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A Walk in the Woods

After an unsatisfactory relationship, a young woman seeks out happiness.
For Chris.

I had been going through a rough patch. After more than three years in a relationship, I realized I was unsatisfied. As summer drew to its close, I made a vow that I would be happy again.

I had been talking, quite flirtatiously, to a man that I worked with. He was a few years older than me and was in a similarly disappointing, long-term relationship. Neither of us were content with where we were in life. I had known him since the previous summer, we had talked on and off but it caused a lot of contention with my boyfriend. Once we met back up this summer, it was like we had never stopped talking. There was a definite connection between us that neither of us could deny.

After a stressful day of chasing after children at the day camp we both worked at, I decided that it would be nice to take a walk in the woods to enjoy the quiet of nature and each other’s company. Once all of the kids had left we set out for our walk. It was a hot summer’s day and it felt amazing to finally steal away beneath the cool shade of the trees. After walking for a few minutes, taking pleasure in everything around me, I suddenly realized that we had never been alone together before. The thought of this gave me nervous butterflies and a chill ran down my spine. I was more than curious to see how the mutual attraction and desire that we had discussed would play out.

We continued our walk until we came to a small clearing. He laid out his damp beach towel that he had used after swimming and I kicked my flip flops off and sat down next to him. I glanced over at him and for the first time, I really looked at him. His face was tan, he had a little stubble on his chin, and his medium brown hair was cut short. He wasn’t wearing anything that showed off his physique, just his green camp shirt and navy blue shorts, but I could imagine. I knew from seeing him during swimming that he was fairly thin and had thick, dark hair covering his chest. Sitting next to him, I could see his tanned and toned calves and I wondered what the rest of his long legs looked like.

I knew from working and talking with him that he was sweet and caring, but I had never imagined what it would be like if I had him to myself instead of being surrounded by children. From our risqué text messages and emails, I knew he was just as a physical person as I was. We both were in need of a physical release and I know I was curious to see his body and what he could do.

It felt like we sat on the towel forever. I could sense his nervousness as his body tensed up beside me. We had never even touched each other before. No hand holding. No hugs. Certainly not a kiss. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he said, “Oh, what the hell?!” and grabbed me, pushing his lips to mine.

The relief I felt was amazing! At first, his lips felt so small on mine, but I soon got used to it and began to enjoy his soft, small kisses. One hand on the back of my head, fingers intertwined in my long, wavy brown hair, the other hand roamed around my body, feeling me through my matching green camp shirt. Nothing inappropriate yet. Damn.

I let my right hand rest on his thigh, the other on his neck. I slowly sat up and got on my knees so I could be closer to him. He put his hands on my hips and I felt his fingertips lightly graze the skin on my sides, just above my shorts. His touch sent a small jolt of electricity through my body, eliciting a soft moan from my lips. He let his hands move around to my back, under my shirt, pulling it up to my breasts but not quite uncovering them.

He pulled my closer, his callused hands gentle on my body. He pressed his face to my flat, tanned stomach and worked his way around with his supple little lips, slowly working down to the waistband of my tiny jean shorts. He slipped a finger into the band and pulled them slightly away from my body, peering down to see what kind of panties I was wearing. He let out a small sound that suggested he was pleased and wanted to see more as his hands moved to the front of my body and started to undo my buttons.

“I’ve always liked the multi-button look. So hot,” he said, looking up at me as he slid my shorts off my body, seeing my panties for the first time. I was wearing a g-string. The band was ruffled, an ivory color with black polka dots. I could tell he liked it by the look he gave me as he let his right hand feel my pussy through the thin material. After feeling me with his hand momentarily, he leaned in and gave it a kiss. I gave a small sigh of pleasure as I felt the pressure of his mouth and the warmth of his breath on my swollen lips.

As much as I would have liked for him to, he didn’t linger. He kissed his way back up my stomach, lifting my shirt as he went. I helped him pull it over my head while he paused to admire my breasts. His hands ran down my sides, pulling me closer still, as he pressed his face to my chest, feeling my silky soft breasts with his mouth. He reached his hand around my back and unclasped my teal blue bra and let my breasts bounce free. They were rather perky as they hung on my chest, round and full. My nipples stood at attention before him, taunting him, begging him to play with them. He soon gave in to their desires.

