perhaps if you stroke it or tease it, it will make an appearance”, he said.

Lizzie was about to do better than that.

She got out of bed and went to the en-suite, she removed her dressing gown and took out the bottle from her dressing gown pocket and walked back into the bedroom.

Steve marvelled at her huge breasts. Lizzie was not exactly tall or slim, but she had a nice rounded arse, and gorgeous breasts that he loved so much….in fact, the breasts were what attracted him most to her, apart from her personality of course. Even though they were large, they still had quite a lot of shape despite them having grown up kids.

Steve watched her as she approached the bed….Lizzie pulled the top bedclothes down so that they lay around his legs and climbed onto the bed. While on her knees she inched her way towards him. She stopped short of his semi-reclined body. Then from behind her back she produced the squeezy bottle.

Steve’s cock had already stirred and was making its appearance in all its glory…but it still had some way to go before it was ready fro action.

Lizzie stared directly at Steve, a smile crossed her face which got bigger the more she saw Steve’s smile broaden as he watched the contents in her hand. Lizzie became needy, lustful even and the thought of what she was about to do made her feel so erotic and sexy.

Steve reached out to cup and fondle her breasts as he lounged against the headboard of the bed. He still marvelled at them after all the years they had been together. He cupped her breasts and felt their weight. His attention flipping between her breasts and her eyes.

Lizzie replaced his hand with hers and held her breast so that the now large nipple was pointing upwards. She looked into Steve’s eyes as she flipped the lid of the bottle and squeezed out the honey onto her right breast just above the nipple, pursing her lips in sheer concentration as she did so.

Steve was mesmerised by this act…he watched the honey dribble onto her breast and form into a pool above her nipple. Lizzie handed him the bottle to put on the bedside cabinet. He never let his gaze stray from her breast as he did so.

Lizzie then let her breast fall to its natural position. Steve fondled it being careful not to touch the honey….It’s stickiness keeping it in place just above her nipple. He was about to lean forward and gather up her nipple in his mouth when it started to flow.

Steve looked on in awe. The honey started to flow down her breast very slowly. He cupped her breast using both hands as he stared intently at the honey. It flowed until it reached her nipple, which was by that time, standing a good half an inch proud of her breast…and then it parted. The honey flowed around her nipple and continued its onward journey downwards over her heaving breasts.

Yes…Lizzie was breathing quite heavily herself as she watched it flow downwards. The sticky fluid, inching its way under the force of gravity, its movement arousing her as she felt it slide over her breast. She thought it looked very erotic and she felt extremely sexy as she watched Steve’s reaction.

His cock was lying next to her leg when she started to pour the honey…It was still next to her leg but it hardened quite a bit and she hadn’t even touched it, Steve hadn’t even touched it….it was getting hard by Steve watching the path of the honey and waiting in expectation for its end result.

Steve found the whole scenario highly erotic. His cock was pounding and tingling as he watched the honey river reach its downward journey on Lizzie’s breasts. It then started to form into a doplet. Steve opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out and leant forward so that is was positioned just under the honey.

It dropped onto his tongue.

Steve was in heaven as it happened…not only was the sight of the honey making its way down her breast erotic, but he actually got to eat it as well.


The honey continued to fall onto his tongue and he swallowed every drop.


Steve left the honey fall onto his tongue until the last drop fell and then he lurched forward, gathered her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard on it until it was clean. He swallowed all the honey and they kissed passionately.

Lizzie gathered up some of the honey from his upper lip as they kissed with tongues having a bit of a mini-duel at dawn.

Steve’s cock was now as rigid as hell…

Lizzie reached over Steve to get the honey and repeated the action with her other breast….it was just as erotic as the first.

When Steve was sucking on her nipple again, she reached down to feel his cock. Lizzie stroked his seven inches tenderly with the palm of her hand while his cock touched her thigh. It was harder than she had felt it for some time. Something inside Steve was pumping his blood into his cock but none of it seemed to be coming back out.

Steve was the first to speak…”Lie down…I want to pour this honey all over your pussy and lick you”, he said.

Lizzie had other ideas…”No way…I want this cock in me now,”, she said, “it‘s so fucking big and hard”.

With that Lizzie climbed onto Steve and positioned his cock over her pussy. The foreplay was over, she was as wet as fuck, and she needed to get fucked deep and hard.

She slid down on his cock and started to move her bum over his thighs. His cock straining in her pussy as she fucked him. This would not take long, Lizzie thought.

Steve had other ideas about how long the fuck would take. Because of her eroticism, Steve decided that she was going to have as many orgasms as he could give her before he exploded. The first was on its way, and Lizzie stared intently at Steve as it burst inside her. She was breathing heavily, panting even, her hands on the back of the wooden bed as she pushed her arse away from him and then fucked in towards him. Lizzie came heavily on his cock, but kept going in order to make him come too.

Steve relaxed slightly after Lizzie’s first orgasm and just let his cock slide in and out of her soaking wet pussy. She was still bucking her hips at him trying to make him cum, when Steve grabbed her hips and pulled them in towards him…

He knew where his cock would be now….right inside her and towards the front as he slid his arse down the bed slightly and pushed at the same time….he was right….Lizzie’s eyes opened wide and she gasped loudly..

His cock was deep…very deep inside her.

Steve continued his very slow fuck in this position for some time. Grabbing her hips, sliding down slightly and thrusting his cock up at an angle that continued to hit the depths of Lizzie’s cunt. Steve loved doing this as it made his cock stiffer and more rigid as he saw the lust in Lizzie’s eyes and heard her gasp loudly each time he fucked it in her.

She came for the second time. Her orgasm exploding throughout her body as she closed her eyes and screamed as his cock thrust upwards.

A few moments of gentle fucking ensued and Lizzie had recovered enough to fuck Steve faster and more urgently. She was desperate to make him cum, and while she knew that the grin on his face said 2-0...she was determined to make the final score 3-1.

Lizzie fucked Steve senseless and started to ignore her pussy so that she could fuck him hard and fast. She changed position so that his cock touched her insides almost continually rubbing itself in her pussy as it went in and out. Lizzie loved being on top…but she was not always in control.

teve had also decided that it was time to spurt inside her, and after a short while he pulled her hips towards him as his orgasm hit hard and he emptied his balls inside her.

The room fell silent for what seemed like ages as they both breathed slowly but heavily and brought their heart rates down a few levels.

They just looked into each other’s eyes…neither of them needed to say anything…it was such an excellent fuck….and for Steve the dribbling honey was the height of eroticism.