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A Weekend with Jennifer

First night of a weekend in Vegas with a girl from Lush
I met a girl on Lush about two or three months ago. Right away, we hit it off. Our sexual desires, speech, mannerisms, humor, likes and dislikes seemed to be really compatible. This was a girl I really wanted to meet. We eventually exchanged pictures. Wow was she hot! Long blonde hair, cute smile, beautiful face, gorgeous breasts, nice big ass, just the way I like it. I had to whip out my cock and jack off once I saw her picture.

We talked many times, from the mundane every day things to explicit sexual fantasies. It never ceased to amaze me how turned on I would get from her. As soon as I saw she was on Lush, I'd be instantly aroused. She started calling me Tiggy because of it. (As in Boing, Boing, Boing!) We talked about getting together but she lived on the East Coast and I'm on the West Coast. Then it happened! My work led me to a conference in Las Vegas. I told Jennifer about it and she sounded so jealous, I asked if she wanted to meet me there. Boy, did she ever.

The conference was pretty boring. Fortunately I knew at the end of it, I would be meeting her for the first time. We arranged for her to fly in at 6pm on Thursday which was when I could pick her up. All day I couldn't concentrate on anything but being with her.

The conference ran a little late on the last day so I had to text her that I would pick her up at the curb instead of meeting her inside the terminal. I was stressed about getting there. I didn't want to be late.

As I was rushing through the pick up area, I spotted her with two pieces of luggage. I slowed down and parked at the curb. She had a cute smile on her face. It was really infectious and I found myself with a huge smile myself (along with an enormous hard on which I had to adjust). She rolled her luggage to my car and gave me the most sensual passionate kiss I've ever had. Especially for someone I had just met. I knew I was in for a great weekend.

The kiss continued for quite some time and I found myself with my hands on her ass, squeezing and cupping it. The kiss lingered and turned into some heavy necking. Right about that time, I snapped out of it and realized where we were and kind of stifled a laugh. I told her we should get going so we threw her luggage in the back and climbed in the car.

We had talked for many hours about what we wanted to do to each other when we were on Lush. I didn't know if what we had discussed would come to fruition. If I was still unsure after the kiss, the next thing that happened definitely cleared up any doubt I had.

As I started up the car and put my seat belt on, she grabbed my jeans and started to unzip them. It was a little difficult considering my cock was rock hard and the seat belt was in the way. Fortunately I was going commando so we didn't have underwear to contend with. As she revealed my cock, she got really happy when she saw my shaved pubic area. One thing she told me on Lush was that she loved a hairless cock so I shaved it that morning just for her. I had never shaved before but totally understood her as I prefer a shaved pussy myself for the same reason.

As I pulled away from the curb, her head went between my legs. I had never had a blow job like that. She had no gag reflex. Her mouth completely engulfed my rigid friend. I felt her lips touching my shaved pubic area. It was really sensitive. The feeling was incredible. I had an involuntary groan escape my mouth as she was bobbing up and down on my erect monster.

I had one hand on the wheel and the other hand was rubbing her back. The sensations were just too much. I moved my hand up to her neck and squeezed it. Then I moved it to the top of her head and helped her continue the great blow job by pushing down on the back of her head while I was raising my hips to meet her mouth over my cock. I snapped out of it for a second and realized I just got on the on ramp to the freeway. This allowed for a little more discretion or so I thought.

I wanted nothing more than to see Jennifer naked. It was a fantasy I had from the day she sent me her photo. I got more brazen and lifted up her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties! My lucky day. She moved a little in her seat which allowed me to get my hands between her legs. Damn, she was soaking wet. I don't mean a little damp, I mean dripping wet. She had been thinking about this moment from the time she got on the plane almost five hours ago. She said she had to use the plane's restroom twice just to relieve herself from the nasty thoughts she had.

Her wetness had a major effect on me. I started fingering her clit furiously which got her to moan on my cock as she was going up and down. I got lost in the intense moment and started drifting into the next lane. I heard honking horns and moved back into my lane.

A trucker was one of the people who had honked his horn and he looked right into our car and just had a huge smile on his face and gave me the thumbs up. Jennifer didn't even stop giving me head. She kept on going and my fingers kept on digitally stimulating her clit and gspot.

We both eventually had an orgasm that took the edge off. What I really wanted was to get her in the room because I had some plans for her. Little did I know she had some big plans herself.

