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A Touring Cyclist Rides More Than A Bike

We didn't know each other when the day began, but we rode each other well before it was over

It was late June in Oklahoma, the time for rugged bicycle riders to come together
for the touring event of the year.  This year was going to be especially difficult, the
course was laid out from the Texas/Oklahoma border, into parts of Arkansas, and
finishing in Missouri, starting and ending on successive Sundays, an eight day ride
of 538 miles.  There were optional rides on side roads for the really hearty, which I
decided to not take advantage of, and I'm glad I didn't, I would have missed the best
part of the week long event, if I had.

It was Wednesday, the three previous days had traversed about 250 miles of the
journey with no really hard rides, so another day dawned, and I prepared myself both
mentally and physically for the day's event, 82 miles to go today, that was all I could
focus on, for now anyway.  I showered, dressed in the typical biking shorts and t-shirt,
returned to my tent, packed everything and got it to the Sag wagon, a truck designed
to carry our gear from overnight stay to overnight stay.  Walked to the school cafeteria
to have breakfast before it was time for departure. I ate a hearty breakfast of cereals
and fruits, drank way too much coffee, and then walked out to find my bicycle,
somewhere amongst the two thousand bikes lined up neatly around the football field.

I wasn't the first one on the road, the bike clubs "racing teams" had long since departed
and the weekend warriors that were still just getting around would not be ready for the
road for at least an hour.  I walked my bike out to the side of the road, threw my leg over
and shoved off for my day of relaxation and peace of mind.  for those of you who have
never thought of this kind of "pleasure", I'm sorry, it is probably the best vacation anyone
could ever imagine.  For those who have ventured into this tortuous sport, you  will
understand, and I congratulate you.  Anyway, this was the day, the best day of the best
cycling event in Oklahoma.

I had been riding for about an hour, my pace was a steady 11 miles an hour, not fast,
but steady and easy to maintain.  It was then that I saw a female rider in front of me,
she had the most fantastic butt muscles I had seen ever on a ride, and I couldn't help
but to stare at them as we rode along.  The way they never moved, and yet rippled
with the continuous up and down motion was bringing me to fantasies of things more
erotic than I should have been considering, but I couldn't help but watch.  Her thighs
flexed and relaxed with each stroke of the pedals, her trim waist only twisted slightly
with the strain, her shoulders were fixed and made no movements at all.  After watching
this wonderful body from a mere 10 feet for about five minutes, I decided to get closer
and try to talk to her.  So, with only a bit of extra power to the pedals I was beside her,
looked over at a flushed, but beautiful face rimmed with blond hair, though I couldn't
see much, it was tucked neatly under her helmet.  Her smile was intoxicating, her eyes
enchanting, I felt in awe of such a person, but had to speak, what should I say? What
could I say that would not sound lame?  All of these thoughts ran wildly through me head.

My deep voice broke the silence.  "Having a good day today?" I asked.  She again
looked over at me, smiled and said "not too tough yet, the hills are still a few miles
away, that's when it will be hard".  We both laughed, knowing that she was absolutely
right, the hills were just north of us, and one had been nicknamed "Hell Hill" for a good
reason.  We rode along, side by side, and visited about the events so far on our trek,
introduced ourselves, and where we were from, all of the normal chit chat that one
would expect.  About a half mile later, we decided to take a break, stop and get a soft
drink and have a smoke, yeah, we both smoke cigarettes, bad for us, but we shared
the bad habit, even the same brand.

It was at that first rest break that I got a good look at Gayle, she not only had a fantastic
butt, a trim waist and muscular legs, but a beautiful face with green eyes and long
blond hair.  I darned near got a hard on just looking at her, she was drop dead gorgeous
as the saying goes.  Apparently she noticed, because she giggled, and as I looked to see
the humor she had found, she was staring at me, well let's say at my shorts.  I had let
my imagination run away too much I guess and my dick was swelling some after all, and
very visible in the tight fitting bike shorts, it was hanging against my right thigh, and
hung about half way to my knee.  I'm sure I blushed, but just laughed and said "Oops,
sorry, can't help it when THAT head knows a good thing when I see it".  We both burst
out laughing, but I could see the devilish look in those beautiful green eyes sparkling in
the morning light.  It was already getting hot, the forecast was for 104 degrees that day,
and even now at only 10:00 it was up to 90.  We each got a drink, sat in the shade of
the building and continued to talk, we knew something was coming, we knew that we
would be at those damned hills soon, so we walked to our bikes, mounted up and
started again on our journey, now with a partner, now with a new friend to enjoy the day