His mouth was warm and wet as he swooped in. With one hand on each breast he went at them like he wanted nothing more in the world. He was licking and sucking all around them, starting at the outside of my full breast and working his way towards my supersensitive nipples. Once he got there, I could not take it. I threw my head back and moaned. It felt so good! I continued to enjoy how his tongue worked on my nipples, flicking up and down and circling around them. I suddenly felt him begin to lift me gently so he could lay me down.

As I lay on the still-damp towel, I watched him move over me. I let my hands go to his waist and I moved them under his shirt. His body was incredibly sexy. I began to lift his shirt up and over his head. I had never been with a man like him. At first, I didn’t know what to think of his body hair. I had seen him shirtless before, but never in a situation like this. As I reached out my hand to touch his side, I let my thumb move onto his stomach, feeling the manly hair there. Immediately, I felt the need to tug on it and play with it as I pulled him to me and crushed my lips to his.

While we kissed I let my hands wander down his sexy chest and stomach to the top of his shorts. I pulled on the waistband and let my fingers slip inside his pants. Not far enough to touch anything, but just to tease. I could tell from his small groan that he was enjoying my hand being there, so I pulled the shorts away from his body so he could feel the summer air on his throbbing shaft. I wondered what it would look like, what it would taste like, and what it would feel like inside me. I had to find out.

I gently pushed him up and pulled his shorts down, leaving his boxers. I could see his penis better this way, but it was still not enough. It looked fit to burst out of his pants, so I helped it out, pulling his boxers down too, but not before I rubbed him through the thin material. He looked nothing like my ex. His penis was long and already firm. Fairly thick but not scary, he must have been at least seven, almost eight inches. I noticed it had a slight curve upward towards the tip. As I looked at its swollen head, I desperately wanted to know how that would feel. But I needed to taste it first.

I pulled myself up to a sitting position, then kneeling on all fours with him in front of me. I wrapped one of my soft hands around his cock and began to stroke its entire length. It had always boggled my mind how soft and smooth they were and I could not get enough of it. He was warm and long and smooth and I yearned to know just how he tasted.

I moved my face closer and allowed my tongue out to gently lick him before swirling all around the tip. I could feel his body tense up like he had not felt a warm mouth in a very long time. This filled me with desire to taste more of him and please both of us. My lips, wet from kissing, parted as I took him into my mouth. I worked his big cock using my hand and my mouth for a few minutes, letting my tongue lap against the underside of his penis while my mouth varied suction while moving up and down on him. I could almost take all of him at one time.

As mouth-watering as his cock was, I wanted, no, needed him inside me. I could feel my pussy start to pulsate while I was sucking on him. I eased my mouth off of him and raised myself up a bit, so I could kiss him again. Again, he tenderly lifted me and set me down. This time, he took off my panties, looked into my eyes and said, “I want to lick your pussy.” I began to squirm at his words, but I knew the real pleasure was still to come.

He gently pulled of my panties, freeing my pussy and allowing the cool summer air to hit my wetness. He tossed them toward our other clothes and pushed my legs further apart as he dove down. His tongue was so sweet! He let it land right on my engorged clit and began to circle around it. His lips moved to nibble on my own, my lower lips this time. He pulled my labia apart and licked in between my folds before letting his hot little tongue dart in an out of my pussy. I didn’t think it was possible, but I was getting even wetter! He licked up and down my pussy, pausing to suckle at my clit, sending shockwaves through my body. I was so close to cumming, but I needed something else.

After a few minutes, he stopped licking my sweet dripping pussy and moved up to kiss my mouth. I could tell he wanted me as he kissed me, allowing me to taste my own sticky sweetness. He leaned up and grabbed his hard cock. I could see the tip glistening with precum. He stroked it a few times as it neared my opening and then he eased it inside, causing the both of us to moan from the new sensation. I had never felt him like that before, but I already knew I wanted to feel him like that again and again.

He began to move in and out of me, moaning a little as he did so. I could feel his unique shape hitting the front wall of my vagina. This new feeling was great and made the muscles on the inside of my pussy contract, squeezing him tightly and causing him to groan in pleasure. He leaned down to kiss me while he was inside me and I felt him move even deeper within me. Feeling his body close to mine like that was almost enough to send me over the edge. While he was bent down, he whispered throatily in my ear, asking if I would ride his hard cock.

