A Very Bad Date

By Mazza

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The object of my affections and I hook up, but it goes all wrong!
So, I wanted to tell you about the night where I finally got it together with the guy who had been the object of my affections for quite some time… I must have been about 20 years-old back then and I was holding down a couple of jobs. One of them was working in a grotty 'old man's' pub, a real spit-and-sawdust type of establishment. You know the sort of place I mean? The other job was in a nightclub, it was the kind of place where students went to get pissed and hook up for drunken sex. The booze was cheap and the music wasn't too bad either, sort of like an 'after hours' club. It was a fun place to work. I manned the cloakroom and I really loved it. They used to call me 'cloakroom lady'. I was in charge of my own little world there, knew all of the regulars, almost never got any trouble and had a real good laugh with them too. I knew most of them by sight, if not by name and at back then, I had an almost uncanny knack for remembering who had checked in what. Even if they had lost their tickets, I could generally find their jacket. It stood me in good stead too; I got loads of tips. Unless the person was shitty with me, as they sometimes were, and then they could damned well wait until the end of the night for their bloody bag or whatever.

Sometimes, when another staff member was covering the cloakroom, when it was my night off, they would be shocked at the amount of extra cash they'd get. But hey, that's good service for you, isn't it? The same thing would happen if I ever had to work downstairs in the bar, which wasn't that often. I would earn loads of tips but the rest of the staff tended not to. It didn't matter what sort of mood I was in, I had a cheery grin pasted on my face and I 'engaged' with the punters. Time flew in much faster that way, plus I'd had good training. You see my first club job was in a gay club and we were taught how to entertain the punters, make them feel special and pay attention. I don't mean anything rude of course, it was just an excellent grounding in good customer service.

The cloakroom was at entry level to the club, where the cash desk was. Everything else was downstairs, the bar, dancefloor, toilets etc. It kind of suited me to be honest as I didn't really fit in with the clique. Sure some of the girls were okay, but some of them were real bitches and I found that I got on better with the guys who worked the door. They just seemed more straightforward and honest, you know? They would take it in turns to work upstairs for half an hour or so and I got to know them all pretty well. It tended to only really get busy at the beginning and end of the night, so there was plenty of time to chat.

I got on with the bouncers and shared at least some common ground with all of them. A lot of the guys were working there to subsidise their incomes while they put themselves through university and they all knew each other and were friends outside of work.

There was one guy in particular, whom I really liked, his name was Dave and he was studying medicine. He was a fine specimen of a man. Same age as me, or maybe a year older and he was tall, maybe 6'2", thickset, with dark, brown hair, almost black and built too. Man, what a physique! I used to fantasise about pressing myself against his chest, squeezing those pert ass cheeks. His eyes were piercing blue, like Superman. You can probably tell that I quite liked him…

OK, quite liked, maybe that's a bit of an understatement. Shit, I drooled over this guy. He was hot. The thing was, I am usually quite confident, but around Dave I was always tongue tied. It was pure, unadulterated, animal lust. I simply had to have him.

When it was his turn to 'man' the door, we would chat, sometimes I would try to play it cool and sit and read a book or whatever (no, we didn't have mobile phones to play with back then! I'm old, get over it!) Sometimes I would take my Walkman (that's sort of like an MP3 player) and listen to the radio. I just didn't want to seem too keen. However, when I was sitting reading I would often glance over at him and he would usually be looking at me. He wouldn't look away either, but maintained eye contact, which somehow just seemed to make me all the more nervous. Sometimes though, I would feel that I had something really good to say to him, or I would have saved up a joke or an anecdote to tell him and that was great. We'd usually chat for a while, he'd laugh and it really gave me a buzz.

Anyway, nothing ever happened with him. I didn't know if he just wasn't interested, or if he was shy or maybe it just wouldn't have looked good to get involved, what with me not being part of the 'gang'. I don't know but I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that nothing was ever going to happen. It's not that I was short of offers either, but I really had been quite intent on at least a little one-on-one time with this hunk.

Back in those days, I used to work really hard, usually putting in somewhere between 60 and 80 hours a week. It was pretty crazy, but in many ways it wasn't like work at all. Out socialising and getting paid for it too.