We got to the hills, only one proved really overpowering.  Hell Hill as it was called was
2 1/4 miles long, all up hill at a consistant 6-7 degree incline.  It would see most of the
riders walk up it, but not so for Gayle and myself, we geared down to met it head on
and rode the entire hill.  Not too shabby, only about 25 of the over 2,000 riders could
boast of that, and we were proud of the accomplishment.  It was early afternoon by
then and we needed to take another break from the road for a while.  I saw a bridge up
ahead and said "Let's go see if there's any water down there".  She agreed, so we
pulled up to a stop at the end of the bridge, looked over the edge and saw a serene
small stream running about 25 feet below, the shores were lined with large boulders
and a few grassy weeds, almost like water reeds.  "Shit hot" I exclaimed, "let's go check
it out".  She nodded approvingly as she picked up her bike and started down the slope
me following close behind.  We stashed our bikes out of view near the base of the bridge
and walked across the rocks to the water's edge.  I knelt down and felt the water with my
fingertips, it was cool, almost cold, and I said, "I'm gonna get my feet wet and cool down
some, you game?"  "Sure, I'm game for whatever works" was her reply.  So we both sat
down and pulled our shoes off, and proceeded to dangle them in the cool water.We both    gasped at how chilled the water was, looked at each other and without a
word laid back on the rock to enjoy the heat of the day and the coolness of the stream.
I must admit that the next move, surprisingly, was not made by me.  Gayle turned her
face towards mine, looked into my eyes seductively and asked if I'd like to go skinny
dipping.  The head of my dick answered for me as I began to swell at the thought of
being naked with this beautiful young woman.  She giggled as she noticed, and said
"guess that is a YES then, huh?"  We rose from the rock and moved up the stream to
be under the bridge, and out of view from the occasional cyclist going by.  We stood
face to face as we undressed.  I pulled my t-shirt off  and watched as she did the same,
exposing her athletic bra surrounding her fine perky breasts.  She pushed down her bike
shorts and stepped out of them, revealing a sensible pair of French cut panties.  I then
pushed my shorts down, leaned forward to take them off, stood up and saw an expression
of sheer joy on Gayle's face as she saw my man tool hanging free, I preferred to not wear
underwear, way too confining for my likings when riding all day.  She was almost purring
as she unhooked her bra, dropped it onto the small pile of our clothing and shimmied out
of her panties revealing a well trimmed strip of pale blond pubic hair around and above her
sweet pussy only leaving visible a hint of her dark pink petaled labia and clit.

We stepped to each other, her arms around my shoulders, my hands on her slender waist.
As we stood, feeling the moment of pleasure just being with each other we slowly came
together, bare skin touching bare skin, and we embraced.  The electricity of this moment
was perfect, we knew that it was right, and our lips met.  I could feel her heartbeat, smell
the fragrance of waning  perfume along with the sweat of the day's ride, it was very arousing,
and I was enchanted by the feel of her skin touching mine.  We moved to the stream,
stepped into the cool water and then lowered ourselves to  lay in it, face up and feeling the
water cooling and refreshing us from the heat of the ride.  We laid in the stream for only a
few minutes, it seemed to get colder by the moment, bringing goose bumps to our skin. 
So we sat up, scurried to our feet and left the stream for a warmer spot on the large smooth
rocks under the bridge, and sat there trying to warm a bit.

The water had taken it's toll, we both had very pronounced goose bumps, her tits had drawn
tight with the chill and her nipples were hard as the pebbles in the stream.  As for me, it also
had some negative effects, my man tool had shrunk to a flaccid, almost skinny 4 1/2 inches.
Gayle giggled, and asked "what happened, it was so big a minute ago?"  I shrugged and
could only reply with "cold does that, it will warm in a minute, or, you can help warm it if
you'd like".  She cooed as she took my dick into her hand and found that it indeed grew as
she did so.   She began to stroke it gently at first, then more aggressively as it grew to it's
full ten inches.  As she found this wonder toy in her hand, she leaned to it and wrapped her
lips around the head and began to suck me, wetting me with her spit and then using the
wetness to lubricate the shaft and stroke it from base to tip slowly first with one hand and
then both.  The sensations of pure pleasure she aroused were fantastic and I leaned
back to lay prone beside her as she continued to fuck me with her mouth, tongue and
hands.  My breathing came more and more rapidly, my heart pounded in my chest, I thought
I would explode, but sensing this she slowed her pace and allowed me to enjoy her
advances for a while longer.  As the urge to cum became more manageable I turned
to where I could return some of the pleasures she was giving me.  She continued to
hold my cock head in her mouth as I tasted her sweet musty pussy for the first time.
I moaned as her moist lips became wet with my spit and parted for me to flick her clit
repeatedly with the tip of my tongue, being sure to run it farther between her labia with
each passing stroke.  My moans vibrated through her groin and she also began to moan
in harmony with me.  Our movements became united in the mutual giving of head and
we soon were at a point of joined orgasm.  She removed her lips from my engorged
cock head and whispered "cum in my mouth, I love the taste of that, please."  I groaned
as she returned to her oral exploration of my swelled member, taking more of it into her
talented lips and then throat.  My reply was not verbal, I simply amplified my efforts to
make this wonderful kitten explode for me, so I sucked hard on her clit and the taught
petals of her labia, inserted my thumb into her now wet canal and started a pulsating
rythem of fucking her cunt with it.  Her abdomen was  a continuous spasm of the delights
I offered, her juices flowed more and more, she was nearing a climax, and we were both
ready to give our cum to each other.  I felt the muscles inside her squeeze tightly around
my thumb so removed it and wrapped my mouth around her entire pussy as she gave
forth a load of sweet juice into my mouth and filled it with her sticky wetness.  I drank it all
eagerly, the flavor was fantastic.  As she came for me I released my load into her willing
mouth as well, she drank of me all I could give, and sucked me dry of my juices, not
missing a drop.  The head of my cock was so enlarged as it happened, I wasn't sure I could
pry it from her, not that I wanted to.

