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A Walk In The Park

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“Are they doing what I think they are doing?” I asked.

Tim laughed. “Ah, Katey, you are so innocent!”

I smiled up at him as we stood in the park behind the shopping mall. Tim had volunteered to walk me home after work, a part time job I had after college some nights and Saturdays at McDonalds. He was my manager and I was flattered by the attention of someone older, hence I had agreed to take the walk with him. It was to be my first semi-romance. I must have been about 18.

I kind of knew what “walk home” meant. I was a teenager who was excited and exploring new feelings, especially after spending the first twelve years of my life growing up on a religious compound, but I was still nervous of course. I also knew that this park was the best known make out spot in town.

He was looking at me intently, his handsome face flushed. “I think they are you know...” he said before pausing.

“She’s probably giving him a blowjob.”

Now it was time for my face to turn red. I stared at him for even having said those words, and I stared at the silhouettes in the distance with new understanding. I exhaled in surprise when Tim brushed his hand against my leg.

“Haha, sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump.” His smile was cheeky and mesmerizing. “Have you, um, ever, um…”

I shook my head again. We both looked over to the other couple once more. It was getting towards dusk and we were far enough away that our presence was unregistered to them. And frankly, they were too busy to notice us anyway. We could make out the guy looking down now, then his female partner standing up and hugging and kissing him. Hand in hand they started to walk away in the opposite direction to us, leaving us…alone.

“Kate, ummm, would you like to try it?”

I guess my silence about the subject and my interest in the other couple gave him the green light to let the idea enter his mind. At least he asked, I thought. And you know what… I wanted to. I'd watched enough of my older sister's porn tapes to have an idea what to do, and frankly, I was busting to give it a go. I didn't want to appear too eager however.


“Cool.” Tim gathered me to him, softly folding me in his arms and kissing me tenderly. He was sweet. I tried to relax but I froze stiff as his hands slid over my top, cupping my left breast and making me sigh with tension.

“Relax, don’t hold yourself so tight. Here, touch me.” He took my hand and laid it underneath his shirt. His skin felt so hot, so slick with perspiration. I was hooked. Pleasure of the flesh began to intoxicate me.

He took my hands and pushed them down to his waist before I started to undo his belt and jeans. I was keen to get to the prize now, to see my first cock. I could see it straining through the material of his pants.

“Here, let me help.” Tim pushed his jeans and shorts down onto his thighs. Time slowed down, the anticipation created suspense. Then my eyes went wide at the site of his cock rising up in the air, the thick crown already crimson with the pressure he was under. With nothing to compare it against other than the guys in porn, I was impressed.

“Do you want to touch it?” Tim asked, almost in trepidation. He worked his foot free from one leg of his jeans and briefs, giving him freedom to part his legs. His sack hung heavily between his open legs.

I guess I may have looked like a doe in the headlights, and I laughed with nervousness, his thick meat jumping at my touch, so warm. I inspected him, marvelling at the hardness, a little grossed out with all the veins protruding. The thick mushroom shaped cap was a strange sight and I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world it would ever fit inside me.

I moved forward and closed my eyes, feeling the tip of his cock head press against my lips. Then, opening my mouth wider, I let it slip inside more fully, running my tongue along the bottom part of his shaft as it did so.

“Stick out your tongue, lick me like a lollipop, slowly, slower, aaaah good.”

Tim let me lick him like this for awhile, I tried different spots, changing when he didn’t say anything, secretly pleased when he moaned. On one trip up the underside of the shaft, I came in contact with the smallest drop of pre-cum oozing. I savored it. Tim moaned and shifted his hips, pushing his cock up against me and into my surprised mouth deeper.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, please I can’t take any more, suck my cock!”

I had to restrain my giggles at his noises and exclamations. What power I had right now!

I shifted forward a little, his thick shaft filling my mouth until I almost gagged.

“Oh sorry baby, take your time, sorry.”

After a minute or so I found that the muscles in my mouth relaxed enough that I could take more of him in, and I was getting into the groove. This wasn't hard at all, and in fact, I was having a ball. The ability to provide pleasure like this, to make this guy I liked lose his mind in this way, wow, what a new world. My saliva added lubrication and I started to work my hand along the shaft as it reappeared out of my mouth, squeezing it tightly and pumping in sync.

I surprised myself by moaning, and got an extra kick when Tim reacted positively to this. I made some more noise, letting myself go, letting my body react too. Tim was starting to grind and buck now; I had an inkling what that meant.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter down below, I had been masturbating for a few years now and thrilled at the excitement and recognition of sexual heat. Those fuck-pleasures would wait for another day. You had to suck before you fuck...kind of a bastardized version of walk before you run, or something like that, which was the group think amongst teenage girls in my group at the time.

There were two hands on either side of my face, gently caressing my cheeks. I was now cupping his balls with my spare hand, gripping and squeezing in unison with my sucking of his cock. I even did the whole make eye contact thing, and he smiled and threw his head back. Damn, if I wasn't a natural! Tim was increasing the tempo and I could hear him panting.

“Get ready baby, get ready, I’m going to cum.”

How? How was I suppose to get ready? What did I have to do? I was thrown for a second, but kept my cool.

Then bang! I could feel his cum scatter and blast against the back of my throat, his cock immediately softening, me instinctively taking a deep breath through my nose as the semen momentarily made me gag. Then once the sense of what had happened sank in, I relaxed, and felt the goo run slowly down my throat. It was saltier than I expected, kind of like oysters. Cool. I felt his cock begin to whither in my mouth, and Tim pulled away. His dick made a popping sound as it escaped my pursed lips.

I sat back on the ground, feeling remarkably pleased with myself, and wiped a drizzle of fluid away from lips with the back of my palm. Tim pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his now soft cock before putting himself away. He was so well organized.

“Are you okay Katey?”

“I guess so.”

“You were great!”

“I was?”

I gave head. Wow, this was weird. I knew I was good too, and it was some of the best fun I had had in my life up until that point. And I knew it was just to be the start.

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