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A Trial of Fantasy, Chapter 2

A lady in need of a break from her daily studies finds her cyber friend willing to chat.

I have edited the grammatical errors that caused my tale to be withdrawn, and hope it will now be found worthy of posting for your enjoyment.

Another day closer to the exam; the stress was really getting to Neotha as she sat in the typical chair, reading and searching the vast library of legalese still yet to be filtered through before the trial yet to come; the dread New York State Bar Exam.   She had been at it for almost seven hours today; her twelve hour study sessions had drawn out to more and more in the past few days and even during the few hours she still allowed sleep to take her away, the dreams were filled with piles of legal documents and testimonials from varied trials… ‘Damn’ she thought ‘is it really worth it?’ The answer, of course, a resounding ‘yes’, it’s time for a break.


It had been so hot in the flat today she had decided to dress simply; a pair of loose fitting boy shorts and flimsy tank sufficed, no underwear to hold in any of the distracting heat of the day; no one would see her anyway since she had long since told everybody she called friend not to come by; the exam had to take precedence; ‘Damn another legal term’ she groaned as she set aside the current volume; definitely time for a good break.   She rose from the seat and stretched, the imprint of her rounded ass still showed as she gazed back at the study chair, as she leaned over and touched her toes in an effort to get some of the kinks out of her back and realized she hadn’t been on line for a couple days as a glimpse of her laptop beside the other chair came to an upside down view.   A smile came across her instantly as she began to hope for one of the best things she had found in months to take her mind off of the never ending strain of study.


She rose to standing again and walked softly and stood beside other chair, she hadn’t sat in it since she found glorious climax with her fantasy animated lover Alfonse and could still see some of the stain her jism had left in the soft supple leather.   Her thoughts were lost momentarily to how best to clean it, but it could wait until after the exam; it wasn’t going anywhere for now, and besides she might just be able to add a bit to it before the hour was out, if she was lucky.   She took a seat in the broad overstuffed arm chair and settled in, swung the laptop stand around to face her and clicked it on.   Her anxiousness grew as the screen came on and she quickly clicked on the messenger site; ‘He’s usually on this time of day’ she thought as her heart began to flutter with what she could find if he were.   When it opened she saw several people on line and was quickly reminded of why she always had it set to long on invisible to the varied friends on her list; his icon was dim and silent; but then, even he knew that interruptions could spoil a rousing session of cyber chat and sexual fantasy; she clicked on his name “The Storyteller” and typed out a brief hello; she waited for what seemed too long, and then…


T:   “Hi there” came onto her text box, followed by another line “What’s up today?”


She felt relieved already, she knew all she would have to do is hint a little bit and he’d take her mind off of the trials of the study session. She replied “Studying as usual, but taking a break.”   They had done this a few weeks ago, and it began just like that and she ended up with a whole new perspective on the day.


T:   “Good for you, you study way too damned much Neotha, I know, trust me I know you have to, but it’s got to be hard on you.”


N:    “Nope, it is just tiring and I have to get away from it once in a while.   What are you up to today?”


T:   “Just writing as usual, you know me; always looking for the next adventure to put on paper. hehe


N:   “Oh, guess you’re busy then, maybe we can chat later on.”


T:   “You know I’m never too busy to chat with you doll.   You said you needed to get your mind off of the studies, can I help?”


N:   “Only if you have time and want to.” She hit enter and giggled, she knew he’d take care of everything from here.”


T:   “Well then, I do have time, if you want me to write a bit for you; you know I love to get you nice and relaxed . . . LOL.”


T:   “You alone?”


N:   “yep.”


T:   “Good, get comfy then, let me tell you just what I’d like to do to get your mind off of all that legal stuff for a bit.”


N:   “ok.”


T:   “You’re sitting in a chair, I walk up behind you, and you know I’m there because you hear me breathing.   My hands roam to your shoulders and begin rubbing them . . . my face slips down to your neck and kisses you beneath your ear gently as I whisper ‘Take a break girl; you are so tensed up; you put the book aside and lay your arms onto the arms of the chair.   I push your shoulders forward and begin rubbing them with firm circles, my hands are strong and supple, you feel the knots tense and then relax.”


