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A week in May (Part Two)

It was the Day she had to come in early, and she was excited
May woke at five-thirty in the morning. She wore black laced panties with a see threw black bra. She stretched and kissed her husbands cheek.

"I'll be back later tonight to fix dinner Allen," she said slipping out of the covers to go dress in her work clothes.

She hopped in her car and drove off to work, eager to see what Ranston wanted to do with her. May had on a black long sleeve work suit and a soft frilled white shirt under. She wore a tight mini skirt, it hugged her thighs perfectly showing her luscious ass. Her legs were perfectly toned, and as she walked inside her office building the men drinking coffee almost spilt it on themselves.

She passed by her boss on her way to her work place. He seemed to have been talking to the man who sat across from her, his name was Taylor. He wore glasses and they made him look more sexy then cute. He had a perfect upper body, and an even better lower one. He would always take glimpses at May when she bent over or leaned towards one of her clients. She'd notice a bulge form when she did these things and not too one after he would leave and go to the rest room.

May sighed and slide into her chair throwing he bags down and unlocking her drawers to shove her purse in. She closed it with a light nudge of her hips.She looked up noticing Taylor and Ranston were still talking. She gained a new curiosity then. She walked back down the hall past Ranston's office to get to the lounge room, there she grabbed an apple and a cup of coffee. She made a soft smile at the men around her, and gave a slight mocking gaze at the women. May was one of the youngest and the sexiest women in the building and she knew it. She walked back to her desk, but Ranston stopped her.

"May, will you come here a moment?" he said pointing to a seat in front of him next to Taylor, "And please, close the door, this is a serious matter to speak of."

She walked in and shut the door closed with her foot before setting her apple and coffee on the table in front of her.

"What is it Ranston.?" She asked looking at Taylor to Ranston.

"Taylor here says that you have been behind on your work... he wishes to help you out." Ranston stated.

May blinked and sighed, "Well of course he can help..." she said and smiled softly at him.

"He also wants, to work for you...." Ranston flashed an evil seductive smile, and before May realized it, Taylor was stroking her leg. Her eyes flashed at Ranston and she bit her lip. "The doors are sealed tight, not one person will hear us but us..." Ranston said.

May felt herself loosen up hiking up her skirt. "So is this... why you wanted me here so early?" She asked raising one eyebrow.

Ranston nodded as he got off his seat to stand next to her. His hands unbuttoned her black top and then her pulled it off along with her white blouse, her see through bra exposed to the two men.

She bit her lip feeling Ranston's tongue run along her bra, making her nipples under it hard. She let out a soft low moan as she started to feel Taylor's hand slid her skirt off, her laces underwear hugging her already wet pussy. Taylor shoved his face in her pussy sniffing and licking her pussy threw her laced panties as Ranston unhooked her bra.

May's breasts bounced to life, looking as large and as perfect as before. She moaned as two pairs of lips sucked on her breasts. Ranston, sucking and nipple her right, while Taylor flicker and sucked her left. She watched as Taylor soon took control of both her breasts pleasing her in a way Ranston nor her husband could. Ranston was down by her pussy, slowly sliding her panties off, then he sucked her clit, while Taylor slapped and pinched her nipples. She bit her lip again and moaned a little louder.

Ranston stood and pulled down his pants releasing his hard 11 inch cock to her she looked up and smiled and got to her knees and started sucking Ranston's cock as Taylor released his own, it was also fairly large, a 10 inch. Her eyes were filled with lust as she started pumping Taylors cock with her right hand as she sucked and pumped Ranston with her left. She moaned each time she switched cocks, sucking Taylor the Ranston in order. She felt her breasts being fondled with and she looked up ar Taylor with big full eyes, he smiled and pinched her nipple.

Taylor pulled himself from her mouth and so did Ranston, Taylor lifted her up and placed her over the table, slowly he moved his head in her tight pussy as Ranston managed to get her to suck him more. Taylor let out a moan as he finally got all of himself in her, her pussy tightening around his cock. Slowly Taylor pulled in and out, in and out, stretching her out some. Ranston had held of her head as her started to force her down on his cock as Taylor got his speed up. May's eyes rolled in the back of her head and she moaned lightly as both the men fucked her at the same speed one in her mouth and one in her pussy.

May started to rub her clit in circles as Taylor fucked her. She moaned a little more and her nipples got hard again. Ranston growled and started forcing her to suck him more as he rapidly shoved in and out of her throat, every time he pulled completely out she let some of his pre-cum drip to her breasts then he'd start again, repeating the process even as Taylor started to eat out May.

His tongue swirled around her clit and he nibbled it as he shoved three fingers in her whole, going fast and getting her juices on him. She moaned loud as she felt Ranston's hot cum drip from her mouth, and he moaned even louder as her juices squirted onto Taylor. Taylor went to her lips and kissed her, making her taste her sweet juices then he kissed Ranston, also letting him taste her juices.

Both Ranston and Taylor turn her over, Taylor laid her down on him as he shoved his cock in her ass hole, and Ranston shoved his in her pussy. Taylor gripped her breasts and squeezed as hard as he could as He and Ranston started fucking her holes. She moaned and bit her lip sliding her fingers to join in and rub her clit fast as they fucker her harder and deeper and faster. She felt their cocks pulsate in her and she moaned a as loud as she could as all three of them his an orgasm. Her juices mixing with both their cum, but they didn't stopped, they huffed and puffed, as they fucked her more making her cum a little longer, making the mess bigger.

Ranston got off her then she got off Taylor then she was forced to her knees and Ranston fucked her like a dog as She sucked Taylor like the animal she was. Ranston moaned and growled as her pussy tightened around his cock she pumped Taylors cock as fast as she could.

"Oooo... fuck... fuck me I'm such a bad girl.... ooooo...." she moaned biting her lips and looking at Ranston as he thrust in deeper and faster.

Taylor move her head back to his cock and he started fucking her throat deep as Ranston fucked her pussy deep. Again, Ranston and Taylor came in her and she came as well, her cum mixing with Randton's and she got on her knees to suck them both.

She put them both in her mouth, getting just their heads, then she sucked Ranston, then Taylor getting their cocks nice and hard, about to spill their cum all over her. She moaned and started to pump them fast and in an instant they came all over her tits and face, drowning her in their cum. She smiled as she licked both their cocks and used them to rub their cum into her like a lotion.

"Damn Ranston, you were right, this bitch is good..." said Taylor looking at the goddess in front of him.

"Yup, and I cant wait till I fuck her again," he said with a sly smile.

May looked up at them both her eyes narrowing seductively. This could be start of a great week.

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