One day though, the boss pulled me aside and told me that I had holiday time that I had to take before the end of the year. I wasn't in the habit of going away, so decided to just take a week off. A good opportunity to catch up with some of my friends and maybe get in some 'me' time too?

So it came around. I organised the time off from the pub too so that I could properly relax. I think that most of the time was probably spent catching up on sleep, laundry, repairs around my flat; you know, all of the exciting stuff that tends to get neglected when you're busy. But be sure that I managed to squeeze in some fun while I was at it.

My two best friends at the time were a couple. I had attended school with the girl, Eileen, and her partner, Brodie. He and I were great buddies, his brother was half-owner of the club back then and Brodie eventually got me a job with a TV company, but that's another story… We're still close, all these years down the line.

So, this one night, I had arranged to go out with the two of them. I'd spent ages getting ready. I just had a feeling... (Have you ever had that, you know, you're getting dressed and you just KNOW it's going to be a good night?)

I had bathed, shaved my legs and underarms then I put on a black, lacy, push-up bra, a lacy, black thong and black, lace-topped hold-up stockings, wiggled into my favourite slinky black dress (the black velvet one with splits right up the side, so high, you could just see the tops of my stockings, if you looked hard enough and they would!) I put on ridiculously high-heeled shoes, as per usual. I did my hair all nice; I think it was quite short back then. My make up was smoky and dark around the eyes and I painted on red lipstick. I still remember thinking how nice I looked as I puckered up and blew myself a kiss in the hall mirror as I left.

The evening with my friends was going well, it was the usual drunken laugh. Brodie and Eileen had an 'unexpected' visitor, Jake. I was certain that it was a set-up. They were always doing this, you know, inviting single friends along, trying to pair me up with someone? My last 'romance' had ended quite badly and although I'd had a few 'encounters' since, nothing had really taken off. This guy, Jake, seemed really nice. Uh oh, I said the 'N' word, didn't I? Yes, he was nice-looking, he had a nice personality, was from a nice family etc etc. No spark though… I think that when the 'nice' word comes into play, you can pretty much designate the relationship permanently into the 'friends' zone'.

Still, we were having fun. We ordered take-out food, the music was loud and the booze was flowing. Soon we started getting itchy feet and knew that it was time to go out. We piled into a taxi and headed into town. We were pretty 'merry' by the time we got to the pub and wasn't long before I could feel Jake's hand on my leg, under the table. He was giving me one of those looks, you know, a sultry, 'come to bed' smoulder, but he had totally missed the mark. I put my hand on his and lifted it back onto his own leg, giving him a deathly stare to let him know that I wasn't interested. At that, I excused myself to go to the rest room. Looking in the mirror, I fluffed up my hair, re-applied my lipstick and squeezed some brightening drops into my eyes. As I came out of the bathrooms, along the narrow passageway, a pair of arms grabbed me and pulled me into an alcove, pushing me against the wall. It was Jake. "Playing hard to get, eh?" he grunted, as he pushed his body against mine.

I could feel his semi against my tight dress and smell the cigarette smoke and whisky on his breath as he thrust his tongue into my mouth. I turned my head away, gagging and brought my arms up to push him back, but he was persistent. He slammed his body against me, pinning me to the wall, one hand pulling the skirt of my dress up, while other began to squeeze a breast, pinching a nipple, hard, between his fingers. I didn't hesitate. I brought my knee up between his legs. On target, I hit his semi-erect penis and balls in one fell swoop.

"FUCK OFF JAKE!" I shouted, "I TOLD YOU I WASN'T FUCKING INTERESTED! NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" He groaned as my knee broke contact with his gonads and he began to slump against the wall as I squirmed away from his body, no longer trapped. I pulled my skirt straight again and walked quickly away, glancing back briefly at the crippled idiot as he collapsed into the alcove, holding his crotch.

"Dick!" I thought to myself as I returned to the table. "C'mon guys, let's get out of here!" I ordered Brodie and Eileen as I gathered my jacket and bag. "You'll never guess what that idiot, Jake tried to fucking pull?"