N:   “Oh yeah.”


T:   “I push your torso farther down and message your back; my fingers slither down and up your muscles as you coo your pleasure at the touch.   I turn my hands to face fingers down and pull at the tensions, drawing it all to the shoulders and pull your torso back up some, again messaging your shoulders and neck; my talents relax the tensions as your mind drifts away from the legalese you have been enveloped in for so many hours.”


N:   “Uhmmm, that’s nice.”


T:   “Good.   I drop my hands from your shoulders and move around you, now you can see me, a brief pair of athletic shorts and a tank top is all that covers me; I envision you in the same, or close to it.”


N:   “Close enough, boy shorts and a tank. giggles*”


T:   “LOL.   Like minds milady; underwear today?”


N:   “Nope.”


T:   “Oh my, that sounds too good to be true.   You’re such a tease.”


N:   “LOL, it’s true though.”


T:   “OK, to continue:   I pick up one hand and begin with the other hand working the kinks out of your shoulder from the front…I watch as your eyes drift shut and enjoy the gently prodding fingers as they pull the tensions down from your shoulder to your elbow, then wrist, then out past your fingertips.   I drop your arm as it goes limp and repeat the process with the other.   The whole time my eyes fixed on not only your beautiful face, but the ample breasts that shine from beneath the thin fabric of your tank top; the nipples seem to grow more as you relax and enjoy the manipulations of my strong deep muscle message.   I hear a sigh and know your body is beginning to relax completely; from the waist up anyway.   *LOL*”


N: “Now who’s teasing?   *LOL*”


T: “Me? Tease?   Maybe a little bit.   Ok then, I’ll move along.”


T:   “As the second arm goes limp and I drop it, both my hands go to your shoulders again, this time at the base of your neck; I splay my fingers and draw them down; slowly they traverse to the lush orbs barely exposed by the scoop neck of your tank top; I pause; uncertain if you really want me to do this.   Are you sure?”


N:   “Oh yeah; I am ready for whatever comes next.”


T:   “Well, I will try to make it you that comes next then.”


T:   “My fingers are parted wide as they ever so gently cross your tits; a hint of touch, a tickle of tease as they go over and then past them.   I pull on your waist and lean you towards me, and with a smooth swift move I pull your tank top off. A gasp comes from my lips as I see the wonder of your body exposed; I lick my upper lip as I toss the shirt to the floor.   My hands go to your waist and begin to rub up and back along your sides, each time closer than the last to again caressing the full rounded flesh; your nipples grow harder with each possible touch; finally I cradle them each in a hand and lift them, knead them and pull at them a bit until the nipples are all but touching.”


N:   “Ooooo.”


T:   “My face swoops closer and my mouth surrounds the two hardened nubbins at once, my tongue sweeps circles around them and presses hard against them.   I hear you groan and feel your body as it squirms a bit.   I let my mouth drift from them for a moment and part the two orbs; one in my left hand as it so gently caresses it with my thumb and index finger twisting the nipple just hard enough to force it to get even harder with want; my right hand does the same, until my mouth captures it and sucks the areola and nipple in with almost savage greed; I groan onto and into your flesh as I feel your response.”


N:   “Uhmmm.”


T:   “My right hand drops from the now eager tit as I continue to suck more and more wildly on it, a distraction from my intended goal.   I lean closer and push my torso between your knees a bit farther; in a flash I loosen my grip and pull my shirt off; flesh to flesh is so much sweeter a means of touching.   My fingers lay upon your thigh and begin the slow trek along it; up a bit and message…a bit more and move to the tender inner muscles of it…up ever more as I hear a moan come from your mouth and feel it in your chest with my lips…still sucking your breast, still caressing the other wit my talented fingers.”


