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A Weekend in the Blue Ridge - Part One

The teasing beginning of a new romance
Emily stood from her perch on the low garden wall, and waited as the motorcycle came to a stop at the driveway, a few feet away from her. The powerful machine rumbled in the mid-morning air, its red-painted body gleaming in the Georgia sun. She watched as the rider shifted into neutral and kicked out the stand. He let the bike idle and stood, swinging a leather-encased leg over the body. Standing at ease by the purring motorcycle, he removed his gloves revealing strong, well-shaped hands that then went to undo the strap on the full-face helmet. With a tug, the strap came free, and the rider proceeded to pull off the head gear.

Emily's smile widened as Josh's face came into view. His hair was a tawny gold that haloed over his head in an unruly mass, partly because of the helmet and partly because he leaned toward a shaggier style. Stunning, emerald-green eyes crinkled as he smiled widely, his perfect cherub lips spreading and revealing perfect white teeth. A strong, square jaw sprinkled with a carelessly stylish stubble made his face a nearly artistic statement. The rest of his body was covered in leather that seemed to strain to contain his wide, muscled frame.

Having known Josh for nearly a decade, Emily was more than a little familiar with his model good looks and that powerfully toned body. Their friendship was a result of their college years in Atlanta and a chance meeting at a coed fraternity. They had become inseparable and a force to be reckoned with at all social events: Josh of the Irish eyes and Emily, with her olive skin, toffee-colored, almond-shaped eyes, long, waving, coffee-colored hair, and enough curves to rival a Victoria's Secret model. Everyone wondered why they weren't an item, and after awhile it became a running joke with all their friends betting on how long it would take them to seal the deal. Ignoring the gibes, Josh enjoyed a string of beautiful, voluptuous, and ultimately unmemorable women, while Emily received the attention of legion college studs. In the end, both had remained unattached and uncommitted except to their friendship.

“Hey, Ems! Nice day for a ride. You ready to do this, or what?”

Josh had set his helmet on the bike seat and was adjusting the snaps and ties at his arms for comfort. Emily watched as his tightly sheathed body turned this way and that, the leather creaking slightly as he stretched to reach a particularly difficult tie. A half smile played on her lips as she watched, and hot little butterflies danced around inside her tummy as interesting images played in her mind. Just recently, Emily's feelings for Josh had taken a decidedly lascivious turn. What exactly had sparked the change was a mystery. Perhaps it was her self-imposed sexual moratorium, or how Josh had taken to wandering around his apartment in nothing but boxer shorts, even when she was there. He blamed it on the warming weather and his broken air conditioner. Whatever the catalyst, the result was the same: Emily was lusting after Josh in a huge way, and so far she had managed to hide it from him quite successfully, she thought.

Emily snapped out of her mental reverie to see Josh looking at her peculiarly with a half smile and a little frown line marring his perfect brow.

“Yo, Earth to Ems. You awake?”

She mentally cursed the heat creeping up her neck and into her cheeks as she realized she had been openly staring at Josh with god knew what sort of look on her face for a few minutes. She shook her head as if to shed the cobwebs of her daydreams.

“Yeah. Yeah, I'm awake, barely. I ah, went out with Dixie and Lacey last night. You know how it is with those two.”

The lie came easily enough. The truth was she hadn't had the oomph to deal with her rowdy girl troupe last night, or really any night in the past few months. Emily had become a closet homebody, and her intention for this weekend trip to the mountains was to try and pull herself out of the doldrums she was in. The trip itself had been a happy coincidence. Both Emily and Josh had received the invitation from their fraternity event organizer about the reunion plans for the class of 2003, and since they were two of the major players in that fun-loving group, it was almost mandatory that they attend.

Josh snorted at the mention of her two friends. “Yeah, I'm well aware. I'm a little put out, though, that you went out and didn't call me. We haven't done the rowdy outing in a while, Ems.” He hung his head and gave her his best impression of sad puppy-dog eyes, and Emily felt like a total douche for lying to him. Just as quickly, he shed the facade and said, “Although, in light of your evening's activity, it's probably best your bike's at the shop. I wouldn't want you riding it such a long way if you're hung over.”

Emily could count on one hand the number of times she'd ridden bitch with Josh. Standard operating procedure was that they would ride together, on separate bikes. They'd both been bitten by the motorcycle bug about five years ago and had gone through those rough early days together. The result was they made great riding buddies, their paired instincts working nearly seamlessly on the road. A week before the scheduled reunion, Emily's bike had busted a fuel line, rendering it unusable for the trip. Rather than take a car up, Josh had suggested he ride them both up on his bike. Emily had complained at first, a little upset about being his “biker bitch.” She'd reconsidered the position, though, upon realizing that she'd be wedged between his back and the sissy bar of his cruiser for a good three or four hours. Not a bad place to be, all things considered.

“The road's all yours, Josh. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the scenery.”

Hoisting her weekend backpack over her shoulders and dangling her helmet from one hand, Emily walked up and patted Josh's cheek.