I explained what had happened to my friends as we quickly made our exit. "I can't believe it! He seemed like such a nice guy!" exclaimed Brodie as we hailed a cab.

"Oh I can," said Eileen, "There was always something just a bit creepy about him."

"Let's just forget about him and go somewhere we can have fun without me getting accosted," I said. "Let's go to the club. At least we know we'll get in for nothing, probably get some free drinks and the music is good. It's a win-win." So, that's what we did. The night was in full swing as we exited the taxi and sauntered to the front of the line of students, who were hoping to gain entry.

"Hey, Steve!" I waved as we skipped the queue and walked straight into the club.

"Hi, you guys!" he answered as he put his hand on a particularly drunk and scruffy guy. "No mate, you're not coming in tonight," giving us an eye roll as if to say, 'Some people just never learn'.

I called out, "Evening, Aimee! You're looking good tonight!" to the curly-haired cutie who was manning the cash desk. Indeed, she was looking amazing, as usual, with her long, shapely runner's legs, I admit I was only a little jealous. "I must get my arse back to kickboxing," I thought to myself.

She was one of the few girls in the club that I genuinely liked. She was decent, and although we never went out much together, she was always good for a laugh when we were working. "Hi, Mazza," she giggled in reply, distracted as she was by her favourite barman, Jay, who was whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

The two of them were inseparable! "Oh, you guys make me sick!" I said as I pretended to stick my fingers down my throat. "Get a room, why don't you? People don't want to see that! Lose the hat, Jay, you look like a bloody American!"

It seemed like his baseball hat was glued there, it was such a permanent feature. "Hey, fuck off, Maz, I like it. It's my style…" Jay muttered, good-naturedly into Aimee's neck. I just smiled at them, sure they would end up together, wishing that I had such a bond with a special someone.

I waved to wee Ginger, who was manning the cloakroom in my absence. "How's it going, babe? Missing me?" I laughed as I squeezed past her into the packed cloakroom, piling our jackets into the far corner, just for staff belongings.

"Mazza!! Come back soon! I don't know how you do it," she whined as she gave me a tight squeeze. "These guys are driving me MAD!" She gestured towards the girl who was crouched down in front of the counter, obviously looking for a lost ticket.

"Found it!" the girl slurred as she offered part of a cigarette packet, instead of her ticket. Ginger shook her head and motioned me to go.

"NO! That's NOT your bloody ticket! Maz, you'd better shift your arse downstairs before I drag you in here to help me!" she smiled, seductively. Oh she was a cutie, no doubt about it, but I wasn't into girls… If I had been, I'm certain we would have hit it off.

"Now Ginger, you'll never earn the big tips talking to the customers that way," I laughed, catching up with Brodie and Eileen who were already making their way downstairs, negotiating the wobbly students coming to and from the bar.

Passing the restrooms, the door of the gents opened and I heard, "Hiya, Marza!"

"Oh, will you ever get it right, Mr Hap?" I sighed, "It's MAZZA, not MARZA".

Mr Hap was an older guy; he worked every night without fail, manning the toilets, never taking a holiday or anything. Seemed he just liked to help people! He grabbed the mop and bucket and sloped off, back into the toilets. I just smiled; what a sweetie he was!

As we pushed open the heavy fire-doors to enter the club proper, the music was almost deafening. Some funky classic was playing, Stevie Wonder telling us how we could, "feel it all over," cool track. I glanced over at the dance-floor and watched for a second, the woozy students trying to impress the opposite sex and mostly failing miserably!

"Maz, let's get a table!" shouted Eileen, and I turned back to see where we were headed.

"Ah, there's one over there," I gestured to the VIP area, behind the bar. You know, perks of the job, right?

"Perfect. You get the first round in, Maz and we'll grab the seats"

I nodded and pushed my way through the crowd to the busy bar. I was trying to catch the attention of one of the staff, but the clique-y girls 'seemed' oblivious to my presence, bitches…

All of a sudden I heard, "Hi Maz, what can I get you? You look gorgeous tonight!" John shouted over the heads of the punters in front of me.

