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A trip to the alps

A trip up to see the Famous Neu Schwanstein castle with a special surprise
A trip to the Alps

I look at my pocket watch, quick calculations let me know that we will be arriving in ten minutes. Great thing about German rail is it always runs on time, if we were in England we would have no idea when we would be arriving. I look at you sitting across from me, I know that you wore that dress on purpose. I had told you, when you bought it that it drives me wild. I slowly make my way down your body with my eyes taking in every beautiful inch, the way your hair slides down the side of your neck,your necklace that delves deep into your cleavage, the gorgeous blue dress with the nearly scandalous neck line. I Move down the swell of your breast, over the corset, which increases the shape and size of your breasts. I continue down the soft folds in your dress, continuing to the shoes you bought in Paris the month before. I can’t help but think about that trip. The fun we had, didn’t leave our hotel room for the first two days. 

I have to stop my thoughts or I will not be able to stand without causing a scene. The light coming in the window shines down on your face, it’s tilted to the left as you read your book. I notice the gentleman beside me keeps looking at you, I give myself a little smile. I know what the weekend will bring, and he has no Idea. I can’t help but to continue lusting over you. It has been over a month since I had seen you. I can’t wait to get you alone.

The train comes to a halt, and we disembark, I point towards the carriage I have arranged for us. It cost me far too much to get this carriage, but I was not wanting to share and with Ludwig inviting everyone to come and see the progress on his castle it cost a small fortune to secure. Cost aside it did give me chance to have you alone. We climbed in I drew the curtain, immediately I grab your hand pull you in and kiss you passionately. You do not hold back, returning with vigor. My hands start to wander, I feel you body open up to my hands. Your dress I was admiring earlier, is now curse, it’s intricacies keep me from getting in. I feel your hand start gliding up my trousers, moving along to my thigh. I shift down and start kissing your neck, nibbling softly. You let out a little gasp, my hands run down and make there way under you dress. They slide up your legs, start moving along ever upwards. You hand is now right in my crotch, you slowly rub my cock. My hand finds its way in between your legs, I can feel your wetness through your stockings. I start tracing my finger up and down your pussy. I move from your neck to your ear softly biting and tugging on your lobe. Your hand increases in pace, rubbing me through my pants. My fingers move up to your clit, I start circling around it, I feel your hips move forward. Your hands undo my belt, I slide forward in the seat to make it easier for you to get access. You pull my cock out, you pull your head away from mine and swiftly you take my stiff prick into my mouth, I let a gasp as I feel the warmth of you mouth close in around me. It takes all I have not to blow my load right then.

I am lost to you, I don’t care anymore All I know is I want you. I pull you up, kiss you passionately as my hands work there way up your legs moving over well familiar territory. I reach the wet patch between your legs, I rip through your undergarments, You don’t flinch. It has been to long, we both are desperate for this. 

I lift up your dress, maneuver you onto my lap, and lower you on to my now rock hard cock. We both let out a gasp as your slick pussy glides its way down my cock. I feeling your warmth engulf me makes me lose who and where I am. I am consumed as you start to slowly grind up and down. I pull you down and kiss you as you quicken your pace, you let out little cries as you rise and fall on to my willing cock. 

I can feel myself getting closer as you increase in intensity. There is nothing now but pent up raw passion. I give out a cry as I nearly cum, I can barely hold on any longer. You get louder as I can feel your pussy tighten, I let out a cry as my balls tighten and I reach my climax. I grab you arse, helping to thrust you up and down. You let out a cry and I feel a shiver go through your body as you orgasms just as I I shoot my load inside of you with a finality you lift yourself up high and drop down hard on to my cock. I can feel your pussy gripping tight around me as shudders of pleasure run through your body, drawing my orgasm out longer.

We stay there embracing, enjoying the afterglow of our coupling. After I have gone limp inside of you, you roll of me to sit next to me in the carriage. I realize that we are nearly there. I start to straighten myself out. Fortunately there isn’t much out of place on your dress. I lean over and kiss you and apologies for ripping your panties.

We arrive at the castle, the driver opens the door, I step out into the warm afternoon sun. I look up amazed at the castle, surrounded by the high alpine peaks. I turn and offer you my hand as you step down from the carriage, I turn and give the driver a nod and an extra big tip so he won’t go wagging his tongue about what he might of heard, he gives a nod of understanding in return. out of the corner of my eye I see the servants come out to take our luggage.I turn and offer you my arm and we make our way up the stairs into the castle.

It is stunning, a truly massive building, beautifully built. The white stone shining bright in the late afternoon sun as we head into the entrance hall.We are greeted by the steward who directs us to the rooms where we will be staying. Separate rooms of course, the last thing we need is a scandal going around the court. The main reason for our secrecy. 

We retire to our chamber to get ready for the evening meal, and make arrangements for a rendezvous after dinner.


I quickly undress to bath, I work hard to keep you out of my mind but I have trouble not thinking about you. I thought our little romp in the carriage would have kept me going until after dinner. I was wrong. I quickly dress and go for a walk to try and clear my head and cool the urging coming from my trousers. I head out of the castle waving aside the servants as I want some peace. I slow my pace as I get further from the castle, taking my time enjoying the last remnants of the sun. I wander aimlessly following the path when at last I come across the Marien brücke.