T:   “Again I loosen my grip…my mouth takes the other tit and suckles it as I did the first…yet my hands travel from the wondrous mounds of your tits and drag across your abdomen…not yet have I blessed your mound or lower with a touch…a tease, but effective at making you forget all else for a while…I whisper to you ‘raise up a bit for me doll…’ and pull the boy shorts over your hips and down past your knees…past your calves and past your feet.   They too fly to the floor beside your tank top and my shirt…I gasp at the beauty of your sweet petalled flower…so swelled already and not even paid heed to as yet ‘mmmmm’ I utter softly as my hands push apart your athletic thighs to view the heavenly garden of your mound and the flower that nestles beneath it with such glory.”


N:   “more….want more…”


T:   “and you shall have it all Neotha.   I mean all of it before I am done.”


T:   “My hands hold on to your thighs and push at them as my face goes closer, yet ever closer and then as my warm breath pass the petals my tongue sneaks out and slithers from base to top of the outer regions of your moist loving pussy; the taste is divine; almost intoxicating to me and I dip farther into the labia, slathering up whatever moisture I find; not enough yet, but soon.   My hands grasp at the top of your thighs…my thumbs push at and then pull apart the flower called labia…my tongue invades it and licks bottom to top and top to bottom; the only part left unattended is the eager nubbin within the crown at the top; I avoid it for now….”


N:   “What?   No….please don’t avoid that.”


T:   “Just testing dear to be sure you were paying attention.   LOL”


N:   “I have to type with one hand….don’t tease me…pleases.”


T:   “My hands move lower between your legs…once beneath them I lift them both and put your feet on my shoulders…I pull us together my face totally buried in your sweet heavenly gash; I groan at the glorious flavors and feeling of the wetness you   provide me; my arms hold you tightly to me as I eat my way deeper and deeper into the wonder of your abyss; even my nose is inside you as I pull from you only to gasp for a breath now and then; I can hardly wait for your screams to begin, knowing that with the increase of your nectar it will be soon.”


N:   “uhmmm; yeah it will; please, I need it.”


T:   “ I suck what fruity nectar I can from the channel of sweet dreams and glory; my tongue frantic now with want to scoop the fluids from you; I press harder to you with my face as one hand leaves your thigh and begins pushing down my own shorts…the meaty tool within wants its turn as well.”


N: “God yes; do it, take me please.”


T:   “*hehe   OK, if it is what you want   chuckles   once my shorts are at my knees I raise up and lift your legs aloft, slide along them as I embrace them snugly to my torso.   I feel the wetness of your groin as my cock passes by, each touch brings delight to my skin, and each drop of wetness increases my need.   Finally the ten inch pole has risen past it, the mushroomed head now perched above the entry to heaven; your heaven; my lustful destination.”


N:   “ah;; I gasp with need; my hands reach and pull at your hips”


T:   “I push down to meet the lush wet entrance; the head pushes into the outer reaches of your flower; a slight thrust and the head slips in with an audible pop.”


N:   “God yes.   Deeper, give it to me.”


T:   “I lift your legs as I stand before you, my cock slips in a bit more, and then more; inch by inch I feel your muscles draw me deeper.   My heart races as my breaths come in pants for much needed air.   Once I have driven in half I pull back and then push even a bit deeper; each stroke at slightly differing angles will drive us both to the brink; I wrap my arms around your thighs and pull your ass off the chair, now you are mine; your groin at the perfect height; my hips withdraw with the newfound freedom of movement and then in one felled swift push I drive into you almost to the hilt.”


N:   “YES…harder”


T:   “Time after time eight inches of thick meaty manhood invades you, different tempos with each time I plunge inward or withdraw; my hips move faster as my own arousal gets more demanding of me; I fuck on until…”


T:   “I release my grip on your legs and let them fall around me, my cock supporting your lower body completely as I reach and grasp your wrists pulling you up against my torso. Your arms fly around my neck as I stand and take you for a bit; my gasping breaths whimper out a request. ‘Doggy style; please; I need it’.”