"Thanks for noticing me, John," I said, casting a dirty look in the direction of one of the uppity cows behind the bar. "A JD and coke, a Rye and Dry, and a Vodka and diet coke please, sweetie!"

"Ah, the usual it is then. Get you in a minute," he gestured towards the guy he was currently serving.

"No worries, babe," I replied as my eyes scanned the room, looking for 'talent'. I didn't see anyone of particular interest and my attention returned to the bar as John shouted me. I put my hand into my purse, to get my money, but John just shook his head. I put it away, congratulating myself on a free round. I picked up the glasses and turned to make my way back our table when the music stopped.

There. He. Was.

Sitting at the end of the bar. The object of my affections, Dave and he was looking straight at me, taking me in. I felt goosebumps immediately cover my whole body, and I could feel myself blushing as I averted my eyes. My heart was fluttering as I risked a look back at him. Dammit! He was still looking straight at me. He smiled and I practically melted right there and then. I half-smiled at him as I turned away and scurried over to our table, trying to keep the drink in the glasses as I negotiated the drunken, swaying mass.

"What's up with you?" a concerned Eileen put her hand on my bare arm, as I unceremoniously plonked the drinks onto the table."Are you still upset about that fucking moron, Jake?"

"No, it's much worse!" I leaned into her so that she could hear me. "HE's here, sitting at the end of the bar and he was totally checking me out. I swear it wasn't my imagination!"

Eileen started giggling, rolling her eyes, "Oh, Dave? Bloody hell, Maz! When will you two finally get it on?"

"It's not funny!" I retorted. "I swear he plays hot and cold. Sometimes I get 'the look' and sometimes he doesn't seem to notice me at all." I glanced round as a crowd suddenly made their way to the dance-floor as the old Stones' classic, 'Satisfaction', began to play.

"C'mon, Maz, I love this one," she said with a comical 'Mick Jagger' pout. "Let's go up and dance, take your mind off 'things'."

I followed her onto the booze-sticky dance area and we began to wiggle our hips good style to the raunchy music. We danced for quite a while. Loud Larry, the DJ, was on good form tonight, playing hit after hit. I caught his eye and he blew me a kiss. I laughed and blew him one right back. That guy just fitted right in, with his leather trousers and cut off T-shirt… Not many men can pull that look off, but he could and he knew it and, judging by the gaggle of giggling girls hanging around the booth, he was a big success!

"I need a drink, Eileen. Let's go back to the table," I yelled over the music. We zig-zagged our way through the crowd, not entirely oblivious to the lusty looks from some of the guys on the way. (Which is always good for the ego.) As we passed by the end of the bar, I caught Dave's eye again, and yes, he was staring. Geez, I kid you not, he was killing me, turning me to jelly. So, I turned to Eileen and offered to get a round in. She started to say that it wasn't my turn, but then she spotted Dave too. She winked, poked me in the ribs and pushed me in the direction of the bar, surreptitiously slipping 20 quid into my hand to pay for her round.

Now, it was just my luck that the bar was completely mobbed. I think it must have been approaching last orders, because everyone seemed to be coming away with twice as many drinks than normal. Bulk buying before the bar closed, no doubt. The only area where I saw any space at all was at the end of the bar, beside Dave.

"Oh, fuck it," I thought to myself as I made my way towards him, nearly keeling over as I bumped into Adele. She was carrying a HUGE bucket of ice from the store room to the bar.

"Watch it, Maz!" she yelled, as I tried to keep my balance.

"Fucking hell, Adele, check you out! You need to keep that ice bucket off your tits, sweetie. You could bloody well tune a radio in on those things!" Sure enough, her nipples were practically tearing through her club-issue t shirt.

"Sorry, Mazza, didn't mean to assault you there. Or did I?" she winked as she said it, and I shook my head, laughing. "You know, it's the biggest thrill I get in this shitty job," she moaned and with that, she swirled off back behind the bar.

I pushed into the space, beside Dave. "Hello Miss Maz," he growled.

Trying not to blush, I answered, "Oh, hi, Dave," acting as if I'd hardly noticed him (but my stomach was in knots).

"You look nice, gorgeous, even," he drawled. Oh, big compliment coming from him and the whole time he was just staring at me, looking right into my eyes.