I am astonished by the feat of putting a bridge over such avast expanse. As I step out on to the bridge the beauty over whelms me, late evening sun shining down, glistening of the white castle that seems to sprout up from the very mountain it sits on. I take in all this beauty as I walk into the middle of the bridge. As I gaze across the plains and lakes I feel like I could see forever. I stand there losing myself in the view and thoughts of tonight’s rendezvous, exactly the opposite of what I set out to do.

You follow the servant to your chambers, down the corridors, lavishly furnished with hangings. The servant opens the door to a stone room with thick beautiful rugs, gorgeous paintings adorn the walls, on one side an ornately carved fireplace stands filled with logs ready for use if the nights get cold. On the opposite side there’s a doorway leading through to the wash chamber. Standing against the back wall, in a dominate position stands a massive four post bed, made from English oak. With intricate carvings running up the posts, a massive head board with the Bavarian coat of arms carved directly into it. The servant places your luggage in the corner and you ask her to draw you a bath.

You start to disrobe, thoughts still on the trip in the carriage. You slowly remove your dress, you lay it out on the bed for the servant to brush and put way. You walk into the wash room in just your under dress and stockings. You feel a light breeze come in through the hole I ripped, the feel of the cool air sends a shiver down your spine. The servant has finished filling the bath, you remove your stockings and under dress. The air is cooler than outside and your nipples respond, they harden in the cool air as a tingling sensation spreads across your perfect breasts. You slide into the bath, enjoying the feel of the warm water wash over your body. You pick up the soap and start lathering yourself. Running the soap over your arms, round your shoulders, down over your breasts. You circle around running the soap over your nipples, you linger in your rotations enjoying the feeling remembering our trip up in the carriage, and the rendezvous tonight. You feel a warmth that is not related to the water, spreading between you legs. You move down from you nipples over your stomach, down towards the urge now growing from your slit. The soap has now been abandoned, as your had runs down over your mound and circles around your lips. Your fingers trace up and down your slit, sending tingles running out through your body. Your fingers spread your lips ever so slightly as they continue to trace up and down your lips, eventually coming up to your clit. You slowly circle your finger around your clit. 

You stop, you want to save it for later. You quickly dress and decide to go for a walk to clear your head before you get ready for dinner. You head out of the Castle, down the path, not really knowing where you were going. You are enjoying the mountain air and the last of the sun coming through the trees.

You come round to the Marien Brücke, you see me standing there. Remembering your bath, and the fact that you still have an urge. You come up behind me, I am so engrossed in my thoughts of you that I don’t notice your footsteps coming up behind me. You reach up and kiss the back of my neck, while your hands come round and slide down the front of my pants. They enclose around my semi hard cock.

I am startled but I recognized your touch immediately. I turn around and kiss you deeply, your hands remained around my cock. You return my kisses as you slowly start rubbing my cock. It quickly grows hard as I turn us around and lean you up against the railing, as you continue to stroke me. I kiss you harder hungry for you. I kiss down your neck as I start lifting your dress. I slide my hand underneath, I am happy to see that you aren’t wearing any stockings, and trace my way up your leg. I reach your pussy, it is still wet from your attentions earlier. You let out gasp as my fingers slide up your moist lips. I trace up and down your slit, my lips make there way up your neck as I start nibbling on your ear lobe. I circle my finger up and around your hard clit, I feel a little gasp escape your mouth on my ear. I pull your hands out of my pants, this time is about you.

I get down on my knees, I put my head under your dress. I kiss my way up your leg, I feel a shudder run down your body and you spread your legs and lean back on the railing slightly allowing me better access. My lips reach your glistening pussy. Your dress was long enough that it now covers me completely. I dive in, my tongue slides up your slit. I linger over your clit, enjoy the taste of you sweet juices. I circle over and around your clit, you move you hips forward, leaning into my face. My tongue increases it’s pace, I bring my hand up and proceed to run my finger around the entrance of your slit, slowly inserting my finger with every circle. My finger goes all the way in, I slowly slide my finger in and out, in and out, as my tongue increases intensity. Your legs start to tighten around me as you get closer, my finger increases in speed and intensity as my tongue starts going mental, flicking and licking darting all over your clit. You start bucking your hips as you getting closer to reaching your climax, your juices run down my face, I push harder delve deeper enjoy the taste of you. Your hands grasp the rail, and your legs close around my head, you let out a massive gasp as your orgasm. Your hips grind against my face as you push it further and greater. At last you slow down as your orgasm dissipates. I gently lick over your clit one last time, as I slowly withdraw my finger. I extricate myself from underneath your dress. I wipe my mouth on my handkerchief, lean in and kiss you deeply. You respond willing, I can feel your knees are a little bit wobbly from your orgasm.

We stay there locked in our kiss, still in our own world. I notice that the sun has gone down ad the air has grown chilly. We should be leaving, dinner is in half an hour and we still need to do our toilette. I let you go first and wait 5 minutes as not arouse suspicions.