N:   “Oh yes; anything; Cumming; soon!”


T:   “I let your legs drop, pull my hips back and hear the slurp of your juices as the thick mass slips from within you; I turn you around with your helpful grace and push your upper body and face to the chair seat as you drop to your knees in front of me and part them for me to have easy access to you.”


T:   “I squat behind your sopping wet rear…your nectars have made it deliciously slick and I love the feeling of it as I pull your cheeks apart and guide my bulbous head to the opening.   I adjust my height and assure myself that I will not harm you with the next move; all is well and I thrust into you with savage lust; the base of my cock slams against your loins at once as ten inches fill you like you have never felt before, and then it begins.”


T:   “Pounding rhythm takes the tempo of fucking faster and harder than even I have done before; I grunt as you moan; I pant as you gasp; my muscles tighten as your hips thrust against my own; the ultimate fuck with the ultimate woman.   I feel the veins swell along the lengthy shaft; a sign that soon I will be forced to shoot my wad, somewhere.   I tell you with each panting gasp that I cannot hold out much longer.”


N:   “kkkkkkk…..ah…ugh….cum 4 me”


T:   “Your wish is my command.   I drive harder and then slower; from a high angle to a low one, each with it’s own delightful nuances; each driving me past the precipice of wondrous climax; I grunt with each time my mound hits your ass and my sack slaps at your mound below until finally I cannot resist any longer.   I pull my cock from you abruptly, flip you over to your where your back is on the seat and let fly the first rope; it coats a line from your navel to your chin and I grasp the meaty prong to aim the next as you open your mouth to receive it.   Perfection happens and the next steam fills your mouth.   I stroke at my meaty tool awaiting you to swallow which you do eagerly and await the third rope.   I dip at the knee and shove my cock to the hilt inside you and cum again; as the heated lava fills your inner depths you scream out another wave of your own climax.   I am spent and lay down upon you, the creamy jism I left there squishes between us and I shudder at the pure wonder of what we share as your nectar combined with the final stream o semen flows around my shaft and seeps from you.”


N:   “Thank you.”


T: “No, thank you for enduring my poor writing, hope it was at least a nice break from the day’s toils.”


N:   “It was amazing”


T:   “Well, it was really fun for me; you know it is one of my most favorite fantasies to get a woman off with just a few well chosen words.   I grin with hope that success was found.”


N:   “YOU DID, and I mean it…thank you so much”


T:   “Aw shucks ma’ mm *blushing*, I am glad you enjoyed it though.   Let me know whenever you need a break from your studies; one of these days we will have to try this with a phone line, I’d love to hear just how you moan Neotha, or do you scream?”


N:   “Depends; we’ll see, maybe after the exam if the mood is right.”


T:   “Well doll, hate to be a slave driver, but you need to get back to your studies, and I really need to go take care of something, if you catch my drift.”


N:   “LOL…yep, I think so . . . *giggles*”


T:    “Till next time    *kisses and hugs*, and have sweet creamy dreams when you go to bed tonight; LOL; I know I will.”


N:   “Bye for now.   Thanks again, it was awesome.”


T:   “Only because it was for you milady; you inspire me; bye for now.   *kisses*”


He signed off, she clicked the page off and sat back for a minute; her hand still holding the ten inch dildo, her pussy so drenched it was beyond belief; she smiled and stood up, holding on to the arms of the chair to steady herself.   Her shorts were soaked from the part that had covered her mound as they had been slid to the side to allow the dildo its path down through the crotch and completely wetted ass.   She looked down at the poor old chair, flooded again.   She pulled off the rumpled mass of her tank top and swiped up the creamy flood as the remains of her jism ran down past her knees. A giggle resounded at the wonder of cyber sex with the storyteller; one day she just might have to try to meet him face to face; her giggle turned into a low laugh for she knew he was old enough to be her father, but in cyber space age was irrelevant.


She showered and changed, refreshed and ready to go back to work; only a little over a week left now until the exam.


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