Another one of the nicer girls came over and took my order. Tami, yeah she was sweet, with her super physique and big, doe eyes. She worked part-time in this club and also part-time in the gentleman's club next door, so she was super fit. (*Jealous* much?) I was always almost sure that she was flirting with me. Again, she was super cute, but just not my type, if you know what I mean?

"Do you want a drink, Dave?" I asked, and he said that a whisky would be nice. I got the drinks, gave him his whisky and was about to leave to re-join my friends when he put his large hand on my bare arm.

"Wouldn't you like to stay and chat, for a while?" I almost reeled from the shock, but I think I managed to hide it.

"Well, I have these drinks for my friends…"

"Take them over and come back. I want to talk to you," he said as he gazed seriously into my eyes.

Holy fuck! It was all I could do not to laugh like a maniac. I stood, keeping a poker face, as if I was actually giving it serious consideration.

"Sure, why not?" I drawled, in my most uninterested voice.

I practically ran back to my friends, who laughed as I slopped their drinks onto the table. They had seen what had transpired, and were grinning almost as crazily as I was. "Go for it Mazza, you dirty bitch!" Brodie punched me lightly on the arm.

I smiled my biggest smile and turned on my heel, back to Dave, who had turned round (to watch me). Shit, so much for playing it cool. I sauntered back over to him, and he patted the bar stool beside him, gesturing for me to sit beside him. "Cheers!" he tapped his glass against mine.

"Cheers to what?" I asked.

"Oh, just to spending a little time together," as he said it, he patted my arm. He didn't move his hand though, just kept it sitting there, still looking into my eyes. His gaze was so intense that I didn't know where to look, so I looked at his hand, which was gently stroking my forearm. "I really like you, Mazza," he said. "I mean, I really like you," and at that, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

OMFG. My stomach turned 360 degrees, I was sure of it.

His hand moved from my arm, around to the small of my back and I caught him looking at my crossed legs. My lacy stocking tops clearly visible through the split in the skirt of my dress. He leaned in and kissed my neck. Now, if you know anything about me at all, you will be aware that my neck is my Achilles' heel. Holy shit, it turns me on, almost instantaneously. I know that I gasped and even though it was quiet, I know that he heard it, because I felt his mouth open against my neck and gently bite me. I shuddered, "What are you doing, Dave?" it was barely a whisper, but he heard me.

"Mazza, I want you. You turn me on. I really fucking want you. Now!" OK, so suddenly I knew where I stood. This was what I had wanted all along and now it was being offered to me on a plate, so to speak. What should I do? A quick fuck? Yes, very tempting but I knew it probably wouldn't go further than that and I could also see that he was already a little drunk…

Hmm, what to do, what to do? Executive decision. I was turned on and ready. "Let's go to my place," I purred.

He grabbed me by the arm and practically lifted me from my stool. We almost flew up the stairs. Well, I know that I did. I had to dig my heels in so that I could get my jacket from the cloakroom. "Hey Maz, what's the hurry?" Ginger demanded, as I wordlessly zoomed in to collect my coat.

"Sorry, G. I'm on a bit of a promise," I gasped as I floated past her. She peered past me, seeing Dave waiting.

"Fucking hell, Maz, looks like you've pulled and then some! Good luck, babe. I can't say that I'm not jealous, he's a lucky guy." She nudged me in the ribs and I just grinned as I made my way out to the Adonis waiting at the door, for me.

We stumbled down the stairs. Par was on the door now and he shouted a, "Night guys," as we swished past him.

There was a line of taxis waiting outside for the club to close, so we jumped into the first one in line. An unusually large taxi, as I recall, and yellow (which is strange for Glasgow). "Hello, lovers," giggled the cute, petite, female driver, "Where to?"

I gave her my address, as the taxi pulled away. As soon as the vehicle began to move, Dave was all over me. I couldn't believe it, seriously.

