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A week in May (Part One)

She never though she would do something so crazy.
She was against the left wall, like the other women, there were about 500 people at the party. It was for her boss and his prize for getting their company to mix with another. She wore her reddish brown hair in a very loose bun. Her skin was a light creamy tan, and she wore a 13th century style pale peach dress that hugged her chest tightly. She had on a black mask to hide her face, but her eyes were a silvery orange, seducing the men who stared at her.

Her body was perfect, She had all the curves right, she wasn't too skinny and her face had a perfect quality, one that changes just by the sight difference in he hair. She heard the music grow louder drowning out her thoughts, then she noticed a man was coming towards her. His suit was perfect, it showed his muscles, His hair was long, and pulled into a short ponytail, she liked that she felt her body tingle as she watched him walk up to her. He wore a black mask too.

"May I cave this dance?" asked the mysterious man.

"Of course," said May, her cheeks a slight red. The man sounded so familiar, and he smelled familiar too, but he just couldn't put her finger on where she remembered the scent and sound. She danced with the man for an hour, before they both went outside.

"So, I know this isn't how you do these things, but what is your name?" he asked. She smiled and turned away.

"May, May Young," The man smiled and he took her up the outside stair case and into a darkened bed room. When he took off his mask she turned red.

"M-Mr. Ranston, I- I should go..." she said suddenly trying to go out the door but he stopped her pulling her closer. "Please just talk to me, I wont do anything to you."

May sighed and sat down her cheeks were still red as he stared to talk to her about the company and how he was getting so much work put on him that he couldn't see his wife, and he wanted May to do some of his work. But she wasn't listen ,her eyes were on him, greedy, she never noticed how sexy he looked. She started to fantasize and bite her lip.

"May?" asked Ranston. May looked up coming out of her trance.

"Um, yeah sure... I dont mind the extra work," May said.

Ranston smiled and removed his jacket and sat next to her. "I appreciate it May you're a very sweet girl. and you're husband is very lucky to have you," he said smiling and before she knew it she was on him kissing him deeply, and he kissed her back, She heard him let out a few growls as she kissed him and she couldn't help but smile.

Ranston pushed her down lightly. "May... we shouldn't..." he said, but the way he was undressing her told her a different story. He had her dress off in minutes, and his shirt was gone too, lying in a small pile by a chair. He hugged her and kissed her removing her bra and releasing her breasts. she closed her eyes and moaned slightly as he started to suck and bit her nipples. She let out a moan and he started to kiss down her body to her silk laces black underwear. He slowly removed it with his teeth and when her pussy was free from it he lunged his face in her wetness suck and licking her juices.

He stuck his thumb in her ass with one hand as her sucked her clit and shoved two fingers in her pussy with his other. Her sniffed her scent and let out a moan as her started to lick her clit in circles before sucking her juices away from it again. She moaned loud playing with her nipples as she bit her lip.

Ranston stopped and kissed her making her taste her sweet juices as h kept finger fucking her pussy and ass. She moaned loud and he bit her lips. He stopped fucking her ass hole with his hand and moved it to her neck, holding on it lighty as he quickly tore through her tight pussy with his 11inch cock. She screamed as he bent down to bite her neck, her hole tightening around his cock as her fucked her slowly.

May bit her lips and Ranston held his fingers to her lips. She sucked on his fingers slowly, making him feel what she would do to him if he made her suck him. He slowly started to go faster, watching her as she sucked his fingers. he smiled at her and moved both his hands to her breast and he squeezes as he quickly pounded deep in her pussy Then he did it again, Causing her to scream each time her went past her Gspot.

He started to go to a normal pace, In... out... in... out... His speed slowly increasing as he groaned and grunted. He smacked her breasts and pushed them together while squeezing. She moaned and her leaned down to kiss her.

"Oh... Ranston!" she said feeling his lips on her neck.

"You have such as sexy body May.. I cant believe how tight you are," he said kissing her lips deeply.

Ranston fucked her faster, making her breast bounce with his speed. Her breathing became ragged and uneven as she lifted herself up wrapping her arms around his neck as he kept fucking her moaning his name in his ear.

He growled low as he pushed her back down on her back pinning her arms and fucking her as fast and as hard as he could making her scream. He stopped and shoved in her pussy deeper as his member pulsated, his hot cum shooting through her hole getting in deep.

She bit her lips and he pulled her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth. She got him deep in her throat as her shoved in her mouth a second time. She moaned taking hold of his shaft and sucking on his head as she pumped his shaft. Then slowly she sucked and pumped and the same speed getting him in deeper and deeper as her hand went to his balls. She massaged his large balls and squeezed softly tasting his sweet pre-cum in her mouth.

"Damn May! You sure can take a cock!" he said pushing her head down more. "Suck it more you whore."

She moaned as she obeyed, usually she would have stopped hearing some one say that to her but her turned her on so much she wouldn't dare to. She wasn't going to let the pass her by.

May took him in deeper and licked around his haft as she had him in deep then she pulled him out and turned on her knees. He smiled quickly spreading her ass cheeks and shoving both his thumbs in her asshole. She moaned and he slowly shoved his head in her ass, Slowly going in inch by inch until she had most of him filling her, then he started to fuck her slowly Smacking her perfect ass every now and then.

He started to fuck her ass faster. He let his saliva drip to her hole, making his cock slip in and out of her more easily. She moaned loud as he grabbed her wrists and pulled her back still fucking her. He squeezed her throat and bit her shoulder growling as she begged him to fuck her harder. He did, He kept fucking her hard and fast, his balls slapping against the new wetness from her warm pussy.She screamed again and this time she came, her pussy juices slide down her legs and his, her legs shook as he kept fucking her non stop, smacking her ass a large red mark forming.

She moaned as he finally pulled out, he turned her around, his cock in his hand slowly moving his hand up and down it. She opened her mouth as his hot cum fell on her breasts and face. Sh moaned and when he finished she swallowed the cum that landed in her mouth and around her mouth then rubbed in his cum like a lotion on her breasts. He smiled watching her. the he bent down and kissed her lips.

"You're mine now you hear? Come to my office tomorrow morning May, I have a job for you that needs to get done," Ranston said as they dressed.

"Yes Ranston," she replied. Her fantasies were coming true at last.

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