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A trip to the movies

“I want to do it in the cinema!” said Natalie.

I looked away from my computer screen where I was trying to concentrate on a spreadsheet so hadn’t grasped what my wife was suggesting. I looked at her for clues but Natalie just smiled at me. I knew that smile and it usually meant something risky.

“Sorry Nat, what do you want to do?” I said with trepidation.

“Fuck. At the cinema. Tonight” she answered, licking her lips.

“What?! Are you trying to get us arrested for public indecency? There’s not a lot of cover in a cinema you know. They tend to be a bit open!”

But I knew that argument would only make her more determined. After all, that was the thrill for Natalie and the riskier the situation, the more turned on she got. And seeing her all turned on got me going every time!

“It’ll be fine,” she replied, still smiling. “We don’t have to get naked just so long as we both have an orgasm and you get your big cock in my pussy.”

“Ok,” I sighed “but don’t come crying to me that police cells are uncomfortable.”

Natalie let out a little giggle.

“I knew you’d see it my way” she said. “Now you book the tickets while I quickly go and decide what to wear” and with that, Natalie got up.

I turned back to my computer and went online to our local multiplex’s website. It was already just after 7pm and being a weekday, there weren’t many showings left that evening to choose from but I was more interested in the seats rather than the film. I started by looking at the films that had been out for a while on the basis that these would probably be less busy and soon struck lucky. The online seating plan showed very few prebooked seats and even better, there was a whole row right at the back that was unbooked. I have to confess that as I sat there I was a little excited by Natalie’s idea and as I booked the two seats on the end of the row, right in the corner of the auditorium, a little thrill kept over me and I prayed that nobody else would join the row.

It wasn’t long before Natalie reappeared having changed into a cotton summer dress which was cut across the top of her breasts and just covered her bum. It was red and she always looked good in it but what Natalie really liked about this dress was that it buttoned down the front from top to bottom. I just knew without asking that Natalie, like me, wouldn’t have on any underwear so the dress was perfect for this adventure as she could undo the buttons and reveal everything without having to actually undress. Natalie looked me up and down. I was wearing a pair of lightweight jeans and a shirt.

“You’ll do,” she said. “Let’s go.”

It was only a short drive to the cinema but Natalie was already turned on and she sat there in the passenger seat with her legs apart, her hand up her skirt, gently fingering herself.

“Do you mind,” I said with a grin. “I’m trying to concentrate on driving.”

“Why would I mind me fingering my pussy?” she replied. “Mmm, look.”

I turned around to look and Natalie held up the two fingers she’d had in her pussy. They were glistening with her juices and as I watched, she put them in her mouth and slowly sucked them, her eyes full of mischief. I could feel my cock getting hard in my trousers and just as we pulled into the cinema car park, Natalie leant over and rubbed the obvious bulge in my lap.

“Pack it in!” I cried. “I’ve got to walk through a crowded foyer in a minute and that might be awkward with a raging hard on in these trousers.”

“I know,” Natalie laughed, “that’s the idea.”

As I parked the car, Natalie turned in her seat to face me with her legs apart so that I could see her wet pussy. “Want to finger me before we go in?” she asked, coyly.

I never say no to that sort of offer from Natalie. I’ve not had my fingers up many women but I can safely say that Natalie’s is the tightest fanny I’ve had the pleasure of and I love sliding a finger or two into her, listening to her gentle moans of pleasure as I do. I leant over and began to slowly finger-fuck her while she sat there with her eyes closed and as my fingers thrust in and out of her, I could feel my cock straining against my trousers. The sight of my fingers smeared in Natalie’s juices, sliding in and out of her gorgeous pink lips always makes me hard. Natalie will come just with me fingering her, sometimes it takes a few minutes and other times it can be a while longer but either way, I don’t care and always enjoy feeling her tight fanny around my fingers.

“Oh God, that feels good” groaned Natalie oblivious to the cinema goers coming and going in the car park around us.

“Shit, there’s someone coming towards us” I said, removing my fingers from Natalie’s pussy.

It was a young couple who approached the front of the car and as Natalie turned in her seat, pulling down the hem of her skirt to cover her pussy, they proceeded to get into the car next to Natalie.

“They’re looking at us and grinning” I said to Natalie. “I think they saw what we were doing.”

“Lucky them,” she replied with a smile. “Now, I suppose we’d better go and watch this film then” and with that, she got out of the car and walked towards the entrance doors.

“Damn,” I thought and got out to follow her. Conscious of the bulge in the front my trousers, I put my hands in my pockets to try and disguise my obvious erection. Natalie was waiting by the doors. “Come on big boy,” she smirked, holding the door open for me to walk through. “Go and get the tickets while I get chocolate.”

I walked through the doors and over to the pre-booked tickets machine, grateful for the wait as it searched for the booking. I could feel my cock getting soft again, the bulge in my trousers subsiding. Eventually, the tickets were printed and I went over to Natalie who had purchased a bag of Minstrels for us to share and was now waiting by the doors that led to the separate screens. A young woman whose name badge identified her as “Sarah” held out her hand for the tickets. Sarah looked at them and waved us through the doors.

“Screen 5, second on the left, Row P on the right as you go in” she said with a smile.

We walked down the corridor to the double doors with big blue neon “5” over them and as we approached, wondered how full it would be. The adverts were just finishing as we entered so the lights had dimmed but as we opened the doors and went in, it was obvious it wasn’t going to be a packed performance. There were just five other people in the auditorium; two couples and a single man, all sat towards the middle. In the gloom I could see Natalie grinning at me with delight.