His arms were around me and his upper torso leaned onto mine as our mouths met. Oh my god, he kissed just as well as I had imagined. His tongue was darting into my mouth, lips opening against mine, pushing my mouth open. One hand started stroking my leg, sneaking up under my skirt. I felt his fingers pressing against against my mound and I realised that I was soaking wet. I shifted my weight so that I could push my pussy towards his fingers, almost begging to feel them slide under my lace panties. I wasn't exactly virginal. One hand was gripping his hair, pulling his face closer, while the other had found its way to the bulge in his denims. He felt rock hard as I gamely stroked the now taut material. I fumbled for his fly, desperate to feel his hot flesh as he leaned towards me, pressing his weight on top of me.

We couldn't stop. It was so intense.

I felt the taxi pull over to the kerb. "Hey, you guys? We're here!" said the driver. Dave fumbled in his pocket and gave her some money, telling her to keep the change as we stumbled out of the car.

As we fell against the entry door to the building, his hands were squeezing my ass, his mouth biting and sucking my neck. I dropped my keys to the ground and as I bent to pick them up, his hand was on the bare flesh at the top of my stocking and then sliding inside my panties. Fingers probing, insistently pushing between wet lips. I moaned loudly, body tense, trying desperately to get the door open. Finally I succeeded and we fell into the hallway, his fingers now deep inside me, his other hand tugging an erect nipple through my dress.

Holy fuck! I was panting, pushing my ass back against his bulge and his groans in my ear just made me want to stop, open my legs and be fucked. Hard. NOW!

Despite my desire to be taken, I knew that the neighbours would definitely not be happy to be woken by noisy fucking in the hallway at this hour, or any hour for that matter. We had to get inside my flat.

I lived on the third floor of an old renovated tenement building. There was no lift. I broke away from Dave and began to race up the stairs. I'd feel his hand brush my ass from time to time as he easily kept pace with me. We were about halfway up when, quick as a flash, I felt his hand on my ass again, under my skirt. He pulled the elastic of my thong, pulling it down in one fell swoop as I continued my ascent. I fell forward onto my knees and he pulled the damp garment from my legs. I was on my knees before him, awkwardly leaning on the stairs, panting. I turned my head to see him press my panties against his face, inhaling deeply, and then he was on me.

He pushed me against the cold concrete steps as he lifted my skirt and I felt his mouth make contact with me. I moaned out loud as his tongue licked my wet slit, from clit to ass. I knew that if any of my neighbours heard us, they would be able to see us through the peephole in their doors, but I was unable to move. Pure pleasure washed through me as I felt his fingers push into my pussy, his other hand holding me in place. Oh god. I couldn't do this here. "Come on," I said wriggling. "We need to get inside"

"Yes, I do need to get inside," he growled, allowing me to get off my knees. We were breathless as we reached the top floor, and I fumbled with my keys. Dave stood behind me, arms around me, aggressively kissing the back of my neck again. I managed to open the door and we practically fell inside, him pushing against me as the door closed. Kissing me hard, I managed to breathily ask if he'd like a drink. Like we needed more booze! He said that he would, so I asked him to open a bottle of red wine while I made a trip to the bathroom.

Closing the door to the tiny room, I checked my reflection in the mirror. OK, my make up was a little smudged. I tidied myself up. I wiped my thighs, which were smeared with my juices and made a mental note to retrieve my knickers from his pocket before the night was through.

Dave was waiting on the sofa with two glasses of wine. I sat down beside him, taking my drink. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. I managed to take a sip of my wine before he leaned in and started kissing me again. He took the glass from my hand and sat them both on the coffee table. He positioned himself on top of me, pushing my legs apart with his strong hands, pulling up my skirt around my hips. His mouth on mine, his tongue probing. I felt a hand on my breast as the other snaked up my thigh again. He started moaning into my mouth as he pushed two fingers inside me. I squealed with pleasure as his thumb found my clit, working in tandem with his deliciously invading, probing fingers. I could feel the dull ache and pulse from my pussy as I became sub-orgasmic and I ground myself against his hand, ever closer to a momentous come.

He pulled my skirt up further as he slid to his knees between my long, stocking clad legs, pushing my thighs further apart with his strong hands as I felt his mouth descend on me once more.

