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A Weekend Camping Trip

Is Camping All That It's Cracked Up To Be?
Written By Poppet:For LushStories ONLY!

A Weekend Camping Trip

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and I couldn't be happier with him. He and I are very adventurous. He’s always been the more outdoorsy type and me the indoors type. He’s been trying for about seven months to get me to go camping with him. He went last summer and was gone for two weeks. It drove me mad not being with him. Now he has it in his head I should go with him. I gave in and agreed to go.

Here is a little about us before I begin our adventure to the great outdoors. I’m Vivienne but everyone calls me Viv. I’m 5’4” and I have jet black hair and sharp blue eyes. I have darker skin with a single dimple on my upper butt cheek. My breasts are a medium size B, they’re not anything I worry about a nice handful to please him. I have a nice small waist, I weigh just 105 pounds. Now for Duncan, He is a whooping 6’4” and 172 pounds slim, built and sexy as hell. He has smooth bald head that goes well with his stubble on his face. He has dark chocolate eyes and a killer smile.

“Viv, the car is almost packed, grab what you need. Let’s get a move on.”

“Yeah, yeah I know. I hear you. I don’t like this time of morning, you know this.”

“I guess you should have went to bed earlier than, shouldn't you have?”

“You’re the one who kept me up with camp stories!”

“Hey don’t go be blaming me. It’s time to suck it up buttercup, let’s roll.”

“I’ll be sucking something but it won’t be a buttercup. You smart ass.”

I giggle as I grab the last of my things before locking up the door. The car was packed, Duncan had us packed to go for three days now. I can tell he’s excited about going but its 4:40 in the morning and I've been up since 3:58 with him poking me to get ready. I bounce in my seat as we near Dunkin donuts and know I’m about to get my caffeine fix. We order through the drive-thru and I get a large ice coffee to nurse on for the next three hours. I love long car rides and can’t wait to actually wake up to enjoy the ride. It doesn't take long for the coffee to do its work to do just that. I blast the music singing to every song as if I knew all the lyrics like I always do. Duncan can’t help but laugh at my silly attempts.

I watch the trees zip by us and I can see him getting more excited to get there each passing moment. I thrum my fingers on my book I brought I knew I wouldn't read it. One of my co-workers has convinced me to give “Fifty Shades of Grey” a go. I have made it to chapter four and wonder if the author wrote it with her eyes closed. I grow a little bored and start to watch Duncan from the corner of my eyes. He’s so handsome, I begin to crave him. I scoot closer to him, nuzzling my head in the crook of his arm. He pulls me in willingly unbeknownst to him I had more plans than cuddling.

I slide my hand down his front into his lap; I guide my hand over his zipping and tug it down. You can hear the faint sound of the zip even over the music. I move my hand into his shorts and notice he hasn't put on any boxers. It makes me tingle at the thought of knowing he is naked under his shorts. I can feel him stir slightly inviting me to keep going. We don’t need to speak, we both know what’s about to go down. I tug him out and he’s already fully rock hard for me. I lower myself and suckle on just the head of him. My wet warm mouth meets contact with him and start suckling softly, he groans and I keep going. My tongue flicking over the tip of him working gently, teasing his slit. My fingers start to caress his shaft as I suck on his head. I let my teeth tease him gently wrapping my mouth around his head tight and sucking deeply. I start to jerk him a bit faster and I can feel his body tense trying not to lose control of car. I start to swallow more of him in my mouth until every last inch of his 8” is in my throat. I wriggle my tongue out and tease against his balls.

“Mmm I love when you do that. How is it even possible to swallow so much at once? Don’t stop Vivi.”

I smile against his cock and start to suck on him a bit faster. My pace is even and smooth, taking all of him deep in my mouth and back up again. I can feel myself sucking every last inch of him. The warmth of his flesh is teasing my tongue. He takes one of his hands and starts to stroke my hair lightly as I suckle on him once more. I keep a great pace; every so often I pick it up again. I make the whole thing last for the longest time. I keep building him to the point of wanting to explode in my mouth to back down again. He can’t take it anymore and I can hear him growl out wanting to release. I pick up the pace nice and deep swallowing him fully once more while I caress and tease his balls. His balls tense up and I feel his cock stiffen hard for me and release his seed. I milk him dry, I don’t give in until I know he’s drained and he’s moaning out for me. I make sure he’s clean before coming back up and sitting on my side of the car again. I check the mirror and wipe my mouth. He turns and looks at me with shock and awe.

“Are you pleased with yourself, Doll?”

“Of course I am. I got what I wanted.”

“Yeah and so did the four truckers who drove by and saw it all.”

“Awe you know I love an audience.”

“Yes, I know you do. Thank you, baby. I needed that.”

“I did too.”

“We’re about 20 minutes out now. We’re making great time, I can’t wait to set up camp and take you out on a hike. It’ll be exciting.”