He let me up and I climbed atop him. His hard penis lay on his belly, still very rigid. When I picked it up to guide it inside me, I discovered that it was soaking wet. I pointed his member skyward, aimed right for my steamy pussy and allowed just the tip inside as I lowered myself onto him. I squeezed him tightly and moved slowly, allowing only so much more to enter me at a time. I could see from his face that he was enjoying the slow ride, taking pleasure in feeling his long cock dividing and stretching my pussy wide. Once I had him all inside me, I stopped and savored the fullness of his cock as it was deep inside me. I flexed my inner muscles a few more times before I began my ride.

I started to lift off of him so I could fuck him at my own pace. On my knees, I began to buck up and down, my full lush breasts bouncing about as I moved on him. I tried to squeeze him with nearly every thrust, making my pussy even tighter than it already was. I could tell he liked what I was doing, so I kept right on. As good as he felt in me like that, I wanted to feel him more. I slowed down my thrusts and began to move my hips in a circular motion. He soon got the memo and moved his hands to my hips to help guide them.

I loved grinding my pussy on him while he was deep inside me. I could feel every inch of his hard, hot penis inside me as I rubbed my clit against the small mound of pubic hair he had. I kept up my constant motion until I began to feel a tingling sensation in my loins. I bit my lip and tossed my head back as I let out a low moan and continued to fuck him in this way. I cried out his name as I ground my pussy deeper into him. I felt every tiny movement on my ultrasensitive clit and it was driving me wild. His hands began to wander my body. He grabbed my ass with one hand and the fingers on his other hand toyed with my nipple and I lost it.

I came. And I came. With every movement I made over top of him, waves and waves of pleasure went rippling through my body. I could feel my tiny pussy contracting over him as my juices flowed freely. I was exhausted but I wanted more as I leaned over and kissed him. He held me closely and kissed my passionately. Now, it was his turn. I wanted to make this sexy man cum.

As the feeling in my legs returned, I got up off of him. I then straddled him in reverse, on all fours, and told him to fuck me. He quickly obliged my desires and worked his way up so he was kneeling behind me. Instead of having both knees on the ground like I had expected and was used to, he kept one foot on the ground as he entered me. I was so wet from my orgasm that he slipped right in without any guiding hand. He put his hands on my hips for leverage as he pushed in and out of me. Though his hands were on my lips, they did not stay there long.

His strong hands took to roaming around my body, sometimes fondling my breasts and playing with my nipples and at others resting on my shoulder so he could pull me deeper onto his shaft or even squeezing my plump ass cheeks. Never once did he stop fucking me while he did this. I could feel his balls bouncing off of my clit while he was behind me and I let one hand wander back there, between my legs. They were very smooth. It was obvious that he had shaved them recently. I now regretted that I didn’t take the time to suck on them earlier.

I continued to enjoy his soft sack when he suddenly started pumping faster. I moaned at his increased fervor and put my hand back on the ground to steady myself. I soon found his hand wrapped in my hair, pulling it hard, but not too hard. It forced my head backwards while he continued to have his way with me. I had never had my hair pulled until then, and I do not know why. It was a very sensual feeling.

His thrusts continued and I could hear his breathing becoming labored. I knew he was going to cum before he told me. He pulled out and grabbed his penis, stroking it. I turned around and took it from him. I stroked it with my hand and put my mouth over the tip, sucking and licking while my other hand fondled his balls, lightly tugging on his sack. I continued this until far after I felt his hot cum spurt into my waiting mouth. Some of it slid down my throat, some of it dribbled out, but there was still some left in my mouth. There was so much cum!

I stood up to kiss him as I walked to the tree so I could spit behind it. When I returned, he was standing, his cock still firm. He grabbed me and pulled me in close for a deep, sensual kiss. Feeling our naked bodies pressed together in the early evening summer sun was nearly orgasmic. He helped me find all of my clothing as we dressed, unable to keep our hands off of each other. My panties, as soaked as they were when he took them off of me, had accumulated some wayward dirt and sticks, so I opted to go commando for the ride home and stuffed them into my pocket.

Just as we were about to leave our little clearing, he turned to me and kissed me, looked me over and said, “unh,” before shaking his head and taking my hand, leading me back to the path. Holding hands as we walked through the woods felt as natural as ever, when just barely an hour ago we were so nervous to be alone together. He led me to the edge of the woods, where my car was parked and helped me inside. I didn’t know whether or not to kiss him, hug him, or do nothing. I opted for the hug and then turned for my door. He caught me and pulled me close again, giving me one of the sweetest kisses I had ever tasted. We said our “see you tomorrows” and went our separate ways. I don’t think I had a coherent thought the entire ride home. I could not wait until our next encounter.
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