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A walk in the country

A couple on a warm day decide to explore their bodies.
We are walking through a sun kissed meadow, hand in hand, the sun shining through the light wispy clouds, gently warming our skin. A cool breeze passes by gently moving your hair away from your slender neck.

We see a small copse of young trees to the right and head towards it, scaring a small rabbit from out of the tall grass that surrounds it. Once inside we collapse to the ground, giggling like teenagers. The grass beneath us is cool, dry and very soft. I place my hand on top of yours and gaze into your eyes, lost in your beauty. I lean forward, our lips touch as gently as butterfly wings kiss the breeze. We kiss, moving in closer to each other, the birds serenading, oblivious to the lovers beneath the canopy.

As we kiss, we both part our lips to allow our tongues to entwine in a dance of passion, then running the tip over each other's lips sensuously. I kiss your chin, down to your throat and then round to your neck. On my way to the top of your shoulder, my hands holding the tops of your arms, your hands pull at the bottom of my shirt so it rides up my back, allowing you to caress my back with your soft finger tips. Pressing your nails against my exposed flesh, you draw small red lines in my skin as your fingers travel up and down.

I kiss your shoulder and then down to the swell of your breast, as my fingers tease the buttons on your blouse through the button holes. You push gently on my chest and lay me down on my back. Your leg swings over me and you sit across my stomach. You lean forward, with your hands on my chest supporting you, and kiss me full on my mouth, our tongues again dancing the dance of love. You push back and throw your head back as my hands reach up and massage your exposed breasts.

You fall forward and your arms wrap around my neck as you kiss me hungrily. I turn you onto your back and kiss your breasts passionately, teasing your erect nipples with the tip of my tongue. Nipping them with my lips, I take your breast into my mouth and pull my head back so it slides slowly back out, and then gently chew on your nipple.

My fingers move down to your panties and slide gently over the surface, feeling your contours and the heat of your passion. I gently rub the material and feel your pussy lips parting under the pressure. I look up at your face and see your head back, your lips parted, your eyes closed and your cheeks flushed. I push my fingers underneath the band on your panties and slide my fingers towards your clitoris, circling my fingertip around your clit. I move my mouth down to your stomach, kissing and licking as my head moves lower. I feel your hands pushing gently on the top of my head, guiding me to your utopia. I hook my fingers into the band of your panties and pull them down to your ankles, my mouth finding the sweet valley of desire and my tongue starting to explore the honey scented richness of your flower of love.

Your legs fully parted, you pull my head towards you in your passion. Your moans of desire fill my ears as my tongue penetrates you, licking the soft walls of your vagina. Moving up your vulva, I apply firm pressure and fine flicking of the tip until it finds your erect clitoris. Long lapping strokes, up and down, the tip circling, and then my teeth gently bite as my lips close around it and suck hard. I pull it further into my mouth to allow my teeth to nibble and tease, bringing you to the pinnacle of your pleasure. The feeling, one of a tingling pleasure, starting just below your breast bone, makes you grip the back of my head with both of your hands, urging me to lick faster, harder.

The feeling is building more and more, moving down towards your navel like a wave builds on the sea and heads to shore. “Faster, Harder,” you hear yourself saying through labored breathing. Beads of perspiration form on your naked torso as the wave reaches the sands. Your cervix pulses as the wave crashes to the shore and explodes over my tongue, your body shaking, your legs trembling. I move up beside you and cradle you gently in my arms, stroking your hair as I kiss your forehead. The sun's rays jealously peep through the canopy of the young trees as if they are trying to spy on the two young lovers holding each other.

You bring your hand to my thigh and move your fingertips round and round in small circles, teasing the sensitive areas on the inside of my thigh. As you do your head moves down past my chest and down past my stomach. I stroke your hair as you softly run your moist lips up and down the shaft of my erect penis, your tongue standing slightly proud of your lips to trace a line from the base to the tip and then back down again. The hand that had been teasing the inside of my thigh, is now supporting me, your fingers gripping around the base. Directing the tip to your sweet mouth, your tongue licks around the head of my hot, hard, cock as you lower your head and take me into your mouth. You open your mouth slightly as you move down and close your lips around the my girth as you begin the return journey.

Tensing the muscles in your cheeks you apply a gentle suction on the up stroke. You reach the tip and draw your head back just so the tip of the head is between your lips, then with a definite movement down and a slow withdraw, you repeat the action, twisting your head from side to side as your movements get quicker. You use your teeth, biting gently on the up stroke so the tips of your front teeth rake the skin of my penis and you release on the down stroke.

My fingers find your pussy and play with your clitoris, as you raise your head to kiss my mouth. We move round so you are now supporting yourself on your hands and knees. I move up behind you and hold your hips with my hands. You reach under and take my erect penis in your hand and guide me to your hot, wet, pussy. You move the tip of my penis against your clitoris and then down. I feel the opening and then thrust forward. I feel your thigh muscles tighten as you push back against me and my cock thrusts deep inside you, the head almost touching your cervix. I rotate my hips and withdraw slightly. We move rhythmically in time with our breathing, the pleasure, the intimacy flooding over us like an autumn mist. Your muscles grip my length, pulsating, my cock enclosed in a warm velvet glove. My movements become faster, still in time with each other, both moaning in passion.

My grip becomes tighter now, trying to hold back to prolong the pleasure, my cock pulsating as I push harder and faster, pushing in deeper, deeper, harder. The feeling starts in the base of my groin, my seed rising in my balls. I feel your juices flooding over my cock so I release my seed into to your hungry pussy, falling forward and holding you close as the feeling of intense pleasure subsides.

We lay together, kissing, smiling. We turn to face each other and kiss gently.

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