“I can’t deny I’m a little excited too.”

“Good! I can’t wait. Maybe if you like this weekend than we can come back in a few weeks for a longer trip. Even if we don’t I’m glad you were willing to try a weekend for me baby.”

“I missed you too much last summer not to at least try it for a weekend. It will be fun.”

We ride in silence and watch it start to grow deeper into the woods. We see no other people for miles. I start to think of every scary movie that begins with a young couple or a group of friends camping. When we finally stop I look around and see nothing but trees, trees and more trees. Duncan tells me a lake is nearby so we were in luck with that. He knew these woods he’s been coming here for years. We unload the car and he attempts to show me how to pitch a tent but I’m clueless but don’t complain. I help and even mange to be useful. Once the camp is ready and Duncan is happy he is ready to go on a hike. We head out and went on an amazing hike. He shows me things I only seen in those movies I was talking about or on the nature channel. Once back at camp we make lunch which is just sandwiches. I clean up and make sure everything goes back in the proper places so bears and other animals don’t show up.

“Okay Mister, I came and now I want a swim! I can’t wait to go swimming. Can we go?!”

“I think that sounds amazing. Let’s go.”

I run ahead seeing where the lake was when we were on our hike after grabbing my towel. I begin to strip off my clothes running through the woods like a heathen. I jump in butt ass naked and squeal out not expecting the water to be so cold. My nipples rock hard instantly and I shiver. I feel the goose bumps shot through me so fast. I watch Duncan appear with his towel and just as naked as I am. I can’t help but soak in the beautiful site before me. He comes in the water a bit too gingerly and I splash him. I spray him right in the face and he growls at me. He dives in towards me and dunks me into the water holding me down for a long moment as I come up choking and laughing.

He pulls me into a deep passionate kiss, as we sink further into the lake. Our feet moving too keep us afloat. He holds me up as I wrap my legs around him; he keeps us up and kisses me still. My fingers play with his bald head. He lets our kiss break and swings me onto his back. He begins to swim and I take the ride. I feel the water flowing over us as we swims; I can feel him moving faster, with such ease. We reach the other side of the lake and he pulls me back down facing him. We swim and play, simply enjoy what we have. It feels as though we’re the only two people left in the world and it’s an amazing feeling. I can see the sun begin to get lower and the water getting colder. We don’t care and keep racing each other and seeing who can beat whom. We raced five times; he beat me by an arm’s length the last time. I blame his height but he just laughs at me. Once we grow bored of swimming we climb out my legs are tired.

Once back at camp I dress in shorts and a sweat shirt. It’s starting to cool off and Duncan shows me how to start a fire. I actually learn to do that quickly and am pleased with myself. The fire is a much needed welcome and we cuddle up. Our conversation drifts off to our wedding that we've yet to set and have always liked talking about. We can’t afford a wedding and we both know it’ll be a big one. Since it’s the way we always lean towards. We don’t mind it being big but wish we could afford to marry now. We've been living together basically when we started dating because we've known each other since high school. We aren't in much of a rush to marry though. We’re just 23 and don’t mind waiting a little longer. We use to date in high school but drifted apart when we went off to different colleges but met up again when we both came back to our hometown. Our families are so close and we connected on a level not all couples do.

Once the sun is lower hiding behind the trees we start dinner. We decide on hot-dogs and beans, with cold beer. I am enjoying the alone time with Duncan it’s nice and even though we have alone time at home it’s not like out here. All we have is talking and us, unlike home which has TV, net, and all the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Duncan insisted on bringing his guitar and plays all the cheesy camp music he can think of. I can’t help but enjoy it all and sing to the ones I know. I can’t help but wonder something and I head inside the tent and strip down naked. I shiver knowing how dark it is. The moon is up high, it’s a full moon and it’s a magical night.

I walk out of the tent and make eye contact with him. I see he has the same thing on his mind with a blanket laid out for us. He’s just as naked as I am and I can’t help but giggle. I stroll over to him, I lean down into him I kiss him softly. My lips gently press against his as I slide my hands around his neck; we fall slowly gently down to the ground. I straddle him as we kiss it deepening. I feel my lust for him grow heavily. I feel his hands slide over my bare naked skin, the moon shining over us brightly. My skin glows in the darkness, my tongue caresses his softly, my hands work their way down his chest feeling his hard body press against mine. I can feel his cock growing hard with lust already as I move my kiss down to his neck I slowly kiss it with soft gentle kisses my hands still working their way down your body. I reach his cock I take him in my hand and begin to jerk him lightly. My kisses turn into small bites, I hear him growl at me only making me want to bite harder and I do. He moans out a growl as I work my way down his body, kissing him just barely. I reach down to his cock, my hand still wrapped around it. I see him lying there for me, I smile looking into his dark eyes knowing what I’m doing is full of lust and passion.