We eventually made it to the hotel and since I was there all week, we were able to go right up to the room. I wheeled one bag and she carried the small one. As soon as we reached the room, it was on. The luggage was tossed to the side and I pushed her up against the door. It started with some kissing. It wasn't a slow sensual kiss. It was a forced, animalistic need to get ourselves off kiss. This led into my hand wrapped around her throat while she was up against the wall. Then I moved down and bit and nibbled her neck. The passion was intense.

I used my other hand to lift her skirt as I was kissing and necking. Her pussy never got any less wet from the blow job in the car. She was still dripping. My fingers found her clit in less than a second and continued their assault on her pussy. She was grinding her hips onto my hand. The feelings were so intense. I went with it and ripped her shirt off. She was a little upset because she liked that shirt but got over it as my fingering got her close to another orgasm.

I used one hand and unclasped her bra. Her breasts popped out into my face. I used my tongue to swirl around her nipple. My other hand went to my jeans and unbuckled and unzipped them. I didn't even stop to take my pants off. I just lifted up her skirt, lined up my cock and inserted it into her pussy. Oh my God! Was she tight! The feeling was incredible. She wrapped one leg around me as I was pounding her against the door. Faster and faster. I then slowed down and lifted her up so both legs were wrapped around my waist.

I kept up the pace and kept fucking her as she pushed my head down into her cleavage. What a feeling. Those soft breasts were succulent and she loved to have the nipples bit. I was chewing on them as she started to cum. The constant banging against the door and her loud moans from cumming got the attention of guys walking down the hall. Right at her climax, these drunk guys banged on the door laughing and ran away. You would think it would have been a mood killer but it just startled us.

After she came all over my cock, I carried her to the bed and laid her down. Incredibly my dick was still inside her as I lay on top of her. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled. Both of us were feeling satiated for the moment. I brushed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. Then her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and then her mouth. This kiss was very sensual. The kind that feels like it can go on forever and make you have an orgasm from it. I was slowly moving my hips in and out as our tongues were dancing in each other's mouths. The kiss was very powerful.

The sex turned from intense carnal to absolute lovemaking. We were joined as one. The feelings were just as intense as the animalistic sex we just had. I kissed her neck, caressed her breasts, ran my hands down her sides, all while we were making love. My hips were moving slowly in and out but they were long strokes. The kind that you pull all the way out before you push all the way back in. My cock fit perfectly inside her. It rubbed her clit and hit her gspot each time.

She closed her eyes as the feelings of another orgasm came over her. She kept moaning, "Oh, baby, right there, don't stop." (As if I would have.) She spread her legs a little wider which gave me less friction. I started speeding up a little bit. She raked her nails on my back. The feeling got a little more intense.

I continued the love making but it got faster. I wanted to give her one last orgasm before I lost my load inside her. I felt the need to cum so I tried to quicken up her orgasm by rubbing her clit. I used two fingers and my other hand I used to prop myself up on the bed. The extra stimulation sent her over the edge. She started to cum. Her pussy contracted which caused me to cum. All the pent up passion I had for this woman came out in a torrent of semen unleashed inside her. I loved the feeling of us orgasming together.

Our bodies were entangled together for what seemed like eternity. Eventually I started to get soft inside her. I pulled out and she went down on me to clean up our juices. What a woman.

As we lay there, she put her head on my chest. Both of us still trying to catch our breath . My hand on her hip and back. Her hand moving down my belly just mindlessly playing with my penis. One thing about me, I may be forty but I have a cock that is hard more often than not. I am like a teenager finding girls for the first time. So needless to say my dick was still hard. She was ready for another round but I was ready for some food and fun in the casino. We compromised. We ended up in the shower together so we could clean up and go out on the town.

The shower was nice and big with a seat in it. She was in front of me and I sat on the seat. I washed her back, her legs and paid special attention to her ass and vagina. I was getting my hand between her legs to make sure I got all the cum cleaned off. Rubbing up and down, in and out. I thought it was just fun for me but the stimulation caused her to start rocking back on my hand.

As the water was cascading over her body and splashing me, I stood up, got behind her, wrapped my arms around front and used my hand to rub her clit again. My cock was resting between her cheeks. I raised one hand up to her breast and cupped them. Moving my way up I wrapped my hand on her throat. I stepped back a foot and guided my cock in between her perfect ass cheeks.

She bent over slightly and moaned as my cock slid inside her. I thought I was in her pussy but actually ended up in her ass.The feeling was wonderful. Warm water, tight ass, wet pussy, what more could you want. I pulled her into me as she used the shower wall to hold herself up. I moved my hand that was on her clit to her hip. I was able to get a better angle and really started fucking her. So much so that I was a little nervous about the wet floor but I moved one foot towards the shower dam so it was wedged in place. Jennifer did the same.