You head back to your rooms, and once again bathe, paying close attention to your vagina which is still tingling from our fun on the bridge. You come out and the servants have laid your dining gown on the bed. It is a beautiful pink dress, with a slim waist that shows off your amazing arse, and helps to accentuate your ample bosom. It has diamonds sewn into the bodice, with a large ruby in the center right under your bust. You dress yourself, have one of the servants to do your hair. You then make your way to the banquet hall which is lavishly decked out with velvets and damask. The table is covered with the best cuisine that the kings kitchens can produce.

The rest of the guests start to arrive, the are all dressed up in their finery attempting to out to each other. The top of the top in Bavarian are all here, all vying for the kings attention. 

I make my entrance, I am dressed in my finest black an white evening wear. Even with all the dolled up ladies in the room you are the only one that catches my eye. I have do my best not to stare, the sight of you in that dress drives me insane, at least the emerald under your bust gives me an excuse to drink in the majesty of you breasts without anyone questioning my intentions. 

The king enters, Ludwig take his seat, the rest of the guests join and the feast begins. The meal passes as a blur, all I can about is meeting up with you tonight. I make barely passable conversation, as a I ma distracted by your beauty, that and the stirring in my trouser every time I think about what is to come. The dinner finally comes to an end and with a sigh of relief we all withdraw to our respective chambers. 

Through some coincidence our bed chambers are adjacent via a back wall, through another coincidence there is a small door the connects the two. It is amazing what a few coins in the right hands will do. 

Before I went down to dinner I left a note on your pillow telling you to expect me at 2 am. You enter your chambers at 1:30 and begin to undress. The servants left out your bed clothes but you ignore these instead going straight to your trunk to pull out your french silk stockings, whalebone corset which barely contains your amazing rack, with a garter belt and straps to hold up the stockings. You then untie you abundant hair and await my arrival. 

You hear the Clock in the tower strike 1:45. You lie there thinking about what is to come, you feel a warming between you legs. You slowly move your hand down impatient with what is about to come, you slowly start running your finger up and down your slit, enjoying the feeling, you circle up around your clit. You close you eyes and picture me running my tongue up and down. You feel and hand run down your leg awhile another lifts your hand of your now wet pussy. You open your eyes to see me kissing down your leg.

I couldn’t wait for 2 o’clock I wanted you now. I thrust my face into your pussy for the second time that day, immediately licking all over it, I take you clit into my mouth and softly suck on it twirling it in my mouth. My hard cock is clearly visible protruding through my undergarments. I pull my head away to pull my shirt of, I pull my pants down, I am standing there in the dim candle light stiff drinking in you lying there. Your breast have spilled over the corset, your legs are open with your glistening pussy inviting me, calling to me. I have never seen a sight I wanted more. 

I move toward you and move the tip of my cock to the entrance our you waiting pussy, I have to stop myself from driving my cock straight on in. There is no need to rush we have all night, I maneuver the tip in, slowly sliding into you enjoying the sensation as your pussy engulfs the head of my cock. I feel you tilt you hips inviting it, and willing it to go deeper, but I pull it out, slowly putting just the tip back in, you hands grab the sheets, I can tell by your face that you want me to keep going deeper into you but I hold off. I slowly make my way into you, with each stroke going pushing that little bit further until I enter you with my full length. I rotate my hips moving my self around in you rubbing the base of my cock against your clit. I lean don and kiss you deeply our tongues swirling and playing as I continue to move and grind against you. I start to pull in and out of you, when you suddenly sit up and roll me onto my back with your legs.

You climb on top of me, and slide down on to my cock. I love it when you take control like this, you proceed to ride me, slowly at first, taking slow long thrusts. I can’t believe how good it feels, you increase your pace riding me harder and faster. You start letting out little gasps and the pleasure increases each time you slide down my cock. I am lost in you, the feel of you on top of me, how amazing you look and the feeling of being inside you. Your pace gets faster and harder until, I sit up and pick up off my cock, I turn you on to all fours and move behind you. I thrust my cock into you from behind, I start thrusting in and out of you, pumping hard enjoying your amazing as I move in and out of you. You start pushing back, making groaning noises, I slap you on the arse then reach round and start rubbing your clit as I thrust in and out in and out harder and faster. Your groaning gets louder as you push back more, I feel that tingling in my balls as I get closer. “hmm I going to cum” I cry out, I feel your pussy clench around my cock as your body starts to shake as you let yourself go and you orgasm. My balls tighten and I thrust hard and long those last few times as I cum hard and deep into your pussy.

I collapse on top of you out of breath, and completely drained. I try to say something but in the after glow of my orgasm all that comes out is some in audible sounds. You reply in a similar way as your orgasm slowly retreats.

I wake up to the sunlight just creeping through the window, our limbs are entwined. I lean down and kiss you, softly waking you as I do, “morning, I have better go. I guess I will see you later.” I get out of bed, collect my underclothes and look back at you with sad longing before ducking out through the hidden door. The only thing stopping me from going back is the knowledge that I will be with you again very soon.

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