We parted, I turned to lay beside her and we rolled up to face each other.  Her eyes were
full of the excitement, our bodies still twitching from the orgasms we had enjoyed.  Our lips
came together tenderly as we laid there savoring the pleasures, and starting to arouse
each other for an even more enjoyable part of the love making we were about to have.

I felt of her breast, still taught and firm for a lady in her late twenties, her nipple became
hard almost at the initial touch of my fingertips.  I made easy circles around one with my
tongue and twisted it gently as I licked her.  She reached down to my mound, touching my
now rehardening dick and moaned quietly as it became erect and ready to enter her wet
pussy for the first time.  I rolled over to be on top of her, but she wanted to be on top, and
rolled me back onto my back before throwing one leg over me and raising to her knees,
and then feet.  I laid there on my back and watched as she straddled my torso and slowly
squatted down to be closer to her goal.  I held my cock up to allow her to guide me into
the heavenly canal of her vagina, wet and ready to take all of me.  she must have had very
good leg muscles, she never kneeled, but instead lowered herself and eagerly dropped
onto my thickness.  I must have sounded in pain, she stopped momentarily and hovered
with only six inches inside her, hovering, and then squeezing my man tool with her
exceptional pussy muscles, fucking me without motion, bringing me to erotic pleasuresa man can only dream of.  But this was real, I was there, "Oh myyyyy",  I exclaimed,
and flexed my tool sending an equal reaction for her to enjoy.  She began again to
rise and drop on and almost off of my shaft, getting wetter with each stroke.  The veins
on my cock became more and more enlarged and protruded about a quarter of an inch
increasing her sensations of joy, and she began to have spasms as her cum began to
flow around my shaft.  She maoned in a garbled expression "Ohhhhhh,  Ohhh, Yesss,
I      am    going    to    cum again.........cum in me.............yeah..............cuuuuuum...
IN............................... ME ...............................NOWWWWWWWWWWW."  She
impaled herself onto my thick ten inch pole and stopped as I exploded my wad into
her uterus and gave forth my own utterances of pleasure.  Our combined juices were
of such volume that they squirted from her pussy lips like a broken pipe of hot steamy
cream and coated us with them before running onto the rock we were on.  She
collapsed onto me panting, we both lay there quivering from the excited orgasm we
had together, my cock still inside her heavenly canal. 

We rested for about twenty minutes, listening to the cyclists ride over the bridge above,
giggled at their ignorance of how nice this little stream was, well for us anyway.  We
went to the water's edge, washed away the stickiness in the seemingly cold water and
redressed to continue our journey to the end of the ride for day four of the tour.

As we neared the camp site for that night, she said "we may not get to ride together
tomorrow, OK?"  I looked at her awestruck, and said "Well, if you have other plans,
OK."  She responded saying "My boy friend may be here tonight, and he might
just ride with me for the rest of the trip."  I sighed and said "Hope not, but if he's here
it will just have to be that way, I understand", and added " if Not, I'd really like to ride
with you again tomorrow, so rest up, these days can get very tiring if you know what
I mean".  We arrived at the camp location, she spotted a girl that she had ridden with
the day before that I guessed was someone from her home town, waved, winked and
rode over to visit with her.

I made camp, took a shower, and went to get some dinner.  As I stood in line I smelled
a familiar perfume, turned and saw Gayle in line behind me, my heart dropped as I saw
the older guy standing there with her, indeed her boy friend had arrived, I would not get
ride either with or on Gayle the next day.  I did find myself wondering if he was as good
a riding partner as she had the day before, I hoped he could do for her as we had done
for each other.  I still watch for her each time I go on a cycling tour, but have not seen
her yet, I keep watching though, one never knows what the future will bring.


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