My other hand never left her throat as I pulled her neck back onto my shoulder. The feeling was erotic. After already cumming twice that evening, I thought I would last awhile but Jennifer had other plans. She started talking really dirty. Telling me how much she loved having her ass fucked. Telling me to fuck her harder, make her cum from ramming her asshole. She wanted to feel my seed emptied into her butt.

Damn, more than the actual feeling, her words turned me on. I couldn't help myself. I nibbled her ear and bit her neck. I squeezed her hip harder and unloaded all the sperm I had left in my body and it ended in her ass. I didn't want to separate our bodies but I got a little weak in the knees and needed to sit back down. Jennifer turned around and I saw her flawless body again. I was smitten. This girl was a ten in looks and a twelve in bed. We kissed and hugged a little. Then we finished our shower, got dressed and headed out.

We went to dinner at a nice restaurant and then to the blackjack tables. I wasn't having any luck with the cards but Jennifer was winning. We were both drinking whiskey at the tables and having a lot of fun. Once I was down around a grand I wanted to call it a night. She was good with that since right about that time, she was up about seven hundred dollars. I was happy for her. The seven hundred dollars more than paid for her trip already since I covered the room.

We were both in good spirits as we walked out of the casino into the warm Vegas night. I had my arm around her and we embraced as we waited for the next cab. Once inside the cab, Jennifer started getting playful. Then I whispered what I was going to do to her once I got her back to the room. This got her going even more. This time she was wearing pants so I couldn't sneak a feel but I did play a little grab ass with her. I didn't really care about the cabbie. I'm sure he'd seen it all. Besides we were pretty buzzed to have any concern what he thought. We eventually got back to the room. That's when things took a turn in our weekend of sex.

Once inside the room, I grabbed her neck with my hand and threw her on the bed. She landed face first and bounced a little. I slid off her pants, panties and shoes in one quick motion. A second later, I smacked her ass with my hand. She started to take her blouse off (probably because she remembered what I did to her other shirt). Her bra came off right after. She turned her head on the bed and said, Fuck me, baby!"

I had other plans. I used my hand and started spanking her ass harder and harder. It was getting red so I started rubbing it to take the sting out. Then I grabbed both cheeks and spread them apart. I massaged them with my strong hands over and over. Rubbing and kneading the flesh. Then as I was pulling the cheeks out, I bit her ass. I started out gentle and playful but it turned more urgent and frantic. I was biting it harder and squeezing it more roughly.

As I was biting her butt, I was at the edge of her cheeks and licked her asshole. She squealed in delight. Moaning and groaning, I continued licking her butt-hole . Savoring the taste of her and loving the reaction she was giving me. She lifted her ass a little bit and I continued licking her pussy and ass. Up and down, back and forth. I reached under and used my fingers to rub her clit.

I could tell, even through my inebriated state that she needed to be fucked hard this time. I undressed in record time and hopped on her back. She spread her legs a little bit as I went downward doggy on her. My cock found her wet pussy in no time. It slid right in. The feeling was like warm apple pie. Like I had it before and I wanted it again. This shit was intense. I was really pounding her pussy when I reached up and grabbed her hair. I used it like I was riding a horse. Pulling on it while I was trying to cum inside her. After about seven minutes of this, I lay on her back as I was still inside her and I used my hand to push her neck into the bed.

She moved a little so she could breathe better. I leaned in toward her ear and told her how good she felt. How much I enjoyed using her pussy and making it mine. I told her that it was the best pussy I had ever had. From this moment on, it was only mine. I told her what a good girl she was and how I wanted her to be mine from now on.

As I was saying this, I felt her pussy contract. She started having major pussy contractions. A huge orgasm. I felt liquid shoot out around my dick and balls. She was cumming and cumming and cumming. It set off my own orgasm. I pulled out really quickly and shot my load on her ass. Then as soon as I was done, I flipped her over to lick up her juices.

Her clit was so sensitive that the tongue lashing I was giving her was between pain and pleasure. She couldn't handle it. She was thrashing around on the bed. Back and forth, grabbing the sheets as I was looking up at her and continued my licking and tonguing on her labia and clit. Amazingly enough, she came again. A lot less but still quite a bit.

She looked like she had just run a marathon. She was exhausted and so was I. Her eyes started to close. I felt the need to sleep myself. As I moved up to lay beside her, I realized that I should turn off the light but I was too exhausted. My last thought as I closed my eyes were, "Damn, what a day. I still have three days and two nights to go. This is going to be the best weekend of my life."

I leaned over, kissed her forehead and fell asleep, realizing that I was in the wet spot!

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