She heard Josh snort, then both riders proceeded to strap on helmets and gloves. Emily was decked out similarly to Josh, lots of leather and strapping molding itself to her generously curvy form. She finished snapping her helmet in place, then zipped up her leather jacket and her gloves. She waited for Josh to turn the bike around, its idling purr strong and constant. When it was pointing out of her driveway, Josh held the brake and stood up to give her room to mount. Emily held on to Josh's shoulder, leaned in close to him and caught a whiff of the earthy, spicy aftershave he used; her leather-bound breasts grazed his biceps as she lifted her leg over and straddled the rumbling machine. The combination of his scent and body was driving a hot spike of need deep into her core, and Emily squirmed in her seat trying to ease the ache that had started pulsing in her crotch.

Josh sat back down into his seat, turned his head to aim a sidelong glance at Emily, and with an amused twinkle in his eyes he said, “Ready?”

Emily heard him loud and clear. The Bluetooth mike and speaker system they'd had installed in their helmets was working perfectly. In response, Emily rolled her eyes at him, then instead of answering, she raised her left hand and twirled her index finger in the air, the universal sign for roll out.

“Alright!” Both lowered their visors and Josh gave a little whoop as he released the brake, put the bike in gear, and shot out of the driveway in a shower of dust and gravel.


Emily was having trouble controlling her baser instincts on the ride up. With easy familiarity, Josh had innocently settled himself into the apex of her thighs when they had reached the highway. His firm, leather-clad ass was pressing intimately against her hyper-sensitive inner thighs. Emily struggled to keep from moaning out loud every time he shifted himself against her. Frustrated desire whipped through her system like a fiery snake, coiling deep in her loins and making her ache. Her hands itched to run over his muscular thighs as Emily held on tight to the handles at the base of her seat. Her imagination conjured steamy scenarios of gripping his erection through his leathers and the sounds he would make as she manipulated him.

The motorcycle's vibrations weren't helping matters at all; they felt like a low-level vibrator that teases rather than fulfills. Her pussy felt swollen and drenched. The seam of her leathers was pressed against her aroused clit. If she wiggled her butt, she could make the seam slide over the engorged little nub in delicious friction, but this only served to frustrate her more. Emily wanted very badly to ease the pulsing need at her core, even if it was with her own fingers, but there was no relief in sight as the miles stretched on.

When they finally got off the highway and Josh sat up straighter in the seat, Emily breathed a sigh of relief. A little space was just what she needed to get herself under control. Quickly, she realized she'd get no such respite. The road that leads up to Cashiers, North Carolina is a windy serpent, slithering its way up into the beginnings of the Blue Ridge. On a motorcycle, the best way to ride a curvy road is to lean into the motorcycle to lower your center of gravity and lean into the turns. For a passenger, it's to lean into the driver and follow the motions of their body. Their rock-hard, muscled, deliciously sinful body.

“Grab onto me and lean in, Ems. Let's make this road as fun as we can!”

Emily's frustration increased at Josh's request. Gingerly, she wrapped her arms around his waist, her fingers passing over taught, leather-covered abs. She was sitting stiffly against him, her hands barely touching at his front.

“C'mon, Ems! You gotta get in tighter! I wanna really feel those G's!”

Suppressing a little thrill, Emily pressed herself tightly against Josh's back. Her entire torso flared with delicious little pops of sensual energy. Her breasts were mashed against his broad upper back and she could feel the play of his powerful muscles as he maneuvered the bike. Emily wanted to rub herself against him, to feel the friction against her sensitive nipples. Her abs tightened involuntarily as the sensations momentarily shorted out the synapses in her brain.

“That's what I'm talkin' about! Hang on!” Josh kicked the motorcycle up to a higher gear and they flew over the last bit of straight road.

The G's were definitely there in the first curve. Emily's stomach dropped out as the force pushed her into her seat and she reflexively tightened her hold on Josh. Adrenaline began pumping through her body, mixing with the endorphins of her arousal and creating a heady cocktail in her blood.

She felt absolutely alive as Josh continued to make his way up the mountain road. Each curve added to her desire, for the road and for the man. Her body ached to be touched by his hands even as his hands expertly guided the motorcycle around hairpin bends at hair-raising speeds. Emily felt like she was burning from the inside out, a combination of sexual frustration and emotional elation working together to make her forget that she should control herself.

Emily splayed her fingers wide over Josh's abs, thoroughly enjoying the feel of his hard muscled torso. She shifted and strained her entire body against his back, unable to care anymore if he discovered her state of intense arousal. She watched the road ahead and saw a series of tight switchbacks that made the frenzied butterflies in her stomach turn into a storm of sensation that reached down and wrapped itself around her core.

“Oh yes,” she moaned softly. Her voice had a smoky, ache-filled tone that surprised her.

“You like that, Emily?”

Josh seemed to be concentrating almost single-mindedly on the road ahead, so Emily was startled when she heard his voice come over the speaker. The husky, low-pitched notes sent shivers down her spine. Emily's breathing sped up as she imagined Josh as turned on as she was, flying around the curves, wanting her as much as she wanted him. She hummed appreciatively.

