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A visit to your work

My first story, written for a friend. Enjoy & Comment. 

I wake up, vaguely aware of you leaving a few hours ago. My thoughts go to last night and I'm wet in an instant.

"Good morning lover" my phone reads, "I'm covering reception today, entertain me?"

A wicked smile spreads across my face, as I think how I'm going to entertain you.

You look up as I walk in through the sliding doors. I'm dressed in a tight, black, long sleeved top and a short denim skirt. A vintage scarf tied around my neck. A look of surprises passes over your face, quickly recovered into a smile. "Hello you" you grin, a knowing look in your eye. Looking around quickly you flick the answerphone button on the phone as I grab your hand and lead you towards the nearest bathroom.

Knowing we haven't got much time, and in no mood to wait anyway. As soon as the door is shut, i'm all over you. I never could resist a guy in a suit, and today is no exception. With my mouth glued to yours, I start unbuttoning your flies.. as soon as your trousers hit your ankles, I'm on my knees, pulling down your black boxers... your cock already obviously hard.

I slowly take each ball into my mouth, in turn sucking slowly and making you moan as you run your fingers through my hair. I tease my tongue all along your 8inches. You moan my name, thinking I'm about to take you deep in my mouth, just like you like it. But I just flick the tip with my tongue and work my tongue back along your length. Teasing you til you bed for more.

Taking your cock in my tiny fist, I rub it before opening my mouth and taking you deep. As you hit the back of my throat, I start humming, sending vibrations down your cock, you gasp and moan my name. Grabbing my hair into a ponytail you start to roughly fuck my face. Making me gag and make my eyes water. I'm not wearing panties and I can feel myself starting to drip onto the floor.

I start running my hand up my thigh, stroking slowly in circles until I reach my clit. It's already soaked and a hard nub. As soon as I touch it, I moan loudly around your cock. That sets you off and you cum in my mouth. Shooting rope after rope of thick cum down my throat.

As soon as you cum, I remember where we are and hope noone has missed you yet. But I need to be fucked, now! I jump up and spin around bending over the sink so my skirt rises up revealing my tight ass and soaking lips. Looking back over my shoulder, I beg... "fuck me with your fingers babe". You know exactly what I need, as you come up behind me and rub my juices across my clit making me squirm. But this isn't the time to be gentle. So you ram two fingers into my wet cunt, twisting them as you pull out. I'm moaning loudly straight away, forgetting where I am. and that we can be heard.

It doesn't take me long to cum, but you don't stop there. You thrust your fingers into me, through my spasming til I'm dizzy with ecstasy and begging you to stop. You ignore me and I'm really moaning now, orgasm after orgasm blending into eachother. I reach behind me and feel your cock is hard. Pushing my hips back I draw you towards my hot, dripping pussy and tease the tip up and down my slit.

You don't like to be teased and you show your frustration by pushing me forward so i'm bent even lower, my ass high in the air. You start pounding away, so I'm biting down on my lip. But when you slap my ass, I can't help screaming out! It sends me over the edge and I'm shuddering on your cock, my pussy walls encasing you. As I come down you pull me against you and grab my t shirt covered boobs. You start slamming into my fast, it's not about my pleasure anymore, it's all about you- and you start moaning my name and panting.

Looking in the mirror I see you sucking on your finger before you push me forward slide your wet finger in to my ass, twisting it as you do so. I'm wincing in pain but surprise you by suddenly slamming back on your dick, so both my holes are filled. it's all too hot for you and you cum hard inside me.

Panting hard, you withdraw. Cum begins to run down my legs and I giggle as you scoop it up in the finger, feed it to me and then kiss me.

"See you at home baby... " 

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