His fingers pulled my pussy lips open and his tongue began to probe my slit, flicking my little pearl and pulling it gently between his lips. I clenched my buttocks, raising myself towards his skilled mouth as his tongue lapped at me. I felt two fingers push into me again and I moaned once more as his mouth and thumb alternated at my clit. I gripped his hair as I continued to push into his face, pulling him onto me, begging him to make me come.

Sure enough, he gave me my wish.

He pushed a third finger inside, curling them around to graze my G-spot as his mouth sucked and flicked my clit, moaning as he did so. I felt my legs go weak and I sank back into the sofa as the waves of orgasm began to wash over me.

I could both hear and feel him telling me to, "Come on, Mazza, come for me, fucking come!"

Obligingly, I did.

My legs were shaking as he fucked me with his dexterous fingers, pussy clenching around them as I came and came. I was vaguely aware of the hot juice slowly oozing from my slit, but I felt his tongue lick me clean as he pulled his fingers from me. He pulled himself back to face level and as he looked into my eyes, he brought his sticky fingers to my lips, coating them and pushing them into my mouth for me to suck. This I did, gladly, greedily and he rewarded me with his lips and tongue against mine once more. "Your turn now," I whispered as I pushed him from me onto the sofa.

He did not take his eyes from mine as I pushed myself between his legs, ready to fellate him, to adore his cock in the way that he'd just adored me. "Hey, can we do this in bed? I mean, can I take you to bed?" he slurred lightly and I just nodded.

I stood up, pulling him to his feet and as I turned to lead him to the bedroom, he was behind me, sucking my neck.

As we entered my small room, he told me to strip and get into bed and wait for him while he 'freshened up'.

I sighed, smiling as I stripped naked and slid under my duvet.

I must have dozed off, because I started and realised that I was still in bed, alone. I wasn't sure exactly how much time had passed, but I knew that he'd been gone too long.

"Dave?" I called out.

There was no answer, but I could hear the extractor fan still running in the bathroom. I got out of bed and pulled a t shirt on and went to see where he was.

I knocked the bathroom door, but there was no answer, so I tried the handle. It wasn't locked so I pushed the door, but there was something jamming it.

"Shit, what's going on?" I wondered to myself.

I pushed the door harder and it gave enough for me to slip my head around and see into the bathroom.

Dave was sitting on the toilet, trousers around his ankles. Asleep. I started to laugh, unable to help myself and he jerked, snorting through his nose, but not wakening.

I gave him a shake, averting my eyes from his crotch (even though I'd been desperate to see it only a short time ago). He woke with a start, snoring again and I quietly told him that he had to get up and started to pull his trousers up. He roused himself properly this time and mumbled that he was fine and just to go back into the room and that he'd join me in a second.

Not really knowing whether to be amused or to think that he was just a bit gross, I went back to my room and slipped under the covers.

I must have dozed off again because when I opened my eyes, the light was beginning to stream through the curtains. I was still alone in bed. I lay for a moment, knowing there was something important to remember when I remembered Dave…

Disappointment flowed through me as I realised that he must have cleaned himself up and slipped out of the door. I felt gutted. We'd been having such a hot time and I really, really had wanted to have sex with him. As I lay in bed, I looked at the clock and saw that it was only five a.m. I sighed and got up to go to the bathroom, deciding that I was going to lie in and sleep all day.

The bathroom door was closed and wouldn't open! I jiggled the handle but it was locked. He must still be in there!

"Dave!" I shouted. "Dave? Are you in there?"

No response. I walked quickly to the kitchen and got a screwdriver to open the bathroom door. I quickly turned the lock and I was shocked my what I saw.

Dave was lying in the bath, wearing his clothes, although his trousers and shorts were still at his ankles, cock limp against his leg, but there was vomit.

He was covered almost head to toe in puke. Not just puke, but red wine puke. It looked like there had been a massacre. The smell hit me and I started to retch myself. Covering my mouth with my t-shirt, I started to shake him awake, checking that he was breathing. He snorted as I shook him, leaving me in no doubt that he was at least alive. I began to undress him, gagging as I noticed the disgusting matter over his clothes.

"Wake up, Dave! You've got to help me here!"