“You go in first,” she said quietly. I proceeded along the row and took the seat in the corner and Natalie sat down beside me. As we sat there watching the previews, I heard Natalie open the bag of chocolate buttons.

“Minstrel?” whispered Natalie.


“Here you are then,” and she held one up in front of my face. I closed my mouth over the Minstrel in the tips of her fingers. I tasted of Natalie’s pussy. I looked at her.

“Was that dipped in your juicy pussy by any chance?” I enquired.

“Think of it as a fusion of two of your favourite tastes, my fanny and chocolate” she replied.

It was too dark to see but I knew Natalie would have a glint in her eye. She was right. I loved the taste of her juicy pussy. It has a sweet taste, not like chocolate is sweet but a unique taste of its own. I always enjoy going down on Natalie and she loves my tongue on her clit as well but that wasn’t likely to happen now, not in the aisle of the cinema. I couldn’t sit down without my knees butting the back of the seat in front. There was no was no way I could have knelt down between her legs and buried my face in her crotch.

As the previews finished and the opening credits rolled up on the screen, Natalie continued to feed me Minstrels, each one tasting of her delicious pussy. The thought of what she was doing with them aroused my cock again but it wasn’t long before the chocolates were finished.

“Now what shall we do?” Natalie said in my ear.

“Watch the film?” I replied.

“I’ve got a better idea. Watch me,” and with that she turned in her seat and faced me, pushing up the armrest out of the way. As I watched, Natalie slowly undid all the buttons of her dress until it was completely open at the front. The light from the movie flickered, bright and then dark, on and off so that her firm, pert 34C tits were revealed in all their glory one moment, only to be cast into gloom the next. The effect was electric and as I watched, Natalie fondled her boobs, pinching the nipples between finger and thumb so that they stood up, hard and tantalising. I bent down and took her left nipple in my mouth, running my tongue around the hard button. Natalie gasped and suddenly her hands were undoing the waistband of my trousers and pulling down my flies before trying to ease out my stiff cock.

Now, when Natalie wants cock, she wants it now but my trousers were still too tight around me and she couldn’t get her hand in. I stopped licking her tits and sat up.

“Wait,” I hissed and lifting myself off the seat a few inches, pushed my jeans down around my knees, releasing my cock so he stood erect in my lap. Without hesitating, Natalie gripped my cock and started pumping him. The sensation was wonderful but I was so turned on, I knew I wouldn’t last long with Natalie wanking me like she was.

“Unless you want a handful of spunk,” I croaked through dry lips, “you’ll have to stop!”

“I want you to come inside me,” she replied, her voice quivering, “but not yet. I want you to watch me masturbate first. And no wanking while I do it.”

Natalie turned round and pushed up the two next two armrests in the row before laying down along the length of the seats, her dress falling open as she did so. She put her right foot up on the seat and her left on the floor so that her legs were wide open. The flickering light made the scene so erotic. I got glimpses of Natalie’s practically naked body laid out before me, her pert nipples pointing straight up, her blonde hair tumbling over the edge of the seats, her eyes closed and her fingers working her clit, her whole pussy glistening with her juices. Then darkness and I couldn’t see anything of this beautiful vision, my mind begging for the light to return so that I could watch this real life porn scene being played out before me. It seemed like an eternity that this torturous scenario carried on before suddenly, the light stayed bright and I saw my gorgeous wife orgasm, her fingers thrust into her pussy as her back arched. I heard Natalie moan over the soundtrack of the film and looked around to see if any of the five people in the room had heard but they stayed facing forward, intent on the film in front of them and oblivious to the performance being played out behind them.

Natalie sat up. “I want you now,” she demanded, her voice pure lust. “Let me sit on you.” I sat back in my seat and Natalie stood up before straddling me in a reverse cowgirl position. As she lowered herself down, guiding my rigid cock into her wet pussy, I heard her quietly moan. Grabbing the back of the seat in front, Natalie raised herself up and down on my cock, her tits jiggling as she did so. I could feel her juices running down my erection, her fanny squeezing my dick as she fucked me, bringing me closer to orgasm with each movement.

For several minutes, Natalie rode my cock before stopping and turning to me.”I need it harder and faster,” she commanded.

With my heart pounding, I prayed that nobody would look around now or suddenly decide to go to the toilet. “Stand up and bend over the seat,” I instructed her.

Obediently, Natalie lifted herself off my cock and bent over the seat, grabbing the armrests either side on the row in front. I stood up and slid my cock into her still juicy fanny before fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, my hands on her hips pulling her onto my cock with each thrust, her tits swinging as I pounded her. It seemed like forever but wasn’t long before I could feel my balls tighten and I thrust one last time, pulling her onto me before my orgasm exploded, filling her warm juicy pussy with my warm spunk.

I pushed into her for a few moments, savouring every moment before sliding out of her and sitting down. Natalie sat down beside me, her dress still gaping. “That’s was fantastic,” she said.

I agreed. “Actually, it was fucking fantastic!”

We sat there for a few minutes before we got dressed, Natalie putting on a pair of knickers from her handbag to stop my come from running down here legs.

We had been in the cinema for about 45 minutes. “Any idea what this film is about?” I asked.

“No idea,” was Natalie’s reply. “Let’s go,” and with that she got up and walked out with me following behind her.

On the way out of the doors, we passed Sarah who looked at us quizzically. “Oh, did you not enjoy that?” she enquired.

“Oh yes,” said Natalie, grinning. “Best trip to the cinema ever.”

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