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A Weekend in London

Pleasure tore through me and my fingers grasped helplessly at the wooden door as my knees buckled
I settled into my seat, briefly glancing over my shoulder to check that my suitcase hadn't moved in the last minute or so – it hadn't. I took my iPad out of my bag so I could read on my journey, only I couldn't concentrate. The words faded from my focus, instead I could only see his face. I imagined him in front of me, his lips against mine, his hands on my skin gripping me tightly, holding me to him. I smiled as I thought of what was to come.

I shook the thoughts from my head and tried to concentrate on the story, once again the words faded from focus, I tried over and over again. In two hours I didn't manage to read more than one paragraph and I hadn't taken any of it in, all I had thought of was how good it would be to smell him again, to feel his skin against mine, to feel his cock pressing inside me, stretching me open around him.

More than once, my fingers trailed a path along my inner thigh, rubbing myself through the lace of my thong. I had quickly soaked through the thin material and I couldn't wait for his reaction when he discovered my excitement.

I jumped up as soon as the conductor announced Kings Cross as the next stop. I pulled my suitcase out of the rack, stumbling briefly in my heels but quickly regaining my footing. I was the first out of the door when they opened and practically ran along the platform. It had been too long since I had last seen him and the wait was killing me, this was the closest we had been in three weeks and I was done being patient. I grabbed the first taxi I could, giving the driver the name of the hotel, and sat back, now he was just a few minutes away.

When the taxi driver pulled over, I handed him the note I had ready in my hand and made a quick escape. I ignored the receptionist and walked straight over to the lift, he had managed to get to the hotel before me and had texted me the room number while I was on the train. The ride up felt incredibly slow so I lost myself to the thought of him pressing me against the wall of the lift, only rousing to the real world when the doors dinged open. The room was a quick walk and my heart was pounding as I knocked on the door.

The door opened and the world slowed briefly as I saw his face, we took a moment and smiled at each other, we said hi and I walked in, wheeling my suitcase behind me. I heard the door click shut and felt his hand lock around my wrist, my breath caught as I was pulled back. For a second he held me, my back pressing against his chest, then I was against the door. My breasts pushed flat against the cold wood, his hand around the back of my neck, holding me firmly in place. My nipples pebbled with excitement, pressing against the wood almost painfully, it just turned me on more. He moved closer to me, the heat of his body enveloping me, his scent intoxicating me.

“Hello.” His voice was low and gruff, his breath tickled the delicate flesh behind my ear.

“Hi.” Mine was breathy.

He lifted his hand from my neck and twined his fingers into my hair, he twisted my head and forced his lips onto mine in a bruising kiss that left me breathless and desperate for more. His other hand yanked my dress up, I heard him exhale when the tops of my stockings were revealed, his hand briefly stroking them in appreciation.

“Spread your legs.”

My legs responded before I’d fully registered what he had said, he squeezed the inside of my thigh, eliciting a moan and a pool of heat between my legs. His large hand raked up my leg and I felt his thumb pressing my soaked panties into my pussy, I gasped and rocked my hips, wanting – needing – more. I needed to feel his skin touching me. He must have read my mind; he pushed my underwear to the side and used the tips of his fingers to tease me.

“You’re soaked.”

I tried to reply but I couldn't. He forced two fingers inside me, I’d forgotten just how large they were and how it felt to have them stretch me, he thrust them, fucking me with them. Pleasure tore through me, my fingers grasped helplessly at the wooden door, trying and failing to find something to cling to as my knees buckled. His grip on my hair and his thrusting fingers were the only things holding me in place as the orgasm threatened to hit. I could feel my muscles clenching around his digits as he twisted them, I cried out as I came hard, my whole body shuddering with the release, a jet of warm liquid running down his arm and my legs.

I heard him gasp, I knew he loved to see me squirt, especially as he was the only man who had ever made me do it. His hand paused briefly before hammering in and out of my cunt, even faster than before. I came again, immediately, with another gush of my juices soaking us both. This time he stopped and we were both still. I was gasping, trying to get my breath back, and incapable of forming a coherent thought.