I move to wrap my warm moist lips around his cock and suck gently on just the head for a long moment; I hear his breath hitch. I smirk and suck on him more. I slowly work down, sucking him entirely into my mouth. My head just hovering over him and I begin to suck on him. All the way down and back up again. My mouth takes every last inch of him and back up again. He can feel my tongue coil around his cock. I feel his hands slide into my hair, pushing me down more. He moans out twisted with growls of pleasure. I take even more of him, swallowing him whole. I suck on his cock hard and fast, I begin to toy with his balls. I play with them lightly caressing them. I love how they tense up in my soft hands. I slow down and slide my teeth over his cock lightly. I tease him before pulling him out of my mouth. I glide my tongue down his shaft until I reach your balls. I suck them into my mouth hearing him gasp and growl writhing under me. He twists slightly knowing how much he loves it; I suckle on them before they slide from my mouth. I take him out of my mouth and climb up to him.

I lean up teasingly kiss him in a cute way. I giggle breaking the kiss as he smirks at me before pulling me back into a feverish kiss once more. I moan out through our kiss, shivering for more. I pull him with me as I feel the blanket under me now with him on top. I feel the warmth of his body on top of me. He kisses me deeper, needing me. I feel my legs naturally open for him, inviting him to what is rightfully his. The moon is shining down on us, glowing softly. My nipples are rock hard, my chest raising and falling. He can almost hear my heart beating it beats so hard with excitement. I see him smirk as he touches my nipples, caressing them into hard twisted nubs. He can see the texture of my nipples changing the harder they grow. He moves down to take one in his mouth and suck on it hard, chewing on it lightly. It’s my turn to writhe under him. I whimper out with wonderment of wanton. His cock begins to play with my slit gliding over me gently. The head of his cock hitches over my clit and teases me with no words uttered. I can’t grasp the concept of making words as he begins to push inside me. My tightness wrapping around his cock, my breath quickens. I grasp at him, I hold him close to me as he begins to push further into me.

I feel my entire body give into him as he now fully inside me. He looks at me making sure I’m okay, he smile seeing I am. He kisses me gently, sliding in and out of me working his cock inside me. I can feel his thickness pushing harder into my tightness. His cock is trying to own my pussy as it works inside me deeper. I moan without thought nonstop. I can’t help but moan the pleasure feels so good. I wrap my legs around him, he thrusts deeper inside me. I feel him start fucking me harder. I arch my back and feel myself near an orgasm so fast. I smile to myself knowing how much pleasure he truly gives to me. I whisper out his name feeling it build. My walls tighter around him so hard, he knows I’m close and begin riding me deeper. He hits my g-spot and I shake hard into a deep orgasm. My nails dig into his forearms and I cum so hard for him. He grinds his hips into me, working his skilled hips in me. He is pleased with how quickly I orgasm and wants to prolong it.

Once my orgasm passes he pulls out gently lifting me to get on all fours. I arch my back feeling his fingers run down my soft skin. He swats my ass before grabbing my hips. He places the head of his cock at my pussy. He doesn't push in just yet wanting to tease me more. I lean back hoping he’ll stop teasing me. He doesn't give in for the longest time. He strokes my back petting, loving and being tender with me. Suddenly without warning he shoves his cock into me causing me to howl out a long moan. He chuckles at me, hearing the moan turn to growls. I hear him whisper to me to take it all and begin to pound into me. It feels as though he’s splitting me in two and I love the pain and force. I love being in the true nature of the woods and being fucked like a wild animal. My head begins to spin wildly and I moan out his name again. One of his hands finds my hair and yanks it hard pulling it back making me look at him. I do with so much love, desire and need. His body is pounding against mine, shaking me hard. I begin to orgasm hard again without warning, my tight pussy grips him hard. He moans out my name this time and I feel him blow his hot seed deep inside me. He fills me to the brim. He has cum so hard inside me and I take it all, leaning back into him wanting it all. He bucks gently pushing it further inside me.

He takes me into his arms, pulling me with him as we fall into a nuzzling spot. I cuddle into his arms. He’s still trying to catch his breath slightly. I look up at him, him looking down at me. We kiss gently, our lips barely apart and smile. I feel his fingers dancing up and down my back. It makes me arch every so often amusing him as you don’t let up.

We don’t make it to the tent that night. We stay tangled up in each other that night sleeping in the moon light. It’s a great first night to spend our camping trip. The following day is just as great we hike again finding new spots. We make love in a wide open space that looks like it’s never been seen by the human eye. Of course we know this isn't true but we like the thought of it. We take our time with the whole day loving the time together. Duncan even teaches me to fish though I catch nothing he does. We make fish for dinner and gorge out on smores. We stay up almost all night talking and listening to the night life in the woods. Sunday rolls around and we head out at noon going home. I make sure to give him the same treatment home as I did on our way in. He’s so pleased I do it he gives me such a big treat. I think I might like camping now.

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