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A trip to Miami part 1

A chance encounter
Over the years I have enjoyed many a trip over to the United States. I have always found everyone so warm and friendly. This story comes from events that happened one evening during a stay in South Beach, Miami.

It had been another tough day of getting up late, a huge breakfast at Denny’s then a walk up and down the beach with the occasional swim thrown in. In the evening I decided to head to a small bar that is off the beaten track and is South Beach’s only micro brew bar. It specialises in Belgian style beers which have to be drunk slowly, sitting down and most definitely in small amounts.

I was sat at the bar chatting with the very amiable bar tender when I noticed an attractive blonde in her early thirties walk in to the bar. She came and stood next to me, just knocking my elbow slightly with her arm as she leant against the bar.

She apologised, I said it wasn’t a problem and we made a little small talk as she waited to be served.

She then went and sat at a table and was shortly joined by a couple who sat opposite her. I didn’t take a great deal of notice other than the fact that she was very pretty and had an amazing smile.

Thirty minutes or so must have past when she approached the bar again to buy another round of drinks for her group. We chatted again and this time she suggested I should join them as I was alone. I thought about it for a few moments then said why not, I’d love to.

She introduced herself as Mandy and her friends as Christy and Carl. We all said hi and I introduced myself. They we keen to hear about my life as a photographer and in particular about the work I had been doing In Miami.

After a few more drinks were bought I felt Mandy’s knee rub against mine. Being a total flirt myself, I rubbed my knee back against hers. I then felt her hand on my knee. She didn’t look at me and continued with the conversation we were having about work. I was hoping my face wouldn’t give away the fact that she was now slowly rubbing her hand up and down my thigh. I felt myself starting to react to her touch. Her hand rose higher up my thigh until she brushed it lightly over the now forming bulge in my jeans. This had an instant effect on me and I went from semi erect to hard in seconds. Mandy obviously felt it too as she then traced the outline of my cock with her forefinger.

I closed my legs and trapped her hand between them. I held it there for a few minutes to try and stop her but as soon as I released her hand she moved her hand over the bulge in my jeans and gave my hard cock a good squeeze.

I was now feeling very horny and decided to go cool down a little and so excused myself and headed to the bathroom. I was relieved to find the male heads empty. I sat in one of the cubicles and released my hard cock from its denim prison. I gave myself a few rubs, remembering how nice Mandy’s hand had felt on me. I soon pulled myself together and left the smallest room to find Mandy was just heading into the ladies room. She smiled at me said “hi” then leant into my face and kissed me full on the lips. It seemed we were locked in a passionate embrace for ages. Finally letting me go she whispered in my ear “I really want that cock of yours” then disappeared into the ladies. Still in a state of shock and arousal I made my way back to the table where Christy and Carl were finishing their drinks.

“One more for the road?” I asked them.

Carl answered “better not as we have to be up early tomorrow but” and this was with a small grin, “I’m sure Mandy will join you”

At this point Mandy returned from the bathroom and seeing the others making to leave, gave them each a hug and said goodbye. As soon as they were gone I looked Mandy in the eye and said

“My hotel is just around the corner if you fancy a nightcap” Again she leant in and kissed me then said “let’s go”

We walked the few blocks to my hotel, my arm wrapped around her slim waist. I could feel her soft, warm body through the thin cotton of the summer dress she was wearing. We got into the lift and as soon as the doors closed started kissing. My hands roamed over her tight ass. I could feel that she was wearing a string under her dress and as she pressed her groin into mine I’m sure she could feel how hard I was. We fell out of the lift and stumbled to my room, pausing to kiss and fondle each other several times.

We finally reached my room and as soon as the door was closed she pinned me to the door with a deep embrace, her tongue exploring my mouth in a full French kiss. Her hands were busy on my belt and then on the buttons of my 501s. I felt my cock spring free as she pulled my jeans down. I groaned slightly at her caress, her slowly pulling the foreskin over my swollen head. Then without warning she dropped to her knees and kissed my cock. With one hand steadying my cock and the other on my hip she licked the bubble of pre-cum that oozed from my hard cockhead. Licking her lips to savour the taste, Mandy then wrapped her lips around my head and sucked. Slowly but surely Mandy began to take me all in, my full length sliding into her mouth. Her touch was delicate and sensual, sending shivers up and down my entire body as she worked her mouth around my shaft. She cupped my balls with one hand and gently fondled them, using her index finger to tease my perineum. I was growing harder and harder and soon her attentions, along with the prior fondling soon had that familiar feeling growing in my groin.

“Oh fucking hell Mandy, I’m going to cum so hard” I croaked and with a throaty giggle she quickened her pace on my cock. Her on hand still; cupping my balls, the other following her mouth up and down my saliva covered cock. In response I felt my body tense up and I thrust my hips forward, forcing my cock into her mouth. I could feel my orgasm build so I relaxed as much as possible, allowing my body to ride the wave of ecstasy. Holding back no longer and with a groan felt my cock unload its gooey hot cum into Mandy’s mouth. She clamped her lips around my cock and swallowed everything I had to give. She licked every last drop from my cock then licking her lips stood up and gave me a kiss full on the lips, sharing the salty taste of my semen with me. This was a first for me and found it extremely erotic.

We stood locked in a passionate embrace, saliva and spunk mixing in our mouths for several minutes. Mandy gently stroking my cock, keeping it semi erect, me rubbing my hands over her sexy ass.

“Mmmmm that was yummy” she whispered “let’s take a shower”

She walked slowly away still holding my cock until her arm was outstretched then with a slight tug let go. It was at this point my legs nearly gave way. I could feel my thighs burning after being tensed up for so long. I watched Mandy as she slowly pulled her dress up over her head, revealing her stunning body.

Our eyes locked as she slowly removed her bra allowing her perfect c cup breasts to swing free. She then peeled her string down to reveal a neatly trim pussy, her lips swollen and clearly wet with desire.

“You are stunning” I said unable to take my eyes off her. Laughing, she turned around bent over slightly and gave her ass a wiggle and stepped into the bathroom.

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