“More, Josh. I want more.”

After the breathy plea left her lips, Emily could have sworn she heard a soft groan over the speaker. Whether she imagined the sound or not, the idea had her body humming.

Josh continued working his way through the curves, and it seemed as if he was trying to wring every last bit of excitement out of each turn. Emily could feel his body go taught with control as he guided the motorcycle into tighter and steeper turns. He seemed to ripple beneath her hands with his efforts, the tightening of his muscles enticing her to explore. Her splayed fingers slid up his body, loving and worshiping the structure of his frame. Emily could hear Josh's breathing and she thought he sounded winded, his breaths coming fast and shallow. She gave in to her desire and rubbed herself against Josh, the friction of leather on leather tightening her sensitive nipples into hard pebbles. Her fingers curled into his body and Emily hummed her enjoyment as they cruised up the mountain on a thickening cloud of adrenaline-fueled desire.


Emily felt hot and needy as they pulled into the gravel driveway at the vacation rental. She tugged at her helmet strap impatiently as Josh parked the motorcycle, releasing the strap and pulling off her helmet just as he turned the engine off. Emily wanted nothing more than to devour Josh. She dropped the helmet on the grassy curb and wrapped her arms around Josh, pulling him back against her. He was working quickly on his helmet, but Emily couldn't wait. She found a bit of exposed skin at his neck and went for it, licking a little trail before laying an open-mouthed kiss over the moistened skin. His taste was intoxicating and Emily found herself pulling at his shirt to expose more of him to her insatiable mouth.

Josh pulled his helmet off and dropped it next to Emily's, then gripped her thighs and pulled her against him. Emily heard him gasp as her teeth scored along the exposed column of his neck and his fingers tightened on her thighs. She found the zipper tag at his throat and tugged it down, splitting his jacket open for her questing hands. Diving in, she relished the feel of his hard muscles covered in soft cotton. The contrast delighted her and she pulled the jacket further apart to get more access. Josh moaned and arched his back, his breathing ragged as her hands and mouth continued their assault. Emily's fingers roamed his chest and found his nipples, tight against his shirt. She flicked her thumb over one and Josh jumped in her arms, his breath whooshing out of his lungs.

Emily trailed her tongue up his neck to his ear and whispered throatily, “You taste so good. I bet you taste even better at other places...”

Her hands strayed down, over his taught belly and to the waist of his tight leathers. Josh's growl rumbled in his chest and he moved like lightning. He gripped Emily's wrists strongly and pulled her away from him. Standing up, he turned and taking hold of Emily's waist, hauled her bodily off the bike and onto her feet, then joined her after kicking out the stand and settling the bike. Emily waited as Josh stared down at her, his eyes a stormy green that roamed over her body before he reached out and pulled her against him. His lips were not gentle as they took hers, slashing hungrily over her mouth, his tongue diving in territorially. Emily moaned her delight and sunk her fingers into his tousled hair, gripping thick tufts of it and holding him to her. Her body molded itself against his, seeking contact everywhere. She felt his erection against her lower torso, a thick, hard mound that pressed insistently against her. Emily wanted to hold him, to grip him in her hands and hear his pleasure sounds as she pumped and milked him. She wanted to slide that hard shaft into her mouth and suck and tongue him until he screamed.

Josh released her mouth and dragged biting kisses to her ear, where he sucked her sensitive earlobe between his lips before asking, “How long, Emily? How long have you wanted this?”

The gravelly, hoarse timber of his voice made Emily shudder and ache. She felt his hands slide over her ass and pull her into him, his hips rocking against her in a timeless rhythm that spoke of his desire.

“I don't know,” she said desperately, and meant it. His mouth and hands were fogging her brain and right at that moment she couldn't have told him what day it was. Emily pulled at his hair and guided his lips back to hers, tasting the urgency in the kiss as his tongue came to dance with hers.

Loud, raucous laughter had them both looking at the vacation rental. The sound had come from around the back where, no doubt, the revelry of the weekend was ensuing. Emily realized with resignation that they were going to have to curtail their activity or face their crazy friends who would never let them live this down. She sighed and leaned her forehead against Josh's shoulder.


Josh made a sound of agreement. His hand wrapped around her braided hair and pulled gently, tilting her face back to look at him.

“Don't worry, Emily. I fully intend to enjoy this interesting turn over the weekend.”

He leaned in, and the soft, seductive kiss he placed on her lips had Emily's belly quivering in anticipation. She would have deepened the kiss again, but Josh pushed her firmly away from him, the desire banked in his eyes. Emily huffed out a breath and rubbed at her arms, the skin under her leather tingling and sensitive.

Turning to the bike, Josh unstrapped the saddle bags and threw them carelessly over a shoulder, then bent down to collect their discarded helmets. He handed Emily hers, fingers brushing over her hands as he pulled away. Emily shuddered responsively and followed Josh as he made his way toward the vacation house and the weekend festivities to come.


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