Slowly, he pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed his hand over my tender pussy.

“Feel how wet you are.”

My body writhed underneath his and I almost purred at the sensation, it quickly turned into a frustrated moan when his hand moved. His fingers acted as a gag when he pushed them in my mouth and ordered me to clean them. I relished the task, licking and sucking my taste from them, the liquid in the palm of his hand spreading over my chin. My tongue tried to follow the taste when he withdrew his hand, his other holding me in place, my face still pressed against the door. He reached down and gathered more juices, chuckling, he rubbed them over my cheek as my tongue extended, trying to taste more.

In retaliation, I pushed my bum out and rubbed it over his crotch, making contact with his hard cock. I felt the rumble of his growl, rather than heard it, then was yanked away from the door and dragged into the room by my hair. He threw me onto the bed and ordered me to strip. Shakily, I got to my knees and turned to face him, watching him undress as I pulled my dress over my head. I threw it to the floor and undid the clasp on my bra, slowly pushing the straps from my shoulders, pulling it away from my heavy breasts and sending it in the same direction as my dress. He was naked, his hard cock jutting out as he stroked it, watching me as I slid my panties down my thighs, revelling in the sensation of the air on my wet pussy, the thin material was drenched and I still couldn't quite believe so much liquid had come from me. It was quickly added to the pile of discarded clothing and before I could remove anything else, he was on me.

“Oh no you don't.” His fingers traced my stocking tops, his mouth moving to mine, our eyes locked. “Leave these on.” He was speaking softly but there was no doubt in my mind that everything he said was a command. His other hand stroked the hair from my face. I turned to his hand, my body arching towards his; I lifted my legs and tried to wrap them around him to pull him closer to me.

“I don't think so.” He chuckled as he moved his hands to my thighs, digging his fingers into my soft skin, and pushed them back down to the bed, exposing me to him. He gave me a short, sharp, slap, my wetness making the noise echo around the room, quickly followed by my shout of surprise. My legs tried to close but he was having none of it, my legs were forced apart and he struck me again, a little harder this time. I cried out but didn't try to close my legs, he slapped again and again, my cries turning into moans.

When he stopped I was given no respite, he moved straight into rubbing my clit, he was rough and I felt tender but the pain whore inside me was telling me to relax and just enjoy it. I tried to listen and I reached a hand out to his hard length, wrapping my small hand around it. He moaned as I pumped his shaft, the noise grew louder when I lowered my hand to his balls, cupping and stroking them. In response he moved his fingers from my clit and thrust them inside me so forcefully it pushed me further up the bed. His balls left my hand but I was barely aware of anything other than his fingers and the orgasm building inside me.

Just as I was about to explode, he pulled his fingers from me, quickly rearranging himself on the bed so he was hovering over me, his cock at my entrance. I was too impatient to wait. I took hold of him and pushed his tip inside me, he seemed to lose his patience as well as he sank his full length all the way in. I could feel him against my cervix. I wrapped my stockinged legs around him and he lifted my hands above my head and pinned them down, our eyes were locked as we moved together, our rhythm speeding up until he was pounding me, his curved cock hitting my g-spot with every stroke.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum." My voice was little more than a breath, moans punctuating every word.

"Then cum."

It hit me in a rush, my fingers grasped for him, his mouth covered mine and swallowed my cries, his body pressed mine into the bed, stilling my writhing body. When my orgasm subsided he lifted off me and hooked my legs over his shoulders. Then he began in earnest, his cock hammered in and out of my sensitive pussy. I tried to tell him I was going to cum again but it came out as a loud moan instead, my body arched towards him as it hit. He continued to thrust into my clamping hole, sending me over the edge again and again.

His breathing changed as he got closer and I felt his body tense as he erupted inside me, our bodies shuddering together.

As we regained our breath I lowered my legs and he gave me a soft, lingering kiss. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my body against his, unwilling to let go.
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