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A Well Deserved Reward

An unintentional good Samaritan gets a better reward than he bargained for!
This was a fantasy that I dreamed up for myself a while ago. Tell me what you think! ;)

AT ST. GEORGE HIGH School, Jeremy, a junior, stayed at school late for his photography club meeting. By the time he got out it was 6 o'clock, sighing because he had probably missed his ride home he walked the halls searching for a bathroom before begging a ride from someone. He noticed that the principal was walking around too, obviously making sure no one was in some dark corner fooling around.

As he was on the far side of the school he decided the gym restrooms were the closest. Making his way past the bleachers he thought he heard a low grunt. Passing it off as a couple of jocks working out in the weight room he continued on past. The grunts got more pronounced the closer he got to the weight room and the restrooms thereafter. As he passed the weight room he glanced to see who was occupying it, and got the shock of his life. Perched on the bench was Sarah Lindsey getting fucked by Brian Jones of the football team! Sarah's tits stood swaying with every thrust and her light red hair that looked almost to be pinkish in color was damp with sweat. Sarah had always been the hottest girl at their school, with her unusual hair, olive skin tone, and bombshell figure every guy within sight would steadily drool over her, being a senior and a transfer student two years ago made her even more desirable. Brian, also a senior, was the football captain's right hand doing his bidding and accepting his jerk offs in equal measure.

Jeremy stood frozen as he watched as Sarah was impaled by Brian's cock over and over. In his faded jeans he felt his own member straining for a release of it's own. Absently he rubbed it through the material while he continued to stare through the small window. Jeremy felt a sort of smug satisfaction that Brian wasn't as long or thick as he was. The grunts came from Brian while now that he was closer he could hear Sarah's moans of pleasure in the background as well. Just then Jeremy heard the jingling keys of the principal around the corner! If he saw this he would definitely kick both Brian and Sarah out of school! Not to mention that he'd also get busted for watching...

Not wanting to be discovered peeking but having a bite of conscience about leaving them to the principal's wrath decided to go warn them as best he could. He opened the door and the smell of sex hit him full in the face making his dick twitch harder in his pants. Taking a deep breath he came forward and presented himself.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???" Sarah shouted, trying her best to cover herself, since Brian was facing away with his ass in Jeremy's face. He whipped around fast enough though, cock glistening with Sarah's love juices and dripping slightly at the tip.

"You'd better leave right now if you know what's good for you." Brian said trying to look threatening with his 6 inch erection swaying in front of him. Jeremy thought it was a poor effort.

Finally, Jeremy said, "I should be the one telling you that! The principal is on his way here now, and I'm sure he'd love to catch you in the act Brian."

It was true. Brian was constantly at odds with the school administration. This would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him for good and Brian knew it.

Giving in he said, "Fine, so where the hell are we supposed to hide?"

"I thought the principal had left for the day!" Sarah said with a pout. Wow, she looked sexy with only her knee high sock on. He could see some of her juices still running down her legs. His dick was raging in his pants at this point.

"Go hide in the restroom, I was headed there anyway. I'll go to one of the urinals and put up a front so the principal won't go searching."

Neither of them argued as they half ran into the bathroom and hid in one of the stalls together. Jeremy took up his position at the urinal and began to finally relieve himself. He did so with a little difficulty given the enlarged state of his penis.

The Principal stepped in to the restroom took one look at Jeremy, scanned the rest of the room and left just as fast.

Jeremy released a sigh of relief as both Brian and Sarah stepped out of the stall. "Oh wow! That was so great thank you for saving us!" Sarah squealed and hugged him tight. Then she paused for a moment then let go. "Say, Brain, don't you think Jeremy deserves a reward for helping us out?" She said with a wicked smile and a glint in her eye.

She turned around and intentionally sashayed over to him and spoke in his ear for a moment and rubbed all up and down his body while casting glances at Jeremy often. "Are you sure?" Brian asked. "If you say so," he finally relented.

So, Sarah walked back to Jeremy and grabbed him in a lusciously hot kiss that sent him spiraling into a haze. He suddenly felt a hand on his cock, surprised into looking down he realized he had never put it back into his pants from earlier! He flushed at the thought of his rapidly rising cock being pressed against the hottest girl in school, while she had no clothes on no less!

While he thought this he almost didn't notice that she was quickly pulling the rest of the clothes off of his body as well. She knelt down and once she had all his clothes off began to give him the blowjob of his life! He'd had girls before but Sarah outshone all of them in every aspect. He began to moan as she sucked him into her throat, swallowing on him and tonging his balls while holding his ass to keep him in place.

Brian, meanwhile, walked up behind Sarah and rubbed his dick back into her fully soaked cunt and thrust a few times before pulling back out and aiming for her brown hole. Pushing against her with increasing force he finally filled her ass stretching her sphincter to capacity.

Moans could be heard from all three of them now as they pleasured each other. Finally, letting go of Jeremy's cock she looked up at him lustily and in halting words told him to fill her pussy.

Feeling like it was a dream come true he pulled her up, still skewered on Brian's hard dick and held her between them as he pushed into her wet love hole. He nearly buckled and came right then, her twat felt like a sauna! She was so tight it took him a full minute to start ramming her in time with Brian.

"Oh, fuck!" she moans. "I've never had a double before! Shit, it feels so gooooooood!!!"

Jeremy and Brian have worked up to a good clip, pistoning in and out of Sarah in tandem, thrusting one after the other. Sarah then began to moan even louder.

"AHHHH SHIT!!! OH, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! DON'T STOP FUCKING ME YOU TWO!!! AH, AH, AH, AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!" With that she came, squeezing booth of their cocks with in her as she desperately wiggled and squealed while she was sandwiched between them.

Quickly putting her down and pulling out of her with a small moan of protest Brian got to the ground and laid on his back pulling her ass down back onto his cock. with a gasp she began riding him in a reverse cowgirl while Jeremy knelt in front of her and jackhammered into her while taking full possession of her breasts, twisting her nipples and massaging her tits in equal measure. Sarah, mashed in between her two lovers was in a haze of pleasure taking it from both ends was making her border on delirious!

After another long five minutes of pleasure, Sarah screamed again in climax. "FUCK ME!!!! OH PLEASE CUM INSIDE, BOTH OF YOU I WANT YOUR THICK MAN JUICE DEEP IN MY CUNT AND ASS!! JUST DON'T STOP POUNDING ME!!!" As if a switch was turned on both Jeremy and Brian began fucking their new steamy, sweaty fuck buddy with reckless abandon.

With a screaming groan tearing from both their mouths they came load after load of cum deep into Sarah's hungry, slutty holes as they pulled every drop from their balls.

Panting from exertion they pulled out and all sat down Sarah with cum spilling from her well used holes. Looking at one another they all got the same knowing look on their faces. They would be getting together a lot more often from then on...
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