He became more conscious and let me strip him naked. I turned the taps on and began to rinse away the sticky, stinking vomit from him and once I mostly had, I put in the plug and began to let the warm water fill the bath around him. Adding a little bath foam quickly masked the rotten smell and I left him, a bit more awake, to put his clothes into the washing machine. I just put them in a 30 minute cycle to clean the crap off them and once I had done that I went back to the bathroom.

He was awake, lying back in the suds, looking a little ashamed. Good! He bloody should have been! What a state to get into, he could have choked to death in here and I wouldn't even have noticed.

"I am so sorry, Mazza," he mumbled, "I have never done anything like that before"

"It's okay," I said, all business now and completely sober. "Look, sit up and I'll wash your back for you."

Damn but he was still a handsome bastard. I soaped the sponge and began to wash his muscular back and I felt his wet hand on my breast, through my t shirt. I gasped but pretended to ignore him and concentrated on the freckles at the back of his neck. I felt his fingers close and pinch my nipple gently, hot from the water of the bath.

The reaction was almost Pavlovian, my pussy began to tingle almost immediately, as he put his arm around my waist and pulled until I lost balance, and sort of toppled into the hot water beside him.

"Come here!" he ordered, pulling me towards him.

My t-shirt was soaked and clinging to my breasts, nipples pointing through. He pulled me close to kiss me. I confess I was VERY relieved to smell toothpaste. He must have brushed his teeth as I was putting his soiled clothes in to wash. Thank god for that.

I allowed myself to relax and kiss him and soon he took my hand and placed it against his stiffening cock. I began to stroke him, aroused as it thickened and hardened in my hand.

We fooled around for a while in the bath. Teasing, touching and tasting, until he suggested that we go to bed and try properly this time. I was more than happy to oblige and said that I would put his clothes in to dry first, as they must be ready by now. I told him to meet me in the bedroom, lifting a fresh bath towel out for him to use.

I sorted his clothes into the dryer, so that they would be ready for him when it was time for him to leave, then I went through to the bedroom, still only wearing a towel myself.

He was asleep. He looked so handsome as he lay there. I shrugged off my towel and slipped under the covers beside him. He automatically put his arm around me and pulled me in close. I closed my eyes and was asleep in no time.

I woke up slowly, probably a couple of hours later, with him, head under the covers, sucking each of my nipples in turn. It felt so good. I just lay there, enjoying the feeling. I could not feign sleep as he parted my legs once more and began to wet me up by sliding his fingers the length of my slit. I began to gently writhe under his touch and was soon wet, very wet, ready for his cock.

He climbed on top of me and I put my hand out to take hold of him, to guide him into me. He was still soft. Well, I say soft, he wasn't anywhere near fully hard, so I began to stroke him, pulling him towards me. It was no use. His penis was almost flaccid and seemed quite unresponsive.

Dave began to get embarrassed, apologising, saying that nothing like this had even happened before. I assured him that it was fine, even though I was really quite disappointed, and I just pulled him close to me and he lay on top of me just kissing me. We lay like that for ages and then he said that he had to study that day and should probably think about leaving. I got up and fetched his clothes from the machine and he jumped up and got dressed.

He didn't want to stay for coffee, but thanked me for everything and asked that I not tell anyone what had happened the night before. I agreed; there was no way I was going to pass this on.

He kissed and hugged me, saying that he'd see me at work next week, when he was back in.

Despite the fact that the evening hadn't turned out as I had hoped, I had still enjoyed myself, sort of and I was thinking that I wouldn't mind giving him a second chance…

Thinking of him, I yawned and remembered that I had promised myself a day in bed. Goodness knows I had earned it. I slipped in between the covers and naturally rolled over to where Dave had been sleeping.

Imagine my surprise when I felt the hot wetness where he had been. I jumped up, puling the covers back to see that the mattress was soaked!! The dirty bastard had pissed my bed!! No wonder he couldn't get it up and was in such a rush to leave!

I ended up having to replace that mattress.

Dave and I never spoke again and would merely avoid each other in work.

A few of the people who had been working, on the night we hooked, up quizzed me as to what had happened. I never told, well not until now…