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A train ride with a difference

Who knew a train ride could be this interesting?
She hated the long trip home, but it was always good to see her family. The two hour trip home always wore her out no matter what time of day she travelled. Usually her train companions were just business men and women in suits who were too busy reading things on their phones and ipads to make conversation, but on this trip one of her companions didn’t fit the business man category.

She peeked out from beneath her eye lashes at him. God what a fine specimen he was! His head was shaven and looked as smooth as silk. He had large gorgeous eyes as green as a candy apple and a lovely thick goatee, trimmed but still full and bushy. How she longed to ruffle her fingers in it! A smattering of dark hair peeking out from the collar of his work shirt.

She wondered if he did some sort of contracting work. Building, maybe? Lifting heavy beams of timber with those luscious taut tanned arms of his. She could picture those arms lifting her up and tossing her over his shoulder and carrying her off to the bedroom. Her eyes danced slowly down his body drinking every part of his body in.

He caught her looking at him and he slowly gave her a wink. Her eyes darted away and she could felt herself blush. She hoped he wasn’t laughing at her. She waited a moment and gazed across the aisle at him again. His eyes were slowly taking in her long legs, making their way up her body until they met hers. She could feel her panties start to get moist, he winked at her again and this time she winked back.

He cocked his head toward the bathroom for her to follow him and gave her another little wink.

Did she dare follow this delicious stranger? Her heart started to beat a little faster. He rose from his seat to walk towards the bathroom. As he walked by he brushed a finger along her jaw bone sending shivers down her spine.

She slowly rose from her seat and followed him to the bathroom where he was waiting for her. He opened the door and motioned for her to enter first, she entered and leant against the sink. He came in and closed the door.

No sooner had the door closed and he had flipped the lock to engaged and he was standing in front of her, his gorgeous eyes dancing with mischief, he grabbed her waist and pulled her close.

His lips found hers and he started to kiss her passionately. She responded immediately, their tongues dancing together. He sucked on her lip and nibbled it gently causing her to moan softly with pleasure. His hands moved to her shoulders, then one slid to her neck caressing her while their mouths and tongues were exploring each other.

She put her hands around his waist and slid them up his shirt so she could run her hands over his back feeling his soft skin. Reaching his shoulders she felt his tight muscles and her hands started to knead them.

His hands dropped to her shirt and he started to undo her buttons, when the last button was undone he caressed her breasts in his hands and started to rub her nipples through the fancy lace.

She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, she took his shirt off and started to run her hands along his muscly arms, moaning softly every time his fingers brushed over her now erect nipples.

He took her shirt off and reaching around her back he undid the clip on her bra, removing it and setting her beautiful large breasts free. They were the largest breasts he had had the pleasure of touching. He stopped kissing her and slid his mouth slowly down her neck, nuzzling his way down across her throat to her right nipple. He took it in his mouth, and started to gently suck on it, flicking his tongue over the hard little bud, she moaned loudly with pleasure.

He took her other breast in his hand and started rolling his index finger over her hard little pink nipple. This excited her even more and she began grinding her pubic bone against his groin. She could feel his cock had grown quite hard and was threatening to burst out of his pants. He could feel the heat from her hot wet vagina against his throbbing cock through the thickness of their pants and pulled her in closer.

She stopped grinding against him and undid her pants and let them fall to the floor. She grabbed his belt and undid his pants, pulling his hard cock from his pants she gently stroked up and down. She took his mouth and hand off her nipples and she kissed her way down his chest and over his stomach. When she reached his cock she teasingly licked the pre come oozing from the end of his cock. She then slipped it in her mouth and started to roll her tongue around the head of his cock while gently sucking it at the same time, squeezing his balls gently he let out a moan of pleasure.

Holding the base of his cock she slid it out, and gave it a few more strokes before letting go and lifting herself on to the hand basin bench. He slipped one hand between her legs, the other finding a nipple to play with. His mouth finding hers, he slowly parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers and started to explore her clitoris with slow lingering strokes. Her body responded by pushing closer to his, her lips parted and little moans escaping from her luscious lips.

She grabbed his cock and moved it towards her wet slippery pussy. Shifting her body she slid his hard cock slowly inside her, moaning loudly as it filled her sweet pussy.

His lips made their way up to her mouth and they started to kiss each other hungrily, tongues dancing together. He found her free nipple with his now free hand and began stroking both nipples, teasing them and gently pulling on them arousing her even more.

He started to slide in and out of her,he could feel her breathing become slower and heavier. Each thrust getting harder, her hips moving backwards and forwards pushing him further inside her with each thrust. 

All of a sudden she started moaning and thrusting herself towards him even harder, her pussy muscles tightening around his shaft. Her moans came short and fast one after the other. Her body shuddering as her orgasm intensified until she was moaning loud and long. Her pace started to slow as her climax started to wind down. He started to thrust faster, he could feel his orgasm getting closer. She started to moan deeply, his fast thrusting pushing her climax back up to the surface.

As her body started to shudder again he could feel his load getting ready to blow. He started to come, his milky white juice spurting deep inside her, thrust after thrust releasing more into her hot wet pussy. Their thrusts slowing down, she rests her head on his chest for a moment while they each catch their breath.

They linger for a moment, completely satisfied they fix their clothing, he leans over and kisses her on the cheek whispering in her ear “Until we meet again gorgeous”.

He slaps her on the ass and opens the door to find the train slowing down, as the train stops and the door opens he turns and gives her a wink and disappears through the sliding doors. She takes her seat and gives him a little wave out the window before closing her eyes to relive the last half hour of her train “ride”.

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